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Howard Simon Show 1/13 HR 3

Jan 13, 2014|

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And -- Actually they market straight day Brit Brit Brit that's -- X -- great -- -- Any -- with a -- Jackson. Position when. Any -- in the. You're not elaborate -- -- -- And -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We are -- that bills running back Fred Jackson joining us in the studio for a solid hour here on double that your friend for the ball good morning without him you know thank you for common and the I I will tell you the truth the real reason -- -- Roger and Matthew made that open for you know your regular season -- last. He just wanted to play one more time. The good -- like so we just that we weren't gonna Britain like you know at which it predicaments physically open one more time. So we appreciate have to spend a whole season with a still one of the committee join us on the show you know from them should be a lot of fun moment -- -- A phone lines are open Fred channel 98030515. To join us 888550. To 550 talk about whatever is on your mind. You only give you the first question. Well I just wanna ask what do you do -- it's been two weeks since you've been able that. -- do what you do carry football blast defenders on the way like what you do would you take two weeks off to get healthy -- -- you. Just total downtime total rest but he just keep working out. All right now it's a total downtime in -- -- take ten to fourteen days off you know get away from football don't do anything and -- to a football you know -- -- and on the tough to watch a game so. Debts is that here's this about -- -- -- back to work them out you know trying to do some things like swimming and biking. You know that that's not -- and on on the body so. You know is -- offered at the start in normal induce more checkups you know with the training staff you know -- on. -- little injuries that we had during the season that's volatile as the -- now and what she declared the start Dora stuff that's what do you buy back into. You become a story around the league for your ability to stay healthy in your longevity have you changed what you don't overtime hours it's been one thing you can always stick. Well let me -- it's a combination of both you know you trying to learn to know different things and techniques to it to keep you -- you know keep you plan and and go back to the things that have done you're you -- but you know for the most part I think you know the best thing that I can do stick around here you know our training staff is -- here. You know our coach and an instrument to conditioning coaches do a tremendous job in this -- throughout the season so. And it's another one at a result like stick up and work out what those guys and you know did you train sets down a hall. How long does it take you that when when the season ends how long before you're like 100% like not shore basically completely recovered. Lit it kind of depends on the season but you know -- probably pass through four years probably good to a remarks you know. You you you. Continued trying to do treatments and things like that. You know to get better by using you don't feel 100% exceed one penalty case. That's a long time after the season ends it is you know and you know we we put our bodies of some crazy ridiculous things and you know you feel you you pay for -- offseason. But that's again why you continue trying to work out you know working on I think is. As one of the best things you can do when you're -- and veto you know it helps you know helps the body recover you know. We do some crazy things out there and take some good punishment but. I mean you got to take is going to be part of the game where you -- it was survival at any point in any of these offseason -- you're not healthy until May have you thought. On Tuesday. No not at all you know I love doing this you know -- and it would wake up and go play for Obama. You know go compete with the best in the world you know and I think that's one of the things that that continues to drop a lot of guys in this league -- You know there's only so so long you get to do something like this in only so many people in the world get a chance to say that they did in. That's one thing is that continues to drive me in the continues on a lot of my teammates so I was I get that opportunity is one of the things that continue to enjoy -- 8030550. To join us 888552. For a fifty you know we have a big yes I tweet a blurry picture though Fred is here in studio I've done it later Torre. Blurred picture that I tweeted from iPhone. I wanted to ask you about what you just talked about the only place for so long I was listening to part of what Drew Brees said the other day after the game was over he was eloquent. Talking about why the loss being so much and he talked about how it's you know you get this close. You wanna be in the Super Bowl but he also talked about. I know there -- teammates here that I'm knock in the seat because there's inevitably change in the roster every year and he talked about at my age. You're running at a time you only get so many chances and it was really interesting to hear talk about that. What do you do you think about that a lot trying not to. When each season passes and you're not in the playoffs and your another year older do you you'd ever how much do you think about. Ran out of time here. I mean it's one of the things you think about a lot you know it's it's you know what our ultimate goal is just to get to the playoffs and make a run at a Super Bowl championship and it's like you say dude you're gonna lose guys are gonna. You know run out of those opportunities and you know for every opportunity you don't make it there. You know is is is a means -- obvious Wallace is that you have again you know enough. You know everybody in this in this business knowledge you have you know a short window. So it's always step Lombardi trophy you know and not everybody is a chance to do it you have you see guys that had. You know tremendous careers but never got a chance to -- for a Super Bowl trophy and hum -- you you don't wanna be one of those guys who wanna be one of those guys that you know got a chance to go out there and compete play in the playoffs. Get a chance to make a run at that trophy and alms you know for every time to fill you know that's one years that you know you'll never get a chance to get back so. As you as -- she's as your career goes on and on. Each year the team does not make the playoffs does -- hurt anymore is it possible to -- more just because you're getting closer to whenever that end of the career moment is. Well I think it's it's a combination of both things you know every time we step on the feeling in you don't get -- you don't achieve their goals you don't get to the playoffs. That's an ultimate affiliate that you have to do was -- it's it's things just as much as the first one insult. But yep -- older you get you know that the more you you know appreciate this gang you know although the more listings so. Home you know and and that's what you know -- drew was trying to lose you know he he knows that. You don't not only is his time running now he's got teammates on a team that they're Tom Cruise is running now and they're going to be with different places and you know you wanna do it you know with the Gaza took one of Nagorno -- with that year so. An imminent -- is something that's a tough part of the game to do with. If you if you're thinking about Drew Brees in that scenario maybe think about one game what could have gone differently that might -- -- one game over. It here in this case our season's different does this season. Feel her differently than other ones does it feel like when you look back -- do you think you know. It didn't feel like fair shake because of the injuries or it was a good transition here when you look back at what happened this year what's the primary thing you feel. There was when we look back at this year you know I had a chance to go look at some game film you know there was a 45. You know six plays that changed our season you know nest apart that. I think that stings the most or what feels different about this year. You know -- -- chains you know if we if we can venison and compete eaten. In -- for -- plays and our records you know 1061105. You know and it gives us an opportunity get into the playoffs and make a shot at that that trophy in. That's the things I think about this season that's different than last season or seasons before his. -- -- that close you know and if we get those things corrected. You know we have that opportunity it is to get in the playoffs what. One game. Bug you more than any others from this season. Is it one game you just can't get out of your head arms. You know there's there's to a three you know you use that the Cincinnati game had him up here and you know long punt return Atlantic game where we had to -- the difference in the end zone you know. You know Kansas City you know when we had. Those guys on ropes and then we have the the interception return you know it's it's. -- plays like that that if we you know don't make -- -- you know bill that the outcomes in those games are -- are probably different. Those games to those three were. At home Kansas City was Cincinnati was Atlanta was was Toronto and thinking about this week in Seattle's gonna be at home Denver's gonna be at home. What we're seeing. Round one road teams won the last week this past week it's up for Carolina holds the advantage is a thing and for the bills to big things you guys were much better. At home what do you do to bring out on the road. I think we've just got we have some some young guys that fed off the crowd a lot you know not think that allowed them to make some big plays and we've just got to get those adjustments and will grow you know whatever it may do whatever it may be that they need to. Bring their admit that same level of intensity on the road you know Arctic is what we have trying to figure out you know once we figured that out I think we'll get guys that. That's so open continue to make plays that they that they make it home you know make those plays on rodent. On our coaching staff is on a tremendous job you know game guys are ready you know we had a lot of young guys and that played well force -- Com you know on -- should've figured out what it is that we need to get accomplished and it's a winning games on world is that something you actually learn over time can you remember learning that like what it's like to be to to bring that intensity and wrote. Do you know -- it's it's it's different than you know it's hard to win broad gains -- on it is something that you have to acquire and you know it is something that I think you know what with the guys that have been on his team you know we can. Trying to help those guys you better you know our -- says can have those guys have better and in order to learn it on the mall on learn it themselves so. You know the again and that's -- things we got to be able to do that to be able to go on the -- bring that same intensity and be able to have you know learn how Whipple Morgan tomorrow gonna take some calls for Fred 8030550. If you -- a tweet in question you can tweet in question to. From Twitter how many years do you think you have left and I believe it's a football question like life in general. You know I'll I wanna get 34 more years -- you know -- on us. Confidently believe that I can do that you know. Especially with you know have an that the workload. You know being split between -- in you know I think that definitely gives me that opportunity via -- reform or using. You know compete with these guys and you know vote. You know in this thing turned around you know lesson number one vote in this thing turnaround in this city something. Be excited about and that this will only get down before -- 8030550. Bills -- back Fred Jackson let us in studio till 9 o'clock here on WGR. Frank you're always Fred -- editor questioner comet. Bigger more again for a large amount to talk if you read. I think looking at the last ten years that's been in buffalo he won that shining light. Of this. And the pathetic. You know sport account for the last ten years I appreciate what you do. You know than on just one attached to a couple of -- questions read them. First of all with the coaching you know. I like all of these guys. Head coach you know for the offensive coordinator but I just feel like you have the game when I look at the coaching from the opponent and our coaches. That we get kind of the short end of the stick and up until the -- -- employee -- let them. How status by the U lit the coaching so far. Our love both Marcos and all love that dog -- local systems you know is -- they're gonna take a lot of heat you know when it comes at things like that will fall short you know -- There are some tremendous coaches and his league. But the number -- at -- we have to do was this take that pressure off them as players we have to be able to go out there and execute you know the things they ask us to do when. While we didn't always do that you know and that that's almost as players you know we have to be able to get that job done. -- what type of situation -- and we have to be able to go out there and I'll do whatever it takes -- -- It's achieved what we hear of one like forget Daniel Hackett did you sense did you see at any point. -- growing pains which might be natural for -- got his first shot at an offensive coordinator job I mean it's frozen it's yeah I mean it's it's. -- love you know his his mind you know being able to sit in a room with him and see what he's thinking in. You know being here when -- the first time. You know I've always. You know liked what he brings to the table you know when he was here is this is a quality control guy. You know he with a guy that -- talked to countless times you know cause he knew everything that we were trying to get accomplished and what every position was trying to do so. Base is gonna get better you know not think it's in his book you know his spokesman -- great coach he was. You know -- gonna get better and he's gonna you know continue to grow as an offensive coordinator. I'll continue to put those guys and it in the best situation possible only place do you think this style stylistically with the office not -- -- -- were complaint these guys ran the ball on them think and I'm actually very cool with that stuff but. Do you think the offense will had -- maybe wasn't exactly what Nathaniel wanted it to be because. You know young quarterback for running the office do you think you will look different. Once he becomes more comfortable with EJ Manuel I do you know I think anytime you get you know consistency at the quarterback you know has some injuries with you know three different guys -- -- -- force this year. You -- you you kind of have to tailor make things you know to go to whoever it is at that position. When you get you know god back there consistently. You know god. You you you wanna do the best things have to put him in better situations. I think that's what you do which are often known may also try to -- it figured it out you know -- know with -- again hurt. You know it kind of put that that on the bag -- Column I I think this office will continue to grow -- Arctic he's gonna go to a tremendous job in this radiant you know tank and things. Do whatever we can't make easily produce successful. 8030550. To join us 888550. -- 550 rich in -- in your hours for Jackson RW GR. A good morning guys Morton tried. A little bit of trick question because I've -- what -- -- and Jeremy let me tell you that. On the soccer field that you've ever seen Fred Jackson play. Dude can ball security real and forty more pounds of muscle. Duke can ball I've seen him go early cute -- and disloyal. So my question is not necessarily in our solar collegiate level when your playing days are over -- -- seventy Oakley troop build tenured. Is there any thoughts coaching especially youth level because I've seen you with thirty kids on the field running -- -- about teacher in the world. Is there anything in the background. You know maybe -- the alarm not necessarily at the highest level but bring it some of the stuff that you earn like strangers. There may be -- coaching -- that I I think he'd be great actually myself. What -- out there you know that that's always the plan you know you know my son is you know seven now and not try and get to his games and talked all the key is out there and you know I think that's the best way you can give back is -- go back and talk to you know young cute you know if I was ever coach I don't think I would be able to do. You know you know NFL or college you know ought to have started middle school high school you know cause that's the -- part that's when you get to actually mold -- and give them the knowledge that you have so. We're definitely on the coach knows something that -- not think will be a lot of fun and I'm actually looking forward to you know nodding Thompson and it think it'd be a lot of fun it is to get out there and you know talk to youth and -- mold them and you know it's given them all the knowledge and I've acquired over the years. So basically you dominate seven year olds on the soccer field and you just trash talking to when -- -- -- driven around and are requesting these guys I mean that's classic I'm a competitive. You cannot compete in everything you know I compete -- -- -- -- Puerto must sign with an audit is a talk contrast it took I -- just trying to vision you going. Yelling at seven. Is that that's okay I thought I heard him -- -- occasional elbow he always look at it now being you know illegal tackle soccer's always legal Rihanna got a hold that he couldn't hang on that cinched in question. You have a favorite -- ever. Well I'm in. Then I can't think of yep probably my first years in Haifa mine as a start -- on Banca. He knows offers -- Washington you know as a starter in the world for Tony to yourself. That you know mosques on remembers its those particular from the keep the ball. I did. Have you kept earlier touchdowns. Not all of them but most of them I have a lot of people that that won't touch them all thoughts on keeping you -- 8030550. Fred Jackson this year and students at 9 o'clock we'll take your calls -- between -- you can tweet at us as well. Got a few minutes after the first segments of the -- nobody there it's like what do you do well so we'll get to the question ability to Emanuel when asking that in the next segment but. What about your colleague at running back what I would suggest that this season. You know I don't think they have -- -- -- religious you know. With injuries that's always tough you know he had he had some injuries. You know early in the season -- -- got that that's as fast as he is an explosive as he is you know when you have a -- that's gonna slow -- down. Sought thing you know that that has summoned to had to think I also -- them do you know. You I'll think yeah me when I'm healthy hum I'm gonna take years and things like that away from the you know if you look at it you know we split the work -- -- you know and that that is something I don't think. You know he has a problem with I don't have a problem with it you know we do what we're gonna do is look for bargains -- we can get that done is what we wanna do it. You know any time you have guys that both productive I think you know if -- you know Alfred preserve both careers and a home he'll be art you know he's a guy and you know on -- QB do just fine -- -- given time to to give his ankle a 100%. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you have any additional chip on your shoulder this year injuries the last couple years. The limited your availability yards per carry I think -- down a little bit last season did you have any extra motivation to. Did you you know I know we bring up the my I sure I thought you -- in the Miami game down there I mean the car came out for him but you played through everything. Where you motivate a little more this year we're not a doubt you know my number one -- -- to get -- sixteen games animal you know on you know that that that was the number one -- for this season on that if I was out there -- be -- -- -- -- Arm in thought it was like I said the normal thing element accomplice issues be on the field for every game this year from a team -- and after being put on our past two seasons. -- something that I didn't announcement this experience this year. No problem -- able to you know on you know hopefully -- in Kensington you know do so because it's it's it's -- to sit at home watching play. Industrial 550 to join us. 888552. -- the -- projects and instant let's get caught up on some calls Iraq to show on in Washington DC Shaun Ellis Fred on W jogger right ahead. I don't -- notes that. Am on unruly -- -- of them want to buffalo like pretty much all alight I'll do. Had a question what is different between the -- And structure -- true. With the world common man and look at eight -- different than -- East Coast and there. What think that the number one thing is you know how loose and how. You know energetic -- -- to Steffi is now you know. Day they listen to the players a lot you know I think. You know talk anecdote you know we have captains means would -- you know once twice a week. You know he wants get our input into what it is he thinks we needed done and to get things accomplished around here. You know not to take any day from -- because of the you know all of -- pretend he's a great guy you know his -- samples a lot of fun too but. You know these guys are are Gaza that have been you know in the league you know for the most part and know what it's like to play in the league so. They trying to do whatever it can't that. Whatever they can't help was. You know be prepare for Sunday's you know get through week. And any time we have a close to staff like that you -- plant Foreman not to get -- this year you know on -- program that we didn't get enough wins and we didn't win the amount of Obama has that we want a bullet. He not think things will be different -- and into next season. And holding on more calls coming up Fred Jackson kind of join us in studio till 9 o'clock yes we'll talk to -- about EJ Manuel. You're number one. 8030550. To join us on WGR this hour is being brought to. In the expedient to spot that Robert was wide left guard down. -- -- good for the dolphins 48 it's that they -- -- back Fred Jackson that's about the violence that's what got -- food how big part of it on the right. But Brett Jackson yards -- the right side. That was my favorite. -- -- -- all that like our favorite Fred Jackson runs. See there's too -- is that pretty much ended that game and that's down might have no I don't have. It's more of -- style rather than a specific run my favorite Fred Jackson run is its. Third in one. And there's like you know eight guys ready to tackle you and somehow you bounce off of these guys and again ten yards. And get a first down so let's and that's all we we tweet. This is why we love Fred Jackson so it's not really a specific run it's more baked hyper front that you that. Consistently your career. Spot on there on a plot carried out here on OK temple of the season islets and and you know look at some liquidity and you figure out which ones. Eagle 3055 to get your culture moment Fred Jackson is here nice not to join us in studio and witness to 9 o'clock -- each year one. Give me the truth should be nervous about him or not. I don't know why I think. You know that the more he's out there to -- delegates you know if you look at his numbers. You know when he's on the field he's a pretty good quarter in that the normal things that's just keep -- healthy in on you know if we can keep him healthy he's gonna continue to grow. You know why I liked the way he played when he was out there you know he's a guy that that man is to game who would it was he wanted to get done you know he. You know -- central office was not you know and that's all you can ask -- you know and it's on its own analysis as players around him to help make his job easier. But you know I think he's going to be really -- force and you know given a full season. You know a four year you know with an -- in the offense you know get on the same page I think he's gonna do a lot of great things -- Assess his decision making there -- things obvious that you see that we would -- the Walt when he Q now makes abilities your fans understand what's going on but. You know the snap decisions the reading the field what he's doing in that moment under pressure you see it you've seen it live you see on tape. How does he do it his decision making great you know -- said -- like I said I've had a not to sit in the quarterback means you know with him and -- as their talk in -- You know that the that the schemes that we have going me in the known Nate will tell -- covered -- -- -- think in the end you know wipe off the bat you know he knows what he's supposed to be looking forward if it's cover four of its Covert three. You know cover two you know he knows where he's supposed to go awards and read principles and -- That's you know tremendous from a rookie you know any time you that's a rookie and he knows that type of things. It's got to make him better you know and not think his decision making and what about all this is one of the things that allowed us to it to stay at some football games and put some points. One of the things coach Ron said is that the team was building a franchise quarterback that the idea is like -- bringing him along with the offense this year. Part of what we were seeing was it that. It was kind of tailor made for rookie quarterback the idea that he's he's still learning so the offense wouldn't be the same as it would be with say. And right it's Patrick in year three to roll out like he knows what to expect more than EJ Manuel would -- I guess the question is in year two. Will we see more of what the offense is probably is supposed to ultimately become. Politics up in Arctic. You know EJ was he like you said a rookie so there are things that we we couldn't put in or or. If it was too much you know they might at ought not to put an ambush. Yacht that definitely see him take the shackles off you know if there were any you know I don't know you know what they had you know and you know what what the conversations what all the conversations were but. You know I'm sure would -- a rookie and you know defense has been so much more exotic than what you see in college. There was a lot and office at the left out so. But it if he's there to be thought this he would you know we do. You know in an old T gazans you know run in in many camps and things like that -- You know he's going to be I think Cuba libraries and the spent a lot of time opener this offseason you know not think he's -- he'll probably be back with the amount of self. You know -- and learn from those not so it'd be it'd be great to see what he does action. What are you guys all do the right. If you're all up here 95%. In icu unit tries to -- shapes that your work I mean. Bowling Tuesday right with -- -- -- you know we we completed anything in a lot though some of the things like -- like you said Boland. We like to get to Dave and buster's and defeat on all the gains and things like that. You know mini golf golf and you know a lot of guys do. Whatever whatever it is we can compete you know your -- -- you know we we'd like to get on basketball court but injuries happen that way but. You know if it doesn't Wake -- to compete will trio did it the general -- has the idea. Misconception about what. Players might want -- here free agency starts with an -- guy who. -- guy's gonna wanna go with a big city is the clubs and all this kind of stuff and Mario Williams signing was a big indication that it's it's up to the guy individually so. If you come into the bills find a way to get guys that are. Just those kind of guys orders moving here and living here being a part of the -- is kind of make -- naturally go that way odd thing. If it's a combination of both when they're free days -- -- looking ahead of that a fear that you wanna be a part of you know so. Hum when you go to visit teams you you check out the facilities the surrounding city what it is they have to offer. You meet some of your teammates so I think it has a combination of both you know you UC what type of guy. -- -- -- -- -- it'll be that you will be hanging out with on a consistent basis you know some of the things have been -- -- out neighborhood or out in the community so. -- is a combination of both the abuse you're trying to take announcing that you feel most comfortable with and you know Mario coming here you know he's fit right there you know he's he's a guy that -- the -- -- in the locker room you know he's he's a big goof ball just like everybody else so. You know he he he's a guy that's really comfortable out here you know and you know he saw that when he came to visit you know you know. A big lucrative contract also yes. Is it better ball or basketball player or what's what's his game. Mario -- I haven't seen them all you know but you know I think he's he's pretty good on -- basketball court. Who's the best. Athlete like the last night an athlete bowling bowl and let me I don't -- this question who's the fastest on the team no excuse like bowling mini golf -- like who's the best of all that stuff. I was told to ask whose wife challenges -- one race yikes out of pocket stuff. My guess would it would have to be Kiki sushi you know that's right yes she challenges that you want to bring -- to a service thereby bullet you know everybody's not doubling of the donut that's right. Well wait a minute it's easy -- you have to hear about it -- Graham Goodwin I mean yeah I mean even them you know it's it's one of those things where you have a lot to lose you know if you lose. Yeah I mean. Follow those guys -- challenger RT you know but still you know they obviously if you lose you got a lot of people and hear about it that you wouldn't challenger spot him. Have you I'd see him asking but it's truly CES outside saint John Fisher first training camp it's nice track there. So is she asking RB 048030550. Giants' Fred Jackson this in studio here Mike you're out with Fred on WG yarder right ahead. Good morning morning at home. Personal favorite. -- -- home or warm day out walk through JC Penney. Are premier big guy my oh my test this Greg Jarrett. I was drew and drew and drew. And wanted to face so. Not signature. -- it also calls. But there's more talk -- on -- rejection at the -- they. Love you the best running back -- also think -- we -- graduating -- lawyer though there's been a bit of what bill ever. I appreciate it well. I -- percent and they are a number love you too you know -- I enjoy -- Tom I have been exciting to see me -- -- speak out our home I'm a guy that then -- interact with the fans so. Any time ECB out and this is Mexico speak -- would be a lot of lot of full -- to Bogota. Viewers think about what if if you didn't it didn't take this long in this crazy a path to get the NFL and you got your younger age. I mean you know I think about that -- -- you know at same time you know smartest thing is you know my my journey today in a film he knows is -- is developed into the run back that I am today you know so. You know on -- sheer accident you know down a little bit more you know bullet you know that's that's all on me to take advantage of one on here now so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Morning I can think for taking my call I've got a comment in in the question now -- -- in the computer respond personally I'd love you Fred. I love your hard work I love your dedication. Com as the same routine day after the game. I I can honestly say I look at Fred and I think he's that -- let it all out there on the field he put it on the field. Com question for you Fred. The subject today which trash talking how this trash talking affect your clay Tom from an opponent's -- talking and from. I'm -- your teammates -- stalking I'm talking openly and. We've got to get it up yet going out and this because of the the Carolina San -- game last yesterday was really. Got -- -- that it just makes him. -- well you know first say no thanks for you know compliments you know -- -- that's what are trying to do is when I'm out there. You know play and I want everybody relies -- left -- -- feel good. You know trash talking has never been a big part of my game -- on you know even you know as teammates not -- keep them from -- involved in this stuff because it. You know it doesn't do anything. You know you know the way those guys do -- there's there's ways to be up there you know -- terrorists each other having fun and that's when used the in opting play your best is when you're having -- talking -- you know one of the best way to do that is -- guys that were on your team that you played it you know on. I think that's a lot of fun. Arm you know trash talking and you know for me is not something that you know all like to get involved in just because. Ominous point you know the best way to trash talk is -- pitchers do your ability on the field and that's not time. Don't forget though since they do research find out some nuggets about a guy get under -- and humbled and did not give flight for the head by yesterday you'd did though this season in Cleveland you threw the ball a lot like the worst LT ever. What did you say there have what you thought I was with what you're doing. Well I mean you know he he says something about you know -- it's -- houses off flicked the ball Tomasson at ninety and the -- heard it vessel made me mad about it is or what upset about it the most is like present. You heard -- say it to me is not like -- hauled off and hit him. Flicked the ball solicit thank -- and I got a 789 doubt no foreign -- by. Thanks that man over in the corner you know we got there and do salute it by. You know and and that's why you don't get involved and because you can't win no matter how you you know -- the second guys always call you know and home that and that's on me I got I just had a conversation -- governor back coach you know culturally he says. You know we're going to be players and teams that are gonna say don't stuff that trying get on the skin and does not get into it and the first thing -- it's -- -- index came to this outlining what he says because I know he says some of these candidates. That's autumn is a cut just told you gonna do stuff like this -- in and that's that's part of it in. You know this fight not to get involved and quiet. We had no idea the accident on purpose -- the legislative you know throw the action rather was -- -- so subtly that I had no idea of these -- that we just. -- random guy said just I don't remember who was just went for it in in this part of it you know. I mean you gates you know slide slicks dusted the ought to come and you know best way to do that is coming -- -- monthly. Who is the best trash talker on the bills even -- you're not a huge -- On -- -- mostly I mean we are a few. Talk. Like CJ likes to a little bit -- is one and I'd definitely have to grant -- -- -- is his his collars bases -- next play. I'll tell him he's like a global development let's get started. It's everybody anybody says something to him he's -- That's part of his game the more he gets into the better he gets -- a game so. John give him a little bit more the but the best dressed -- -- is probably. He walks the talk alive you know on I talked to melodic practice we we go back and forth that it. But some of the stuff he comes up with on. Is it's it's more fun than it is here's the they get another called. We had our next break will go to Greg in west Seneca Greg John W -- for -- cigarette ahead. Take it or guys that threats. At my ultimate project -- -- well enough. -- -- seven results to the place up the -- they've got to -- out on the -- the look on his -- that it was just -- on that yet. And I'll update you saw that it was great. Yeah you know that's like I say it you know any time. You get to hang out with kids -- you know be evident that an imprint impact their lives and leave an imprint you know it is what we do this for you know we have a tremendous opportunity to. You know it's it's get a lot of key it's you know. Excited about full ball and you know become a favorite players and more things you can do like that I think has helped. You deserve a lot of credit for especially those type events that I've been a few times I've from a little brother there. You go to. That they did the of the autograph tent. And then you're done -- the autograph tent and you just staying just autograph and only keep balance I mean anyone that goes to these events you know you'll find -- always. Autograph and every last minute that last possible try to be you know I think that's. The best thing about it is those kids come CU so if you are not there and they don't get a chance to see. The event isn't as good as it can be so you know each time making it did the best of it that they can. You know be a part of busting -- -- you'd be amazed at it. The positives and the negatives like the guy called just now that's the positive the impact -- could have on a kid but you could. The amazed that the negatives haven't gone through this -- -- was really little at spring training one year wait to get autographs nobody was signing the big name Mets players and it's amazing how it can affect the little kid. Who's like you know would stop being a fan of a certain players is because it'd stop -- -- -- -- so it can work both ways and put them until anything is -- I mean it's that's like I said is the best opportunity we have to help Nokia -- understand it. You know we appreciate don't know we appreciate their support and I always go back to store my wife was so. Seat -- our brother sent a -- to Mark McGwire when he was when he was planning. I remember his mom. We're saying you know don't -- that when he's not gonna sit back you know -- so he sent them you know one junkie when that was beaten corners. You know he actually signed it hits into backing you know she's like moment and the bad so. Best you know what -- kind of you know get back to you know I saddle -- box him and Google to. Album you know probably sometime this week just because I wanna get it back to those guys who sent it out too lenient. That's that's our topic of is he knows you can you know impact the book is not defeated axis and some stuff back. Fred Jackson let us one more segment go wait a 30551. Of the things haven't gone to yet one player to go in on shall we thought -- might -- -- -- -- Fred. The bills need to make the playoffs so far away are they what's missing from the bills to be a playoff team in 2014. Calls welcome with the bills running back joining us in studio -- radio at 930. Lights up with a shotgun. Since it looks to his right now swings and outlets like what my projected that one red dot detect that the fifty. But you're at the end. He didn't want to put down. I got UNICEF here at Fred Jackson biceps join us here in studio and taking your calls to an 8030550. OK to play after going on you we were talking before we get on the air you mentioned you've been watching some of the playoffs. So here's the magic question. Negative if the bills to get left 2014 what gets me. How far away -- and water the missing pieces to get back into play. The number one thing I think if you look at you know all the teams that are in the playoffs right now is there you know -- that lead you know the quarterback you know if you know you get quarterback play like that it gives you -- better now for a better opportunity at the I think we'll have a guy that can be elected you know -- easier you know I think he's just got to get better be more consistent you know health the you don't feel. And give yourself some -- to grow into the position itself. You know outside of that we just have to be more consistent in everything we do you know we ought to be better on offense. You know winning constant. You know weird sick and then in in the league in rushing but you know there's gains -- read. -- portal like sixty yards -- so as soon as the Russian attack we got to be better and you know we gotta be consistently better in that. You know and that takes a partial freeze if you know on defense there was tar. Time zone defense we played lights out you know creating turnovers every time they stepped on the field. You know holding opponents you know offenses you know under -- -- yards total offense so. Honest they consistently do that you know he gives us better chancellor football games so. It's a sales like that we have to be able to do not think once we get that accomplished you know will be in the playoffs eagle three. 0550 to join us bills running back Fred Jackson -- this for a few more moments. We'll go to Hank here with Fred -- Hank go ahead with your question or comment for -- Good morning you don't. Thank you. -- a great candidate for trying to -- a guy that I love is sure are -- there's. -- question sir Fred is this. If it was up to him to choose somebody. Or choose a particular position for the trip -- select. Number one. And I just want to let. Compliment him underway carries himself up and up the field and his -- equality -- What I wanna do it my water to guard Dominic you're in the -- look at your command and that's what I love about remind -- social oldies. The great leader and my question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and then I'll. Play term bull run and acts like -- -- I played for many years and I don't understand that. Yeah my arm hang and in order to meet certain amount of McCain are. Also speculation. That you let me let your political career. Also you want us to running back rotation era you know it's yeah of course is one of the things that. You know you you have to get used to you know like he says you know. If it was me I'd be out there for political gain Vietnam but that's not always gonna be the best thing for you know we got to -- -- -- atop their first got it can make plays and that's what we are trying to get accomplished you know we we felt like we have two great guys at the position. In you know we want you to laws the ball to listen. Alms it's something that we you know we we've both -- grown accustomed to. You know. I'm sure you can SE do the same thing he would love to be out there including me you know and a that that's as Howard is it any money backing anybody at this level isn't bets that the competitors that we are we wanna be out their plan but at same time. Our number one goal is to win football games in this. It costs or you know somebody else to be in that is in a unit that position and we go out there we get winds. You know it makes it a lot easier for everybody so. No that's what we have to get accomplished and you know that's what we're working towards and you know hopefully we can get that -- would you like to see the team take care of in the draft. -- arm you know not a big guy that that likes a comment on address book you know hum. -- if there's one position that I like the most this office supply because those guys to a tremendous opt for a -- All of them if if senators any time you not think we can get better at anything in the I had a to a south sail off into line just because those guys and guys I looked up from me -- -- calm the more those guys we can you hear -- you know happy LB. Get into. Couple more calls here for -- to say you the -- Fred. WGR with Fred Jackson go right ahead. I could mourners to picture to honor your the to all my -- acute -- you're a million should -- in a shambles. Social football many many years of course high school level later college. We're running -- there's extremely unique. Ultimate part of put a finger. And electric question curious if you could. You don't try to -- I used well what what inspection history -- -- -- because. You can look at all these sports sports you comment -- -- People -- -- flow like water. There Michael waterfall I particularly think that. In the violent situation ethical -- and not you. Comic genius. At a skate and walked forward and we're actually knew run over the bodies. She knew. Kate did finish partnership. -- more -- good option -- energy just to be very magical -- unique like you. Let me hop in -- not yet well we'll let him describe his running style. You know I've I've been you know compared to you know three guys that Thomas stood out to me is you know. The great note Jim Brown is on you guys that I have been compared to. Sweet missiles and -- got an als compared to -- You know Gale Sayers you know. And you know I think is a combination of all those guys you know you know I think I'm a guy that you know I'm not going to be that fast has got out -- -- -- You know one of the things I like to try and lose you know beat them to apart and you know -- -- fight to them and if I can do that and get them off balance I could see what type of plane is on the either make -- of -- -- A home. You know in you know I don't know Arafat is how to -- you know class from a mom running style. You know -- style is the north there's three yards there you know -- -- five you know on and that's what opting. You know always -- to do throughout my career. You know it's worked so far you know hopefully I can continue to keep doing -- -- -- and you guys for a close things out one dug around you've got one -- on your -- dug around what evaluate what you which saw what you thought about our local tomorrow you know uses -- god that that. You know -- not them but the best for his team and you know he comes straight to source you know he asked us today in and day out what it is we need. You know us as teammates you know as players to get better as a unit in. I think in his army have a coach like that you know he's gonna. You know have a lot of guys they go to -- formal Sundays you know and I think we'll continue to get better -- him you know he's a guy that knows how to motivate his guys. And you know he he gets things turned around and you know I have no doubt that we'll get this turned around buffalo. You are one of the leaders on this team I'd like to -- your opinion on Stevie Johnson do you think he has a future here he's under contract. Do you think he has a future here. -- -- -- -- --

Are you sold on Robin Lehner as the Sabres #1 goalie?
  Yes. His play the last 2 months has sold me.
  Not yet. I need to see him play well/stay healthy the rest of the season.
  No. He's not the answer. I wouldn't re-sign him.
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