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VOA head coach of the sabres with a said -- their home tonight taken on Florida Panthers coming in -- an impressive win in Pittsburgh last night. 7 o'clock game at first Niagara center will have an on WG are beginning with a pregame show at six that it's Howard and Jimmy good morning how are you doing today. I'm I wanna get the line -- but right off the -- since it's now going to be I think a weekly segment did you see any good movies this past week. You have I attempt to pick a couple. Nothing none of them two regrettable but this week when it does. Just yeah it was 21 a couple more. I was thinking of attorney -- of regular movie reviewer segment with with your show what that's just you know especially the Oscars coming up. I'll just I would see this movie obviously. So it was good but definitely it was a great. You can hang -- -- Jeremy he he has an end to get some it can get all the hot movies you watched the Tom Hanks movie last -- have -- need to see one of the big movies you let Jeremy know. -- so relying brawl -- will get to the sabres obviously we have things to talk about what your team but the big story around the NHL certainly what happened. With Vancouver and Calgary now the suspension for John toward Ralph okay you're John to order well -- You're in his -- you see your plane Calgary you see hardly starting that lineup how do you responder what would you have done. What if I get that the result of the -- what you want to be done. You could start to exact with a with -- Started in the announcement yet have or or you -- you start to another line by companies and in the U voided so it just one of those things that he's. You get almost dictate what you what you want to deal can't do it. They did last time around I think we we played much -- in Montreal started older guys in. It at the time we decided to start. The -- guys and then in it almost in the same scene it was obvious that this time so things haven't changed all that although much. You're saying effectively you can just kind of decide to turn the other cheek and start your scoring line knowing that chances are that I can do you think that stupid. No it's not a mean if you if you start you know obviously these are we certainly Olson and and in this it and thinker and I mean that they're not gonna drop the topic options and so hopefully -- on over three skipped it could be monitored -- that you get the whole bunch of penalty minutes their side and they needed to go to apartment so you you -- really dictate how yuppie wanna. It is. Is that respect for the cold is that respect for the individual players were players not do that because it's -- and Molson and if Europe you know your fighter out there knocking -- trying to take on the most or fourth quarter outlook has this -- -- -- -- wanna put this is -- out there. Yeah. The other cities what you have the other another veteran of the line so you don't have really have to do that but if they -- you know every every coach has his own. On the old method known reasons and original purposes scripture. We're we're told us yesterday that charter Ellis said he worked couldn't run the risk of I know yes other -- but he said he couldn't run the risk of putting this -- -- out. If you put -- -- -- out I can't believe that west Carthon and a -- and those guys still would have dropped the gloves and started pounding on those guys. Note noted that they would not mean that there's a certain code. Those guys. Our of those. That their style of play that I -- go large subsidies and mean that's just. That's just that's just wrong but it was. That the -- took care of -- in a pretty good -- so. They have you know but immediately back in the seventies is that that would have been. The outlook has so harshly with -- now can reach historic inspiration state. They are -- and one for all all been been a tough brand of we -- tough sport but just be. -- -- sport well. Do you think that you do you think that fighting in states fighting like that hurts the NHL's ability to sell itself. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it is more more I mean if there's a big hit. And -- to -- -- and -- runs true runs that is definitely can't you know exposed to hit the star player me. I mean everybody's. Everybody's in the position -- in the case and he's just gonna keep it up. That's something that's where our better players -- don't have the -- to relate to -- daily star players deep enough. I -- did -- -- -- tech is where we and I her argument you made the comment yesterday too and I was flashing back to your first team here. Your first team here really made a name for itself. Because it would drop the gloves against anybody. In any place on any night. In the National Hockey League and yet rob read Matthew Barnaby and Brad May and Bob are you guys could fight anybody and more than hold your own. Do you think I mean have you changed your thinking about that role in the sport in the last I don't know obviously seventeen whatever years that is. Are you in the north know it -- haven't I think. That there is room pork but Steve because two guys battle in compete here and get angry at one another and I think there's that but there's a reason for now it. It's amusing there's lot of stage party personally it's really hard and you go to -- moment. It things like that so. That -- -- still -- of course of hockey what it is just go to place for colonel that are reason I don't see see recent war. I think once law. When two guys are -- in the Eagle -- each other's anger there's. There's frustration and and maybe there's there's room for but just to get out there and fight for for no reason only. Do you think so you think if the league ever got to the point there's no indication that they're they're getting there but the league ever got to the point -- they took fighting out of the game. Do you think it would seriously harm the game. Not at all not at all by I think. Belt but it if you played. That big of frightened in the if the other sports he just -- -- right that that's. That's. So I think right now we we have we get a real good game I mean it's an aggressive game is that so hard hitting game -- it's entertaining game. I mean did you donate. -- -- the other it was callables and indeed. When it to overtime and -- chances as scores of people -- -- And -- there's -- How much are you I'm kinda gets back to the to the Calgary Vancouver thing but how much do you worry about lines matching lines where the weather. If that top line is out you want your tough line out if the top scoring line is out you want you don't want your tough line on how much do you think about matching lines for whatever reason over the course of the game. I think -- you look at it at certain points of the became the then as the game goes on this they're put in Portland Mountain View you can have home advantage in new chemical. He could beetle with a four finalists and to achieve top line against Portland and try to get it. Get a goal that way so it all depends you know some coaches that are for gritty match lines I'm. On consulates match here I think we we have to. Monitor our. All right Simon and make sure we don't or player or topless if have enough energy for the whole -- so. It just slows things I think some guys mentioned some guys do and I'm not not -- -- -- coached. Sabres head coach Ted Nolan with a sabres and Panthers tonight to look at the injury. News out of the way here to -- reporter McCormick if I forgot anybody please add to the list what's going on with the linger. He's he's pretty close to be in been cleared to play and that's going to be a morning person position here. Don't have problem is we we didn't really good chance of -- part and I think -- -- was his Retief Steve before was its first real practice having had. Yesterday was another one so we'll see how he feels that they our supporters the scenes seem same boat he can practice hard. Yesterday was his first time and we had little little body contact with -- -- who responded sort of -- to the -- -- his morning when he gets in. According -- -- looks like he's going to be. Maybe. Just before the Olympic break there were probably. That just putting him for one game played of the. And hopefully -- came back how is he -- he. Fighting through some issues right now. What -- lose everything if we. Players mean the happier I think we we started. The last game we have -- -- and -- teammates and and obviously that the -- support and so. When what you want played good sport when it's accessible on the body so he's he's been a little bit about two point where. It was more recovery -- get off to eliminate that. So he he's good to go. Did I was listings -- your comments yesterday about Ville Leino. Have you run out of answers with him. You know -- no I I haven't you know he's just got it. No he's a very -- player but dimensional talent can only it's so far it's it's we'll let you have to have it. -- in the scale and and you know really to police one of those players can really help -- but you know it's one of those things that never give up -- anybody in -- and hopefully it is critical we use of the and someone else it is just one of those it -- just -- tricky. Pressing those buttons and keep put them in position than. -- had he was. Was was of one of his better ones but -- we -- have twelve games like that once in awhile so we just got to get him back on track it'll written it attributable more. You mentioned you believe he has the talent do you believe he has the will. To go with that talent though. Well we know that that's one of the things that that's where we're position we are that we get a pushed a button and try to find government. You know what I really like -- is. As as a man in this a guy who put it at the lake union in -- is doing is two different things we just got to get them I mean he I know he wants to. But wanted to finding a way to do written in going into -- -- reasons given me a little bit -- -- -- to do. Couple games he's started showing signs of it so they can we just got to keep you've driven home when and then keep working with. Now on the opposite end of the spectrum if you could talk is getting a little bit about Tyler Ennis is play because certainly. He has picked his game up in recent weeks what are you seeing from him right now. If you thought -- pricing nervous day as I talked to when I first got here remember watching in junior hockey and I remember watching him when he played Portland when I was in the in Manchester at the time it. And I see in this book dynamic player and and you know we we talked would try to get that form back and and for last. Well actually -- -- -- he's been getting better and better and then the last couple games -- he's been really pretty dominant plugs in his 67 shots. Every time in the pocket and meet up and -- happened even on the bench he felt that the players really excited because. Because of that. And he's just an the ball of energy on the on the -- and then with the skill and loses but this competitiveness he's he's fun to watch. There are -- I wonder how do you balance out. You know he obviously has that skilled at the razzle dazzle if you will for lack of better way to put it -- but you know there are sometimes we get overdo it. It may be over handles the stick -- the puck gets himself into trouble are -- turns it over what have you so. How do you. Approach a player like that in terms of the balance to strive for. Bladed it twenties at that the three games ago you -- seem to replace yours right. -- Florida. I thought that scheme where he was to attack which you just said you. You'll sometimes don't we tried too hard you try to do things are going well and you wanna do little but more. -- what treaty of school he was doing that he was trying to do a little bit too much of course it is giving in going in and champion -- And using -- slimy uses different partners that it moved the puck -- -- -- And -- and and articulate over the perfect combination of can. Hey and -- when he went in these two and giving it would mean when he also these two and sometimes you just don't like Chris there sometimes with. But Chris I think he just try to do too much and sometimes we -- tribute to watch. -- don't you know respect and -- should be. You know you bring up Christian -- -- and is one of the guys on my list that it wanted to get to I think. I'm I'm guessing -- for a lot of the veterans. It's been a difficult season guys that are used to -- in -- have made the playoffs in the past this is. Not really a fun season to be around he seems to have some issues with consistency he said some struggles. With the consistency -- his game what you know how often have you talked to him what what have your messages -- the Christian air off the season. Why -- it's simply uses -- calorie that's talks started couple days ago but it just do exactly that vote. If you play well which you gotta make sure you he'll give -- who was born -- and use the usual line mates and it in the -- with Chris Simmons. Sometimes take with him he tries a little bit too hard you want to do. He wants that extra because you'll he'd want to win but competitively -- he wanted to win in knowing how to win and just fighting through those those obstacles. You know he's he's one of the leaders on this team he's delivered to you know just deal with more patient with with themselves with -- With -- and it -- this team sometimes you don't look frustrated. -- chosen in. It can -- shall but it sure that it emotional and so he's just got to get to. Play -- he's capable plane and just to consistently citizen and will be fine with with the with that Christian scripture. Couple other guys said let's get going -- ask about Tyler Myers we talked about him in the passing you. I think as recently as last week you mentioned that you know you want to see him be more aggressive in terms of join in the play he certainly doing that after you won the last game you guys had. Right off the opening face off in the first few seconds he standing in front of the other teams that. So I guess just talk a little bit about what's left for Myers -- in your opinion right now as a matter of only consistency or there's still some parts of his game. Offensive defense or whatever that you would like to see improved. Yeah I think all the above me right to see this. I think -- struggle it was for this -- in these do we don't of the years and they how skilled he is in the and then the last game we started seeing glimpses of what he can really. I believe to do about it consistently consistently he's so so naturally gifted and he's -- he has that. We knew we we mentioned earlier you have in the will. In the skill combined makes it makes it. That -- star player -- with a superstar player in this certainly he has. He has the skills as well and they and what he gets all the -- he. He's almost. 95% there he's just going in and ultimately spurt we're glad he -- to. This was dynamic in the in and sensational terrific team -- viruses just as equals. You know -- you mentioned on sky's the limit for him when he first got here excuse me anyone you know the rookie of the year trophy. We're all sitting here thinking can this guy be stronger -- whatever 25 minutes number one guy. Shut down pairing claiming at the top lines be all everything for you. Do you think he can still be that guy is certainly -- these last couple seasons his game -- suffered. No no question you know and when they when you watch it watch player it is is his ability his. His demeanor in the you'd see it and it would be easy you know there is just one of those things one day it's gonna pop voted for Republicans and newspaper. For reference this career is just one of those one of those moments it's. If he's going to be very very good player. The last -- ask you about -- is cannot present and cannot go with with a couple a goalie interference penalty is a guy who you want. To be aggressive I'm guessing and you wanna see drive to that in do those things but you don't wanna take penalties so what do you talk to him about it in in light of those two. Why didn't do exactly that do we we need to manage -- -- -- with our team. With the with the way things if you look at last summer games almost inevitably lead in the thick of bad penalties that it it goes in excess of it would work typically we can afford that they only see details of note to teach her what I did play good penalty but it. I won -- of almost every time he's he took apparently still far. And that's been that bad luck and on his part that the opposition to score. Still a couple of games -- and he took one it took to these these court or partly Eagles last game where institute accident apparently -- -- and all the sudden. It's this aluminum changes for the other team so we just don't need that typically we we need -- aggressiveness and -- we wanted to -- -- -- like his. This -- the musical guys who would. He just haven't I think sometimes it has -- -- as Christian I mean. He he wanted to do so well sometimes when players of his -- to try to do so -- to school with it's a little bit. What he what impression that can crash -- that but you have to do that in -- -- but sometimes he -- he goes right through it. And that's where it -- -- so usually lake is certainly his demeanor -- is that attitude but he would discredit what. Ted thanks again for your time is always nice talking to -- good luck tonight. Thanks sabres head coach Ted Nolan -- -- Tuesdays at 8 o'clock missed any of the interview will play city and on demand audio. At WGR 550 dot com -- segment -- that's brought you by Paul.

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