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1/23 Schopp & The Bulldog HR 3

Jan 23, 2014|

With ESPN's John Clayton and Sabres GM Tim Murray

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WG ER I don't know how to delicately game but. But if you can what do meal with a good salad John -- which opened the Bulldog that was -- -- to be at bat man's theory that -- former Cleveland -- on WG -- that's -- Sports Radio. You -- northwest savings bank it's time to make the switch to nor. John Clayton do here we don't have -- the -- but hopefully we will shortly -- show for the Bulldog from. First Niagara center where the sabres host Carolina. Tonight. I've been off sick. And we even talked about the championship games at all of the soup Campbell at all. Because of that but. The -- I loved the most of the two games Sunday was that Seattle touchdown pass. To put them ahead one. Point 44 or consent except you know for the seven. And they looked like they didn't know what to do. The kicker wasn't expecting to kick. Was little weird to -- was so far away. But apparently. I read that he. Told the coach he didn't think he could make it right and it wasn't a good idea right victory they called timeout there right and he went over and so basically encouraged him you should call for a bit about it you know. I wonder if they'd already. Set his range. At shorter than that that's really not that -- -- anymore but so was odd to see him so ill prepared for. The possibility of being you know called they're the big goal for the first round it's everybody even like a safe. Option on the play it seemed well they -- -- jumped -- And the story goes that. Seattle -- everybody ought to do -- like it's typical loading up -- go for broke they also all the flag bureau reasonably competent enough that it was. A separatist offside call so it's replay. Just broad audience. Is that writes all the receivers all and apply enough to notice that now. And react to it that way that I heard you know John -- it is now my job. Hello guys John is that the story that fourth down touchdown by the Seahawks for the receiver. Adding up opens -- it is that the. You know what they did is that they unit the three options that they couldn't use -- decided okay it's too far out that he'll go back even -- -- Roush got. That's stupid reason -- a little bit too far. So we're gonna let the clock run out and then go ahead in there and he'll make a decision political pond or go for the fourth for the for a first down. Decided to go for the first down but what also -- in the -- took it upon himself. To go and -- hard count and doing a hard count he idea is to draw the Mossad which was successful. And then the play was to try to go at least with two or three guys vertical down the field now know there -- it was supposed to be Jermaine -- Doug Baldwin. He'll go down a little bit more toward the middle but he's landed a little bit closer to -- -- yet to guys who were standing here but yeah that was the intent because they'll. Russell by he could draw them off sides and he did. And then by doing that and -- would be encroachment he was able to get the throw down field at an angle and they're not gonna get depressed now -- this is a great play. All of -- on that play so do we know. This is a lot a lot to know about what the receivers worst -- balls to do with San Francisco didn't job -- but no -- were they all running verticals. If not for the flag. Exactly -- -- it was it was probably in the long route and then Doug ball was probably into a girl and then. There and have a couple just try to go to the sticks and try to do that until pitcher and exactly what the play well -- but only intent Russell Wilson was able to work was getting that down drawing our side. And then everybody go vertical and you know he's one of the best and buying time because he can run around so well. Get that extra time to get the ball down field and he's got a great people -- At a bed -- one of the best games you've you've watched have been out how. How does that game rate reached free. You don't hit it under the kind of numb to how great these games have been. In recent championships I mean you like they'll go back -- last year going through the NFC and really the NFC is and just great great playoff games. -- great in the AFC two but. They'll is that better than Atlanta the Atlanta Seattle game we're Seattle they would get a drive a touchdown run by Marshawn Lynch. And then Matt Ryan come back completing two passes and -- game winning field goal and the next week yet. Colin -- predicted in the past negate the 49ers to lead and then you had a great writers don't. Tried by Matt Ryan easy on the ten yard line get disorders separation and then still almost complete the pass to Tony Gonzales. Mean these things are so good in these games so good -- what the last six ballot the last seven NFC championship games have been decided by seven points or last so. They'll think I'm the number how could these games are the -- liking them above any -- is gonna be coming up extremely good. Point the two giant wins both and over time I'm on the road so. Big point. Or why Wilson -- you really cared about buying time they're pretty you know I have a lot of people -- played out two years and in these big games he's -- but. If it's the touchdown play that Mike is talking about is my favorite the other played that -- -- -- he was to Italy France darkened. Earlier in that game there was a play were he to scramble around complete -- long passed on the field that's kind of -- just. You're so envious of you don't have a quarterback that can make plays like that. I don't know what's nice about that is at -- you can see Billy he's Smart enough to -- out of my time but -- always looking to pass first. But then build the 49ers. Outside linebackers know we owns -- Navarro Bowman and Patrick Willis is -- here inside. But people are under not talking enough about on Ron Brooks and then that's yet except the -- I -- to -- and for the blockers are also saying that that's the best in you guys in the lake. And you can see that because what ended up happening. The end of the putting 86 offensive lineman on the guilt and everything was like 68 eligible could put out -- Bailey out here and wanted to 320 pound guy trying to stop rocks were stopped and met. So then you would have well. Russell Wilson running around. He would run around and all of a sudden it's like priest -- with a woman and he -- -- Here comes brought in not only was Brooks or all the -- able to beat the blocking. Pot they -- -- rebound and -- really made it up and so it was a race all day between a great group of how linebackers particularly on the outside. And Russell Wilson trying to -- them I mean I was amazed how quick the speed not necessarily that the -- once I mean -- is quietly had. One of the best here's a linebacker in the national football. John -- with us so John how about that's all you you mentioned recent years and in playoff action. We've had a lot of those. Years is. Lower seeding lower seeded teams winning wild card teams right now we've got the one seat burst but once he witches. Maybe this is little strange but relatively rare. The last time this happened was 2009. When New Orleans was able to go against me. But it's got our New Orleans went into Super Bowl in Indianapolis coal. And so there's a similarity I think what it comes down to do and go when you have great teams. And. Particularly he likes but it's not great teams in any teams that are very good and the NFC was the dominant conference this year -- -- quality teams. Until means everything because -- in the team's margin of error for talent is so close and you'd figure that that's what was gonna happen home it was gonna take -- this particular year in the NFC and then you know there's so many holes. In seeds three through six and maybe even New England. That Denver -- Peyton Manning and home field was able to wait so I think it was kind of like destiny you know I thought initially. I was gonna go to Atlanta and of course I was wrong on that. As Seattle. And more talented team San Francisco being right in the mix as the next most talented team. But then when you've played it all out. It was Seattle ended up with a number one seed rightfully so and Denver you know what Peyton Manning and thirteen went -- number one seed so that's what I was very predictable at least. From mid season I settled into the back it was going to be Seattle and Denver. Two teams that are very tough to beat old as the policies are right I think before New Orleans and Indianapolis the last one -- one was Dallas buffalo. But the applause I think you're right 93 -- belt so this is the sect. I don't like yours -- just bring him back some memories here of this as the first team since the ninety's bill Seattle that has not had a single player. In the Super Bowl before August oh yeah just yeah this is yet at a -- not once he acquired of course you know this team is one of the youngest. Well there -- no we've been in the Super Bowl because there's so many new guys on this team over the last three to four years. So the last team to do that was the Buffalo Bills and did a pretty good run. Yes but make sure you you go word of the Seahawks. Get in on time but I don't get to rest -- cute picture yeah. Maybe if we had one guy at the Super Bowl before it gets arrested her right to sleep on -- I can't -- you heard him. That if -- is they're not staying in Manhattan their vote won't be staying in Jersey City. Which I would John Clayton from ESPN the previewing the Super Bowl we got you know of course the bye week here will hopefully that -- touched base would -- -- dot Wii shop around next week what is on site. You know a few days before. The Super Bowl John how about Denver all the so much of the attention. Leading up to the two title games mean we spent a few different entire -- talking about naming it Brady and the fifteenth time that meeting. And the game was just kind of anti climactic debated Denver just put them down I mean deliberately had never. Just never really was that close. Not really want them and I think as we talked about last week there was a little predictability to -- not the standard so one sided but I just thought. That when you look at the patriots they've had six starters in their first or second year on these -- and. This is the first playoff game that the patriots had since 2006. That they -- on the route. So now -- taking the whole young new defense on the road for the first time in the in the big game like this and the mile high quite a bit. I got a patent was going to happen pace which he did he hit eight possessions. Five of the possession or eight plays or more -- defense didn't would be sucking wind. And that's what happened in the first quarter. In the second quarter in games like that you can normally bounce back and get a little -- your wind back and take except you in the third and fourth quarter kind of wait wait became played out. And you can see how many different -- Don't there 456. Plays into the drive. That the -- were tired and rightly so this is a young team that didn't know how to prepare for these type of things I mean you can only pocket but. -- -- your Bill Belichick you can try to coach it but to try to go through it is not the easiest experience in the world. And -- worked -- -- so well and getting 71 plays that you know he basically the paint a very young group of players. I thought this had a lot I mean. By the way I mean. I should make it -- blowout. Patriots had a look at it two point conversion make it -- one possession game but it just never felt problems. Really -- get the two points by -- the third -- hours on the road listening to radio coverage of the game. Middle of the third quarter after the touchdown drive then head to open in the second half. And -- Kevin Harlan on the play by play on Westwood One said. The patriots at 44 please experts like one thing is just that's nothing and it'll happen. And amp order. Until it's just not a lot of place. And the two things that you can't do when you're playing a pace type a team -- New England does the same kind of thing to come in last year they averaged. 74 plays the game this year they average 71 during the regular season Denver after 72. Is that. To that you can't do commit turnovers or out three and outs. And so. The patriots started became with 23 and out and that just set the agenda because I mean. There wasn't going to be anything less than 58 play drive for Denver and they were able to get points. And then you look and what side and that's why with the patriots you know it's automatic they're gonna win twelve games because -- don't telecheck they've got Tom Brady. You don't know how good they are -- to get into the playoffs. And that's where you can see the efficiencies the young guys playing their first road game. The lack of you know low scoring tight but tight ends because the Rob Gronkowski injury and Aaron Hernandez in jail -- -- -- out here basically Tom -- -- three slot guys. Because you notice it. The third guy that they used mostly was Austin Collie we went Buehrle and cattlemen and also with any Amendola so. I don't think that you're gonna get many touchdowns with three slot guys and you know a couple three and out early that's what really about -- sure that they weren't going to be as good as Denver. John -- -- -- we got next week to talk about the Super Bowl to the bills have lost their defense of coordinator get to that in a second. -- -- -- a big team next Sunday and bad news John the extra point is it true. That the NFL may get rid of the extra point. It is prudent here's -- proposal -- to be at least considered voted on and talk about. Will it happen I don't think so I would sure hope not. 'cause I don't see anything broken in the extra point I don't see. A lot of injuries now on the they -- the one thing that was causing injuries because -- they would have a big nose tackle go over senator. And the senate snapping the ball and next thing you know he's crime's been. Damaged -- they fixed that and so I think they've figured out a way to minimize the injuries. I just don't like the idea of trying to have you don't take away something that it is I know what. Almost automatic but it's not automatic in the discomfort part of maybe this sounds silly on my -- by behalf. There's a nice -- think adding the extra point particularly now that. Don't you get the touchdowns there's a little political pod because they have to review -- and confinement and then you get the extra point. In that time you get to see 23. Replays. And you know you go to commercial break and now it's it's comfortable. Now we take that away what are you got Copley yelling over placate Jim Harbaugh yes sir now thumbs -- -- -- -- -- -- commercial -- So you want -- -- appointment of filler than -- 58 Huckabee and there's no injuries can pop up it's really boring. They've got that big ball court that. It -- right -- -- -- that it would supplement that we give me at least get to the push them. PAT back a little bit to make it more interesting although you have to have some pretty far back to make it now what do you. Don't take points off the board. You don't make it tougher for kickers and it also would like to help couple kickers and the last few weeks a mile Dan -- just got a contract for 20018. You tell me it's like OK he hit 3.3 75 million a year and now he doesn't have to meet you know -- aren't that big of a deal because when and how hungry to be touched back. Now you take away the extra point not going to put him on the field -- -- -- field goals commute out of these kickers and it is like Internet and three million bucks let them kick. I can credit stationary -- John I mean the field also the -- but it is the job anyway right the most important part of the job that that the the what they're bringing -- to. Most field goals are pretty they look pretty easy anyway so -- -- leaves for Cleveland John. -- Cleveland fans do it with that. Probably not well I'm incipient Mike Patton and IE and we all should probably send them and yet well target gridlock because I mean it's going to be costs. I -- to take. Take the job displayed in the process. You know and then bill what are the expectations. I mean Roger Penske went in there they were a little bit better maybe not as part record but the way that they performed. And you know I don't have a quarterback. Don't you could see that the ownership and everybody doesn't have patience and meet. If it goes -- well next here like that may be back in buffalo in -- -- after that so it's like. Well you know somebody was gonna take the job nearly 32 of these things and they got to him late in the process. Good coaches did a phenomenal job with the bills defense this year but I mean is he really better and rob Kaczynski is he ready better and pat charmer. And head coach. I wonder who's going to be the offensive coordinator that a lot of these questions that I think -- there and so tell you what's in the best of luck but he's gonna need it. It being so late in the processes. Is the one thing. And the minimize what impact did a nice job here I'm not assuming another -- company to be able to push the right buttons but. The one the wanna hang up I have about the whole thing is how late it is John it's the 23 January in the bills now -- -- I think they've got a plan in place. An idea where would they wanna do but it just it seems like a tough time of the year to be searching for coach. And a. You really look at it closely Yemen since 2006. Which I use 2006 is a barometer could tell at a Goodyear persisting coaches getting promoted and as -- Mike McCarthy and Gary Kubiak let's access to a certain degree of Mike McCarthy and John Payton got head coaching job if you really look at it. Well the ratio guys getting fired. Our basics and exceed the number of guys to get successful is our assist in getting first time jobs and it import a person I've coached. With no quarterback which is where they're at right now. You may only get at the most two years. And so help me how they're going to be that much improved. You know depending on what quarterback they're going to get confused locations with assistant coaches and then. He continued to try to -- and -- support me I have seen no more than two coaches succeed and assistance and that you're not getting the first or the second guy. Then he used -- are doomed to failure that's why. Mike can be. Great -- But I think that the odds favor him not being successful at -- track record been in 2006. And 2007. There's too many firings. And then too many hiring of guys that haven't had a head coaching experience. -- last thing any. Ideas or thoughts on what the bill should do with their vacancy. Not a good question I mean -- you know obviously they they hit a home run by what Mike was able to do and looking package and that. You know I think it probably don't they should maybe consider making all the Pittsburgh and seeing about getting out. You know Butler they're keep Butler their defense of coordinator because I think you could see that bulletin type scheme works. It's a shame that this late in the process may be that could've gotten -- Horton who would work in very well and you want somebody that's very skilled in the 34 defense. I offer one game. -- -- And a serious nature Wade Phillips. May 08 while that would be me and I think he would do it. If I would skills and were -- morons I would always right now. Because. He makes -- more of an impact on any defense. You know any -- -- coach. Higher weighted. John it sounds like he wants he would be willing to rob the Zamboni in here tonight Emmys. Very openly. Saying he wants to work. So we got -- -- look and not a me first -- is not a money issue on the whether he coaches or doping code you're gonna make two point 75 million dollars this year is the highest paid. Even the coach -- paid. In football and not the coach and we look at this like I know let's say for example that Darrel bevel. Would have been the defense of course the coach of the Seattle Seahawks. He -- gone way would've gone with in the Cleveland if necessary so that they all they have to do is make one little phone call to wade is numbers in the phone book and Houston. And he woke up. But that but they could put on Twitter he would respond I think -- that that's that's where are my daughter knowing that because he's been tweeting about. It is it is resume. -- -- for -- he's doing -- -- tweeting about -- resume next -- about how he'd go back anywhere he's coached he'd been happy ever been. There's 3032. Jobs 31 of them are filled. I mean I think he's ready. You know now there's a question I can and I can guarantee that permitted but it's as simple thing it's not -- he can only reach out. All they have to do is crawl and you'll be here. John thanks -- to next week from New York. Thank you New Jersey probably should be saying New Jersey. This is New York. Here this New York Delaware cattle and typically be ego that's right -- -- immediate things going. You know in New York sodium and we'll find out next week as we Tim -- -- do over next we'll chat with the sabres GM would show in the Bulldog from first Irish Setter here -- WGR. We've got I was I was yourself all even though I think you have to exercise -- so -- -- seven. And you're innocent. Asked again if I didn't go upstairs to give Buffalo Sabres. -- love that opportunity. We -- for the bulldogs' first daggers that are are joined now by sabres general manager Tim Murray I tip -- Was this music Bulldog. Amateur. That is if you like your name on. That that's a guess or he told us let's just forget the we will -- do you tell us. -- I -- I -- -- Barack I but I. I'm lessen the -- now on examiner easily imagine dragons -- goals that Tommy knew that whoo man I don't you know. I don't know author Brad -- where there are two years older you whatever you know to me it was do my kids write my kids listen stuff -- -- -- place to live settling in here what yeah. Downtown downtown buffalo -- good men moved in Tuesday. Paula moved in as close until so. There's nothing in the fractures not in January. Probably planning on it that way for I had two buddies drove down. And they're here for tonight's game two and -- the drive him back up tomorrow and last -- there were telling me put a picture or something a little depressing it -- that you know I think it's rated. Medalist and I don't have to worry about -- going spoiled in the effort there is -- -- does nothing but Wi-Fi. I I I got cable and although it set up and so either have a rotor or mortem. On the table and whatever I -- as -- by the other one -- to that and then I'll avoid fights I don't have Wi-Fi sides. I have to buy a rotor or more times it may be wanna go home to sleep and that's it that's why the first that I heard -- so. I was I was only -- on Wednesday. But today it was. Nicholas is a good way to say -- Works a bit about sleeping is it hard to keep the the mind from turning here means you've you've got this job he's headed for I think like two weeks today thinkers are so laden. You must have a lot of thoughts just kind of spitting. Offer that there's a lot of that if there's a lot of things not on the ice that that have to get done and soul. What's right ordered to do with the men the number one thing for me is I've said it would scouting program and and make insurer scouting staff is all on the same page pro and amateur. That the ratings. Jibe with. Pro I've been a five and and I'm sure I'd be unified so. That's and there are now now that scouts have to figure out. What -- five is and what I mean they have the they have the definitions but I mean I don't expect them to just their marks to. Be similar to mine right off about I think it's gonna take a little time and if I -- guise of four plus somebody emerged as the sex I'll call and see in my world that's a little high but we're gonna talk numbers. As far as what a player is and that's going to be the culture. And they're gonna tell me -- -- -- Joseph blow last night and -- saw that I -- before plots and that's really talked about -- and it's all the ratings have to be. Equal across the board and that's where you make good decisions how. March continue at this point evaluate. You're value and it's got to be a part of this right -- you're looking at. Maybe -- reports and if you've got reports on guys and they don't match at all wet weather there just a a minor discrepancy on a couple of points but if you they've got a guy they love that you've seen Egypt's. This guy's not nominate player at all like bets are going to be big right. It has it's a thing I'm not sure exactly what it is but. -- not -- agree in every player and that's not I don't want them to be asked and I don't want him to. I want them to argue with me I want them to have an opinion at the end though I have to make a decision and yes -- evaluated our guys in the field for sure all the time now and trying to get a feel for them and again we don't have to agree. But at some point we have to get on the same page soul. If he thinks the five plus I think is a four plus. That's why we're on the same page he thinks he's for a second letter and I think he's a third line so that's fine that's right that's legitimate argument. Now to plus vs a five plus not -- going to be legit argument there's going to be there's going to be it's a short conversation. And you know let's let's get on the same page here were on the same team and and let's work hard to get a missile. But it is that will be. An everyday process there's no question what does the scale holidays ago. -- hours this is number scale to one to seven yes to a tennis. Tennis players are rated at seven simply went 77 -- franchise where one mean. Template is this sabers is NHL standards this is my thing shores. Yes I. Had at Florida. And took it to Anaheim. When I got to New York. Donny Maloney asked me to put this system and it's it's a simple system that in my opinion. It gives you the answers but it it it makes the job easier on the scouts and that's that's my role. They should concentrate on watching players not spending all day in the computer. Watching players put in and radiance and then the ratings are. Quite defined on. What a third line players of the numbers have to match and I took an auto of that so it's kind of been something that I believe in completely and we've made some bad picks obviously through the years but we've made a lot of good picks so I'll let you guys decide whether the system that. I've created works I assume applause part of that is it but that's five plus he's five. The potential to become a sixth. But there's more there gas. Well and for the main reason. You might have been the National Hockey League 155. -- There is a difference between the -- sought to strike news or -- five and a half of here they had half right as I just want plus noises and five plus four plus. So exist there wrongs are all the same group so the pluses -- at the top of the group on plus the group and again. To make it easier to do a list. The five plus or at -- defies. My fifteen Euro. I got it. So I didn't mean that for you but it's it's go to benefit. -- It's been two weeks -- -- to the play your team in two weeks. They play hard. The guys the the twenty guys on the ice play hard and I think they. Enjoy playing here. My guts -- to -- them today I've met a few of them over the I haven't addressed the whole team together but I talked individuals. I think they like playing here they certainly know that. The facilities here -- our talk not like the best it and that that's what I saw when I -- and I've talked to the players and they all the grievances. It's outstanding them all the tools they need to. You better so that's your dressing room is top -- your players' lounge is top notch. The players' lounge is big enough that they can sit together in a group and to me that's. That's still -- team building -- still on the job but you're not on the ice you may be talking about your NFL. Fantasy draft but -- together. That is team building and the the facilities here are outstanding and and the players realize this is a good place to play they what they want or they wanna be better. Some of them will be with us when we're better some -- but. The opportunity here to get better and two to succeed I think the players have all bought it. Do you have a sense at all that the Olympic break has created. Artificial first trade deadline at all with the with the with the break the embargo that will be there on player moves and if so are things start to heat up at all. -- I'm talking to teams and again there. Not specifics but. Frankly I've said you know were. Open for business I guess and you guys will decide if we trade anybody here and that decision will be made on the offers they. Outstanding offers do they think they're -- Please the new GM. You know I can't see what they're thinking but I certainly know that if he offers her or something that. Long term is gonna make this organization competitive organization for years to come. I have to listen -- is that is that for the Olympics I. I doubt it but it there has been talks yes. Like buy it now on -- Raise the Smart price also all of -- buy houses for sale to if you beat my price right -- -- who's desperate enough I mean there's a lot of teams on the ball. -- -- playoff game last night look at the east. There's 45 teams out that were there are within point two points three points mean. Would a good player put them into the playoffs let alone make me contender. That's what the -- the other GMs have to. After beside you did I mean if you missed playoffs by point you know you're kicking your ass because he didn't make that trade everything I. I don't know I I mean I don't like and and I we've been through it on the other side of it but. You have to if your bubble team I I think you have to show your players that you believe in them and that you're trying to help the -- I think. We've all -- I have been in that position GM but certainly assistant GM and the dollars per view in life like to make deals -- some people go to a car dealership in a sticker for the horse trader with the -- It to me deal that's them that's the part of the job fascinates every I don't wanna make a deal to make you deal and I said that. But I am I -- yeah I'm open to making deals. I think that says. Every time you make you feel that -- can improve your team I think the players really appreciated the players in the room it's in the -- obviously their friends but. Today. They think that you're working answers they were. By. Every move you made soul. If they believe in you and they trust few I think that transfers on the structure and -- transfer -- tiny little bit just just one -- to enter. They believe that this is -- good place to be in the believe you're trying to make it better I think they're better players. Imagine you've talked to some of the guys individually is Ryan Miller one of those and if so what kind of field would you get for what his future. I don't wanna go into specifics. On the players but. I think Brian. He's certainly he's a -- where he knows the score and -- I wanna be -- him -- he's been illegal long time and I think his ultimate goal is to win a Stanley Cup and that his age. Again I'm not saying -- trade for sure but if the right offer comes along and it's a great team. I don't I think that he would appreciate that I think that. His ultimate goal is to win the cup and it should be if it wasn't why do you play and I bring up trading Mike Fisher Ottawa to national I mean. It's his future wife was in Nashville or maybe there were married not a country -- surely you know what I mean -- -- right. He -- what other places and maybe. Maybe got a little more depending on how you analyze trade but I think. These players have paid a big price to play to be here. I just wanna treat them like. Cattle I wanna be fair to them I want -- -- thing on both sides. Any questions for Austin. You guys in here every -- know that game all games you know it's too cold to secure our protector of the week. -- now this is a radio station yes it's not an internal state of. Broadcast right you GR radio that's right what number 550. I've been on the I've been out there are you were there -- studio to -- Ezra I guess he had a morning show and actually it's army radio right now right. So thank you -- -- us that was the Cleveland Browns coach gene. We carry about an -- It's it. Seed and I I'm. That we carried I don't look that. While eroding constantly beg god auditor a couple of minutes I would I think it would only be running this is loaded up the bill put it -- we don't I like I got a secure that I got dropped there. The cleric whoever is. Whoever you that's great. -- good luck tonight thank you. Thank you Tim -- -- us will talk about tonight's game here next Mike show for the Bulldog WGR. Here is today's idea of the day it short because our time is short get a flu shot. -- -- -- -- -- does get a flu shot you think that idea is horrible. WGR 550 dot com and pick one. What's an example time of a horrible idea. If you got what they -- -- that would be the phantom menace. The -- menacing. If you think the idea oracle really that's -- -- If you think the idea of getting the flu shot is great. Gold five Tug of an idea that seem like a five C you probably gonna guess this but it the empire strikes back to our right now sure. Ideal that they WGR on Twitter a Bulldog has though. Met me here bringing this Swine Flu that I've. Hopefully hopefully almost threw real well that's going around. Your article hold your wife is already carrying a fever wipers. -- at all 403 degree fever big guy was home sick from school today. And IE. Do you agree -- I don't feel like I'd like I'm I'm a little -- I mean maybe because I didn't even go all. It might be better off because. -- the wicked -- go out but so be it will we'll see what happens. But no flu shots or also -- odds of my wife is a you know she's -- practitioners she's. You must have -- -- reason to not want one I'm assuming that -- but we never ever even talked about them but I feel like if she thought they were good idea we all just get the what she brings -- whole. It's gonna happen to know. Church that we do what we did she thought they -- an idea I don't think it's just. But I'm not all of which that your. But it seems like I am feeling very lucky that my kids got flu shots they did because my wife had. Had it for them on for them. Editing or two not a good for them at all what I read it was pretty scary under its pretty scary for kids under five. So. Well a lot of a lot of those are deal with the flu and it or not we know people who are. And I'm hopefully. Since it's been all week. Dogs were -- -- offering in dealing with a little bit but hopefully yeah the worst is going to be over. -- the -- credit to implement Tim Murray. He sounds like -- tree killers. -- right he -- sounds like he's at a card show. And he's got every player to topple over the sticker on here this is what this'll cost you -- -- make a trade is if they need he said. -- go to the -- if only thirteen with the offers that are available to them called -- yes you know that'll be traded. It is -- ago. He's ready to go. And it just the way it's presumably what he set about Miller. There's not -- and other guys in the organization. You know Pat LaFontaine most notably at Soledad the decidedly different sounding too when talking about Miller. And timber you sound like you know I might wanna do paper. Pretty quick that's for Edwards you know you're gonna respect -- -- when the cup. And you know what most liberals more tempered that. You know this we had the sense I think a -- that they really like to keep them from school on down. Maybe -- Who's got a real sense of -- got to stay in like what are we doing here. If you goal that the liberal listeners knows anyone who runs. On all another NHL team that sort of in the playoff picture. -- -- Maria's comments from today to that he's he's basically lobbying and a today they if you're if you're contending team we we've got players here that can help you got to send a message to your -- -- settled right. You're working your right. -- I think. This is our second chat with him but both times I've really. I've really liked the way it went. But talking about about judging his his words but just I'll always used interact with and I that your. Listeners will know what I mean but he sounds. More like a guy that you're just talking to that doesn't know or care that it's being broadcast. Than anybody and actually today he sort of didn't know was will be broadcast he was wasn't sure exactly who we were what we're doing you know fight maybe it'll change next it's a it up maybe but you know most guys certainly -- gear. Was just very different that way. He was a jury but it's really his first -- sometimes he just wasn't. Very. Open. The trade stuff obviously leads the way here but. The -- -- -- ratings. Is get a rating system -- seven -- only tennis just. Gotti scouted the knows my system. Right -- -- -- with a five lost. -- -- -- that yet we have but we -- we we have time to give stuff away when we -- way we we waited until the end of our regular show that the pregame show completely weird. The top of the hour right now we've got a pair of tickets. The buffalo winter prove fast just coming up Saturday February the first of the Connecticut street armory and I can be 21 years or older for this. Value -- seventy dollars general contest rules apply. They call at five right now its export port -- 78. To parrot ticket -- what would prevent a week from Saturday at the Connecticut street armory. Indoor craft beer -- even -- over 100 craft beer and food entertainment and pregame is next for sabres Carolina Hurricanes they were this which -- Bulldog your WGR.

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