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Jan 25, 2014|

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    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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Good morning welcome to inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri -- with Roger Weis we have a couple of special guest in studio today we're going to be talking. Girls hockey federation. And we have couple coaches in here. Were going to get us caught up but we have. Nickel at me from by the ever sweet home team and Linda Rose from the monsignor Martin's team and they're gonna get as caught off time. I know what's going on with federation girls hockey. -- really nasty morning in Western New York so. Q where are those gorgeous in this this this is. Buffalo weather in January and yeah I know their policy and it's still close to 3540. Degree days we have a few months ago warning everything for everybody. Now this is. The way it should be. I'm mr. heat miser I'm sorry I would rather it be warmer. You obviously mr. Kolb -- you like the cold. No I did you know it was kind of you know visibility wasn't as bad driving in this morning as I thought it was going to be some areas. We're a little slicker than others. We lost power last night Niagara Falls for about an hour hour and a half. So obviously this win was -- creating some Havoc around west near us just be careful take -- time. Out driving it you know it is no no -- first -- as soon as they say for us in Western New York. Little. Little more -- less visibility up and down my neck of the woods I mean is that a you know. Walk in the park rambling on here was just a little more dreary and rolled a little more. On. I'm realistic undesirable and it's -- to Bob. We're writes all the -- -- to nineteenth and through most of the nineties and as I get probably. Hold just society gallery got a little bit worse. It's just try to be careful out there you're going out. To do whatever today just kind of take your time -- leave a little bit early to allow yourself enough time to get there and and you should be fine I just pick after being up all night last night was Samantha you know -- TV and crying in. I just when I get all my giving my couch and wanna know nothing the rest of the day a figure may be also blow tomorrow. And could noses realizes senior ball I guess and it's my understanding now -- -- matches after the hour roses CO railway hole. And as a rookie last I heard now you know things change but I believe he has acted -- too. Play in the senior I'm not sure I for a linebacker atlases for -- Injuries mean I can't possibly. See his performance being anything was -- Hillman went. And might be an injury you know. Avoided a potential injury reason I camping and one. Gathered in avoiding injury probably makes sense because obviously he's gonna want to be ready for the combine in Indianapolis when that shows up it's really. Where you know -- -- -- stock rise a little bit -- usually have anything be -- By planes hitting I was reading something more and coaches we've seen. That. You know with a look at it today is a lot of years second third and fourth round draft picks so. Yeah is he projected to be a late first round early first round early for sure -- maybe in the top six. Wow wage is moving up as we speak. The air out of a couple of draft boards I saw one hit Minnesota take it out there a couple that have the bills taking them so I will say was we'll see where it goes obviously. Best of luck to him -- we hope that my masters was going to call in at top of the -- talk with him. The other day on the phone in darkness if you're not familiar Mike masters he's a son of legendary coach -- masters the -- masters from a Grand Island. And Mike has cross training football. Case you've got him a chance to hear about that really a great organization with they have they've got mini camp. It is coming up is going to be from 7 PM to 10 PM. Monday February 3 at Ralph Wilson field house cost is 49 dollars per athlete. And the CTF mini camp is for high school quarterbacks wide receivers in lying in. Each QB and wide receiver must register as a tandem camp limit is 24 quarterbacks 24 wide receivers. 36 linemen. It was a the staff rods that they have that might put together. We have Greg Bronson from -- port rob -- from all -- and Brian Wilson from to -- Our our body and Jordan -- From all organ from these wide receiver coach of upstate KCK as quarterback about state John followed a sweet home. Bryant -- of all then. Of course Mike masters for cross training football and this -- -- -- from cross training football so they go to all of that is the it's really neat combine that sort of clinic that they are going to be able to put together and if you want more information you can go two out cross training football dot com. But it's cross training football. Dot com or email coach masters. And a cross training football dot com if you -- it gets more information. These clinics and camps are very good for a young man who you know obviously want to -- -- the football. Did you say that I a couple of things Tony did you -- trailers and -- -- after -- that's correct -- series and being a student after that horrendous nine in one season at that he might be going back -- a lot. You know often it is education here and me he's taking some notes and the other thing and it might sound picky but let's give credit were -- do most of coach gene masters wins were a Grand Island but he also did coaches believe in Brockton through so muscular shout out to practice well. Absolutely so get out there. You know again you quarterbacks get all your wide receivers but he because your coach and I see how you guys can get involved with that anytime you can get out. On the field and get some wraps its a good thing and you've got quality coaches that will be working with you. Okay got a couple things Tony number one today present too -- you're not doing things after known. I understand why others and so if you're resolved to bounce slash. You know all south Buffalo area and all that. -- mercy. Schools replaced abuse after new owners wounded warrior project 130 is a game between. Spring bell and -- mercy. And afterwards there would be a -- -- alumni game -- featuring one colors Melissa Graham -- Graduated probably 2009. Pan. Played in a state championship team in in my senior Martin's team with two different years. And the other thing you know we have a couple ladies who are gonna reach milestones probably this week. Excuse me she's playing now a cardinal -- formerly at holy Angels academy. He scored thirteen last night and I believe it butcher with him. Four points a break him. The girls monsignor Martin all time career scoring -- Arsenal that should happen in the next. Basketball game barring something tragic. And also orchard -- -- while hauling carriages were and then thirty points a break in me. Orchard Park School. Career record they play game down and all Leander earlier this week and I believe. Friday at home against west Seneca and projected that many Friday night she just might break via scoring record previously held by Taylor -- white checked. Or his recent annual country Austria tech class of 2000 and while from Orchard Park. Outstanding as it is really root. Balls my mind away some of the numbers that some of these kids are able to put up and of course they worked very hard for it and they are well deserving of it. Exactly. No well is going to be at at least a two sport while -- are you all western new York and on. Volleyball is your age you may play softball as well so just. Couldn't happen to a -- -- Absolutely directs the switch shared -- and let's put the skates on and talk federation. Girls hockey and as I mentioned we have a Nicole looked at me she is the head coach of -- -- sweet home. And she's also from Germany Wyndham Rose from monsignor -- the the combined team where people have to understand is within the girls we have a lot of combined schools we have -- Lancaster your record -- We have monsignor Marten. All. Orchard Park frontier in all the way as the schools are are one wings or correct. Other any other. -- -- Morris. -- have yours okay so a lot of combinations as as the I'll leak Rose in more interest grows in girls' hockey. In other I'm guessing there's Nickels about the only school has just one school for -- You know all the others. You know logistics or not economics is such as necessitated by -- schools absolutely. Olympics coming up. And I want to talk to put both your your your brains here about the importance of the success of the women's team. We've seen and especially the soccer when the US. National women's national team I had success we see boom. In in -- girls playing soccer. Does that hold true for hockey as well. Oh absolutely. Is so regardless I mean will we see -- -- because Vera that the visibility at the plane or is -- the success in other words. Do they have to take a gold in order for you see that type of -- I don't necessarily think that we have to place gold but I do believe that being televised and showing that you know there. Roads to get there and it's an opportunity for girls to play sports. There's going to be matches to boom in soccer hockey I mean if you put more females. On the TV. You're gonna get more little girls' interest in me and setting tackle out all I can actually guard compete there right you beyond. That team I ankle playing for the United States or. -- oh definitely the exposure alone you know seen oh my god and all these girls have great skills I can go and do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That team electrified everybody in and had a lot of a lot of interest -- and we saw that and I'm open that we see the same thing a lot of controversy right off the bat which. You know in a way is actually good because it's bringing attention to the women's team and that was over the the goalie mask. You know she could have the writing of the -- constitution. On the back of her mask which -- kind of bond was little silly but. You know that's their rules in India to abide by it but again already drawn attention. So I've that's got to be a positive I. Highlight. Hugh -- be wrong well I say if you're talking about Kim we Granada on the gold medal that point we 1998. We don't wanna I'm guessing 2002 Salt Lake in Canada when they went and saw a guy who you're talking here we are my Hernandez. Called -- your own back in 1998. At sixteen years ago. Wow where is -- time ago. Yeah I know it's crazy. So obviously that this is gonna be something that helps in. Do you guys feel that there is room for growth and that there will be role -- the federation well it definitely I mean even this year you know we have them. Williams -- had so many girls they're talking about possibly having two teams next year. Or the year after. We have Nichols joined in -- joint joint so there's definitely a no more girls that are playing at other schools that would laughter chilling. Marry me because I'm sure you guys I know you're involved with. Outside of hockey with the clubs club sport and I aspect of it but I I you've seen. You from there where the girls saint -- we want to play high school hockey. Definitely definitely I mean they come out I have a lot of my little girls come out. Our varsity games and they love it they can't wait to to be coached by one of us and started talking to their classmates -- on a play. Together or against each other. Which as far as feeder leagues that -- western you're -- hockey is very popular. All the girls little leagues or are most girls playing with the boys when they're at the -- kiwi and levels. I think well. I'm actually. Director of the girls how program through the Buffalo Eagles organization so. You know my league is from seven to seventeen and half of them playing RC for me or have played varsity -- means war have played it three Eagles. So just getting the exposure out there and now being the head coach Lansing -- team it I'm hoping that it's gonna grow. Our program three Eagles I know -- -- it is a great job over -- cars and there are other programs in lasting art that we need to continue to grow and in order for these girls to have a place to go and start out in house and then hopefully move on travel on. Hopefully be able to go played division once you're -- your routes you see an increase in the amount of girls common now for youth hockey. Definitely and the focus for us is really to grow girls hockey and not you know even -- their plane with the boys make it interesting for them to come over. We definitely want to you know grow the program. -- your thoughts on missing you as we've seen this in the past maybe with. Goalies but girls opting to play with the boys at high school level as opposed to being in the girls what are your thoughts on that. I played like -- I was eighteen. There were no really competitive -- leagues for me I mean to jump to girls thirteen -- from Eisen. That I continue to play like hockey until I was eighteen and it was my choice. 'cause I like the captains I mean a better player I enjoyed. Everything about being part of the girls programs some and I enjoyed everything about her the -- programs that you did different things for a different atmosphere. At the Boise. You know relief after skating and highlights the body checking I was aggressive players so to be able to go out and I'm sorry this is racks them. And this year than some good runs and then we'll go out I'm not tolerant of days late just like every player removed. You go to the girls and it was more like Wayne Gretzky it's also not and it can't and it's speed and it's playing catch up hockey so you combine with to and you know -- will be hybrid player. I think media that are actually in a lot of three sport -- matter. So you'd have no problem that if if one of your girls came up to you and said look I wanna play against the boys with the on the boys team. Going to be leaving the girl squad and -- over the board and -- program to go and you can do boxes could do both holding out. And I think at this point to the program has come a long way I mean his skill level -- I know our girls but he is a lot higher I mean you have girls that can really play. You know you'd be surprised I think people sometimes don't realize how skilled and fast and strong these girls really are. -- I remember a few years ago and this was enough. What we explorer which was the Buffalo city school boys' league of -- not -- as there is a great girl. Who played for hunched back played defense she held her own immediately. And it seems to me and I wanna say -- -- three years ago. I hope I got to Israel wanted to Williams Phil schools and it grows a goaltender was probably. One of the top two or three goaltenders and then only in Western New York I can't remember the name I want to say well -- but don't hold me. And I -- she was. Outstanding. Less than one point zero ovals is there. I think government that I am allergic to it that call you comment from you you -- in Germany. Lot of -- hockey you don't Germany's big -- hockey and we've seen annually at the Olympic level. Is it give you a different perspective. Bring any European brand here. I'm not really and it sports is organized differently in Germany's so there is no school sports everything is just club. So for me to see Mike kids girls growing up here and having that opportunity to play for their school is great. You know Germany's a lot smaller we definitely don't have done pools like them player pool like you have over here. So we don't usually get too. -- -- I think it. With that -- that you have a you know collegiate background Niagara you were star there. Star wild from what I hear you were very -- my -- I hear you were very good we'll just we'll just leave it there I was 200 -- the boys and Holler -- not meant for me here I'm sure you and Roger called. She said earlier she's a good minutes ago. And they leave it up to you are right to think. I think you're you're able bring it bet that type of perspective. The girls really will look up to this look this is somebody gets his success at the college level this where I wanted to go. Let's look let's look at coach Linda if she rolls rise out of me for guidance and I know because they want to get to that level so you have that experience that you can London them. Ideally that experience like the whole recruiting process you know I'm trying to guide the girls and how to get that done and it's unfortunate that 900 no longer has the team. Does not the girls that don't realize that -- university at a division one program now accurately challengers and that really played reminder. You know like I. It's nice because I know what college coaches are looking for. In athletes. So I can -- on and I am very honest they don't beat around but these -- the three or four things you need to work on if you want to -- as well if you're comfortable with where you are this is where -- -- As Scott should start up as far as with the schools are offering no for girls hockey yes I believe so yeah. So that's great I mean anytime you can get somebody lined up for a scholarship that's a beautiful thing absolutely I mean I graduated recently with their budget. It was there -- nice to have you. You know really hard working job and they're gonna think -- -- -- gap I let him alone -- that. Yep I'm not mistaken didn't just recently three or four of them Nichols girls and actually sign agreements for he -- -- a couple -- juniors is my understanding of already verbal. And I think one -- one of them. Now without the grows up because we talk to you know about the boys last weekend in that you've seen that that. Mean I don't know what junior or playing juniors as opposed going -- college. How is that the structure for the girl's side is just rate from high school to college or they going to please some sort of juniors. I think mostly they're thinking of using it to get into college are using to playing college -- -- there I -- true Coughlin junior. Lean expert like junior always change her flight I don't know I don't think girls like his progress to that point -- enough I don't know what. Girls. When you're called feeder program reporting go to university in Canada there. But I just don't think in numbers are such that they would warrant setting up junior actually friendlies in Canada. -- -- imagine you know coaches are looking for what are they looking for a high school girls greats. When I go. On the -- right now he's not -- to bring in somebody that brings -- -- one point two GPA. You know I mean. -- their time looking for high scale looking for speed they're looking for Sammy and it's coach of all. -- it means here the big national upon your hot. In a -- College coach pitch. I think look at four multi -- sport athlete somebody that -- just strictly focus on hockey as we talk about you know with football recruiting you know colleges are looking for. Kids who maybe didn't play football basketball baseball they want that multi sport player. I mean I played three sports in high school I played field hockey ice hockey and softball. But I ain't my main focus and icicle lights. Hockey I knew that was my -- and then I was gonna go someplace and my goal is to get a scholarship to go some place to play hockey and had to be division -- I wasn't -- turning us. Nice I let's take a break -- come back we're gonna breakdown. The job federation league find out what teams are -- watch and that we'll break it down and what players are doing what's so. Mean sure you stay tuned to more inside high school sports and WGR Sports Radio 550. We're back it was in inside high school sports starting Caligiuri Roger Weis. We're joined by Nicole add a -- head coach to sweet home Amherst team -- abroad as the head coach of monsignor Martin team. That's right down to find out who exactly is in the league we mentioned some of the combined teams. Real quickly go ahead and and rattle off. All the teams that make up the week. Well wait there is Everest sweet home can -- Williams will monsignor Hartman. We have blank has to air quite together Orchard Park frontier Nichols. Is at eight -- Atlanta past art in west Seneca okay so. Who is. Turn it operate now who is leading the way. Well there's a couple leading away but I think this year the league is so competitive any game kinkle anyway. That's how you want -- yeah that's how you want parity competitiveness. Nobody got dusted off anyone else you want good games on Lancaster air -- definitely has the lead right now they've only lost to us I believe. -- game. We beat them we we beat them I deplore. And tenn more is behind him right now. I believe I can honestly most games they have eleven games. So. Where are catching -- what this defending champions. It was a ways -- this section for his actions section yeah welcome defending champion is right here are continuing. Well I later when he you know not bad at all. And hardy guys look this year. I lean. I think with all the teams a lot of the top guns all teams graduates on rebuilding year I have. But solid -- -- three lines in three sets at the right in the role or who are they let's let's get to know senior captain Rachel Leonard. She's been playing as a freshman she stared at or super frontiers and she transferred to our -- our she's played. For a year. I -- freshman. Caitlin. Regionals drew mean she's staller. Couldn't ask for better and you know it comes with a smile she's scared to death of me which is excellent. I just look at her but she's still looking at me I mean you're bragging and complaining now. Are you bragging yeah seriously -- when I played. I was scared of my ankles which still based at jumped I -- -- I just kept jumping like it wasn't questioning now. I. -- -- Top freshman all -- well and a -- Penske they're great great kids. I mean their goalies is it tough out for a freshman. Going up against the seniors are they -- there. -- wise and ability wise and ability that there I mean they were a little sheepish when they first came in night. As you can tell from my purple hair. A little bit of a bat for their freshmen get shots that we're talking about this before we came up to the student that is the reason to him and know and all patty and a freshman scorer Patrick and diamond or purple. And it's that same freshman scores another hat trick way. Cut my hair sure shapes. You're here is pretty short and I can't landing -- Els. Wait to see it Tuesday. Will -- be there and your carelessly there's some purple and there at all and isn't paying it's just crazy though so she scores two goals in the first yours who's at the restaurant in the -- this isn't -- as everybody can't be doing this. What it is -- team bonding. Like the girls start to communicate and they just you know Caitlin got one goal and now. They just kept beating her yeah terribly active owner said so that last goals she scores against liaisons and I -- fine whatever and I just. Drop I had an all the girls are sitting there giving me the shapes dying you know they're all excited. It's a team bonding experience he brings the team especially since we pool from so many different schools I mean you have arch rivals of sacred heart. And mount because of the -- the answer I have lacrosse players from both schools teams right now. So to put that aside and basically on our coach that -- in -- and -- -- when you see a lot of other stuff. When you say amount for all across purposes and talk about mount Saint Mary's as opposed in my own mercy. William across usually when he's across and down there that can actually Mary period. And -- Now it's. Your chance right exactly and throwing up and I didn't realize that bombers you know pretty themselves in the -- -- they don't we drive each other you know during hockey season due date they do. Brenly were angry brenly now okay not like points where you know they hold a grudge and nobody -- girl that is you know it's a couple. Little. Listen I earnhardt's hearing -- Dropped okay and a couple of Tony Allen is. I don't want or anything we could look forward to like maybe you know something going around on Thursday June 30 not. North Buffalo ring. Now -- -- -- there is definitely going to be tough competition that the panel of the trailblazers like. -- -- -- -- -- Movie that I you guys on and a deserves -- -- North awful. And a -- Tacoma Coleman here Delaware next to school 81. I should know because I spent most of my life there. -- In my own neighborhood I mean that's my stopping anyone -- -- -- yeah went to grammar school at 81 but when I was a kid there was a baseball diamond. Where the hockey -- is so we've. We were lucky as kids to have that is as a ring that would've been nice chemistry from Frank's on the gas and go get some trite. We out we do actually we do I team there's others. You bring me back to my own neighborhood -- -- and it technical on and on and -- about -- Buffalo. Linda let's get. Mean in the call let's get caught up on your team talk about slide. Well this year. I I do have nineteen players I took -- five players that have never even played hockey even though we have two schools coming together. We don't have a big hockey pool -- twelve hockey players half of my team is middle schoolers this year. I have captains paddy Driscoll and -- Mallon who've been with the team since the first season. Their really leading that team. We -- biggest challenge was really getting those middle schoolers and it was you only have a twelve year old -- house player and an eighteen year old travel player. Get them on the same page that that was a big challenge for us but they've really they've come I can't believe. How much do you older girls have stepped it up have helped those younger ones fit in the team and the atmosphere on the bench has been so positive and encouraging and practices have been so much funding great then you know why I tell you they've really. There really bring in the game this year. I mean you have to break down here you're here restructure your practices to. Cater to those who are up to speed or is it look this is what we're doing it's up to you to catch all. I and that's what they want don't they want the harder derailed they want a faster skating very they love hockey that's what they're up there or cell. You know we don't -- down we we are doing -- and -- all of its about the team and I'm. Check -- you know you want to make sure that the the younger players are getting the job. The instruction that they need maybe there's there's something and I'm puck handling or or even something -- with skating turning left for some well I can sometimes be difficult or backs. Is skating backwards I know that was all. I think for now I think don't this season is a short week we we do focus unskilled but it's really more about getting the team together and and getting a team concept and then. Really focus in on a scale as much. And you know I girls don't have a split season so they still practice twice a week with their teams they still have 23 games a weekend with their house it teens with their travel teams. Many of them are our our aren't other teams so they're getting a lot of -- yeah they are lacking but it felt -- that aren't playing outside of the varsity level you know if I have some minutes having issues with. You know. We'll see a defenseman pulling the puck off the -- I will take her side block everybody out continued their drills and I'm so far I pulled the puck -- the boards -- -- how to take a lot so we go to take a shot. It's not gonna get -- I -- rushing forward. You know I -- various things I have to I will stop. -- scrimmage and just move kids where I want them it was that this is where it needs to be dying you know to cut out. Com be patient -- that thing and it's slowly starts this thing and and then they eventually it. It just clicks you can see all the white -- are going to happen it's wonderful and some greats is -- very important -- at your level. Yes an. I think power plant and the count star is your place now. And and you know the top players on the other team so you know you work with dad you know. And -- you know a lot of the coaches you know allotted you know -- goalies you do yeah -- be seen. You -- scouting like you know the first game of every game that I play in in regular season I'll take notes and then I'll tweak my practice for that. Specific day -- game where I'm playing OK well this is what three home guys in the second period now whenever. And this is how we need to shut it down this is what camel does this is how we have to shut it down the Lancaster guys. And eight generally as you out. And Indian girls know each other too I mean they play on teams you know we're playing and more. -- crystal my defenseman plays with cameras goalies so they know each other to -- -- she does this I gotta make -- shoot -- high higher yeah. Says good things that you're able to eat and I'll pick the brains of your players. Who might -- you know Housley was somebody else and say. You know off how we can it go after this goal we got coop I would got to go stick side what do we have to do here. And they're gonna know. He's got -- you don't. -- -- that Atlanta glued into the -- Just set up and you know I'm impressed listening to home I've seen some coaches and the other sports just show up. Put in their time ago and I'm just really impressed. By you know. Everything -- said the scouting and all Latin. Well the one thing that you could definitely not the way from from listening to them is their love of the game you know obviously you guys have a real. Passion for hockey in girls' hockey and to see the success. In the development of these young ladies I think that's that's outstanding in and that's what coach is all about and should be all about. You know and you imagine we talked about the art recruiting do you go out of your way. To try and decades. The national senior forward yeah I can't Urquhart. You you we don't recruit. -- -- at the college level. Know what colleges looking at at at players you know hey maybe why why take a look at this college you know that they got that program here. You know maybe a sense it's a to get that that school's attention you know miss -- over here is really good years or -- or -- or dvd Yorvit where however you do it one. To get -- okay so. I mean I played at anger -- box O box all means they need to. Explain the and it's I in nineteen. -- it adds up by some players that -- include Brittany. I mean without Niagara having a program -- had a club team and then you beat that club so really -- mean division. School and this division three minutes civic entry mean there's nothing but. Mean it -- closing out individual program I think it was huge mistake. Mean you have uprising RC. Talented players back and go and clean program and means to pull from Chan and now. -- think the -- that we pulled from there with California. Expects. What they drop it is it a money reason. You know like I don't know I mean in March in the eighties and they are chatting program and bringing in track and field system my first response and for shot -- -- Like we have a million dollar blocker and now you know the -- there but I mean. We went to the -- -- mean mean. Were competitive. Oh. A lot of good running back shocked. Gonna brands that you would let that go on assistant. And work -- just like I. It's -- idea what I love. The penalty box I didn't get a lot of fighter -- I let's take a break what we come back. Lets find us on the top players throughout the week -- will be met with more. I just -- it was a bumper music all day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My -- here yelled in listen music -- -- -- review. Market order on. Believe me there's so if there's a -- there's a way we're talking fat girls hockey and now I want to get caught up by the players. Around me and -- fine. This one that we a lot of talk about the effect. Built posted on our all our our own FaceBook page. May make him off unfair as he's referred to her as the female Mario LeMieux. Tell us about our. She's tall. On skates she's big girl really yeah she's got hands she can shoot the park she sees the ice very well. She's great player overall great player and she's not fronts then and when you're -- apart she gets into the job done and get. Line so -- -- should -- and -- the girl's league. Obviously you feel what that's going back a little bit -- -- -- just sucking up to -- -- Hey that carollo the baby really they used it. -- -- I think -- -- she stands out because you know big joined with Lancaster and makes that team so much stronger. So I think that's a -- she's taken on I I have to say I think every team this year has great players so there there is not a team where you can. And line somebody up against Terry. So -- who are some of the top players let's get to let's here's some names. From a larger part frontier we of their goalie to times now. She's a great goal and she stands on her -- she's between the pipes while yeah I think definitely the goalies are standing out for ten -- to we have learned -- That has stopped us unfortunately what -- too many times she -- other. Of and then you have I personally Olivia Smith for Ken -- is one of their strongest player for mean she is at such a strong skater and yeah she's one to look out for. I every programs from wings now she's another big. The Huntsman and my house he has while from lines now they're both great players they're very talented picking the right there. The puck. So important is for I people understand we see scenes seen the the racecars seem that the game comedy you especially on the power play. If you have to think about you know when the puck is passed you he got to pause to think where you're gonna go with it and it -- you had -- long and I noticed that while watching the Sabres. No well you guys are gonna score that you gore gets quality. Defensemen and goalies he's got to be bang bang. And you have those plays that you can rely on that can settle the game down and can make it happen and for my team -- definitely missing melon she's been on the in the league like I said. Since the beginning she's one of those players I can count on every game the same for -- -- -- and then. I have to point out Michael -- Has not even played hockey. Up until last season. She your shorter and a goalie she started playing -- she started playing hockey last year and -- -- easier today I it's unbelievable to me that you know one and a half years ago this girl was never even in skates while so you know that's definitely top player for me just the dedication she's brought on. To the team and her. And catching up. -- and airing Guillen from Osaka. Unbelievable skater speed. Thank you wouldn't believe she scored -- hotter girls she yeah she's order hundredth goal against us this year hundred goals and foresee it not at the beginning of the -- force -- I mean she's gonna set a record. That's gotta be high to break after. It's amazing what other horses she played him he was from owner. She does you know what they. She does play in this sport she used to play field hockey which doesn't. Want to stay outside our. Our -- are always gonna ask don't know what I wanted to ask how. Couple years ago there is a field hockey player from when you -- got a scholarship to law. Michigan State's I want to see your play 12 races you know what when the Sabres were at the odd for 27 years I have season tickets. And how much difference can feel Lackey before my Jackie -- a -- you never called assault on a number of how many girls. How many girls -- lot of girls that play ice hockey -- feel like years a few and far retooling. I actually a million guy asking us a sticker -- she's a junior she please feel lucky for me at take her and she just started playing field hockey as a sophomore she started as a defense that is hearing -- at a run a little bit more -- -- at midfielder and you know why you see her hands have improved immensely Whitman. Between field hockey and ice packing in handling the pocket having the confidence against. Carried -- she never had that before and now she dies because I really do believe it's because of August -- -- -- field. We have about a minute left to assume the other girls that we should be out. Look you know four. We have -- Christ who plays defense and she loves to rock the rock and then she gets back we've been trying to -- shot of it -- she has scored some. Ridiculous goals from the point that it hit. You know. Every corner of the -- Wow and she doesn't realize that she's doing it -- She just looks over at the banks like very confused like I can't believe that when it and I just keep telling them if you shoot the rock that's the only way to parks and you know that's why we keep saying to shoot the puck yeah now. You say shoot the park are they girls just like. The boys -- wind up -- telegraphed their blah slap Jets really risen more than not the boys too because half the reason the boys get their shots -- is because they're holding his stick up there it's OK everybody I'm gonna sharing. Old style they're involved we have -- -- you know we tried to get them to take a quick shot it I think it's time you come to -- game yeah I look how. For Thursday Thursday. -- eyes take you so much for spending some time with us this morning it was a pleasure to get to get caught up. I enough federation hockey specially the girls. -- ball -- -- -- Billy's ice cream and thank you as always for all that you do for the girl's game. Couldn't put could put these things without you in and -- applaud for the Western New York. Roller hockey we 2014 women's summer league draft. And that's four players fourteen -- up evenings beginning April 23 real quickly they get -- view for more information. I you can email me -- my email on the sacred heart athletics website it's alma Rose 66 at gmail.com. We're just looking to build a really good program it's a great off season typing but still seeing in the game of hockey. Perfect I will talk to next week's talk macho is next.