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Jan 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You go out the whole week I think 8030550. Giants mentioned. -- safety -- Williams joining us here on WGR. For a couple of reasons -- Howard Jeremy good morning first of all thanks to come anomalous. So -- we urgent one to have the other talk about Mike -- leaving but lo and behold debt you have a new defense of court didn't talk about as well. So let me start with the Mike -- portion of the story and you know I -- I'm sure you're aware that he had interviewed. When it when it came out that he was leaving any officially took the job what was your first reaction. I mean my first reaction -- you know regardless we have -- -- he deserves -- You know it's unfortunate vertically or two whenever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Arab position like I -- he can't he can't pass at our experience. I would really appreciate what he's done with came -- and got our defense better you know Contra neutered him and I know these -- and coach. -- I'm gonna give you credits -- my first reaction was. Oh crap this can't be good I was I was really down. When the stores removing last week that you know he he might be a front runner. I surrogate really depressed so I I give you credit -- a firing issues I would probably be -- out because. We were losing we'd be losing a guy that I liked and did a really good job on the defense estimate I enjoyed playing for. Yeah I mean that's just the nature of the business. You know are gonna -- and that's what I learn yeah suggest. -- -- Arnold adversity. And -- into situations and you know it it is an era at first -- when I first got -- and in the business and I see it dark and -- my attitude on there. But at the same time the other realize the business and if you ever learn to -- them again. And are you yet community themselves you know you -- that -- -- which. You know we just passed a papers -- -- One of the year and credibility mean you know now compare Tuesday because you know what you are -- -- Arab it is Kurt haven't a position that had a job for you want you to take your heartbeat so -- -- America whatsoever. Do you think Aaron if I was -- also mean. You're gonna get a new defense of coordinator who knows where Jim Schwartz his plan is. But as a group you players have to feel so much better UN the guys around you have to deal so much better about the defense in light of the fact. That you know there was that success that improvement this season. We're definitely excited. About it on the comeback -- and and you know not have to go through another deep sense again you know -- does he not forced to sit corners -- apparently so. Culpability is going back and arrogant and ignorant. And knowing what's going wrong situation I mean I always super excited there you know you know what sometimes happens that way you -- You know get over it just your regular work it. A promising little overrated you know organizers are taking time -- to get the bars -- -- -- with time comes -- we're all -- What's most important thing Mike did a one year and he's gone what's the most important thing. He did for you guys on defense. Intensity upon you know a lot of guys. You know we -- -- Oregon and situations. One particular situation series. -- -- -- protest. Part of according to a new team. As Peter as either go to Annapolis. And had to come through -- new defense. And and cherished place now I think Gerri great journalists are here and -- -- -- -- teaching. I mean huge I mean popular and addicted. Applicants that scene and -- what you're wrong it's it seems like there are echoes -- Make -- -- on these gentlemen we all have a ball you know we we will play at an ambulance. I'm going out there and and stopping. You know Ryan Parent and give us. You put it. Directory you are insurgents and now we really appreciate him and which have been a lot. I know Aaron Williams brotherly with a spill safety here and WGR I know -- -- a moment going Aaron it's a business you know you'll learn that. You would know that as much as anybody this is you know every year you get a new defensive coordinator. Did do you. Because of that do you get nervous -- get to set had a ball love Mike -- there's an unknown now in Jim Schwartz. Is there any nervousness or hesitation like I wonder what this guy's going to be like. Not at all on it was side of me and Marcos actually. Play. Warn them are Christians and so. On. I'm not just talking here but from what he's you know been told me he's pretty and you know you can Hillary worry about you know probably years. As a person. Urea has worked hard -- -- coach. You know -- regardless of time responsible work I -- he's he's not a good business and he has to understand that. I'm really don't read on and aren't ready to change it took to her organization. -- -- last -- -- -- What they're what we hear back -- and brings back to sit here today. We're already excited to a working to get back simply and you know you're sitting -- they really -- would really want and that's just did actually play out at a home game and then you try to. Have you talked to any teammates here who might have been let you know I think it was Marcel Dario it's. Said he had some friends on Detroit who we called to find out about Schwartz have you talked any teammates who might have a way to find out about. -- actually -- I thought you guys putting ourselves in -- so sudden so alone and and more Mario Rangers Bernard. About them you know -- -- -- I'm sure on plotting to blow up -- here. In Orange and -- you know the time comes rolling get together and and you know that's around the -- carriers and -- inside scoop. And you know we're just. I'm excited he's he's willing to comment and we'll toward an -- in coaches in congress can turn around. Aaron got a couple of questions let's get going one of the things I want to ask about was when a new coordinator comes in who knows what the staff will look like. And I know a lot of us have talked about Donnie Henderson at and and and the work he did review and the entire secondary guys that such a strong season. How old. Big of a factor is it to retain Donnie Henderson as the secondary coach. -- -- you know for me personally. And actually there because he is writers. Paris later I mean we -- -- so close together. Coming I think we're closer and got -- Or we do look actually we actually. Go to 2000 arts element you know he is a test or standard. We know we help each other out in. He really -- suited to go out there and you're so. And not malicious about bigger players that -- in army -- wants and they place the same time acute stress yourself. Erupted in players and and now -- placed on you it's of the law basically you. And I'd bring that intensity. Going out there and his employment and and to book our book. Go out insert him and you brought -- -- back in football to me because. Sort of the last. Two years a letter. And he. About the open and -- back and now we all really appreciate him -- soldiers in the analytic. -- is accused security team. You feel like you're moved the moved to safety for you. You must feel like you got like a a brand new lease on a football life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Opting out through your lower taxes and that I have been. Europe and and Ireland and an analog business and the nice thing is meeting personally developmental. -- that moment. You know the person night's game. So like I could disarm. There and I got a request of you before let's go OK. Sir can you do everybody a favor. Now taking it it's a little early in Hawaii to -- weighed on this one it's like 4:30 in the morning over there. Can you just that I can't possibly call or text years to make sure he stays and -- a long term contract that as you know like. A lot of -- a lot of people are doing and didn't you know powered passing. They've they've really been the American college Darius and not a problem because Garcia has so -- or to come back in -- -- -- over the bear city you know in the -- so in my in my opinion. And I don't know any of the tickets numbers that we did cheer. Unfortunately you know it's about -- updates. To handle that situation are you do is just two guys is certain our sister. You know I know they want to hear it back keynote. As Centanni that a bit desires -- little ugly. So he I'm not opt in my opinion on it and then let it go and hopefully you know if it goes in and mark here in the considered. Well again I wouldn't call hassling Aaron I would just call their request that's all -- favor. Maybe their -- and a lot of -- There the last game where he noted that side of several it is what people want and understand that you know you can't pass a partner at clearly serious and you know and well mourn outside that polish on I want him back more that -- -- -- -- my curriculum. Darren thanks for coming all of us Rea appreciate especially in the off season. When you're supposed to get a break from all this stuff thanks for -- analysis morning. Pay attention on the some. Bill safety Aaron Williams two this year on WGR two joined in a little bit late. -- you can't replace the entire interview and on demand audio talking about my patent and Jim Schwartz we get back. We'll find out more about Jim Schwartz from Tennessee he was of course the coordinator defense -- coordinator in Tennessee for eight years of the titans under Jeff Fisher. And frank like checked the former Tennessee titan is now an analyst on the titans radio network -- shaking said you know I do I will admit. Part of me that feels. That's not a guy should contact because of homer throwback bots. You know he certainly qualified to talk about Jim Schwartz and defense and all that stuff so oh. And these seem like a nice guys so we'll get them on next start.

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