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Jan 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We cannot. Golden will hold on this after gym shorts because I really don't wanna keep that new defense quarter final but if you -- I'm gonna give your word of advice do not -- pinning your Google search. If you give some on the pinky they'll eat the whole hand yeah some really strange web sites come up. Don't type that in okay. Okay. He's now gonna type that it -- all the hype being give someone the whole hand okay could see if that's any big deep in the hole and it's -- weird stuff that be sweet. Atrial by fifty to join us 888552. But fifty Howard Jimmy Mathieu which you're in good -- deadly. Build their defense coordinator joining us on the show. Is if he's like what he's gonna is gonna. This job. Jim itself Howard Jeremy Matthew thank you coach welcome to town to thanks for coming well let's were were normal despite what you may have just heard. -- -- appreciate you coming on. So that you don't beat -- beyond the obvious reason you want you're coaching you wanna be coaching in the National Football League. What were some of the things went when you first were contacted by dug around in the bills called you got a chance to think about. Interviewing for the job and you did your research on it or some of the things that appeal to you specifically about the job with buffalo. Wolf first there are a lot of respect true National Football League and it's an honor to coach initially. Most competitively in the world. Any competitor wants to compete against the best and don't know different there I think get into this business. You know for anything other than the law of coaching and being around this game and the competitiveness goes along what it. But it was a little bit different situations. After the electoral by Detroit I was -- -- reassessment and you know see him. You know what possibilities will be out there when coach -- called. -- come back got my attention I have a lot of respect for him them what he's done over his career not just in the NFL's player and a coach but. Lot of respect for what -- that it Syracuse. In those situation he stepped into -- And how he was able to turn that around them you know play these guys and pre season last year that talked with him a little bit -- around some of the owners' meetings. But what a chance to sit down with -- -- them with Doug Whaley was Doug -- -- You know I realized that that was a good management structure there were all on the same page. That was important to me. You know so you know that was one hurdle a man you know the next thing was -- players. And there's some outstanding defense to players -- and I think we can reduce and good things with. You know the guys took two guys up front to get a lot of attention but all three levels there's outstanding players and I'm really excited to work with these guys. When you say it -- admire what he did Syracuse -- mean is it just. College football fan of yours -- the -- that the gets talked about and coaching communities how how is he came to know that situation. Well we get a lot of mutual friends. You know out of work fishing guys and I've worked with in the past you know there what the -- takes a college job everybody sort of follow them a little bit. In Allen and are talking about it you know senator morning's. You know bird before -- rule you know people are. Talk about which college games are on our Saturday night when you're doing your final meetings where your home or on the road. You know people were sort of you know staying in touch you when you coach and very when decommissioning and actually do a lot of scouting for the draft here -- the looked at a lot of college -- And you know just just Alienware that where their program. Went. And what he was able to do would do very short period of time. Back cut anybody's respect not just months. Given your Georgetown ties re rooting against Syracuse fan. Auditorium at Georgetown basketball fan. I went to Georgetown but I grew up in Baltimore and I was a University of Maryland basketball -- For no reason other than I'd just like Albert king and Buck Williams and our program and Greg Manning that was sort of my -- altos late seventies early eighties. And -- Nevada went major branch and Len Bias and guys like that -- store shelves of big rival for University of Maryland. So even though I'd be -- -- -- Georgetown and what school where for years and had a great experience and really really admire coach Thompson and what he was able to do and you know learned a lot just watch and in my worked. A work study student only got through Georgetown with a lot of financial aid. But I worked out in the equipment room. You know -- football season wasn't meant that I get to seek. Him hands on than them -- How he handled that team and -- were a lot of misconceptions about John Thompson I think he sort of put some of those directions he hasn't been coaching but I really admired the way. You know he worked -- sort of the arrows that he hoped for his team. Not all were were deserved but he took two hours to try to keep his team focused on and things like that so. What do one Georgetown Syracuse basketball game and those Fred Meyer who was from Syracuse. And I'll root for sure peers who pearl Washington and they -- likely still might have been matter. Michael -- Colgate to sort of follows here here's a little respect here also. Well you passed a very big test because. -- is Jeremy is Syracuse grad coach but there are a lot of Syracuse salaam in the area. Who might have been struggling with the concept of a Syracuse head coach hiring at Georgetown guys who were you asked the big test. All these Syracuse grad living in bunkers just about every high school -- around that wants or given that your cheers for -- for broadcasting so. Your eligibility at that network going to mess and let me know because whenever I have a -- -- round or somebody else two that want to give mr. Pearson. Somebody's reasons give you guys because that. Amid -- about your what you said about John Thompson what we took away from from him is that coaching thing across the board basically that's. As a coach sometimes you you have to be the woman goes up there and really takes a lot of the beating even though it might not be on you. Well I mean that's that's this game whether you're in college basketball of the NFL from high school football. You know there's going to be criticism and you need to be able to stay focused through that you -- -- to keep the players focus group. But everybody hasn't fixed him sometimes. You know coaches develop of the big six -- And the were able to well you know persevere through -- -- -- -- players have that. You know saluted them criticism and and things like that so I think it just goes along with the territory you want your team to perform well on the field. And that's that means that you know you take. You know most coaches but I know. They deflect all the credit and they take all the blame. Got a job Thompson did a great job without them. I think those are valuable lessons I learned even both. -- -- -- -- Jim Schwartz with the -- new defense of court Anderson Jerry brought that up coach wanted to ask you about some of the influences and you work with some tremendous coaches over the years. And I wanted to start you're in this in the scouting department but you were there in Cleveland with bill ballot check. What what what did what what did you learn. Data today from coaching from having some time with -- jacket at that time in Cleveland. Do everything. I was and scouting the bill crossed chains all those guys a break -- now excel almost to a college scouting pro scouting. In dollars in unpaid intern my first year driving people to the airport and ball cigarette bronze for secretaries and you know that anything that you can imagine but I got to be. It's in meetings -- bill ballot jacket Nick Saban Kirk's parents and I'm an actor go on for probably an hour of all the people there where that building that several learned from those very very fortunate my career at four years in college coaching. It would give an unpaid intern ship for the Cleveland Browns and -- really that was a football education. You know on one of those keep your mouth shut them. Q pencil sharpener and and learn and there was this difficult situations -- -- team moves from Cleveland to Baltimore in my third year. And -- you talk about distractions we talked a trying to keep it seems focused. You know we came off to playoffs in 94. High expectations in 95 started three and two. That was announced game was move in the Baltimore. We winning game the rest of the year until the very last game. That was the same game that was just so distracting there were picket lines that the players had to go to get to work. You know they were hanging be over an effigy you know outside the building or bomb threats all the time -- to leave. We've owned commercial on the road than practice on the road for most of the week. To get away from some of that and Barbara's very difficult situation there were a lot of things they came up. From get -- place in a quarterback to do move the franchise and you know and -- learned an awful lot from Bill Belichick and that even though he did make it out the back and that that I know he's a better coach now on. A lot of success they had in the labeled -- because some experiences that you went to Cleveland. I remember watching a football life they did a special one of them was on that last year in Cleveland. And I know they brought up some guys who were making like cigarette runs and who like sharing an apartment and you know we -- we UN where were you one of the guys they brought up around. -- have -- give the airport broke. So you know when -- plane landed you know rather than actually him -- he's made just one of the -- the united plumbing out right here jump over Barbara are fast. He couldn't sleep then because the planes were were sort of landed about 6 in the morning and you know I couldn't get to bed before 11 o'clock at night I just lived in the office. I'm all listed it was a great opportunities for young guys learn. You know and and contribute. Of them the greatest award in Cleveland was your opportunities do more and there are a lot of us that were in the same Bolton. Don't -- I would like to say on the record that that the glasses and elsewhere -- -- weren't all backgrounds that's that's a -- a lot of heat for those twenty years later but you know -- that -- that look pretty good. David bills that's according to Jim Schwartz or one last question drafts coming up. And a lot of bills fans think -- the maybe the primary need for this team is something that you had. In Detroit which is a giant wide receiver so even as a defensive coach. You know how how. I don't know what kind of input -- you have about the ideas for what this team needs in the draft even though it's not necessarily on your side of the football. The bills are telling you we want a giant wide receiver which sign up for one. Well you know it's all about winning -- whatever it takes. You know mark on form anyway and it's not mine. But it all works together and you know whatever player you get in the draft whether it's an offensive player defense lawyer whether it's that specialist. You know the whole idea is capped player contributes to the team and and helps a team be successful and you know if you if you go to great offensive player. That's gonna help the defense. You're great defense -- gonna help you out front all the same boat there's no. You know there's no kingdoms or anything else coach Ron does a good job of certain that tone. And -- work together or do it to get to the best player for the Buffalo Bills might not be the best player for another game. Who would be the best player for the Buffalo Bills will be. That's going to be an offseason martyrs every offseason may change where he had successful season are you didn't have a successful season. Here's -- cheaters are stricter free agency. There's a draft. There's college freeagent go after the draft. You know there's even the -- that second and third wave of veteran. And I felt -- And all of them can -- key acquisitions 1000 Detroit last year. We picked up a veteran corner. In the middle training camp many ended up in our most consistent quarter over courses -- he was coming off an injury. Didn't get signed in the off season most in any of Irish camp -- had a good you see good career before that was that was machine Baptist. Who is Pro Bowl player got in Jacksonville. And you know there's there's always chances to contribute to. To your team it's not just the draft free agency will be important not only -- acquiring other players but you know retaining some wrong guys. Approach quote moral Doug -- -- into an outstanding job that's one of anxiety that attracted news jobless on the job based on managing the cap. I'll set themselves up to be able to build this team economics writer for. -- Alaska more question about our offense I was here you're going to be trying to stop opposing offenses when it comes to -- Anderson -- might be different from team to team it. There are couple schools of thought about what the bills might be doing with the draft to help the offense which of course -- the defense there's the match up tight end the guy that is the hybrid tight in which it seems this. Very very in these days in a -- there's the big 65 receiver as a defensive coordinator -- -- your personnel package global. Determine this but which -- you is a scarier site. I don't that anyone alone reduce the scariest sight of me you can add a lot of different things and there you could. Specialty running back you -- that power running back all of them have different. Sure ranks and then different challenges that they they take on the defense. In Soledad and that's about the -- that's sort of things pushes us to be multi dimensional decency knowledge multi dimensional -- -- scheme. Multiple schemes split multi dimensional with players when you have that that match -- and you have some linebackers and safeties that can they can get back I covered if you have a mismatch there find it. You know why receivers. You know sometimes you get those real big guys so six 56 foot six guys even recovered are still open. You know -- a little -- -- basketball yet that low post. You know you get five foot nine -- six foot you know six foot five wide receiver. You know offense coordinators combine those kind of match ups there's a lot of scheme in this game bit. It over it all comes back to personnel and matchups and things like that. It forces you defensively to to have a multiple scheme. To be able to take out individual players come and not to be mismatched and admiral expired to do that regardless of you know what the -- players in on the united if if you don't think I don't think categorically you can say any want is more difficult to match up because. You know week by a week it's you know it's all about that individual player and cannot -- changes analytically two week. Gym shorts with -- -- new defense of coordinator for the Buffalo Bills coach thank you very much for coming around us is great having on the show congratulations again and and good luck with the bills. -- Your shorts with a syrup you miss the press conference yesterday we have that and on demand audio if you tuned in a little bit late and missed an ever conversation with coach were.

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