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1/29 James Lofton with Mike Schopp

Jan 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

James -- on the phone hi James I'm like show I started again. I don't like my -- too -- the -- -- -- our lack of a distinctive hate but not only to he. This morning though coaches have to have a little sloppy in there no well yeah I think they have a lot of them that are out there you know I. Our many New York get back -- like New York. -- there are doing it. You are out on that anybody new York and all the different neighborhood. District the street walking around -- and it is you're building character big building a -- building matches the people. I hit upon the people want to look around. -- as the Super Bowl. Been doing their sort of speak I've heard the lot of the media stuff mystery splintered into the cold weather how always New York faring. Well word -- midtown Manhattan at the hotel where we are stationed here we go through these. Holland Tunnel a cost to New Jersey to. -- -- be Broncos and the Seahawks at their respective hotels and you do it appears that the players are. It's been pretty although. I was about four blocks away from the hotel about 25 minutes in traffic. It is not the kind of thing that isn't awful lot. Are known exactly what -- yeah. All right so what do you like what do you like about this matchup James means not too often that you have to number one seeds that the second time since. One of the bill Super Bowls we've had that only. Well our kids you've watched this season and I -- tell you -- send it back in August which you took the biased. Are your favorite team out of the equation for Q1 Q -- -- have -- -- and it's -- you should get right on up in various do you wanna see Tom Brady against Peyton Manning and in the NFC you know you saw the upstart who. Colin -- and actor Russell Wilson. And we we had great falcons last return and it's yet they acute care -- against respectively. And like you said we've got to matchup against the number walk. So I don't think anybody could say well they cannot appear in the they it was a -- they're here they -- and all he can -- stinging. -- playoff losses last year well obviously. You had. The Baltimore Ravens beating Denver home and then Seattle on the road moving to Atlanta. Such a great matchup and I think both teams have a lot of true. To get that all the -- Pro football hall of Famer former bills great James Lofton with us -- to be a part of the radio broadcast Sunday Super Bowl 48 here on WGR. James Seattle doesn't have one player that's ever played in the Super Bowl much like your first bills team. Which is really the last team that didn't have one guy. It'd been in the Super Bowl do you think that matters and how do you draw on your experience in Super Bowl 45 for that. -- don't think it matters in all 25 we did not every -- the great week in between. Two count to carefully game and the kind of get -- the jitters out and met and practiced well we were blocked in Tampa. The next day and -- did it go against the giants later that week. So what a week off and -- with all the a tension that -- the -- -- -- these players learned or even get here. What Super Bowl week is like what to expect the media day. What to expect it in terms of practice isn't being popular hotel for only so I don't see it at the detriment toward the out. Seattle -- at all. Do you think you would have helped the bills. Arctic gear we had got the ball in the middle of the field that you're -- at Philadelphia satellite. Well there's a long list of things you'd say that about but sure okay. Well are you at peace with the bills with the bills Super Bowl legacy James. It you know I really am because he's got to remember I had played in the league eleven achieved before got a lot more I've played into -- out to. I go to playoff four consecutive years in a row I appreciate it -- bowl. Amman two teams that are thirteen and two -- it was one game remaining on the schedule so I want more candidate now or your stand. And book and I did markers eleven years and -- -- well. In a fair point James Lofton here on WGR. James what do you think Russell Wilson is. Elise too you receive may be more of a function of how good Seattle is overalls -- good to see. I think the one thing that he did it in all of our young player and they're coming -- to me he wanted to try and make sure he's a little bit. And he did that with the Seattle the I'm a little better obviously they have a great. Our defense what do you make plays for the courts -- Tutsis -- That are just astonishing what with the scrambled live like that -- -- when you -- about the ability can he can make something out of nothing in a hurry. If he'd been able to do that but they also protect the football has not touched down the interception ratio it. His abilities -- to run the ball. One when the play breakdown -- -- Barbara superior court in the regular -- -- carry over five yards per carry. So he's been an important component in there are. And James. Camara total more than they had lists are -- all Marshawn Lynch while. My my didn't want to -- on let's go back to when -- that your -- California -- mean and believe that the pac twelve record up against Stanford. And and watching that young man play. I remember seeing how -- -- and it was just a matter of kind of -- and all that raw talent and ability and I really enjoyed watching immature player. We've got a whole fame week as always with the Super Bowl this week of sure that's a lot of special memories for you. Today this year Andre reed again today is -- birthday. Do you think this will be the year for him. Bob I have -- -- -- colossal Armageddon you go out and great friend of mine I'll. Arctic region already DM. His career. I watched him play before I got the buffalo. And then getting it yet -- player who along chide other and I know all they were looks like they're under it is obviously one. Was like really early on as simplistic as this point is James was an early on when you arrived here. That you sensed your skill set. Complemented. Is so well. You know I think that. Can mark your broad. All the coordinator nick nick allows receivers coach. -- -- and chat it up a kind of mixing all the elements together you know you can keep that Mars. And ms. Clark -- keep the allied I think their names are right there Kenneth Davis. And Thurman Thomas Dodd DB all those elements and you know it took to get -- dynamic competence. And in print Internet -- I thought I'd never seen before. One more thing James don't ask you about a colleague of mine Jeremy White reminded me that you've been working with Mike Evans. And he's someone that's interesting to some fans up here a lot of people think the bills need a player like that. To become a much better team what can you tell us about him. -- he -- 21 and August he is very. Talented young man I've had a it can't work within the last few weeks we're gonna continue to work all way up until. -- probably get -- to go to training camp. So I'm looking forward to more -- I don't know the bill we're going to be able to draft China did not. Yeah I guess. Well we've covered it a lot from beer to the dues for the draft your Super Bowl experience this game here one of -- not askew. And. I had I think core we'll get more done and -- I guess the only question -- -- the ability faculty next year. Might be might be awhile it's been awhile. You -- do dual once more these interviews now is that your day. Monetary theory now. -- right hang in there be tough be strong James thank you thanks your time James Lofton from New York. Again he'll be in the Booth for. Super Bowl 48 Sunday.

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