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1/30 Sherry Bassin, Erie Otters GM, talks McDavid

Jan 30, 2014|

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Yeah. Sure that's coming up in a moment Howard Jerry Matthew with you here on -- -- thanks for joining us. The -- for our web poll who's the greatest quarterbacks since 1980 because that's who we've all seen. You voted WG Arafat can -- how we put five guys up Joseph Montana John LA Peyton Manning Tom Brady Brett Favre. We will have our bracket of sixteen -- down in the 9 o'clock -- but both there and you can chime in with us as well by calling -- an eagle 30558885525. Ramadan draws single elimination battle of quarterbacks that we're -- from 1980 amount because that's unresolved. It was wait much open and at the web so that's why don't put because that's who we've all seen at the web apple. So that's there. Now tonight we mentioned -- up you know not do anything then you wanna get out of the house. And you got your passport or enhanced driver's license ID. You can head on up to saint Catherine's easy trip. You know rep -- increase in whatever bridge and other tickets left there aren't many. And that is not a -- if there's -- there were yesterday with the nominee content. Well here he's -- and I rice dodging -- Connery did in a good and you're in tiny one it's only ninety minutes from here which you've done before or you're not seeing cats tonight. We're with -- -- bounce in the general manager of the Erie otters to talk a little bit more about potter make David group perhaps the number one overall pick. In the 2015 draft sheriff Howard and Jeremy good morning how you don't want. Good morning you guys don't want to. Listen numb I've forgotten what we got we've purchased tickets for the game but for future reference to get freebies from him. Hey come here you'll put general good spot whatever I'm Hillary and. I will Jeremy actually journey came down to -- this economy David what couple weeks ago to the Kingston game yeah. Nice performance. -- -- -- -- that's I wanna ask about you you've been around hockey for a long long time. You -- a lot of great players come up through the ranks you've probably seen a lot of money or your teams over the years. And tell me about economy David where he ranks among the history of players you've seen. While -- -- that's good but you know the lucky enough to win a couple gold medal with Canada the world juniors up in the and the memorial cup so on and so a lot of good players and burial will be played -- -- World juniors and -- in my and then people like say law. You know. You better this guy he's without question in the Crosby Gretzky company. I don't like this eight at all. Easy at this stage of this career I don't like to put on monikers but he. He went to Pittsburgh they've gone out of Maryland played him to -- spot. And dedicated to honesty cry at the end they they did a picture. From the byline was they passed the present and future there on the front page of the New York Times. They called the next 100 USA today column or LeBron James hockey. He is special special player. Reading a book called with 22 advantage. To quote Gretzky and that is how the computers. Can't predict problems but they can -- This guy sixty seconds to get outstanding -- so phenomenal person. Parents and done such a good job with -- guy. That tops in the twenties. He's just an achiever he has just don't let this ability and it worked so hard his name he's the first guy on the last I -- I mean that is all the warm up. Letters outside on. -- all my life. Well number of people -- one of the best analysts talents that. He does things you don't think occupier and you don't believe me just. He'd literally bring the receipt almost. At any time when it's. The yum. Glad -- -- -- -- from the yelling what you said you know when you say Gretzky LeMieux class is gonna say what is it about. That that is the separation and I think you pretty much as went through its. It is at the completeness or the completeness that is game or is it that every part of the game that is completed so far away better than everybody else. Yeah I mean it was an outstanding speech. He -- the game heading also the partner in peace can see it. And is it. Such credibility with pocket -- you know one of the games he came down hard on the outside beat everybody immediately. Number -- Drafted defenseman and apparently and that. -- come down and he was going the opposite direction just give me an example. An outstanding speed everybody's body was gone by the goalie gonna prompt. Any kind of stopped and made it turns. -- -- won't -- -- he left the -- there aren't just plummeted in the -- From a who's back. I mean and everybody's. I don't think that's -- -- just sodomy. He deflected all attention problems solved. All attention when you talk to Orly let me give you the -- one of the examples for your prayer list. He was over at -- under eighteen laps. That the best players in the world with a lot strap. -- players of the world you can meet and talk about Russia Finland Sweden. US and others a few players were still play and it. But 95% of the best players in the world for last year strapped in their VP of the -- He scored I think it was actually yes Sweden. He was behind the back. And the defenseman -- Adam. And he'd he'd better get off the doctor that applicant pool shot. The peninsula bar and now remember he got a piece -- but that look at your options. Within seconds. The defense want to bind took the -- put that aside. To a guy who had an empty net. I mean and that he'd be embarrassed or talk about this because. He just after what they are -- RTS and actually Canada. Talked about as good game. It looked got them and this was very sincere he's quiet. -- Talabani called Wally played. And he looked elements that this is not about personal accomplishments. It's -- -- involved at all. I think he he he. We're some leaders that are -- for one or two months and it's an unbelievable -- He has one of the most -- slightly more wrong happens in hockey at. And it's a formal. I mean you guys that. The cover of the sports and do it properly and do what the enthusiasm. Until it was -- emotion and could come and see him play you would. -- -- -- -- It's a sure I've never seen play in person the only time I've seen him was at the world juniors that were just held. And I tuned in -- I I knew he was playing but I also attended because the wanna see right art because the sabres are gonna have probably the top pick in this years draft. In the process of watching Reinhardt an -- -- You couldn't help but notice -- David leap off the screen. In terms of his explosiveness. I mean he was that I guess that's what stood out to me more than anything the speed and how fast he gets up ice and how fast he can. From the Blue Line in his explosion is unbelievable. While from a standing still start just inside the -- principle on it. This difference and popped -- -- pocket he would bar him. It would hurt. And did want to hug your mom what the goalie it was -- And and he doesn't -- mean -- doesn't want to celebrate about I mean there's so many positive things about him as a person. Alitalia. If there's a better player in next year's draft. If there's a better player in next year's draft. I'll play I wanna see because he'll be the best player. Since they started ignorance. I mean I cannot believe that everybody I mean I I talked to a number hockey people world over the world juniors. Who hadn't seen him very much meters good hockey plate and they said to me privately the best players university. I don't like -- -- and -- I don't want it to mean I such utmost respect for the police to just turned seventy. OK I don't want to ever ever say an out of -- because there's a lot of does the -- -- you. I I can still remember him regret decent in the -- amusing. Argument these guys -- normal players -- I don't like this problem a problem about that. That -- of that. Body's definitely in Iraq. The thing that stood out for me -- were speaking with your best and GM of the Erie otters are Mark Connor David -- Up at Niagara tonight by the ice hogs the thing that jumped out for me was the skating. Really does a million things in the in my side the passing the vision all there. You know at that level I've been telling people around here sabres fans and even if the sabres don't get him you should see him play at the junior level just to watch and state amongst the spears. All right that's exactly right but the other thing is. Whipped up pot. I've seen a lot of guys that -- -- but it pot possession and speed combined. And at top speed each panel -- can be somewhat. He doesn't like he did admit and complete possession of pot again he's got and the skills -- also. And you can do it as just as you've described. At full speed. And saw that he worked so hard it is people that get all these. Great athletes on -- almost on. He works hard game like it -- surgeon works day and night to get to -- I mean this guy who works at a -- And debt and he loves the game we didn't play him a couple of days. There he it was a playoff game politically don't. We're just taking extra cocky back in the lineup now. You're the product we shot. He even told the TV guys here in -- -- Told TV guys are -- later in -- -- As we didn't place and -- Algerian JR can play at a higher ups. Because he's just got this. Burning desire to play. Sherri -- with a Syria otters GM -- talk about Conor Daly who will be playing tonight. Against that I rise stocks amusing Catherine definitely is playing right Jerry. Died because I would have been I would have been really depressed do what's important that I. Doubtful replied I just want it you. You guys total -- yeah. Make sure you actually it -- More welcome. It's nice chance at all you mean you don't get to meet them. All we -- -- we're gonna purchase the meet and greet deal you guys that the itself out now. About that. And if you come -- guys you're more than welcome I mean we've got to have you people are I mean there's been people. You got to see whether or on the ball. We literally have to control it's such a demand. Get his autograph seekers. And if I could tell you stories about -- it's young. Young kids and stuff like that it wants something I mean did he did just that special person -- I've got a lot of players. Cougars now look but Erie otters and then and he's been managing and I've been lucky enough. That is a very good to make you have been to a number memorial cups of one a couple of gold medals may think I'm smarter I really -- Have been fully remember -- but I'm talking to some. This guy is so old. Special person. That I've had a lot of players. And have a lot of -- That I wish had more character. I've got a lot of players with a lot of character. But I would shed more bill. -- -- -- I wanna ask you -- about how he handles all this if you're you know when you when you say to any what is he sixteen right and seventy cents at seventy. You know this kid is in the discussion with Crosby and Gretzky and LeMieux and Crosby went through this what you were saying you're the next great one -- cover of a magazine said better than Crosby and tonight at -- lot a lot of pressure and and and Canadian and all that right how is -- handling because when he comes to the NHL draft letters or not he will be viewed as a savior of the franchise. How to handle all this pressure at that day. Tanya he would solve that we upholstered aren't. And they were lined up on highway and I eighty passed Bob -- -- always practiced. There's so many people aren't and security was very you only get to pollsters. And some little -- 567. Years old had a -- to sign with the poster. And this -- at all because you are so many people and he stopped it. She was -- she went in the side could come over here. -- -- -- -- -- in the pocket of what I mean this guy. I mean. It's just amazing and we didn't have people. If we didn't have people say it delegates you know you -- uniter stuff like that. And the other day was walking by and there's -- hundred people wanting him. One father's sister my seven year old son. He made sure that he aren't so. And it is -- To be that young and and it can be able control -- -- -- very very good weather as it is very respectful. Created. So -- multi. Listen we're looking we're looking forward to seeing him tonight Sherry and we appreciate -- and -- -- us this morning and now we'll look for you tonight. A but the rank and Saint Catherine thank you very much for your time us. Real a lot of guys who enjoyed it. They -- have a good day. -- -- it over his resonant like you were talking about and comparing players and all the stuff he's been around -- bass has been and goes back into the late seventies in the OHL and around the league for a long time he was in the NHL as an assistant general manager of the Quebec nor -- He's worked in the NHL as well so the guy's been around hockey. -- thirty plus years and is seen a lot of players come -- over the incident when we when we bought the interview until the adjournment. We talked to that of the director of media relations for the club said. Usher commodity guys in fact we'll talk a half hour easy about comic David he loves this kid.

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