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1/30 Schopp & The Bulldog HR 3

Jan 30, 2014|

ESPN's John Clayton and Super Bowl Trivia with Sal Capaccio.

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WG ER I don't know how to delicately game but. But if you can what do meal with a good salad John -- which opened the Bulldog it was no tight city -- -- -- period that was a former Cleveland -- on WG ER that's right Sports Radio. You -- northwest savings. Made the switch to northwest. Let's talk Super Bowl John Clayton in. New York or New Jersey or just where John or you. I'm actually in Manhattan right now this morning at 630 -- that's -- 6 o'clock or whatever wasn't including video on a vote. What a great place to have they have Super Bowl press conference. On a boat whose press coverage on a boat. -- -- to Denver Broncos because apparently the Hyatt hotel space in Jersey City city is not big enough that you can have all the is they rented a boat which has right at the end of appears that the hotel as. And then have all the players walk on over and do their thing and is different times and as a big. Held larger -- got a big boat that goes by and yet you're sitting there and walking for the cameras are rocking and all that stuff. I think better than a good morning in Jersey City. I guess is or gambling on this boat John that be fun. Bill that would be illegal because amid all you have -- media people and also. Still all players on merit and other players are prohibited fell and that's mostly. Disorders should be advised not to be doing matzo -- sleep on this one I don't know what it's a dead -- domestic or something like that -- -- whatever today an epic good ball. All I'm sure it's great well sure it's really hypocritical. Story and all that stuff but -- -- opening -- the first. Super Bowl boat interview area Super -- To promote that period Howell are you finding this week. I mean I think. Well it's a little hardware and nobody -- the weather is cold okay we except that it's cold weather Super Bowl and it's cold here it is over there so it's like it. It's wintertime if he's scheduled to report what time you would expect the cold. Well. But the commute everywhere not too bad because of the police escort and it -- sometimes it's thirty minutes sometime this forty minute that's really not bad at all. -- excellent command to compete for a great as far as that goes. The problem more so than anything else is being space available to try to do your work now imagine -- because the the fact that he was gonna be in need meadowlands complex you know at MetLife stadium. The media section there was no fuel availability 'cause it's fourteen to great so what they ended up doing -- -- credential arena. And had everything there is soapy water thing interview coach. That put on the podium in the penalty box. And appear to be interviewing people in the penalty box there's no area. Try to get him until the person player coach whatever was talking at least four people expecting to hear that person talk. Anybody who wrote 234. Try to look and couldn't hear. -- Did you would functional in the sense that you know if you had 53 players. Maybe 200 Lebanese 150 people -- hear what their effect. That's not good for you. But pocket -- out -- got -- what what are you finding interestingly what stories are you after here I know a lot of people been talking about. Marshawn Lynch and I saw you talking about Marshawn Lynch yesterday on ESPN we we know him a little bit -- -- know what's interesting to try to dig up your -- Well I mean I got myself involved in this thing and I'm not real popular in Seattle right now the next seat for the purpose of number one. Think Marshawn Lynch and helping the pro football writers and so it would be Leadbetter. Yesterday you know that an economic fork at about -- president of of football writers. Did you read that are put out a statement -- right now -- six minute interview that he walked out that in the -- and not that factory. And you know pushing for a pint and you know he's declined 50000 dollars rescinded it and into the next time these girls Markota can be 100000 dollars. We took attacked at the pro football writers to try to get a better I think the thing I -- Just happened yesterday same thing it was going to be a six minute then walk audience -- I did -- I went back and tried to broker a deal where we would have. Eight people in front of him that are all only going to have football people he would only respond to questions from those eight people should be prioritized in talking about. First and if it worked out pretty well I mean he spoke for -- a little over seven minutes it answers were good. So what is the bad situation to put in a great situation and yet -- funny which probably is not good for Tom Cable. You know and they after the -- about droplets of -- coach Tom Cable. As well. It has been made it does it from Oakland people are still people feel like my kind of guy. Right John can you I don't mean this this question to be at all insulting I just wonder if you can explain. To me until listeners why it's that important the Marshawn Lynch do these interviews. Do you -- And there's new concern we have about the presidents that okay good morning -- lynch potential MVP of Super Bowl 48. It allowed to walk efforts to -- happened -- up to get a little anxiety problems. Do you know that from back in the days in buffalo and the other wanna talk to the media to talk to individual people just don't wanna talk to groups hit a lot of have a camera on. Because he doesn't want to -- And they've allowed him to get away with -- for the most part. So -- -- -- out of that you got to do is amenable and acceptances amenable to -- repeat the example Colin cabinet does not like it did the media. Now Colin Catholic at the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers but say they go back of the Super Bowl he now knows the strategy -- -- In walking after six and a half minutes and not getting find. That's why he'll indicate whether -- -- on lecture anybody that the -- prominent nature the lockout we have to make that they had been good the bad precedent being set. So I don't know what we put the president by trying to make an accommodation. Maybe we did but it's important that player's obligation particularly the Super Bowl if the -- They talked for 45 minutes. And so you know -- applicant rock -- -- -- frank work and so okay and now Michael Crabtree and the next thing you know he's meeting effective expense. And you're worried it sounds like a little bit that may be other players try to take advantage of what has happened here and only talk for a little bit only answer football questions and so on. -- -- -- -- To a certain degree we result that maybe not -- -- correct agreed I think -- result of a little bit because -- let anybody needed to do marked comments story. Though not great there was at least seven minutes of material that you could write the you could if you wanted to do a piece for television you can do it if you wanted to do some radio you can use it. Well at least we got something out of -- and got -- I was very important he's one of the most important players in this game. And they're not doing an interview because it doesn't want to. Unsatisfactory and only degrade I just wish there -- little more heat and how the league handled it by you know really threatening that fine. Right. John one more thing on lynch I thought. A colleague of yours bill Barnwell did a great job defining piece on -- about how. It's actually not quite right to think that. Leaving buffalo where lynch left his troubles behind get off field problems with Seattle. And this part I didn't really understand really I didn't realize -- I guess I should say. That it took -- while in Seattle this conversation and his Mormon with cable that Parnell wrote about. Where he's finally started having success on the field and -- that famous run against the saints. And in the next years when it really took off for him it's it was it was good to see the timeline straightened out a little bit on lynch in this piece. -- and part of that. Yeah I thought nothing maybe not necessarily something to do it Marshawn Lynch maybe it did. And trying to learn -- system that sometimes it's a little bit difficult for any running back to learn these zone blocking scheme because further. We have to be very precise with -- decisions I -- you get to you that it is that you can make. What does bill blocking scheme and it takes a while to be able to find what you're doing with the offensive linemen block and it's. The -- you have to run out of a little bit different -- and upload. And a system that Tom Cable have in this complex of -- blocking scheme as our. Possible it was taking time and you know. -- shop -- pretty much stick in the same criticism in Seattle the Trent Richardson and in Indianapolis. Because it's just simply wasn't working so. Finally he's -- the -- The explosion. After that -- this guy is really talented is one of the best backs in football. And if he can run to a strike he can run to a -- -- tightly run over everybody. John I like Seattle in this game do you. Do you have another development Seattle could obviously if I took that they have to get Marshawn Lynch very unpopular in Seattle right now. Will -- I think people start to recognize over the next couple days it was something that was done -- Saturday I think Saturday editing and that is resolved itself. We'll be OK on that the -- like Seattle further reason that I think their defense will create one or two more turnovers. And the Denver Broncos can create and that's going to be the difference in the game. I like Seattle on offense that's the key for me is that their defense I think is good enough to. Do a decent job against what is statistically the best offense of all time. But I like Wilson and lynch and the Seahawks against -- Denver. And even adding Percy -- into the -- if you like Seattle because of those players. I think adding -- -- would make you like him even more but he's gonna have MVP type game and it potentially could immediate. Really wanted to five -- exciting -- that the players and football. He's not a full game because play play a full game this week. A pretty hard and make everybody else better example Marshawn Lynch in the game against the New Orleans Saints. Second quarter light sweet to the right by Percy apartment gained nine yards. It explodes across the field. Don't think we acted in the next play perfect it would stand there in the slot on the left side of the field -- -- -- -- outside linebacker to the left moved forward him a middle linebacker moved toward him partial on the interest in my both those guys. John -- -- -- here on WGR old dog is out today this is Mike -- John -- to handicap the hall of fame vote for us. I mean I can indeed be different part I think Walter Jones as a great can't be first ballot. I think that. It will have a great chance for the first ballot and I think Michael Strahan should it will make it so that's that Shakespeare -- now. Everybody's going to be saying that Marvin Harrison. Should make it and the first ballot but it's not because on the buffalo on saying that I think -- Indianapolis. I'd love for Andre -- to make it before Marvin -- Not out of any knock a market Eric and I consider him the be all same. Wide receiver and I think you're gonna make it. But we had you know from. Andre reed and Tim brown and last year Chris particular for ever let me get wide receivers then I think -- the need to be heard that if there's gonna be receiver taken this year it beat Andre reed. And then maybe next here in the market Eric and get them. I think that on the foot and his ilk and I am not any particular order you've got you don't throw -- and told you guys -- if god. Tony and he's going to be able to make it but also to meet you Charles Haley Jerome that if Tim brown and soul and abortion deals that kind of won that framed for the number look forward to number five spot. And -- would seem to -- rank brown given the last. Yes indeed if it means in my opinion it is just my opinion right now it contained in the room but I would go. Read first first and second round third. Okay. John what do you remember about the bill Super Bowls. Are probably you're like leading them. It's now leads the -- that the team was. I -- you look at that and you know. It was like an all star game and really when you look at how much how much talent was there but it was the quarterback position running back how good the offensive line was. The weapons that -- this on offense. The imagination and it was there with the coaching staff and that. So good the defense force I mean Bruce Smith just been fantastic. Linebacker that seem to make plays everywhere. Good cornerback coming into it seemed to be one of the -- put together teams. In you know 2030 years it was just so Walt put together and built right at the start of what was then the capped -- year -- the -- here really turned 9293. It was able to you know show the dominant by -- going to force acceptable. Do you think the bills to be around this this game every year for the whole week. And it's been awhile for me do you think the bills have a place. In in this. Of vent to mean their -- the force Super Bowls in a row. -- likes to say how he remembers going to to Super Bowl weeks and seeing all these big images of Super Bowl heroes and you know it's like. The bills weren't even there which you know makes -- mandate they did lose the games. They place -- all these set about the Eagles thirteen point of course we didn't win one out of the place in Super Bowl history. And I think that even goes back to like Peyton Manning because. Tell you want to win those big game -- -- Peyton Manning with only one hopefully he would get to and then maybe a third somewhere in the next couple years Super Bowl ring. But you know it's amazing how one play can affect the franchise and I think it's so many times in a Seattle. Get -- hail Mary play and the next thing you know they start to win that you have a plane in New England. A world of sudden it's the talk -- and make it to play and they beat Oakland from time one play and Kerry for years. You know either making it come more successful war games Signet team and I think that the appeals -- has played -- -- For the bill because and they won that game I don't think it would it be a one time to provide what -- I think they'd -- you know two or three. But that. The confidence they didn't have because they didn't win held them back. The confidence that the trouble but trying to get back here and hear about it. And look and it's like I kind of residual effect of that because you know I moved out of Seattle 186. And those old but -- to former bill -- Odom and -- -- artwork coming out there through free agency and you can be you know pretty much. Not necessary how bad early but made Odom and his body was -- immediate played all the street forty years. Of all the playoff game that they needed to get this Super Bowl. It was almost like -- and other fees into their body in their career. At a high level and -- you know really I think what happens is if you work so hard for so long. If you work 12 February and the next thing you know you're trailing everybody by a month of getting your body rested and then. You know you're coming back and you're trying to. Come back another year and then of course if they won a Super Bowl is familiar kind another month behind everybody else your -- need more -- up. I think that's the that's. Lot of that is unnecessarily. -- and the confidence that he is some degree it is but I think that if you work so hard -- get there and all of a sudden something goes bad in and it just. That get the victory. In the four super -- it is thirteen extra games you go to 882 years before at sixteen a full season's worth of extra games. So to your point. And I think that was the big ol' mean you -- see now on the comedic content cannot I think -- injuries are worse now. And they were even in the ninety's but I can you imagine trying to do that now -- -- that the team probably. With the injured after two years a price drop down to be content team could it be so many collateral injury -- that he was recovering problem. And three and free agency as you said about the right. Well I know you're on a boat today did you get to the outdoor hockey game last night. I did not last night out trying to do some writing and also -- kind of stick by the room to broker this Marshawn Lynch deal that we did they get on the proper and I think. Basically lose the night at a hockey game. They are trying to just to the minute interview that I would any kind of part of. -- So such is life for John Clayton on the road -- -- -- and -- still enjoy this week making a lot of energy for this week the thirty year what. You can see the game itself. I enjoyed the Super Bowl -- -- time and the only meeting more alarmist stuff during the week. If -- into liquid somewhat fundamentally don't get involved in the marsh on banks hoping the right thing was done for everybody was on. -- and a little bit today because. If you go around some of these different press conferences and decent people that you haven't seen in awhile and of course all of a sudden you also seem to be able to become very valuable information. Can be used in the future -- stories it's like you know that's the good part that kinda. Where you know the better part of the week -- toward the end of the week but most of the work is done. I love going to the hall of fame voting and -- an absolute treat and honor to be able to do that. And then of course the game itself -- it doesn't get any better than inseparable. -- now we appreciate your time this week analysts busy for use -- saying. But it's great to talk to you any questions for me today. Well I -- now a tribute to hockey game in Yankee Stadium go over. I think well I read a Yankee executives saying this can come back anytime it wants. I don't wish they had weather issues each time was a little cold last night and they had some glare on Sunday but they made it through the Rangers -- He -- seventy writer at a premium the place in the states. In the tank he had bought and watch the game every one that I thought to it that went to the game at an absolute great time. I believe that because I've spent my time in her room waiting to find out more common to see that it. Little jealous yeah it's it would seem to go over pretty well his outdoor games are. They work so I guess we'll see a great we'll see about this cold weather outdoor Super Bowl. Are. Think yeah it. But it could play every day that I'm looking at the forecast of fact that they bring it here I just look here at the New York forecast -- what they think for the temperature high on Sunday. 48 degrees yeah it's. 48. It all started on -- at -- NFC championship game if -- -- hit it with a forecast of 39. On Monday it went to 41. On Tuesday it was the 43. Now according to ask you whether it's 48. They keep changing at least they're changing it. For the better. All right John. I'm at the technology to bring a -- that the and the way it's going now. The you might -- -- shorts. Yeah all right thank you -- we'll talk next week maybe one more we got a -- there are great -- and thanks enjoy the game Sunday. John Clayton like Seattle sort of -- supposed to be 48. There on Sunday that we should have a warm on Saturday. Is that a myth that was -- -- think it. Our weather. Now that -- New York City. But like their weather the next day known at that closely Chicago is our weather the next day. Chicago to buffalo is right football -- Yorkers out of it's it's it's not east and off. Oh it's only like that maybe. Overnight the next that night right or maybe you have eight and then I don't know I don't. I don't know I don't usually are seniors and it's about the same. But Chicago usually Chicago Milwaukee area that's usually -- -- -- -- -- and our seniors and I'm seeing for us Saturday 36 and rain. That's that's a blast -- I actually have New York City as one of my. Weather dot com apps that you do it yet cities that what is what your city's regular occasions -- did you -- your -- any others I have a few why would you have New York City you go there. Have a few times have wanted to know that yes that's -- about -- I gotta be a -- in Florida maybe Tampa for you. No longer -- there anymore. I went out last year I have Waco now I've Las Vegas at duke if -- economics analysts as a concert now usually 72 out in Vegas right now. Sabres are in Phoenix robberies at 75 and sunny today in Phoenix and yes according to the whether app I have Sunday in New York City. Cloudy and 46. You know I'm just gonna say this might sound bad but if you thought you had a Super Bowl trivia question that was really tough with -- here. We'll see a tough questions aren't. Will see -- to question you think you have a good super culture question if you do. What's here -- call split but let's let's -- good eligible to make sure you know the answer and it's correct yeah hopefully I know the answer that's right. Otherwise is just a question is that your question but it guy says who was the all time leading passer in the suitable we elect I don't know and -- I don't know either. Does that relate to guys nowadays is asking a -- You need to be the game show host you need to have the bill that the art with what did you think the only answer. I'm good on the old ones are better on the old ones -- -- cell can help bomb on the newer 13 knows you'll wants to. 8030550. Is the number. Give us your best question Woolsey we can handle it. Paul Hamilton coming up at six from Phoenix here on WGR. I'll say this -- as far as -- -- I've got a really good relationship with Pat LaFontaine and for whatever reason I do think it was probably. You know a bit of a communication gap in the there was feeling that when I walked into this job may -- that I inherited that there was some. Feeling that buffalo. Maybe they get treated as well. Brendan Shanahan was on WG -- this morning and you can find that at our website WGR 550 dot com. While I appreciate. -- enhanced bought in being transparent. Like that the league. Has tried to make and I think he himself that has also tried to make. His position seemed more transparent look governor explain -- you exactly why I decided what I decided and do interviews etc. I think it's a terrible decision. On his part to say something about his relationships with team managers I think it's stunningly stupid. I can't believe. That somebody in the league office I know the NHL they're always being. Mocked for just not not being. Sharper. Wouldn't somebody in the league office wanna shake him for saying that. Really gonna talk about -- for whatever reason there were communication gaps with the other why why are you even addressing that. Here's the answer if if anybody were to ask Brendan Shanahan in any market. About. You know protect people in management of teams the answer is yeah I I know these people by. It doesn't matter to me when I sit down to decide. What a suspension should be like just even even. Raising. The idea. That. Hull he gets along. With somebody in a team office means anything. Is really stupid. It's the NHL. And a lot of times they look really stupid. And it's also buffalo -- things like this tend to get. And it happened and never get noticed. You know like if this is set in Toronto might be it's a big deal in Toronto -- it Brendan Shanahan just say. The yes communication gaps with -- management and my -- most of think that doesn't matter when he sits down. That it's like other kind of a story. In buffalo and offering is a story ever. So I don't know if anything comes of it. But that is colossal -- -- my idea to publicize. How well you -- oral like. Managers of teams. What is he thinking. I think he's thinking look I'll tell you anything. I'm in this job you criticize a lot and I'm happy to tell you anything but there's a word the word is discretion. And an arbiter. Administrator in the league. Talking like that is just really -- -- there. Super Bowl trivia. The Super Bowl is my favorite. Trivia sporting event or my favorite sporting event for trivia I -- Super Bowl trivia -- it's my favorite thing about the suitable. That's good not prop bets on. Hole I love right now he's -- I love prop -- who was the receiver. You -- win in Carolina who was the receiver. Largest there was it was a gold mine there was a glitch who was the receiver. One of the patriot I don't know for not Troy Brown know somebody's over under was screwed up. Oh okay. Not a call this call while they paid it no New England Carolina long branch or -- the -- and -- Mohammed or somebody while. It's actually there was I was just watching a TV the other day there's a guy who actually there's a biggest contest and you should venture this and I haven't heard about it but. If you can come up with the best Super Bowl prop bet they will put it in Vegas and you win something you really choose your prop met. And they need to -- up with creative things since all of the creative ones are pretty much gone. The cross promotion ones are big like LeBron James total points on Saturday Aybar right is the Peyton Manning -- of the Broncos total points on Sunday. Those are all used up last year the one they used was. The number of scrabble points the guy's last name we'll have who scored the first touchdown will be over and under what. Will be over under what really -- an over under for that so they want it up with a creative -- that must have been guys that -- and commitment guy right -- word. And that was the proper points if they pick last year interest thing was Ray Rice. Like Batman. Let's son let's take some Super Bowl trivia questions they -- -- throw out some of our owner I love the Super Bowl for trivia. Let's let's see we've got here we've got Dave on WG yard Dave forty you have forest. Caught a touchdown pass in super. And -- -- And then in later years. Water and other Super Bowl as a head coach. I would guess I think I know he was he was a winning head coach and he caught a Super Bowl touchdown. All times as a winner. -- actually had narrowed it to two in my mind -- about you I don't know I don't have yet I have two in my mind. Super Bowl winning coach it was an -- player I Tony Dungy played unusable but -- catch a touchdown pass a suitable. So the other one house that think was Mike Ditka. Might might be right. Like it very you thank you Dave jobs they'll thank you Super Bowl six. Liked it -- Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys won. All right here's Jason Nextel Jason. I have got that. Got co at a Sugar Bowl MVP. That's easy chuck colleague chuck Collison call five double file for a crack that would never happen today that would never happen well linebacker on a losing team. Right -- I want to become good at it that's right but I don't remember at our. It. White -- I got that problem -- -- Merit I know one and number one would be mark written. Cracked. I remember this question but I don't remember the answer mark written was born in Canada. And somebody was born in Europe may be Jason like an army brat. Korea. Port Hines Ward of the highest -- that's right good. -- -- -- I don't that I do not I want this I should they. -- and a caveat that it's bad I just didn't -- They've gotten more they get -- it or not. I think we'd be pretty good at that since we got you know two -- three so would be very got so -- -- -- -- -- adjacent how many passes how many passes. Did Bob Griese -- super bully. Winning quarterback in super boy. And to look up -- estimate yet. I think you -- Yet Zarko was the MVP of the game. I think greasy was for what -- so -- shall want a BP thought. It out trying to give the answer I think Griese went four for seven in that game. It was low I think you Jason. Looked at a got a good greasy in my mind four for seven. In super bully you think Peyton Manning will throw for more than 217 passes I do about the first drive. We -- -- seven passes or more on the first drive under. Under is pretty -- I like Seattle in this game. -- like both teams in this game -- Denver when you take in Denver. It's your first mistake here and the all right James is next and WG -- James. They got to tell you don't get. Started the year ago -- this question is not. Question is there are forced schools. -- what programs that have turned out O eight Super Bowl winning quarterback. Eight US president. Whole credit her full credit in the school in the quarterbacks in the press. Michigan Brady and Gerald Ford for. Berkeley. Who went to Berkeley that president. Okay -- I think I don't know the end service they sell going by president. Is the way to go -- and then we'll get it if we know we're presidents went to school the thing that Morgan I I I assume -- president had to go to the Naval Academy. That's right that's right Roger stop that would be a good. Roger are retarded right thank you Kennedy was in the navy general at the academy argues he didn't we didn't go to school would arbor to Harvard. All right -- not one. I'm assuming how -- Stanford. OK stand birdie -- what ever were ordered right that's right because that would be obviously. Blunkett like it and Al way. Correct and the credit. I don't know way Ronald Reagan. Over her -- -- -- I don't know where I was the California for Reagan that's why that's good at either Iowa or new by the way James -- -- this this is. All right one more. If -- you're the most obscure or twentieth century president. -- and. So -- have to be an Ivy League school I think. -- did not know the -- Hamlin -- at least one it. Well you could of Purdue with Dawson. Yeah I'm. You could. Greece is also Purdue. You could but that's out not going to be -- an attack -- going to be Alabama. No. It's. Working my -- appears selves or see that I see that's the Notre Dame well. If it's not to nineteenth centuries going on Notre Dame. No -- today president go to morehead state -- -- -- -- -- From. I don't have it Brigham young. No. All right who's the president about that. -- -- -- -- Benjamin Harrison selves I mean the power over here he would notice -- I don't know if you do if you name the school -- -- in the quarterback of the best I can do here. Miami. -- Roethlisberger Roethlisberger. Very good so thank you the four schools are Miami. Ney from Ohio Ohio my Ohio navy Stanford. Game the first one. Michigan right excellent James WNC it's. God that. It. -- plan was was the James ray. That's a great what I have -- I have one that's my favorite bit is also a crossover. College and NFL Super Bowl trivia question or -- out there then ABC the answer to I would that. There have been four Heisman Trophy winners to also win the Super Bowl MVP okay I've just what is suitable. Four Heisman Trophy winners have also want a Super Bowl MVP and name. We'll get to that right after this time out. 8030550. For your questions selling out with me with bull dog out what Paul Hamilton six from Phoenix here on WG -- Great read and make it. Before apartment note that. If not out of any knock -- Marvin Harrison I consider him to be a hall of fame. Wide receiver and I think you're gonna make it but we had you know from Andre reed and Tim brown and laughter Chris Carter take for ever -- at wide receiver them. I just think that this needs to be those that if there's going to be a receiver taken me here it's beat Andre reed. John Clayton area was on earlier this hour catch it online if you missed it WGR 550 dot com. Or any thing from any show pretty much it's all up there now -- today. Silica podshows here with me Mike show Bulldog is out today -- and former tonight from 78. We'll have Paul Hamilton on -- six talk about tonight's hockey game in Phoenix 9 o'clock start. -- put a Super Bowl trivia question up before winter break. Four Heisman Trophy winner who also won the Super Bowl MVP. Number one is Marcus Allen running back USC and the raiders of course. Quarterback Jim -- at Stanford and the raiders of course. Roger -- won the Heisman at navy didn't start -- pro career to several years later. Won a Super Bowl MVP of the Dallas Cowboys and that's the toughest one I think because if they're -- won the and BP is Desmond Howard who won that MVP against New England right for agreement Packers he won the Heisman Trophy in 1991 for Michigan. Yes he did oppose oppose here is Mike with -- us next on WG Argo had Mike. That we don't. OK we got down there -- -- guys that two more -- huge Super Bowl MVPs but it has three who have five guys. Yes Montana has three. Rating Bradshaw. Starr. And Eli Manning. And that says ice very good thank you might. -- that got them all right at the top like you did I probably would have got three of them and Bradshaw was easy for a -- and I was there who is the only Super Bowl MVP that is deceased. The only one of the entire list there's only one. That is deceased. -- Richard -- No party Barton I'm thinking I was on the their viewers somebody -- and I think -- -- one -- -- like when that team. That's Harvey Martin's car Barnicle MVP of several twelve the only one here's -- next hello to him. -- Lot of he has had a Super Bowl twice the MVP of the super role. For the -- number of the super -- he was MVP for. Who I love that. You know the easy answer here -- while but I don't think that's the -- wasn't a quarterback and while so I know that's not an answer that's right. The other one I'll say. Montana 141516. Right yet as Montana. Montana gets of the angles first would have been sixteen against the Bengals yeah. And what -- that's right and that's good. And then who would the other one would be I'm going into. The thirties. And thirty she went into. -- running back. Have to be a running back. Is -- running back. Now -- back another quarterback is another quarterback. All right well hole on what number was Len Dawson sixteen that's right. I don't know. There's an editor questioner. -- ninety. Joseph Montana she also wore number nineteen. But he didn't Wear it. Though I got you by our OK okay then my Ted in Super Bowl sixteen is the one answer one answer. Because he -- nineteen after he left when he went to Kansas City. This year's number supersede rule number 48 is there anybody number 48. In this game that could have a chance now I believe the only we keep those fears elitist or Polamalu was in. So bowl whatever number 43. He's 43. 43 may be yet that might be right. If he -- wheelers the Steelers yeah dog Super Bowl Super Bowl forty. So if they were back at three years later would be 43. Yet he was in that. That's the Arizona game right up Arizona so there was a chance for that are remember that happening in -- they've talked about that I don't. But. 48 yet checked the roster trouble teams. Aren't they see -- -- don't give us the Broncos who would be that crazy. -- this player has to do deep team the best prop that I ever heard of actually winning the you can get crazy out -- was. In Super Bowl. Between 212023. The bills but it certainly by 26 recently when he nine. 49ers -- 49ers -- ago. They scored 49 point exactly and you got it was 49 won the prop that. Really -- going into the game was 49 to one the bat if the 49ers and -- and exactly out of 49 points that and they did nice. While -- no forty on the Broncos. There's no 48 on either team opportunity missed. Our hunters hope auction is alive and again. This year there are some fabulous things you can bid on go to WGR 550 dot com final link. Across the middle for the quarters -- 550 auction. You've got deemed experiences with the bills autographed items all over the place. The coaster Rican estate for twenty is back this year a 101000 square foot oceanfront estate you can hang out in with nineteen friends. The coast Rica you can bid on that. So definitely check that out and everybody who bid the nobody who donates gets a gift certificate from all lanes flower shops are happy that. Reward everybody who takes part in the auction. Paul able to -- coming up today's idea of the day was. Trading Christian air off an idea that Paul has brought up a couple of times and give him one more crack at that. -- off isn't is game time decision tonight apparently with an illness so more from Paul on the hockey game next here on WGR.

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