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2/3 Bill Polian talks Andre Reed on WGR

Feb 3, 2014|

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WG ER Sports Radio 550. I've been down for buffalo the ball at the New England 41. 107 bills. -- is strong. -- -- Funeral hall of fame is such a prestigious. Mean -- you have only 270 some guys just have waited aren't my dad always taught -- patience virtue. Including its composer great. I tell you as one of the best cities to play for the national football and they. It didn't matter these guys obviously have a buffalo. No matter what the -- months. It was called the OK it was -- And yeah and we. You can -- as our brand. It's not always Simon you know. Bill Polian coming up Andre -- into the hall of fame. Just remember a real quick cure one more time when cash code is grant right now go to WGR 550 dot com slash cash into the -- where grant. Your chance to win the thousand -- -- so another. Gathering and kids and four bills nation August 2 will be the day when everybody will ascend unknown are descendants and let you go to -- Ohio and we're joined by. Former bills GM Bill Polian -- with us now and a major hit pellets and -- good morning thanks again -- -- -- lots. It's my pleasure thank you. Will you keep getting guys and -- fame will keep getting on the shelf. Well I couldn't be happier this was a long time coming and purchase some reason I don't a lot of edges so this was the year and and that everybody good talk to her -- to that I talked to and I will. Blatantly electioneering. And you know -- -- -- our -- given. We were talking -- odds -- though we we have Jim Kelly on about a half hour ago -- I want I asked him what it's like. To be a teammate and see what your teammates go and I'll ask you a similar question. I won't call you the crowd laughed call you the proud -- -- older he'll be the proud grandfather. Isn't it does that does what does it feel like you're like a proud dad when you see all these guys going all. Well it you know -- noted that it meant a lot to them but it did it's certainly. A very crowded close uncle. It is it is that feeling it's a feeling of fairly and and Howard. Those scenes -- of the eighty's and ninety's. That remain close to state. You know unfortunately we've had unit in a couple funerals now that. Instead of just the joyous reunion a wall of fame ceremony sort. Or -- and but but as time goes by -- no -- never broken neck tie and and so. You know repeat National Guard gets fired in San Diego or Andre makes all of -- Somebody else does something good builder or or you know mark also embarked on -- a radio career. And now you've noted that we -- -- people like see testers. Some place. You know it'd become so that it. And it's been about over all the family gets together a long time so there's more than. On warm soon. Hillary again and midfielder then you're. They'll only Willis here in long one and ask yeah. What stands out of everything Andre brought to the field of everything Andre brought off the field to the organization. What would standout TU. -- And production. There -- some people really want to compete. -- big groups. And the yeah attitude. It took to really -- produce. Have that competitiveness. And the gifts. And -- production and that was under -- and did you were dark -- to receiver. There's no question about that. On there were people who tried to say well you all he had gone peavy -- had James brought in -- them. Heller and had. Norman Thomas but in it is in the end. What -- it took in the greatest comeback ever. There was no government approach there was -- -- Jim Kelly there was no Cornelius Bennett. That it did it would strike right -- and and then Andre reed and and he produced thing in every single situation. Though when you first saw him at the beginning. I don't know why everybody knows you're here and excellent talent to evaluate her. I don't know all if you actually have the plot this guy can be a hall of -- some day -- or what what what did you think of him when you first saw him. All that you know. I wish I could take credit is not that Smart as sure. Is it the first day -- mini camp. All of us in the organization several -- -- from here this this guy's special. And then he was a starter really from the second minicamp practice. We we we knew that that there was this -- -- special player that he was gonna make the jump from. Cut down to the NFL seamlessly -- and he said. That was obvious. They'll only Willis here wanted to ask you one other thing on on Andre than before that you had left to get some are your thoughts on the current team and -- did you run -- you know I want to ask about on don't ask about yourself bill and and you -- don't like this question bottom and ask it anyway. Have you ever thought. Like where Jim was ominous last now it's OK next guys are gonna push for is tasker. Have you ever thought about your place being in the hall Sunday. No I no I don't honestly. It is not. It's not something that that. -- I think is on the horizon for. I was honored to be dominated. You know among that group of 250 whatever it is. And that's as hard that'll go right I've hardly given it thought to be very honest with. -- I figured you'd be in. And and I'm I'm saying that's not who your on the show us but you know the success you've had in multiple cities you build a team that went to four Super Bowls here. You took a team to a Super Bowl. In Carolina were today NFC chip to chip the to a super Loretta had a degenerative and anyone -- ball Lindy so. My thought is UN UN like that in three different cities you're in. Well it. Myself beside look at it this way I'll -- there's only so many spots. And I'm in what's considered a contributor. And -- you have it it just comic mind that he immediately without even. Pay attention to detail. Every -- when George young but at that their contributors who contributed this -- called -- It was case. Is -- big game would not be what it is. I wouldn't even be up for what it is without him and that is vision. And the idea the salary cap and all of the things that -- game. -- rolled to the point where the preeminent sport in America and then fast approaching net around the world. In about it because there is no -- -- contributors are just too many qualified players. There are. Double the number of -- that there were. 45 years ago or thirty years ago and then and there are on. Only five spots for players -- men and -- before the veteran players so. Who've been passed over in previous elections so there's just no room or. Contributors at this point in the -- person like alt tag were not in there but I certainly it'll or your. Well before that you go I'm sure bill spent listening bill would love to hear your opinion on the current team. Give us -- your opinion if you will what you thought of your number one from EJ Manuel. I thought that he did well it was small -- -- -- was injured. And so he's gonna have to shake that you're actually if you will there were no issue with that in college that Agricole. He's gonna have to make sure that. It's helping a thought that he showed really good corners. But thought that but -- he had command of the -- In certain games. And then than others but that's that's certainly understandable given the fact that he has so much. Or so so little practice. Over time so. I think that -- on balance the -- up. And that's all you want from a rookie quarterback that they can that Louis they have -- frank -- like backup quarterback. Who if you stay here can be a perfect I'd jump. Egypt. I think the defense is is good and getting better. And it and it states said. A couple of pieces of that this year. It would Jim Schwartz at the Helm. Which by the way I think what a great prior. They can be a really really good defense. -- -- -- -- Physical the which is what you saw last night in the that's what you need to win in the national book all well and I think they're well on that created that. And then I have said numerous times to do another epic are wrong that. Our great introduction and just given time have a little patience I don't let partners say after fifteen years of no oil look. After rebel positions given time. And and -- eject continues to grow. In the job. The future's bright. Well -- close at their bill again as a talent evaluating you mentioned medical piece on defense whether it's defense or offense what do you think are the top needs of the team right now. Well I think they probably could use a very -- this is in no particular order by the way. They could probably use a -- you you can always do and Andre -- like receiver. Go to guys you know somebody that that that you can rely on week in and week out. And then. Probably. You helped fight the music in the secondary does say there's some guys in the secondary that. Our it'll Holden and any may lose some in free agency so that that's an area that it probably could use some help and and maybe another running back to Europe and death situations here which quality good thank. I don't think there's there's one glaring need that I see. That that would you know that says that unless we -- need we're not competitive at Victor -- probably -- -- beyond that. They'll bully when his former bills GM these days to work with ESPN bill thank you very much as always today -- always gracious given us some time here in buffalo congratulations on Andre getting in India we appreciate you give us your time this morning. Thank you very much the point this year and WHR marble join us at 930.