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2/3 Marv Levy talks Andre Reed HOF on WGR

Feb 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tune into the hall of fame -- Howard Jimmy good morning and welcome to the shell that nice to have well this -- morning. Always a pleasure to talk with you what the great fans there and buffalo in the area. But obviously you know one of the cool things about talking everybody is just getting the different reactions. Where were you when you heard what was your reaction when you heard finally. That Andre was elected to the -- Well actually we were in new York and have we'd we'd get some tickets so that Connors programs doors. My -- -- and I was sitting out in the audience as they introduce the group and of course we were hoping in -- out. Once they announce that a great name he came up by that big screen. He was up on the big screens and Fran let out a big grain and -- the and -- get get Groban album was so so to just redo is well. I think it's -- out have we you know we asked him what it's like to be a teammate I asked Bill -- his perspective almost like whether you're proud daddy said it's he's more like a proud uncle. But -- what's it like when at from your perspective as a coach and you've obviously had their experiences before with Jim and Thurman and Bruce and James Lofton. What's it like to be the coach when you hear one of your players gets into the hall of fame. Well. FAA its result but to act. Up there and that greater effort for Andre and some of the others -- just mentioned it wasn't just one of my players they're guys that. I've maintained a relationship based in them now more than fifteen years since they coached. Cool cool I like that just with -- great play in the building but for the Derrick Caracter and what they've meant to the game with dejudder. And that they would like having your son. Delegates and then out of being remembered -- of -- You know you mentioned and your relationship with -- Andre for for the folks are listening bills fans know all about his football accomplishments they watched them play. What would you tell folks -- could tell can you tell something they didn't know about Andre maybe it's. Andre after football on the guy you know beyond football something -- they would not have known about a hundred but you do because you were close to him and are close to him. Well into that it wasn't just. A great football player he -- came from. A fourth run up rather obscure -- round draft choice out about the smaller cup football program cuts downstate. Exceeded that another receiver that year that the bill drafted ahead of him Chris -- get a good receiver. It but yeah you know -- -- clear -- time. That he would. It is great teammate it's fun to be -- and a lot grown a diet high character not just a great football player but a wonderful human being as well. Probably do it this year we chuckle a bit more about Andre Reid and his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Often has he asked you to present him -- Jim thought that the -- would be the guy. I don't know I haven't had a chance to talk but Andre even after them and you -- -- and they went down at a press conference that -- so many people back into a mistake and I. I I thought it was a long wait till when he saw me in his -- light it up but he may have very. Bad -- toll outlook web that I would dare but I have not yet tried I've tried. Forty times right now the column on the cellphone I keep getting the message that that is then is that message. The poll I've still trying to get in touch with them about continue to do well. Well we are true I don't feel so bad now Margaret he's not if you can't get in touch and I don't feel bad at all actually. Don't. I'm so glad you have got about it is well dollars one -- going to ask you about. And in terms of those teams. You know at the time you know I remember Jim bringing this up and make some of the other guys not too long after the run of four was over. I know Bill Polian would bring this up how the team will be over time people look at that differently won't be oh yeah you're the guys that lost four straight super balls. Do you think. The the induction into the -- than you. And Jim and and and Bruce and Thurman and -- do you think down how much you think that changes the story line with how those teams are remembered if it hadn't changed already. You know I and I really can't say I always thought Obama DeSoto a fantastic bunch of at least ten people one. They were the essence of team what team should be. They were very yelled some more very extroverted and a more quiet but I don't want to warm up on the with a dvd guide. There. They all realize that their players around the more. What helped make them even better and there there there agreement to get great sense of humor but yeah. You know -- I know it does stretch on the word but you talk about family. They were more than it seemed they wore a family in the remain that way one other additional guy evolve OGA match and also. -- implement wallop same group was seeing a lot of them do. Yeah I was you know mark yet he didn't he wasn't drafted and developed here I always forget and I had a right so thank you for including -- in the group. Well when everybody gathers August 2 let's talk about that will let you get it going on your way this morning what what are those moments like for you. When the team now granted you know some have passed away not everybody's with yet. With the team anymore but what is it what would be like -- and August when everybody gathers once again. Andre gets the yellow coat Andre gets to give his speech but but everybody's together as a group to celebrate another member going into. Well opt out there in case this special someone that's mania will put -- it was a thrilling and I can remember. That day edit. And I stood at the podium to give my acceptance address that looked out in the audience. And there was some legends out there the ball morning is that you own payment truck bed next guys from way back when I was a young guy who played. And I looked out of them and then there's still a goal on their face sort of it sort of sent MMI really here. This bit it's communicating particularly when you're surrounded. By -- those guys you might sit at a table later that day with that -- stop back on this side Dan piled on the other. And -- -- You've become closer and closer to. Fifty years -- and you go back to campus and for those induction ceremonies to the other guys did their guys you barely know even while you played from other games. -- this year Marv Levy former bills' coach. Mark thanks for -- well -- this morning appreciate taken time and in doing a little reminiscing and a I'm able by talking again in August when you have to get ready for the ceremony one way or another. Our thank thank you -- have a good day. 8030515. To join us great talking -- All the guys about the induction. Or the excuse me election of Andre -- in the Pro Football Hall of Fame if you missed any interviews Marv. Bill Paula novelists about a half hour ago and an hour ago Jim Kelly was some of the -- all those available in on demand audio WG reflected to --