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2/5 Sabres GM Tim Murray

Feb 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Why can't execute anything that they might be planning until. Now. To some time passes there thanks Fraser had some kind of indication. You know what's happened and even then there's no guarantee -- you get everything they -- itself. Steadily since it. Ryan Miller yesterday addressing his future Miller expected to start. Here tonight as the sabres host Pittsburgh Marc-Andre flurry. For the penguins. Sabres GM Tim Murray is on the line with -- us now -- him. Are you driving is as problematic because it's terrible out. Now I drove last night -- and postmarked that I heard this -- coming in and I. Jumped in my truck up to work last night and broke auto. Hook up about that while. The her good. Well a lot of fans might be wondering -- if they're gonna see. Ryan Miller and receiver uniform for the last time in this building here tonight it's been. We're talking point what can you tell fans about his job status at this point. Well -- at this point is he's a vocal favor. But I talked with a couple teams they've sort of interest. They. They haven't. Done anything yet to to change that scenario so. I mean talks are going on for a lot of players there's a lot of ideas being thrown about here in the last few days but as of as of right now that nothing has changed right. You recognize -- did you expect that the deadline Friday is I know I ask you something like this last time we spoke to him. Creating -- like -- like an artificial trade deadline like are the teams you're talking to. Seemingly they'd like to get something done before the Olympic freeze or not. Are not saying not I didn't their actions speak a little out of work and I'm I have been getting. More calls like yesterday the day before and today hole. Nobody is that I wanted to do a deal before Friday but. Certainly there's been more action so all I'm wondering if north if we did decide that that there was a threat someone of our players that if that they wouldn't wanna pull the trigger -- Friday but nobody is that they do. Tim -- -- us here at WGR. Tim can you can you give us some idea of how you view. Young players -- prospects if you wanna call that verses draft picks. In this with a deadline he knows you've got a lot of to play with here. And also that you got some pretty good. A pretty good draft pick Paul already what's what's your sense that you can share about what you're hoping to accomplish here in a certain way here with a deadline. What -- your your tea and he you know what I'm trying to accomplish everybody over trying to get the best possible return. And optics are important what young players young prospects do is. -- speed up the process a little bit so -- -- the kid at eighteen yet to go back to -- for two years or maybe special could hit one here. Some get up to play junior for two warriors and a year or so in the minors so -- getting -- 21 year old that. You know we consider top prospect that was the first from -- second round pick come in the previous two or three draft but they call it doesn't speeded up a little bit they're more ready to play in the National League. -- -- that is the track too attractive to us for sure but. I wouldn't take a -- what I consider a lesser prospect vs a -- just to get that process going. You. In your experience buying that teams are maybe it's just ask you how you feel about doing it if the -- were on the other foot. That bad teams are more reluctant to give up that twenty year old and a 21 year old has been in the system for a couple of years the draft pick. Maybe itself to your fans are always viewed internally maybe you can tell us is so far out on the horizon. That it's a little more palatable to just give up the picked as opposed to a guy that is a year from may be cracking your line up at the NHL -- Exactly for just the reason we had previously. But there is you know they have emotional attachment doppler. Every team that pick again the first or second round or whatever realm that is certainly -- round they they really like -- -- APEC. Sometimes. More so then then I'll -- the players but they're emotionally attached to them and you know they've had. Kind of interaction and had a lot of developments. -- want and they don't want to give up that that player but in saying that they might have to do. I don't because it is more attractive certainly than -- have been effective and I think it easy for a lot of GMs to better post but I think there the competitor ever have a chance to win the cup it's easy to giveaway that get that. Personally don't know who was going to be and second of all. -- you need your price to pay. Do you feel like you've got a good read right now on what Ryan Miller's intentions are -- as far as. Talking about a contract with you guys like Pete do you do you guys have had been decided internally what's gonna happen with him. Home hasn't been decided that. That's the hard question. You know all the it's like any player I mean our players our team that I think we're certainly gonna go forward with young guys that you don't accept what we wanted to do. In saying that if -- -- calls and and they absolutely knock your socks off. Then I get site told what Kevin said you -- -- -- little -- with a certain player and I traded him. If it doesn't look great but that's my model it's. I'm willing to listen on every single player. So I'm certainly looking online is that our planet. I guess we'll see what what other teams have to say it but I wanna prove to be. I wanna get. I feel we have to get younger. Good prospect in the system so that as we improve the team. You're always that in one or two or three guys every training camp and that -- that can command a player role. Soul I I feel it's my job that I have to listen on every player or not. That the pending US -- -- the younger guys that we're not pursuing trade but we would certainly let them. Tim something else that Ryan commented about it I think maybe you were on hold that -- just this week we began the segment here about. Not really being sure what their plan is because there are things that you can't do yet and -- -- a lot of what you -- planned may be is -- on the horizon. With that in mind I'm wondering if there is any organizational. Temptation. To try to make moves that. What impressed him. Do want to maybe stay here like gold trade for veteran players supposed to get younger and continue to build through the draft can you comment on animal. Why would comment on it I would I would let them. To those -- I mean there are veteran players out there. Back going forward could really help us and I don't see teams giving those guys up. But if if there was a team that just want to totally change direction here admit. In mid stride of course I would -- and would we be doing that for Ryan -- know we're doing that for the organization. If that would be up for trying to decide then if he felt we were going in the direction that he wanted to go and but I would listen to. Anybody on -- -- You know high 20s30 old guy. If it could make sense -- but I would be doing nothing but the best of the Buffalo Sabres -- Ryan Miller. To -- -- -- on WGR Tim before we're talking about what you're looking for my question about that you said how. I -- that. It's only words but the value of the player or the asset is the most important thing. A lesser -- -- -- 21 year old guy doesn't outraged. You know -- draft picks. What what does that say about your thoughts on the timeline here or -- really is that just subject to what ever opportunities you fine. It's a moving target it's a moving target. You know fretted for the US hey guys the guys that are that teams feel -- rentals. They and they also get a rental that they can't resize them and then you know. Come summertime some -- resigned I'm fine enough for an experienced enough I get to know what that does happen so I can't listen to what the other few in the same boat rentals. But it's a moving target so it that it really does it really does. It's really based upon what other teams -- willing to do. And again we're willing to let them on every player or not shopping every player but. You know have been a lot of great players traded in the league that are that they're shocked people of the -- -- I think both teams felt that they couldn't they couldn't turn on those opportunities. Of course you invent -- Ottawa and they did a lot of winning in Anaheim. Of course won the Stanley Cup so you you beta and organizations that have had success. Whether it's one of those teams or another team you haven't worked for. Is is their franchise. That you look at as maybe the best example of how you wanna do this and we talk about. Chicago or Pittsburgh it's pretty easy to do -- viewpoint of Oilers and say different is thirteen do you use like that. I think the best teams are built that way I think. Help Pittsburgh had two special -- obviously they had more than not but to really special. Guy that wanted -- and yes you have to. You have to fall into that paper dropped. Yet to be bad. -- not particularly here to get those players but. I look at Anaheim Anaheim -- spoke to the draft would get -- from Perry being the two probably guys. -- pull a lot of clubs meet brought Chris Pronger and that's that's been my kind of my natural and it's simply not here he dropped while. Draft picks are very important to drop well it allowed you to trade law and I think that Anaheim to Edmonton trade was a great example of they felt there were closed because of a young players. They felt good young players. They can. -- to get. Topic garlic responder and not kind of deceiving they used the we're talking about the question you guys are asking me would -- part with two young players we get a fairly but in every belt. Sure there's no question because. It's more than next year he helped you. For a long time and that they're happy to win the cup in Anaheim and I think that that's an example of you don't have to be rigid. There's different ways to do it but. Other teams have a huge influence on what you're gonna do. How old do you think the league this this is moral. More belong you questioned him thinking about the draft next year and they -- about -- David who's been described it is really. Maybe but he wants a new generation type of players are very impacting young player. -- do you think. You mentioned used the phrase and I used it earlier in the show team fell into Pittsburgh fell into it. I'm do you think there will be a temptation with in the league for teams to sort of strive for the bottom knowing that the Davis sitting out there is this great golden prize. -- how it got that part of the two. To maneuver because. Your coach doesn't wanna lose your players that are on your team don't wanna lose. They all are. They're all are working towards. Their futures. Coaching staff -- getting new contract players. To be noticed by other teams that they don't fit in your -- mortgage in a new contract and your team so you can sit there in the summertime and other -- they were not going to be very good. You know would be great to get negated. But I think it's a little harder to to. -- most strings stand that it looks for sure. Plus the lottery. You know. Well I mean he could finish last in. Very considered second last and then picked third you know he can finish last particular console. There are a lot of moving parts that. That. For me it makes it very tough to say that about your plan. That cap your plan if that happens it's great. Well it's great it's been -- lot not great. If you rebuild -- and that happens it's great you talk with a player like that but that can't be here that cannot be used the only way that you're gonna rebuild you have to you have to draft. Well an all around you have to. Make -- trades and both we don't come together. -- one other thing about the draft -- wondered about this could really pertain to either this year or next year because it's about the pick. That was acquired from the islanders in the banditry along with balls in the first round pick that. The islanders aren't standing have the right to kind of defer if they finish in the top. Or in the bottom ten this year they can to forward to next year. Kind of timeline is there on win they have to make that decision known to. Although it didn't drop dead date August having a lot to tell you the truth but I. And our captain I would know that for sure -- I'm not sure what that brought that they despite all that it -- before the draft obviously well before the draft and more important to terror. And watched close this year. From the from the break Olympic break here to the end we're gonna watch the players we have to watch assuming we're gonna get their -- And and then it is that we're not then that's fine but. We're gonna scout we're going to. -- we're gonna have meetings. Based on the fact that we're gonna assume that they don't particulars. Okay. Tim you might you might or might not be ready to do stuff but we are so well part of it if -- -- -- looked -- it. Connected it helped. If -- got it. Thanks thanks for this to -- -- here with us the -- food so. Well I'm hungry but we play good tomorrow night so I'm ready for that all the ones. I guess the reason I drove up here I get home for a couple days in this feed my family and I can messed up my truck here -- Just vehicle won't want to -- Right renewable clean your line -- see him. Read. That article thank you -- Tim Murray. Sabres GM we'll talk about some of his comments interesting. Even in lightning again. Who do that next Paul Hamilton. As the enemy even. What they shouldn't be that's why that -- -- like to book but opens and Darcy but talking of the -- GM and having it. Be interesting to me when there are enlightening answers. Is you know it comes out. All right Paul Hamilton at four today which show the Bulldog from first Niagara center this is WGR.

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