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2/11 Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz

Feb 11, 2014|

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It might show -- Don't push me because I'm close to the end time trying not to lose my head wrapped this pioneering grand master Mike show I made the change from a common seemed to go up close and personal with Robin Leach and rest this notorious guy no bulldogs can you go blue. -- and when I jump in my car people treat me like Mike Hsu from the -- never let me slip because if I slip then I'm slippers. -- WG ER. -- -- listed at 5 o'clock hour we go -- and the bulldogs out of Russia was sitting in forty ailing mortgage open. As this feet. This is the music that the county executive always goes on every radio and have you is does this when he -- entrance music from the when limo when -- -- -- WW -- -- this is what comes out of it with a belt and everything on really -- status of that -- pulling cars leader county executive joins us on the line -- I'm sorry for that market was sloppy numbers in our -- That's viable -- they'll actually let the music my bantam hockey players listen to. But I goal in the locker -- or -- some pretty much used. Good to think -- and I think for doing this today really appreciated mark. -- reaction to do with the governor's announcement for starters and then ruled it's gonna take it from there. I wasn't surprised that conversations with the governor's office and the bills continually is we're doing renovations at Ralph Wilson Stadium. -- rotation has gone well we're almost 30% complete at this point. It is anticipated that. Substantial completion will actually be -- Will become will be in place by. All of this year so the process is moved along a lot faster than we thought it would be for the renovation. People drive I Ralph Wilson Stadium policy works going on right now. Totally surprised I figured it was gonna happen sometime this year didn't realize it was gonna happen. -- until we got to crawl from the governor's office basically in the last week but we're we're -- he was that that's fine. While the way I read it is maybe the governor's trying to get out ahead of this a little bit like China. -- flex the muscles of New York State not necessarily against you or the bills that may be against. Someplace else that wants to build a stadium just to show hey we're on top of this this is what we're doing because the -- states correct me if I'm wrong. But really you guys all of you the three member that three committees -- get put together. Cannot meet until thirty days after the construction is done in -- you all agree upon that is that right. That's correct. The lease provisions and there's actually two releases the Tony on the facility release it to New York State. And that is -- at least between New York State to the Buffalo Bills and in the cartoons. -- state that. We are continually meeting at any one time because of the renovation that's going on we have state officials county officials to build officials who are part of those meetings. Which is sort of a natural transition. From the renovation meetings to what will it in effect be a determination of whether we need new stadium. If we are after new stadium where is it going to be much is that gonna -- what a stadium so it just sort of the normal transition that we would have we're expecting anyway. You did say that you weren't totally surprised that the timing of the governor's announcement so that leads me to believe that there's at least some surprise from your office how close to being ready. To announce your group that you would bring to that table are you. I've been talking with people recently -- And all it could not been announced my group until sometime next week. I think truthfully one -- now also been the governor had an opportunity to -- seven people the only elected to announce a site. Good announced plans are working committee from the Tony. -- -- sometime next week. All the bills issued a letter to eight ultimate -- -- and too raw sort leader of the representative of the governor. And they they offered some -- so potentially the first mean though several of the bills have not officially named any other representatives to their committee either. Do you expect the governor to add two more or is he gonna keep that five how does that work our. -- Like these two guys in the studio would like to be one of these committees did you have Bulldog or I doubt that I know I -- I remarked I don't I went up very well mentality and your committee met and your committee how does this work. Let's put it this -- you really interest inning going through site plan and plot -- -- spreadsheets. Because that's true to what this committee is going to be looking matters is the potential associated with. Not just for the free food the meetings to be quite honest with -- Remember government paper ball that is basically the -- -- trust -- have been there. You get it there you'll bagel but that's about the most excitement out of it -- meaning -- the problem stadium and sometimes you get better -- Little nicer there were talking with Erie county executive mark Paul and cars here and WGR about governor Cuomo's announcement about a new stadium working group. The statement the bills have issued within the last hour or so includes language from police about. On a future stadium in Erie county it either on the land -- currently. -- housing Ralph Wilson Stadium or some other land. I'm curious about your reaction to -- -- Mayor. -- -- Niagara Falls being on this committee because that's obviously Niagara county. Well I certainly. Believe that stadium should be very telling. The term that is in the -- was negotiated that was negotiated terms that we wanted. Which noted that the discussion is not just build the stadium to determine whether -- news team is necessary or is it talked about substantial renovation of the current stadium. It's a -- stadium is determined to be necessary work to be located it could be Tripoli on the footprint of old stadium plan. In the parking lot right next door just out what was in Cleveland they tore a hole municipal stadium and open new one -- -- it. Art could be in a different location somewhere in -- touting him as the executive. I certainly would like to see the -- state Erie county in. The news team has to be built I think it should be one that beneficial for the whole region. And and Canadian Telecom -- As definitive on this and maybe this is a good thing to be not definitive about. Is maybe I'd like to be like I like to stand to -- in a place in and -- you know assess my view from Maryland and move forward. Do you think the new stadium has to happen eventually and -- eventually I mean within the terms of this currently take 1015 years maybe yeah. Maybe mean one of the discussions with the bills organization as we entered into the -- These negotiations was -- they want a new stadium I mean we looked at all aspects of it in the in the build teams can -- that -- Our renovations that are necessary state stadium to -- standards for Dave but these -- these wonderful site mind you still have this tremendous. Atmosphere that you have with the tell dating. But you wouldn't have in the downtown stadium truthfully. So I think it's a question actors can only answer is maybe. We look and see what -- -- the compelling long term interest. Look at other stadium deals are going around the country right now and they are astronomical. Cost. I don't like stadium where it's square -- -- it was moving it to one point three billion dollars stadium. With the vast majority of being paid for -- Luxury suite and in seat licenses which of course you're not gonna generate anywhere near dead in the oil market. The apple is the new stadium for the vikings. At the one billion dollar stadium in which they -- -- seat licenses or what people are going to be paying thousands of dollars received licenses before. We have to figure out what's in the best long term interest of the of the team as well the community. I think he -- he's gonna this could take some time. With the new stadium a working committee opening very owners starting very soon people like what we need to complete your work in in I don't. Is gonna take a number of years. Where do a lot of a complicated financial analysis were certainly -- here for the public if we're gonna have a new stadium what is the public want to want an open air stadium. Do they want they don't stadium do they want a retractable roof stadium. -- most -- and accurately say what we have an open air stadium. Ended December that would like -- -- at all and the questions we're gonna. And we're gonna interns can take some time to do that. Erie county executive mark point Paris joining us here on WGR mark the number one. Issue that fans come to us -- and I'm sure you've heard it is how can we go forward with a process like this one we are truly uncertain about future ownership. And maybe even relocation of the team upon that new ownership how can you go about doing that not knowing exactly what's gonna happen I think the fear for a lot of people would be. Okay we're gonna put the built by taxpayers here. In a lot of ways to building new stadium then all of a sudden there's a new owner and a high tail it out of town. Well built but as we're going to be building -- new stadium that that the -- going to be locked in her 2530 years at least. Right now their lot in protect -- and formulate -- only sort of -- amen let's say in two years are here. And they wanted to immediately moved the team they get to eight. A combined to the county in the state 400 million dollars on top of a relocation fees that that is -- -- -- which could. The erratically. As well as the costs associated with purchasing team. That is discussions with bills representatives. On Russ Brandon on his number of times and even he says number think your wife number to be very difficult to move his team. Saying the 400 million dollar penalty because you're talking about it point 82 billion dollar investment. Purchased the team to -- the outlawed. Katie told relocation right. So the team. I believe is only staying here because of the current -- But if we build a new stadium that the organization is gonna be locked in prolonged period we wouldn't -- all the new stadium. If we had a question as to whether the team was gonna leave in five years. Right yeah I feel like I I would I would of assumed that. The 28 million though in your seven like that. That is sitting out there and I and I guess you you'd probably want to have some. Concrete direction clarity getting -- seven -- yeah. Oh yeah I would not disagree with that I will let the bills and know that until the colder it is -- at least the -- could apply for two million dollars two years ago the battle for three billion dollars three years ago. Don't realize that. The -- go walk to wait for the price of third string linebacker. And the last few years but Ralph Bolton is dedicated to this community city wants to keep the team near through his -- he wants them on the team through its light so it here. So the twenty million dollars yes I understand that -- there yourself and it's direct correlation to that the collective bargaining agreement which expired a year before. But in handbook but this way. 400 million dollar buyout clause. In the mean time we're gonna be setting up the parameters for looking so do we need new stadium -- so what titan stadium it is. I think he organization the kernel organization -- mr. Wilson and mr. Brandon understand that that they need to start sitting. That is the beginning of lay up. What will be 88 new rule so to speak -- -- world -- a -- even below even if they're not the ownership group that actually moves into that news. -- that that really brings me right right to the next thing markets that that really is to me the -- of this like. What I feel like the governor announced in in -- this goes back to the last December. When we talk with you on the day of this lease agreement announcement this would be December 2012. And when we talked about this stadium feasibility group this stadium working group as the governor is calling it. It it seems to me it would be who view as the county executive in the county -- in the governor in the State of New York to kind of have everything lined up. For prospective new owner of the bills. -- we don't we whenever that comes and I recognize there's a lot of sensitivity at work here to. Talking about. You know a new Warner because we know what that would come after but that you have like the ability for a seamless transition a new owner can look at and say. OK -- in my buying the bills. But the stadium is gonna be ready in 2000 in eighteen or pictures to south 125 whatever year will be ready. And know that they will just had kind of a turn key new stadium option. When they take over the team. First -- conversations with the governor that number I. When we celebrated the new lease before the other -- -- -- Oliver the first home team earlier this year. The governor talked about that that. Exact scenario. Well let's just like to be at a certain forever none of us are we understood that there's going to be changing in the next couple understand that. There's going to be changed and he and he wants to ensure that the team is here -- light. After that. There are a number of prospective owners out there I know quite a few arm and information regarding -- potential owners turned over to the bills organization because in the the organization it's going to be determination on who they saw this team to -- is that -- see it -- perspective group that of course. Dedicated to keeping this team in apple. I certainly hope it's not a war between a hedge fund its interest in moving the team the Los Angeles or the group of try and all the people exports that are meant that want some little trowel. I can't speak of the capital mr. Wilson of the current bills organization but I do all of that. They would like to keep his -- below. What happens afterwards that might end but all we can use this of course of action show in new prospective voters that were prepared to keep this team here. That we like stadiums costing one point three billion dollars to build with the majority that seat licenses and luxury suites. We. Importance of seat licenses and luxury seats if you -- seat between the 45 yard line at the new -- stadium. In the first one erodes your licenses 80000 dollars -- -- by. If you want to get a seat license for the new Minneapolis Dayton. GM which is really more comparable below Minneapolis Saint Paul the couple Western New York market having the seat licenses are going from basically. Thousand dollars to 1000 dollars before you even for the price -- those are the discussions we're gonna have we were able to keep seat licenses from being included in this last week. I think it was a big victory on the part of the county in New York State those discussions were going forward in this community afford to edit in new order of it and says. Wanna keep team in buffalo far more revenue by charging seat licenses. How -- we get off the cost associated with that those discussions that are going to be calling him. And truthfully. I. Look forward to but I wanna be a part of it to ensure going forward that is a team this year only from -- but many people after. You said you'd -- -- and senior committee obviously -- letter -- public until you have it all done that might be -- weaker so at least let you give us an idea of what you were or are looking for. In committee members it looks like the governor's committee obviously includes several politicians. In any other to mark I would say no elected officials are people who are involved in the political. World. Well in the end of munitions decisions as a community based decision but the vast majority of the team or is gonna come from government sources -- -- -- representatives from the community should step representative government. I wouldn't be surprised if the bills they are certainly gonna put -- basically the same team that they had before sandwiches ownership and then some council. I think it hit its. A lot of people that like to be out in general response to be honest working group why -- -- -- well everybody who was in the areas of and other bills. The question is. You bring to table to ensure that you are not only if the bills to. To get richer and the -- thirty years from -- out of their probability LE bills the Buffalo Bills. And and I'm looking for. Mark in your conversations in this would be maybe even date back to the the culmination of the -- process last December how old. How open. Do the bill seemed to you. To ensuring that that they are here beyond mr. Wilson's life like I -- Is that that's that's. Might be a very difficult question and I apologize but he ultimately that's that's that's the big one being -- and -- -- -- would they wanna avoid team going up for -- as you said. To hedge -- wants to move the team to LA and insurer a seamless transition to ownership wants the -- keep the team roots here in buffalo. I think it's fair to say that the team would like to see that. If you -- the former players who. Made their life here now whether it's. Jim Kelly they're honestly they become beloved community understand what this team means to the community and truthfully. I think the community means for the team. Regular people who try to game and hear the complaints from people that are there is no atmosphere outside game you can't tell it there's no atmosphere inside the game. I think people understood that this is truly one of the great market that competes with a green sheet for having this tremendous atmosphere that does that -- yes well what it. Any help -- everybody gets all the business. It'd -- a lot of very very wealthy individuals to have other businesses that -- substantially more Martina and they probably do army well. And this is this is a business and they wanna see that -- -- succeed. Sold to be. Prepare to show that this community is willing to keep this team the question is what will it. The couple -- stadium I'll agree with what. Terrible when you compare it seems like minds of others see it just a wonderful sight lines -- work we're doing with his reputation. For concessions and restroom -- -- basically bring it up to where it should be for 21 century stadium. Rappel team for the next fifty years Null. Is now the right time to be building used to seeing all of the things were -- We're gonna we're going to be determined so that when the time comes. Where we get a new owner. We are prepared to say here's what we already on the table so we're not starting from scratch. And I asked for the reason that bills organization of today is willing to come to the table and. -- executive mark -- cars joining us here. On WG RI so we look at that maybe the fall by time the fall rolls around. We should start seeing committees not only foreign but meetings taking place with a sore shortly thereafter would that -- the timeline we're looking and is bills fans watch this thing develop. Well there's conversations that are always on going I think the committees will be of meeting. That remains too far in the future wouldn't surprise me. Because we are moving along very quickly with the renovations likes to think -- department of public works. And -- after the bills in the trackers that they have because they're doing yeoman work in what should be our. Conditions these cold snowy conditions that are out there every day working -- -- stadium and working and other things we would be surprising to see the committees mean. In some form. In the in the few weeks models but that the teams -- -- is really gonna gonna happen starting later this summer fall. All right mark thank you very much for this heady times big news I -- a lot of bills fans are you know going to be waiting to see how this. How this unfolds where this road takes -- got me -- thoughts and who they should draft at number nine mark. I don't know the draft note on the leaders to Russ and his team and Alan. How is post season unfolding for your -- chief banned by the way. We had -- that are encroaching almost lost respectively and a bunch of good kids. And eventually want to see any really good hockey were playing there are rival -- Danica winning tonight at 830 can't drink. So this is a bit of blood -- economic accused of itself it likely to get up. And how they did it. If people are missing tacky and in good hockey would scoring well they come to -- them you know including -- -- you do there's a lot of goals. But we were the ones on the top. I don't don't don't don't about a hundred on an awfully glad I doubted there nobody I don't -- that out all over -- -- alpha. All right mark thanks a lot for this good luck tonight your cares chiefs and -- will look forward to stay in touch thanks Laura. Thanks. As Erie county executive mark -- cars here on WG are talking about. Governor Andrew Cuomo's announcement about a new stadium working group and we haven't been completely up to speed on this this. And you know you put the paper your turn on the radio this morning you're like well city group what's going on this was. A part of the plan all along when the -- was agreed upon late December 2012. Mike and I talked to the county executive that day. And talked about moving forward in remember asking about the governor mentioning studying the feasibility. Of a future stadium. And ensuring the bills being here beyond the terms of -- in this ten year -- and like that to me was. As much as I felt secure that day in getting. Just the ten year lease which didn't have honestly is is much term -- I -- wanted a -- as anyone wanted to even I think the company executive with that. They don't like a longer term on at least. The fact that they were gonna be proactive about the future beyond that. Meant a lot to me and so that was in this lease the governor making the announcement today was just really I don't see a formality they did that surprise. The county executive said to some points that wholly surprised but the timing of it was maybe -- schedule but dumb. This was expected to be a part of and of course there's always going to be political wrangling between all of the sides when everything starts to come to fruition and there's a political maneuver here in the political maneuver is. The governor says I'm going to show my constituents in upstate New York that I care about keeping the bills in Western New York in CC if things ballpark. I'm the one that's on top of this first of course there's part of that but. The bill still have to put together committee they've agreed that they sign off on at least do that. Erie county signed off on the -- to do that so all parties came into this knowing and said and told everybody thirteen fourteen months ago now that. They are going to be apart together. A studying whether or not there should be a new stadium. Or let's not forget the possibility. That they come come to the conclusion when it's all said and done. They just keep renovating. Ralph Wilson Stadium. Outlaw the -- Fenway has been renovated over the years. Will continue talking about this and have time for your calls here really from here to the finish line today show. So if you wanna get in and comment on anything you're the county executives say. -- you've heard. Sailor myself safe through the day so far about the the governor's announcement regarding the future new home for the bills for the possibility of a new home for the bills. 8030551888550. To 550 those of the numbers we'd love to hear from me as -- say -- With the guests are all wrapped up we think the county executive for his time we talked to Joseph while ago to our -- was -- so I just -- rampant here on the radio. From here on out 8030551808550. To 515 years Al -- sitting in for Mike. I am the Bulldog in this is WG.

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