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WGR550>Topics>>2/14 Doug Marrone joins the Howard Simon Show

2/14 Doug Marrone joins the Howard Simon Show

Feb 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They don't pray it's our football Friday -- we are joined by head coach of the Buffalo Bills. Who's kind of to join us in the offseason we figured you know he's going through withdrawal wanna help the guy out. Doug wrote as well as from one bills drive make coached -- every I don't. I'm doing well Howard I do in Germany very good thank you very much for coming -- -- first -- -- it's a busy time with draft meetings everything going on so we appreciate your time this morning on I appreciate your terminal so it'll before the the draft and everything you guys are going through clearly you know you had built a busy off season you know with the changes on the coaching staff. Now it's all said and done as head coach I'm curious you wheat wheat we talk about. Players and building chemistry with players when your roster changes what's it like that with coaching staff changes. I think it's the same thing you know you look to to build a chemistry and bring him in the right guys you know that you feel benefit. -- what you're trying to get out of the players know what you're trying to get together the staff and it. It starts with the staff because the players if there's any problems on the staff or anything like that the players see right through that no different and we see problems on the team so. It's -- very -- man and when you look at the staff it's it's it's really. There are a lot of connections on it you know when you start to look at it you know people who know people that have known before or have work with them so. It's been a very smooth transition and -- able to hit the ground running. I know this our first chance to talk to you since you brought in Jim Schwartz and a lot of fans are upset to see my patently could he did such a great job with the defense last year. What appealed to you about Jim Schwartz what what -- think he's the guy wanna bring in here. Like it goes back to initially want when we talked about you know what I look foreign defense -- coordinator guys that I don't like playing against them. -- only -- was at Tennessee and we would play against the titans you know that type of defense you know we. Here we had a we -- work hard to game plan against some I've always appreciated I think every one of us fans and coaches appreciate. -- the toughness of of the defense is that he's court coordinated you don't want it was at the -- you know the Tennessee Titans. And and I know him you know my karma thing and I've worked together and Mike Munchak and I'm -- line coaches and no. I've heard a lot about Jim and I've been around quite a bit so it was it was very comfortable in and again you look at for someone that's had success and when you look at the defense is that he's run. You know you have a lot of success. You know and in all different areas and here we have 33 coaches now on that defense of room all three have coordinator at this level. How does that work with with losing Mike in in bringing in Jim Schwartz and -- a pretty good idea before. Mike pat is officially high that it it's trending in that -- legacy in contact with you guys and a one of the things that have been reported -- contingency plan that. Had you reached out to Jim Schwartz and to reached out -- -- a couple of candidates to let them know like -- we we think we might have to talk to you or just take us turtle bit of decode. Sure and I never thought it was right to -- to do that to reach out until you know actually. These you know action have occurred meaning something did happen but I don't think it's wrong to sit down I mean. To say that I mean even right now and everyone knows this any any good business and and Russ Brandon has this and Doug Whaley has this and we do without throughout our organization that. You know there's that there's always a plan you know if if if someone wants to. You know if we were to lose a coach right now we have someone back -- -- -- we have -- whether he's in the building whether he's. Are another NFL team -- college so these plans -- place so they answered question you know we have plans in place where we're just wait and see exactly what happened. You know with with with my command once that happens then we went and contacted. Doug relish here on -- coach you guys are obviously knee deep in draft -- dot com mind coming up next week then you've got free agency after that. What's the what's the role of the coaching staff will how much you guys do in the draft process with the scouts with the front office Shura. You know I don't know if you could say a whirlwind Meet the -- that I think that's the you know that would be misdirected and people I think. To give people a good understanding what's going on right now with the coaches this you know. We really spend maybe half to. Three quarters of our day. Working on our football team doing studies -- from what we've done watch in the players. We don't write in things that we have to improve on we look at other people in the league you know that -- doing things well we'll see if it fits into what we're doing. And -- along really for three quarters of the day in the the other quarter they to have for the day. Goes to college you know what will will fill out reports just like we were an area scout and will fill up those reports -- wolf Pannemon. -- scouting department -- we get together as we know draw closer to the draft. There won't get a chance to read those reports and and again we're just part of the of of a large process. As since you brought up the the review of 2013 as you go through that process and look back on last season and break everything down. Have you reached a conclusion do you have an idea of some of the things that you know you really think. Will be a target going for in terms of areas team areas that needs to be improved need to be improved upon. I think absolutely I think that you know you know we've said and I think it's very easy for anyone on the outside and say hey this is what they did poorly you know just from the statistics so. You know that that that that's not -- part to identify how how to fix those problems and how to how to how to rectify it is is is the challenge and you know that's will be working on and and what will do on the players come back. You know will talk to them about here here's what we say you know here's what our issues -- these with a challenges. Here's what we're doing going forward here's how we're gonna get better here's -- gonna get to our goal. With regard to what things you could do better what you see -- it. PH tells is red zone on the topless or near the top -- it was something that was of a problem for you guys throughout the season with no touchdowns yes. Very high up there. You know I want of those. Everything the -- important I think that you know once you identify something that the weakness. It becomes a priority when people start sand. You know priority one party to party three I mean. If you give priority one right you don't get birdied three -- he still won't it still doesn't equal winning and an and so for me there are all priorities whether it's third down whether it's red zone. You know -- down you know that they have a lot of things you know what we have to do throwing the football wise concept wise. You know stopping the run on defense you know past touchdowns on defense. It doesn't take. Again you guys to look at it it it it's all -- right now we're we're in full full swing right now it's not like kind of creeping into where we're full go right now trying to get this stuff done. Older couple ways that maybe you you think about how you could improve red zone. -- do you think about better options better targets and it is it down there that you might think you need. Bigger targets are you could be more targets or is it about that the type of place the call. The leading me -- course that I. I didn't think I make and -- really salad the stuff we do adjourned a year well you don't know I understand by nine now you're right I think. You know when you look at a team you'll look at -- look at some teams and and and you look at the top -- even some of them do have you know big targets whether it's a tight end. Whether it's a large receiver. So -- do a good job of just concept some people run the ball well so you know there's a lot of different things we just have to look at what we have now and that's what that's what I told that's what we do as coaches we don't. Look to say hey if we get this guy this is what will do. Right now we're working on getting better with the players we have on this team that are coming back on the contract. And as we add players whether it be via unrestricted free agents or the college draft. They'll look at their talent -- and plug them in and evaluated again. On allegiance to another thing throughout this inch thing about this I read an article about about the red zone about types of throws and where. Touchdowns are scored whether it's over the middle or -- patterns and in other bills are a team that it has talked about using advanced statistics and studies. When it comes to looking at the red zone are you looking at Alex how are points being scored not just the Buffalo Bill. Really it's it's the corners you know armed fan and and right under the goalposts. Pro amateur is of the of the throws. You know that data being caught and and again we're go we're in the process of doing all the studies but I know that the study that I've done before. That's for Thompson and and you know wanted to go posted to usually wide openers it's very close and dangerous and but usually the ones on corners or you know obviously to phase where they're going out together or stop fade back shoulder you know at the corner. And is it would be Eckert said -- a lot of coaches might -- If you're picking between those two you might lean towards the corner because it's what it's not as risky and you've got the sideline if you missed the throw it's gonna be complete horse. Over the middle might feel a little bit moron yeah -- dangerous. I think so depending on the talent that you have we know what you wanna do you know sometimes those back -- get a little bit iffy you know if that corner sit and I think the jump ball one as the easiest one you know depending if you feel good about the matchup that you have. You know but its interest thing you can't just go out there defensively just up and put guys in these areas because. Can you see a lot of those quick slant silica -- what they think and you know that the guy inside them so. You know there's there's there's different opportunities but you know the one thing that I've always said when you study people on the red zone. You have to be -- were on the ball runs on the team's second run the ball and red zone consistently. What will be your highest scoring team and that doesn't mean they have to hand the ball off three times in row four -- put. In other little quick play action pass where it's fake here in am pop you know hit someone quickly. You'll see a lot of teams taken advantage of that. You don't have to do 123 priority but can you share your thoughts on personnel wise what are where you think the needs of this offseason are. I think you know I. I like to be very careful with that because. You know I birdied. You know every now you know my reports and things like that given on the dugway alien Ross and you know we hand the man man and and and they we we mean on it obviously we Mika a couple of days on it and I am. I think it's a very tricky situation I have no problems talking about the team and where we're going what direction Boehner talks about like the drafted me through what we want. I'd rather that you know be answered by Doug Christie's in control of the whole entire environment I don't I don't wanna be that outside influence and it. What's your -- at quarterback. I guess let me start with Kevin Kabul what's going on with him physically and and is the plan for him to be back again next season. I was under contract. Either on the contract and I'm not aware of of really what what what exactly is going on right now the you know weather -- you know planned to come back whether he's not gonna come back. I have not been informed that of many things of that nature. Are you comfortable would you be good with the threesome you had at the end of the season would you be OK EJ that -- and -- tool or would you want to bring in a veteran -- -- anything with that. That trio. I think what we did was we sort of so that we can go any direction meaning coaching staff wise so we brought in a quarterback coach have a senior advisor Jim -- You know I basically have you know 33 coaches on the on this staff now that have coached that position and coach their quarterback to have a coordinated here in the NFL so. I've set up that that we have the ability to go either way. Get an question where the real quick on martial artists coach because he had a heck of a year for you had a really break out year. Many of the issues at the end of the season with a bench things have you have you talked to them or did you talk to him and to anticipate any issues Marshall going forward. I really don't anticipate that I really don't I'm really excited about him come back I think that. You know he's just really touch and on the potential he has I think that he can become. A very dominant player and athlete. Quick question on bird. The attack period opens up next week what is your role what is your input on how things go with -- -- in his contract yet and put. Mow my role obviously in and Jerry is no business and management knows this as you know with the same as anything else I've brighter reported in the defeatism and you know I was very favorable to Gerris. He's been nothing but a great professional my relationship with them is outstanding. I know him and Donnie Henderson relationship is outstanding. And you know we're just opened the annoyed at that we can get this done and and this is where he wants debate. And you gotta get to a meeting before -- let you go your busy in the season you know and you mentioned you don't watch like a lot of football other games when your home. Have you been to check it out Syracuse basketball or college basketball -- NBA are you watching the Olympics what do you do when you got some time. I've got to admit I watched you know I watched the game you might have I was I was fired -- and -- myself my wife myself with that basketball. Is that bad that you get a babysitters seek -- sit home watch the Pitt Syracuse game is that I'll have no problem I think that's completely normal life and -- a baby -- take my my kids to I don't best of -- things like that deny it. I'm very fond of of obviously the school -- you know Jim really Jim -- I'm really help me out when I was there and but they -- he really as -- is for you talk about someone that does know football he he knows football quite a bit it's really amazing. Could you would ask you about best former coach looked and I don't. When we talk to Jim Schwartz he'd said that he'd met John Thompson at Georgetown he's not a lawyer -- family mention that. It was actually working with John Thompson got a lot of messages from that we kind of thought that was a good service so you same kind of thing like in talking to Jim -- Jim and -- we took a swipe at -- he that you showed your luggage and -- of circuits Georgetown and we've we've Boston about it we are asking but he doesn't like the -- so nuclear -- all right that's a good answer. Doug thanks for coming dollar but I gotta get commuting by appreciated thank you guys that I agree we can -- about. Doug -- lists USA hockey has just announced jointly on the court will start to.

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