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2/15 Inside High School Sports

Feb 15, 2014|

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    And Gionta. Five maybe it's time to take a look inside high school sports Kelly cheering. Brought to you by mighty taco mighty taco. Would feel great right about now. My new ones have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and my dad neurological institute developing solutions and neurological problems faced an hour he. Good morning welcome inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri along with Frank Wolf who from while Western New York. All Western New York dot com and
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    but a a are listed on the girl's basketball as a set Mike McCarthy . For mount Saint Mary's is here in studio good morning Mike in the morning to do. Have pleasure to have in studio.
    As one or the other I would have more with the inside high school sports come up next. Marty eager to get out or get to worked in my garage and it's nice day. We're back with inside high school sports that's better. Mike McCarthy from mount Saint Mary's in studio with us longer Frank Wolf Roger Weis in Joseph mark Gucci no. I'll program note the

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Good morning welcome -- inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri. Roger Weis not feeling well so he is staying home maybe we'll get to hear him call and a little bit -- around. I am joined by Joseph -- bloody head coach of -- Lions wrestling team. Outstanding season that they had so we're gonna get into some wrestling talk today. Joseph what game have just talk about this year you and I are sitting here listening and were hires edged just. Captivated by that shootout crazy stuff only early in the Olympics only in the Olympics and only -- at the United States and Russia I love it I -- that. Olympics is so much part of and we're talking and I mentioned how the NHL I wish would go to that's. Rink size that they're using their. They're just open the game up -- I think they get more fans I believe if they were to do that absolutely I mean it would speed of the game and allow these guys to showcase some of the tremendous offensive talents they have -- I'd love to see that changes while -- I think you'd be a good move for the league opening up are you remember. It watching at least mark my favorite. -- years for the Sabres went. Mogilny had one like 76 goals laugh at my age and Howard shock it was actually crazy that's -- cocky. That's what I wanna see and I hope -- the NHL can get into that but. Let -- out in Western New York high school sports -- army just putt on rate now are bowling finals where this past weekend. Congratulations to all the schools are so many to name me you know the different classes. Are you had your big wrestling tournament last night. Is speaking of hockey gap boys hockey and girls' hockey congratulations. To Vick had more squad that defeated Lancaster slash iroquois in double overtime. That believe that was 21. That they want a course of the boys conine in there and -- prix quarterfinals. With more Taiwan beating Amherst in Grand Island. Beating west Seneca west plus you've got the club hockey. Going out so. All that is just so much in and of course today is the seedings for our basketball. Last night where the last of the regular season games. I believe my senior mark and still has some of their regular season game so Bogut going. On that and I will find out who's gonna play who. Get the brackets out in and then will be following of the rest of the way before we get to talk and about Russell we've been trying to contact. In touch base with Mike masters off the last couple weeks in scheduling conflicts kinda get in the way. But we have Mike on the phone right now talking about one of his camps coming up the morning Mike. I didn't aren't aren't aren't aren't Cobb to a great just watched that. Fabulous hockey game and out there really excited of course as -- just mentioned so much scorn on rate now in high school sports. -- it's a great time a year with basketball. And not. He got the monkey earmarked they know the big game today nickel and parks scored Garnett had it been it's going to be a great great finish this season. Yeah absolutely of course you will find out who plays who. When the upper brackets are released and -- believe that is going on. Rate now. How did does your turn I'll go for your all your last camp that we -- promoting. With the quarterbacks receivers and such. Are probably didn't turn out great a lot of work if they cared about forty some wide men and not about -- fourteen tandem of QBs and receivers. Just and I would just such a great staff that was there when you have a Brian Wilson former college coach and not. Casey Canada college where probably college coach I cured -- home and work with kids and you know we gave but talk about vision. What what -- say what type of vision you have next year. Can be aptly and to beat a team that you wanna be next year -- -- I think we need to fill out return hours starting at the great tie and play football. Absolutely -- -- any youth camp coming up to some mistake you correct that you can't come out Monday. About where where they want more assured a Monday we have birdied three. Linebackers sign up the -- Monday to get great instruction from what did you records fall off state. Linebacker coach and I will be there. We got to where sixteen tandem of quarterback or receivers we have over seventy Kidd registered. -- through that and the linebacker can run it sure at any age of late in different our quarterback and can't guard grades seven through and and then we -- -- kids are capped gonna get the Lancaster -- while I'm one day and Bernie's day. -- twelve to shoot thirty on the interpreted orchard seventh grade. -- great why have the coaches again -- -- it and deliver character talk each and every each and every time these kids the tribe did all the inside out -- champion. Call it can be up. I'm registered our web site called straight all of that now. Cross training football dot com go there all the information on Paul can't you keep their. Constantly updated as far as any upcoming event or camp right. Yesterday -- -- -- Purdue and for coaches are looking out there and march we're gonna have came to camp at Doral. Are you going to be bring your team and -- -- -- happened wore down it's something new that we're at and this year this one -- -- just. Trying to get that football blog go a little bit gone up good coaches out and that's we count anyway we can. I love it I'm glad to see everybody a lot of people put in the work in the off season. Maybe one of the reasons why section six is having so much success statewide when it comes to football. No question about that a lot of coaches out there that really work really hard your round and now we're just happy to be a part of anything they're doing it helped them and anyway if you keep kids reach their potential would be complete. Mike you -- -- -- email you with your email address. Our coach masters and cross training while dot com. They didn't call me. That they want to register today or Sunday if they commented -- it's gonna call a little bit more. But it just didn't information today or tomorrow or put an end will be ready. And that they can call me at this summer. 716432. I want five Q so warm the next. Or 32. I want our -- coach masters across street all -- count. Excellent might have a great weekend we'll talk to assume. And I'm quite sure I had my pleasure my masters always do great work in Western New York I can say that out my experience with coach masters he's made meet such a better coach because see he truly. Has helped me in and our kids and lot port to. See the big picture that it that it's there's so much more than just what happens on the field there's so much more about being complete. And doubt the emphasis on character. And caring about each other as as people. And and teammates it makes all of our teams and locked what I can state sold so much batter we we benefit so much from our relationship with coach mass that's outstanding -- great stuff and it's really good for the kids. So -- get a hold of might get that your kids involved with you -- the team finger. You don't just get. Any kind of work that you do it no matter what sport if you were able to put in the work in the offseason it pays off when you're playing. Believe me absolutely without question and and -- to be honest with you now. The way high school sports is -- all you've got to do that if you wanna be competitive if you're not willing to put in the work regardless of whether you're a football player a basketball player wrestler. A lacrosse player you've got to be willing to do those extra things to make yourself the best. Because if you're not if you're not gotten better -- people are passing and if you -- in a valuable life -- lesson and it's competition. Everything in life is competition whether you're on the DL -- field or your work this competition. And work capitation. You know in the radio industry for. Four ratings it makes everybody batter absolutely and and those are invaluable lessons that are high school athletics teach -- it's it's real life. And and if they learn those lessons now as student athletes that's gonna carry them so far throughout the rest of their life absolutely. I guess you know he probably tuning in right now Warner know why -- just kitten into the program horse we have a hockey game before -- so we're gonna carry this to the 1122. Break so we're gonna get to full -- here. And we have to our -- -- the lady in here to talk -- -- yesterday the large schools did battle -- and triples C. Have tell us about the -- -- all first of all did battle I think is a very appropriate term because. I can tell you that it was it was hot it was heavy and and there was some great competition and and triple C. On you know a lot of the large school programs there are just just battle in their tails off and in our kids were there and you know wrestling all day we talked a little bit about the length of the day we got going around 10 o'clock with the preliminaries. On. Final started it sexson and it was hot and heavy action all day now Witten with with after this tournament what does this building up to. Right now we're at the point where yesterday was the New York State qualifier which means the fifteen weight class champions. Who won their individual -- yesterday advance to the New York State championships in two weeks in Albany. -- in addition to that. Second and third place finishers are eligible for an at large berth in the New York State tournament are basically the way that that works is on. It's based upon your body of work throughout your whole career there's a point scoring process. And in in each weight class statewide there are four at large -- The kids are eligible for so we're hoping to get some of our runners up then and even maybe some of our third place finishers into the state tournament as well about right now. We got fifteen automatic qualifiers and we're keeping our fingers crossed that maybe we get a few more in -- now at this very moment the small schools. Are out doing battle small schools got going at 10 o'clock with their preliminary rounds and they'll be out and a triple see all day today. They're anticipating probably about a 630 start to their finals a little bit later because there are a few more kids in each bracket because. Of that the number of small schools there's a few more of those but. Yeah it'll be out there all day you wanna see some great competition in some kids doing battle out there and triple see all day today. Let's get into a recapping of last night's action. And let's start off with the in 99 pounders and by the way if you have two days -- will lose you kind of follow along here. If you look on page the eight. You'll see VR recap of wrestling and now let's start with the 99 pounders. I said the corner for that one and it was I can say it was an absolute physical battle out there with the two kids with Dillon -- Clarence high school. Mitchell Seaver from Rockport I two kids who have seen each other quite a bit this year. They wrestled three times prior. -- ahead 12 receiver 11 the most recent one at the class tournament Mitchell was able to not win the finals by 20 score in. And it was a battle yesterday. They were back and forth the whole time. With the arena coming out and as a 31 vector in a real hot match very competitive right down to the end. Two kids who have really really bright futures out of on -- a sophomore Mitchell the freshman. So you know depending on how the two of them -- Whether they -- gather it in the next couple years are separate themselves but just a really physical physical match to kids who. Who have battled all year in and have seen a lot of success and -- is one of the kids who work -- open for. Maybe maybe gets a call and a couple of days that to get a bid to New York State department's civil CI echoes at 100 in six pounds. NFL man up there all NFL Jamal and Carter in Niagara falls high school. Troy Keller from -- again to kids who have seen each other a lot this year. And down you know -- and is is a kid who's he's a little bit older he's a junior. Super athletic and very very quick tough on his feet. Troy just a really really hard worker puts in a lot of time you know to kids who have again been back and forth each of them has defeated the other but on. You know yesterday. -- and came out. Did his work in and really did a nice job in and wrestled strongly in in a pretty convincing victory in the finals you mentioned that did they face each other. During the season how many times are are you likely to. Face a certain opponent you know a lot of it depends to be honest with yet -- your schedule. You know for example and in this is the conversation a coach coach chased from Clarence and I have we'd see each other a lot. -- you know lock -- Clarence each other a lot -- -- in Lancaster see each other a lot. And I think a lot of it has to do what the schedules that we Russell we go to a lot of the same tournaments and you know fortunately we've got some strong kids that advancing those tournaments and wrestling each other a lot. Other schools you may not see each other as much on lake shore high school for example is a school that I think of you know with them being in Angola. Us being in -- port us competing in the NFL then in the EC icy we don't see them as much the first time we saw really. And it'll lake shore kids was yesterday so you know a lot of it depends on each teams individual schedule. The tournament you go to things like that okay that makes a lot of sense. We -- up to a 113. Pounds. Another rematch with with two kids who have seen each other a lot and Anthony Argentine area can more -- -- high school. Ryan burns of of Clarence high school Ryan was the sectional champion last year -- a 106 pounds New York State representative. On but the last two weeks -- kind of gotten the better album in a real back and forth match of the class tournament. I infineon right Ryan jump -- Anthony early. If they battled his way back and actually won in overtime I believe the score and W eleven to nine last week in the class tournament. This week a little bit more settled -- -- was really can't control things out there I thought wrestled a good match. But you know again Ryan is one of those kids. Who's got a pretty strong resume and I think has a real good chance to get an at large berth in the New York State tournament -- Russell's like a tough schedule all. On he's seen a lot of state competitors he's beaten some of them. And so I think he's got a good chance when when the call comes for at large -- I think Ryan's got a good chance to advance -- I think both of those kids have an opportunity to do pretty well in Albany and a couple of weeks when they get to the state tournament and a 120 pounds. Trust and Al leader I really stepped up and Russell the very strong tournament to distance for -- quite high school all. We're over Donnie McCoy in the finals Diana is -- returning sectional champion Donnie does every numbers from last year now -- It you know it's a little bit of good of a difference because Donnie -- that 99 pounds last year. Making the jump to 120. Got a big job it is it's a significant jump. On you're seeing kids that are a lot more physically mature physically stronger -- it's certainly is a big difference but you've got to. But quality wrestler as you're done he's been ripped a battle injuries a little bit this year to hurt his knee in early January at the officials -- a -- and triple C. Has been working his way back from that knee injury but. Take nothing away from -- I mean. He wrestles a lot in the offseason his -- Troy is an assistant coach on the Europe quite staff longtime head coach at west Seneca east before. He he left that position and -- senate facility could spend more time watching his son compete distressed and started to the moved through the high school ranks but. You know I trust in the real hard worker. He -- a great -- really embody the same way. Just two really good kids on -- they've been around the sport for a long long time and they compete real hard but I think again if you talk about at large birds. No doubt he's got an opportunity there'd be in the sectional champion and New York State rep last year. You know I'm sure he's gonna keep and his fingers crossed and in his dad and it was also an assistant coach in the Niagara Falls staff I -- -- waiting for a phone call and hoping for the best there as well what what they find out -- probably Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Of what needs to happen is all of the section statewide have to finish their state qualifying series some of those schools won't do that until Sunday so you're probably looking at like. But like Wednesday to find out for sure whether or not you got into the state tournament but you know there's a two week gap. Between the state qualifiers in the New York State tournament that's mandated by New York State. And and the one of the main reason why it's so that they can determine the at large qualifiers and get the brackets all situated. The -- -- get -- the weekend between net off week on the -- -- -- we'll get -- those seeds will be released that weekend. And now will be in Albany on February 28 and march 1 to figure out who the New York State champions are going to be. Here's a weight class that really had my attention. Because I know both our combatants. If any or Fiji from your squad -- -- port. And now my cousin Paul van de Soto from -- or west or feature he's dead night. I grew up together we played football -- -- Art Howe who played soccer for my dad in our rec league. Known for a long time and put Little League basis just everything course. My cousin Paul might present any son and his Brothers also an assistant coach -- and west so this one really had a mighty my radar up. Sure enough just to again there's two kids who have seen each other quite a bit infineon Paula wrestled earlier in the season and and in prior seasons have wrestled several times. On you know if that needs it and he's been around why he's got over 200 career wins. Which he just got that last week. He's -- now -- three time section six champion plus he's wrestled all over the time New York State rap he's wrestled this Perez Japan as a as a youth. I does a lot it to pitch in terms of traveling in the offseason and preparing. But that -- -- Anthony is he's just he's one of the most naturally gifted wrestlers I've ever seen in all my years and in coaching which is now this is your seventeenth for me. -- he's got great hips he's got great awareness of his position on the mat on he's just a tremendously talented kid and and imparted to his credit. -- really strong tournament Carlos birth last week at the class tournament. And then he comes out this week in and finds himself in the finals wrestler Fijian and did a really good job. -- comes from a really good family I know your your cousin Guillen and down obviously to all the older brother. Ginn junior as an assistant on the -- staff. Good good people are. Hard competitors you know do things the right way you talk about character people and coach masters the that was sort of -- family's the same way and down. -- just a good solid match two really good kids. And out you know fortunately for -- for us we're happy to see Anthony come out on top and in the open for good things if any hotter than a pistol right now he hasn't lost this year he's 43 you know. On the season and so were. Were hoping for a really strong finish to the season in two weeks in Albany dale please state -- chippy -- Our coach let's take a break with comeback will continue looking at recapping last night and then we'll get into. Today's contest. And find out so more than Russell is there. I want him back with more inside high school sports. The hockey game so we're gonna take it to 1122 and then sell. Will be gone and Roger wants to join us real quick can get us an update before we get back to the weight classes go ahead -- fire away. Warrick told -- -- I couldn't make it today. A lot of correct one thing that we saw that last week up. The quarterfinals through my senior -- boys. They will always be held -- two news. To number one see whichever it is clearly issues are gonna all the one verses 84 vs five game and a number two receivers could almost the two verses seven and three verses six. The games but this semi final will be -- Tunisia is I don't want to say that one he's six. I think got a decent -- -- nice goal and number one seed. And the finals will be at Kesler on Sunday march. Second at 630 and a all the girls like game. Go play out will be ad game in the semis and Sunday the 23. And -- finals on Saturday. The worst and that will be -- QB just Kessler -- well what I want to emphasize what I don't. Hoped to what people are whereabouts. Beat sections six. I'll play without the semis finals -- normally big goal restart would you know small school and go up to a peaceful. -- the schedule I got up would be -- web site is accurate. The double A semi finals look up old stable. Will take place before all the other it will be Monday night now assuming the web site is that correct and I had no reason to believe that it wouldn't be. Eight double play semis will be Monday February 24. And -- Thursday as they usually have been in previous weeks. Years excuse me. So I wanted to get dead across to our listeners because I don't want him to go on Thursday expecting NCAA. And -- -- it was three days earlier. Right right -- you much get better buddy we'll talk to next week. You are more parity. Roger -- chime in with that okay well we're back to rush lane and we are now at 132. Pounds and NL title -- 32 was uninteresting weight because you've you've got some kids there. The minute there we thought that it would be a battle and then it was but. It was really one kid who set himself apart that was John freed up from Williams and all North High School. Just dominant in the finals and Don you know another kid who he's battled back from injuries last year struggled I believe he had a broken shoulder last year of some sort. And got has just really been strong this year Q who were really impressed with. I'm in the ranks of the coaches I know there's been a lot of talk about -- his performance send out a good kid and and break tackles who was in the finals with John was no slouch at all. And -- was just dominant twelve not in victory I believe and the finals really really strong in his. His performance last night very impressive and a 138 pounds now you got to section six champions. On Rocco Roussel who is the champ -- I believe a four time section six champion now. And he's he was making the jump from 126. Up to 138. Did agree on the defending champion at 138 from west Seneca east high school there as well. They wrestle against several times throughout the course of the season. I wanna say they've Russell three times leading into the qualifier with -- taken to Graham taking one. Yesterday was the fourth time -- and Rocco once again. Prevailed with a 31 score but I think again if you talk about wild cards Danny's right in the mix as a defending sectional champion and state tournament participant last year. There's a kid who I think has got a good solid chance for an at large berth and a couple weeks that's jump up to 145145. A -- port did Kirk feeding. With a with a great performance and he's a junior in his first sectional title. -- crop comes from a wrestling family he's the he's the third -- brother in the -- port program and we've got a fourth one behind him as well. -- brother Mike was a two time section six champion -- His brother Brad. 100 career matches for us and -- Kirk's continue in the family tradition when this first sectional title as a junior. He was a sectional finalist last year and out real proud of him and his effort he's been battling through a little bit of a knee injury. He's a little dinged up and his practice has been limited as a result but. Really proud of of the performance he's given -- down were really excited to see him in a couple weeks and Albany. Beautiful I let's take a break when we come back this is going to be top of the hour instead of going rate to sail. Were gonna continue rate up to 1122. And then -- jump over here. Will be back with more inside high school sports. I know sounds kind of weird you're expecting to hear sale right now but no it Stoney Caligiuri for one more segment. Of inside high school sports this up about show will be here at 1120 tour after. That break. Hear what Joseph scalpel Eddie wrestling coach at -- -- high school and we are talking about the section six championships. And these are the large schools that. Tournament that was held last night in and triples the the small schools are going on right now as we speak in were up 2152. Pounds coached. -- in -- Paulson who is also the defending section sixteen have won last year. Interesting also -- the champ last year and a 170 pounds. And I he's down this year at a 152 pounds but he's a two time section six champ. One of the more exciting finals matches of the night last night hasn't found themselves down 21 late in the match and was able to secure. A late takedown to lock to pull one out 32 and earned himself a ticket back to Albany for a second straight year. One thing I'll say. And I haven't mentioned this. Having -- there are now several times it is such an advantage for kids to go back a second time because. That the level of competition there at the state tournament is like nothing you'll ever experienced so you can earn a repeat trip if he goes and underclassmen. And then your -- he earned multiple trips. The advantage is so much so what's so great for these kids. Because they understand the -- build the margin of error is absolutely zero if you made one mistake at this level you pay for. In to go back multiple times like like Paulson is doing like or Fiji's -- like Russo is doing. Not that that's a huge advantage for these kids and so nice to see Andrew successful. On good article in the Buffalo News last week about Andrew and his -- enlistment in the united states army and and what he's hoping to do in the future with in the military so a lot of good solid win for for injured in our best to him brought to a 160 pounds now another repeat champion -- -- of Clarence high school all. Really dominating performance to win by Paul in in the first period in his final match over Brandon Whitaker at Jamestown. Again I can got a taste of it last year in Albany. The junior. So we went as a sophomore last year got himself a taste and Albany last year and I'm sure he's opened for. Bigger and better things this year with a top six finish and a and a spot on the podium I'm sure. At 170 again another Clarence dominating performance by Clarence kid like Jake Weber of -- high school just recently verbally committed. To wrestle at the university of Buffalo next year I. You know a good solid performance over Preston Smith the -- more east high school takes another kid who's a repeat sectional champ. A super hard worker great kid one that won the real staples in that -- program over the last several years and I know he's got. What are you choose an interesting story because you've got Jason erratic of Niagara wheat field high school Jason wrestled as an eighth grader in Niagara wheat field. Then didn't wrestle his freshman sophomore and junior years he chose to to not wrestle so that he could focus on football. Decided as a senior to come back and and finds himself for the sectional championship and a trip to Albany. On you know it is a pretty tough -- he had a real. We'll talk some I match against Chris Wells of star point who has been real solid all year and and took care of business there. And end in the finals over Ryan slugger of -- high school. A really neat story Jason is on you know the fact that he just decided to come back. And got and he's enjoyed a tremendous amount of success. Just a real solid athlete nothing flashy just goes out there and does his work quietly and out. You know lucky lucky for him that he'll he'll be. Extending his season by a couple weeks with a trip to Albany won 95195. James and field of Lancaster high school another repeat champion. On. Won the section last year won 95 repeat this year. Over Dillon do a lock pork. In the end -- James is is just another solid kid works real hard. On you know again maybe having the benefit of being there last year I would say he's in a tough weight class at the state tournament he's got. A lot of division one Taylor in his weight with some. The dissection to walk away from -- and and a whole lot another real solid -- out of section four from. Johnson City high school and then the third real strong competitor -- section fives spent support high school James is gonna have a handful but I think he's definitely capable of the top six finish in New York State. And again having been there last year it's it's a tremendous advantage for him has kept to 220 -- -- -- -- Marshall Taylor another repeat section six champion at the weight. March was the 220 champ last year and down you don't hit a pretty easy Canada in the finals with a fifteen Dolphin win over Garrett -- Hamburg high school. Marshall on. Marshall's been -- a little bit this year. But it's been out of section opponents by and large who have tested and we eat we will mark port have done things to. Kind of upgrade our schedule and challenged our our elite guys in Marshall certainly one of them. I don't marsh is hoping for big things he's got a tough challenge ahead of -- when we get to Albany. In net the other returning champ is coming back he's a Catholic school kid. From monsignor Farrell hi school down I believe on Staten Island I think Farrell's located and I can say this Richards says he is one of the most physically. Imposing high school kids I've ever seen but marshall's been very focused. He he works really hard he's one of those kids he lives in the weight room he's -- weight room guy won't practice and then after we practice Marshall go get -- work out in in the weight room. On you don't really hard worker. Explored some options next year potentially. You know we're hoping for maybe you be. I he's got some other options out there as well but I know marsh has got his eyes on a state championship and -- That's the report but he's willing to do it and he's willing to put in the extra work so hopefully good things will come at the -- class to 85 to 85 -- another. Another -- big mansion the finals it was closer to one victory. For Luke catalog all of lake shore high school over -- -- -- from Rockport high school all. Of one vs two match -- -- as the one seed. Can't -- the two seed one of the things that I think it's pretty impressive about Luke is that he's wrestled into 85 and I. Then yesterday he was 211 pounds so he's he's he's a very small heavyweight. But feels like his best chances in that weight on tries to use some quickness and athleticism their end up. And it's working this section six champion and will be going all mean a couple weeks so it. To rest have that choice as any long as they're under the certain weight you. Are allowed to -- one -- -- -- Luke as a by the way into eleven yesterday technically is a 220 pounder. Are but is allowed to move up and weight class if he chooses to do so and he collectively chose. To go to 85 and got it obviously worked form because he's section six -- US a coach do you advisor do you look at it do you look at their strengths fit or maybe decides it's safe while -- you know you're going to be going up against a stronger -- here do you really want to do this. I -- I think you know that I think you have to look at each kid individually because obviously making the jump in -- there's there's certainly the physical aspects on the kids are bigger. They're stronger they're more physically mature. But on. You know you look at them which also have to look at -- -- and what are his assets and where you have the best chance to be successful and it was a it was a good move I'd also. -- and -- and the -- short staffed in ensuring consultation with -- about where he wanted to go. And down. You know it worked out well -- but yet there's a lot of things you have to weigh when you decide to do that in in the end of the year kids sometimes you make a jump up -- -- In down I think a lot of it is dependent upon you know if there if there's one real dominant wrestler and it in a single way. Maybe you think about moving up to try and give yourself the best chance to win. When a sectional title. Are these are small schools are going on rate now who we expect to come out of this sort or just some -- Jonas I have to go to all the weight classes but. Who you see out coming on at that level you know that there's a there's a few -- one of the names and that probably the biggest name is the one that's not there. On another Rodriguez Spencer. Who is -- I'd state returning state champion undefeated wrestler from -- high -- all signed sealed and delivered. A letter of intent to Iowa State University is missing the post season with a knee injury. And -- Not that that's a shame because you know -- like -- say he was a state finalist as a sophomore. A state champion is a junior he was a national champion last year as a junior at the Virginia Beach nationals and they know it's got to be a tough decision for them. To decide to -- forego. The post season. But I think you know if he if he can't -- he can't go and it's a and in some ways it's a mature decision because you know not trying to it not try to bite off more than you can chew so to speak and make sure that your physically he's got a bright career ahead of him in college and I know he wants to feel good about it. On I know two time state champion was was something that he had a goal idiots up for herself but. You know physically if you're not right you're not right so I think that's the biggest story in the small schools is not so much who's there. But who's not. There but if you if you do look at a couple of waits on there are some returning champions there you let get weights like I believe 121 he is the spot where brand is yes. I've -- by Taylor from Maple Grove high school. Real solid kid state place finisher last year. Did a nice job there but you've also got drew -- Are from Liane there's two New York State -- -- 120 in in -- goalie and as the number one herb Tyler and I should take merit as the one in to see Derek Ryan hat trick -- 113 from southwestern high school is the state ranked wrestler. I he's a returning state -- Talent level and 126 pounder from Amherst high school place I wanna say third in the state last year. On has really really worked hard in traveled a lot. I know his family and his coaching staff they got very high aspirations for cal and I know that the state championship is. Is in their minds right now and got you know he. He probably won't be tested honestly in section six he should walk through the section six qualifier in the -- two weeks in Albany that he'll have his toughest test. You know 132 pounds on Austin -- -- is actually making a move Austin what's your record for the for his whole career. And as a senior his family moved into the pioneer school district so not only does Austin changed schools. But he also changes divisions from division one large school to -- division too small school. 32 was a good solid weight. It was Austin -- quiet and Cody McGregor. Again to returning state wraps Austin's been to the state tournament a couple times as a division one -- now trying to -- lose a division to wrap. B it has been there again Cody I wanna say placed in last year's state tournament. And comes from a family of -- the -- family from tunnel while the high school another DJ Marshall could be a dark horse in that way. Just the real tough physical kid. DJ is on a -- -- high school someone who we've seen a lot so. That that will be a tough way. That way it's going to be a battle won 32 so look for some tough match ups and air. At a 138 pounds Dakota Gardner from offered only a high school was a state finalist last year and I know I was looking further at the last. The last notch in the belt would be a state championship this year. So he's the guy I need to watch at 138 in the small schools 145 pounds in her shoulders who wrestled thirty. Most of the you know you talk about moving not right John whoever loses the coach Lewis -- high school or some other Renaldo was gonna miss the post season. You know it may be didn't want that match up between shoulders and gardener again. So we decided to move shoulders up -- -- 145 pounds this year a huge jump for in her into -- was a 113 -- this year. Move it up to 145 this year but that is big -- -- seems he seems to be handling things OK on he he's the favorite to win the section but no no I have some challenges this year. From Lucas McKiver blonde high school and Nate -- not a new -- arts and tough kids there but. You would think -- shoulders as the favorite there. At a 150 to -- right crawled there from Lewiston Porter high school returning steak place finisher. Has had a really really strong you Reese 45 and one this year was his only loss coming to a section five competitor was also a section five champ last year. Ryan's another kid who's committed to the university of Buffalo next year good solid local kid are hoping for big things. And a 160 pounds Alex Smyth another multi time state competitor from Eden high school. Alex is 36 and one this year has only lost I believe is to clamor. On earlier. During the season but tonight is another kid who's committed to the university of Buffalo and is expecting huge things in Albany and others think and state championship and nothing more than that. On you know you've got some some other strong competitors yet on. At 180 June. You look at kids like Joseph Saro from Akron high school all who's done very well on marquis Buchanan's been number one seed out of Dunkirk high school all. -- 195. Pounds you know again another weight that I think is kinda wide open here. With with names like Trevor Spicer from Bruce berg Jake and how well Faulkner. Tyler furlough lot of Panama. There's there's a budget a kids there who could come out of there. Odd to twenty. Probably looking at a final between Tyler hall of East Aurora and -- Cunningham a Salamanca two kids -- have had a pretty strong season. On and you know we'll see what happens there. And then at heavyweight. I think probably the kid you gotta look at as Eric -- hands from Al all the high school just a huge -- probably about 65. And has had a really strong year for all these 43 and one. Coming off a class tournament championship. But he is the number two seed David -- from Akron high school who's got a little bit little bit stronger point total is the number one seed. And -- so I mean a pretty competitive out there and took a seat again with a small schools and I just amazing the amount wrestlers that are involved in these tournaments and how you guys as coaches and organizers are able to put it all together. It's just mind boggling you know it and it's a collective operation between the this section six committee which I'm lucky enough to be a part of are led by Israel Martinez and Mike the Marbury our chairman. On we've got really good -- computer pairing people and fill your order and his son Jon was out there to help on. -- there was probably one of the best guys around he's a lot -- guy actually is kids. All came through -- our program and fills a big part of -- or wrestling. His family as well on the those viewed as one of the best guys around in terms of computer. Computer pairing in and operating a tournament he does a lot of college tournaments a lot of big time. On everybody kind of knows their -- and everybody keeps things blowing and keeps the action going smoothly. And -- so it's definitely a collective effort by everybody and you Tiepolo off. Without -- everybody it's not a one man show all by any stretch. Goes to all those involved. You guys get to you know throughout the season schedule. Matches against my senior -- schools a local we just kind two out obviously locally. You know kind of test where you guys are sections six. My senior -- it's it's a little bit challenging because A a couple of rustling schedules are based upon a point system every don't match you schedule is worth one point. Every tournament you wrestle and is worth two points. Why that we're allowed 22 points in our schedule on. A few years ago all in light of some of the financial crises that some of our districts were facing across the state. New York State caught our points to 21 from 22 to twenty there's so brilliant in New York State and -- and again that that the idea there is. By cutting contests. You're cutting expenses for officials and transportation and things like that so they did caught us. Which makes it more difficult mr. Russell Jones every year. We used to -- saint Joes on a regular basis when we had 22 points. Won the -- points. Unfortunately the rest some of those tools and down so -- we do you see the Catholic schools we see in the tournament. On a during the tournament is a little different from a double elimination individual tournament in net. You got when you wrestled pujols rather than rustling through brackets and individual weight classes. On UC Catholic schools at times there so we didn't see the monsignor Martin schools. At times but unfortunately we can't scheduled and is a regular -- a lot of cases. Because -- were sort of hamstrung by the points and -- the bases for example. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you wrestle your eight league duels there's eight points you're six tournaments which you're allowed there's the other twelve there's your twenty -- EC IC schools -- -- any non league duels. On and in the NFL. We've got room for one we have seven league duels that are mandatory. -- twelve tournament points leaves us one duel to Russell -- -- -- -- so it does make it a little bit difficult I'd love to see it go back to point two points. But unfortunately I don't think that's happened and any time so well. It -- if parents get involved stark -- get now politicians. Let's face it every politician wants to get his name in the paper on a positive note. This would be one -- -- to be able to restore its. Hurt I think it -- all sports because the last competition. As the last 28. Whose stats or whatever that the colleges get to look at. And you are being in New York State are at a disadvantage compared to the other states are definitely in and I -- you want your kids to get out and be visible and end and it's difficult if you if you can't get out and compete against some of those better schools I would agree with who Ohio who stepped out I mean just I'm sure you talk with. The monsignor -- guys who -- was Saint Francis won at this year I believe -- -- -- no -- and I wanna say on Long Island this weekend that's the other state qualifier and it's going out and doubt on Long Island as the Catholic school state qualifier. Saint Francis -- shares Saint Mary's saint Joe's all of our and then they schools that have that have wrestling programs are down there competing and it's the same thing if you win you're. Right down there. They teach you will qualify for the New York State tournament and got another. We're looking for some of those 170 pounder -- Jones out of saint Joe's has a real good chance I Saint Francis has got a couple of kids and Mike Miller -- 132 pounds. On is is one name that immediately jumps and in my mind as kid to -- hopefully have a good chance to go down in qualify as well and we'd love to see those kids do well. The same way we love to see our section six boys to do they eventually see each other that this. Privates in the end in the up publics and state find out a lot and I'll be okay all right see each other there and out. We have different uniforms on the stage was in Saint Francis kids and any other qualifiers from monsignor -- will be where in the Catholic colors which are red and black. The section six kids will be more in the section six colors black and orange. But not where RB Darren in the lobby kind of Poland for one another now how does the coaching determine. When you get to the the state finals let's say you know but -- kids get there and obviously they gonna have. Our coaching right strategy individual coach okay travels with them there's not a section coached so you know we'd watch sports got three qualifiers. I mean my staff will be there to coach our kids. Clarence the same way they've got their three qualifiers coached Jason his staff will be there so each kid brings their -- coach went that's outstanding. Well coach sticky so much for spending time with us this morning. You probably the only man on -- they can get through all of these weight classes -- they tell I had -- -- -- many have stepped bloody I'll order talk Wesley. -- you know people just they love it when you're able to come on here and apart your wisdom and just an amazing. The wealth of information that you have reflects a really appreciated Obama's well I love my kids and that allowed -- enable to combine and talk about a talk about what they're doing out there because. We're definitely doing some great things and really proud of our our kids at -- All of our kids and section 6 am really proud of they compete well and more importantly they carry themselves a lot of character and do things the right way and that's that's what's really important best of luck to all of those competing all of those movie not. Let's bring -- some state titles. -- but shows up next that they UP charges to a great job congratulations team USA had their victory checkers are FaceBook just it was searched for inside high school sports that we'll talk to you next week.