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2/16 Sabres' GM Tim Murray talks Amerks, trades

Feb 16, 2014|

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What is your team played overseas could be seen as infrequently it's -- that's. Probably one of the better teams in the league but. This -- you better -- the first twenty minutes obviously and every team goes through these things. Three games into an apt as would everyone talk that's that's the American Hockey League -- it's. Be ready to play and to play good teams Texas play quick game that play heavy game and that's who's gonna respond and who's gonna compete and lives here behind me here you know. Fresh -- in this thing but what's been your impression that you've seen the tape these guys will come down from all the games of this team -- would have been -- I think they've played pretty hurt a I think the young guys have a good role there and they were they -- -- -- given anything but. -- They get ice time and they get a cent according to how they play. I think we have a couple good veteran guys here that. Provide leadership and and good examples for our young kids so there -- a couple of guys that like to move forward here. Don't had a good run everything looked pretty good. It's -- it's it's a pretty good mix here kids and and and vets and maybe we just have to hope a little bit more spurs. Tell level. -- You're watching scouting this team for you probably do whatever but he had in terms of tools. You know prospects. But since you've been around part of your organization what you learned about. Make up some players get into the personalities like -- Passing as. Well I mean. Those guys you know what they're pretty transparent from the outside looking in Larson is there real competitive barter and you know he gives you everything he's got most nights and most chefs and I think we knew that about him when he was drafted by Minnesota. -- sick is a very Smart steady. Defense and that's. There's probably a little bit better than I thought the manager here I have to say that for sure maybe a little different that I thought. -- -- insane that I wanted to take big strides here and I don't want him to be happy being me safe. Puck moving defenseman I want him to. Expect more from self and and I don't mean that a negative I think he's playing well I just want to I want to. Be driven every shift to be more than he has and at the end of the day at the NHL level he still may end up being what he is but I just think that he. They seem push himself offensively push himself in the transition in little more and and I think they'll -- the skirt on your time and no I didn't but bill we're obviously but. So assuming he he doesn't mind either now or at the end of the year you feel like they have. The goalie of the future in the organization right now. We might I don't I haven't made that determination that we might we have. Couple good young goalies here. They're certainly. If one of them is the goalie of the future it's not the near future it's it's a little bit down the road I don't think either one liberated it. Obviously a step in start for the Buffalo Sabres soul. Police are different a different animal and different -- that takes time to figure out. You know which guy is that guy and they usually sorted out and takes a little more time than forwards and defenseman. But certainly both young guys here taken strides. They're -- Good size. Which are -- Beagle is. So I think that's. I have to see the team play a little more than I have to make that determination that would be the one position that. I'm a little. If you are not FBI all waffle on I don't -- very often but I'm gonna just leave that out there and let those guys decide who -- if that if it is and who it is. If -- if there -- some players moved Steve mammals and lose them whoever. Obviously that opened up some spots in the NHL roster he decided. He can move up. Guys -- veterans were here like Kevin porter's day or I can bring young played back on you did you decide and I yet. I'm leaning I believe a certain way I don't -- That's an internal thing obviously I don't wanna. I don't want who just completely got this team they're a playoff spot now. I I think that playoffs are extremely important heard developmentally for young players. I want a championship as a GM. -- a team I didn't have much to do it declares one but I was part of it in 2011 -- Binghamton so I think you can figure out which way am leaning as far as. The vets coming up further the kids coming up but I certainly don't want them. I don't wanna take all the kids from here and then kind of leave. They've the other kids in. Limbo here so I would like to see this team succeed this year. So we've been getting big pieces of equipment -- put your players. You went to draft -- should -- that's that we can use for sure. I mean nothing's changed. I'm all ears and and I think that says it can help -- organization get better down the road. We know it's not going to be an extremely quick fix so it's gonna take some time. And anything that's gonna help us in the future I'm going to listen to so that's. Mean. You know it sounds like picks or what we need but maybe it's 22 year old they can't. Can't find a spot in organization he's with -- and that may be a high -- to to get that -- so as long as it's. As long as it stays with the program of even better in the in the near future but. Not necessarily next year. He can be a player to be decks can be a young Serbia moved for better young player for future where were can be just -- You know we have to. You have to dance partners and and I can tell you what I wanna do but it'll be dictated by what other people wanted to obviously. Out of the trade talks than music on not a lot during the Olympic nothing nothing's been very quiet so. I'm assuming people talk. Holidays it's unique. The situation that you know there are a lot of veteran GMs of an adult and a lot longer and I haven't this is a time that maybe last week. It was a week off maybe and I didn't hear from anybody last week at all and I just think that it was it's. You can make a trade anyway but. I did get. Attacks from a guy today so -- GM today so I think now it'll start to. Get back on course before. You can actually be -- You -- me not to go on for you person. Yes and sent Ohio I don't get much enjoyment out of anything in life really -- console it yeah I mean how could you not enjoy it but no it sits. I I I love. What I do right soul. Just. Get in my truck and keep plugging away -- go from one destination the next and you know I was in the office and her on the the staff for the last three or four days going to game tonight and now I'm gonna hit the road a little bit move and do do that part of the job and I'm pretty pragmatic you just put your head down and then just keep going -- you see this team -- -- football game how many times this year. This is my second time points and I got here yet. -- you trying to personally you've. Top -- -- 400%. More than the top ten but we've got three seconds ago and that potentially 21 so. You don't do those seconds could become fifteenth nineteen so obviously -- helps you more than -- and just -- in the top thirty. You know just to taking your list though in looking at the top thirty and say you're gonna see those guys three times if you're gonna see 75 guys better on. Somebody's list soul. I've seen a lot of the guys. So far this year. Not. Multiple viewing -- but. You know I stayed out west of the prospect came and I caught. -- -- its goals and Brian hurts and all those guys two and three times and have a good schedule Ontario to catch Bennett bill -- and but those guys two or three times in weeks so. I'm on my way to. Pretending I know something can happen and as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as a business back here and that's what I'm at home saw I'll -- home to take calls for a couple days and I have. They mountains and yet know which is a good game for us on Wednesday and I think talks -- twice Kingston twice Barry again witness saw last Thursday. Thought it was just absolutely. It just good for five days. Little run and be back in the office Monday it couldn't -- giving back with the buffalo. Make it. A lot -- again against me I and I think afterwards yeah I think it's crucial. We had that kind of situation auto with a Binghamton. You know I. Her game you have an injury. They can play the same that is union have a guy and -- to be at the skate the next day. When you have to start using planes and the stuff like that to get players. That you need right away it's it's tough situations of mrs. This is to me is the greatest situation in the league. Besides being able to view your kids besides being able have a presence here which today. Trust me they've they pay attention to when you walk through the room before game. Just the availability of players besides besides everything else that goes with that so. I think it's an extended situation for sure I'm a big proponent of something like this.

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