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WGR550>Topics>>2/25 Luke Adam joins the Howard Simon Show

2/25 Luke Adam joins the Howard Simon Show

Feb 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But is not enough of that on the best quarterback in his draft and and I'm not gonna show up -- say there's obviously actions that help them back -- these words and an arm around his confident in myself amount -- capability is just to be out of place position. He's got a lot to improve on the best guy. As Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville one of the top quarterbacks. In the 2014. NFL draft now not all of them have thrown -- through with the combined on many of them of the top guys. Are going to throw at their respective pro days as Jeremy mentioned. Excuse me is Jeremy mentioned Joseph -- will join us at night we'll talk more about the com line. And dangerous third in the bills offseason 8030550. To join us 888552. -- fifty look at coming up in a moment Ryan Miller who knows what's happening with Brian -- Now maybe he won't be traded if Brian Lawton is correct in his tweets so we've been talking today about. You know. You're ceiling in your floor in terms of what -- except for Ryan Miller what's the dream package how how low would you go. What's the lowest deal you except for Ryan Miller which would you rather see receiver -- -- and it's our web ball. Trig Miller even if it's for less than ideal value or sign Miller to a huge contract voted WGR 550 dot com. Trade Miller 59% signed Miller 41%. You know also call us at eight -- -- 5588552. For a fifty we are joined by Luke -- from the Rochester Americans were talking about Rochester with Ted Nolan. Mark desecrate McNabb some of the guys that are staying down there. Rochester is won twelve of sixteen and having a tremendous season who got him as having a tremendous season as well. And he's with a straight out WTO look at tower and Jeremy good morning has gone. As I can't -- that actually. It is going to congratulations to UN and to the average on how things are going so far. I let's just talk about the team in general and then -- I'd like doctor about your game. Wins in twelve out of sixteen. What what's been the trip wire things are going so well in Rochester right now. -- you are or Larry or how to achieve moderate from our abilities. Have been slit front utterly -- important. Can't trust and defense and substantial talent and so -- -- -- -- a great job and got some firepower up front that has been on the job when you don't -- so. As did not been nice girl or on -- -- You know you look at the standings and not. And I think responds great place you're not a street -- not accusing it helps us when you -- so. And it's going to be tough but at the same time on the way our -- right now hopefully keep echoing a lot stretches -- here. You are part of the offensive fire power you have more points than you had last year. What's been the big difference for you in terms of the offensive side of your game this season. Pretty much just a fresh start. Come and Sudan. I'm just looking at this year end folks in one unit talks being -- I'm only history back in control on not so much. Come out of my control and I had a good start up. Had a good start this year focusing. Folks like that and pat taking awards show that -- one game at a time. I know it's continued so. Oakley. You know that try try again here so I don't think you can in -- only continue my personal success that. -- its ultimate goal ultimately -- -- games. In terms of that focus my guess is you're talking about may be in the past you get caught up with. Where -- why haven't they called me opera you're up they send down why this semi back down. How -- even if if I'm correct Luke how have you been able to block all that stuff out and just focus data -- is that just. Maturity as you get older that just comes to yeah. Yeah I think I think that's definitely lawmakers Manchurian. You know just got finally realizing not. In case. Myself tumor about you know it might take all of -- -- Why is this player called up army a year ago whatever it may -- that it does no good so. Guys that stepped out sometime again finally coming next year carry it. You know what they're really thinking about that the -- whatsoever agreeing a year and betterment so close open. You know -- and sent -- -- just a shame -- and managed to you know focus on the team here. Vote on Rochester Americans enough not oaks too much at all on the Buffalo Sabres -- not. But it didn't matter coming in unite and support attitude so. It's nice to have some -- patient there's a situation and then -- get some new opinions and not that that's been great as well. Then I would that was going to be my my follow up question with you Luke. The new management. What are they what are they saying that's different how you mention it's like -- you know someone I guess like a breath of fresh air for you. But not just Cuban may be in general for guys that are in Rochester what are they saying the new management the new regime that's making the difference to. You know ever since they first came and not nowadays they sent whoever is -- -- -- -- -- not all of them. Earn their right to glut of course and it -- aren't. That I think that's -- getting here from a lot of different guys from guys that have been called out or not. Think -- you know that they like you're not that fact that. They're not exist. Do you call operating on the call out so that's definitely brought fresh spirit. Can't -- personal knowledge. Coming your management. Not sometimes let go until they -- and I Hammond. Because. Turned pro at 2010. Talent it's nice to hear you know Ted and and champion noted and immediately younger guy and managed it's I'm so twenty years old and -- start volcano that they are getting better each and every you know we can't count each -- -- calendars and there's no Clinton -- play. You know part of me unit cannot -- -- above most areas are fighting NHL on. Just strategy -- on how my game so once they get there a term goal that I can help -- -- hockey games. New -- -- from Iraq Americans don't take this personally I don't mean it as an offensive remark but I think you know it's funny you said Toni TO. I hear your name -- I think he's got to be like 4526. Right now right you've been around for awhile. I'm and that that Scott thought oh especially at your I -- -- -- I handle guys and they -- just. Top story and then like not the new management team and NATO base duties while you're still young guys and counties still development Dylan. Don't think most players are at their allotment of six iron seven cents. You know I guess. That -- a breath of fresh air but at the same time it goes by -- I -- not that might work -- pronoun. You know -- villagers have gone by quick so. You don't take time -- NN dot. No it's not not he's coming here so hot in August and working towards. -- know another opportunity and a year and certain of that opportunity. Well let's say when asked about that you a moment ago you talked about the new regime in the idea that you know whoever's -- wells get called up. But right now Luke and I don't know you guys that have a big problem that seems like it's going in the other direction they're trying to keep. Guys down there are so you can win has -- is down there McNabb goes back Porter goes back -- goes back restore lane in his send down. So I guess I'm I'm asking how do you balance out you wanna get that call up everybody wants to be here but it seems like the sabres are saying hey guys. You all of you stayed together in Rochester win and it'll help everybody's development. -- out that they want they had that they have been stretching it. No -- contagious and you know and they are not all but certain players playing together and no winning championships up. More extra court and it -- that's -- I'm actually meant a lot until. Not a lot of great time here and not to change -- -- and it cost us integrate Java. You know let yourself think there's many guys they're worried about getting caught up -- Whatever that may you have peace so. In court August aren't as Americans we we culture coming out tomorrow and context current series right now oh lead -- you went up -- -- are under and a. I look we. I think just routed to the hockey stuff where it was just have a big lie we just wanted to get John to talk about tigers and find out how the team's gonna survive without Prince Fielder. Not sure I don't think. -- I'm not there yet -- and -- That your lineup connect and it is good Islam might result in any thought Taguchi and so. Did it I like -- pick -- and ironically in trenches. Not these people here have felt. I think are going to be okay and pick up a finally pick up the closer that. Now and joining and I can hold Kansas. And democratic pressure provoked this. Have you ever been to Detroit -- to Comerica. And find out my grandparents my dad grew up in Ontario so. But I have a candidate try retired and we always go Irish aren't here you can't audited. Well it's yeah I had I might I made my first trip to Comerica had been don't hold old Tiger Stadium. But I got to Comerica last summer what a beautiful park great place to watch a game. That is it's amazing. Cup this year the old stadium on. You know Irish star member of the first catalog and Comerica bank in town Nicholas. Yeah -- congratulations are glad things are going pretty well personally and for the for the team too and thanks for common knowledge that they keep up the good work. Appreciate it thanks -- gets. Thank you look at what is here from the Rochester Americans a joining us on WG RP judge ruled the label put that into your on demand it's funny I said when he said he was twenty till. I kind of stopped and I I've I abs I was not line into my does -- team feels like he's been around for like five years and that would have put that around 2526. Years old and I agree with what he was.