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WGR550>Topics>>2/25 Sabres GM Tim Murray talks Olympics and the trade deadline

2/25 Sabres GM Tim Murray talks Olympics and the trade deadline

Feb 25, 2014|

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    is money afternoon so will be seeing some action. How much from Tim Murray well obviously we'll find out over the course of the next two days. So pride of Paul here are pat now Karl is on his way to the sabres dressing room and we'll get reaction there. Coming your way just a little bit later on on our Paul William belts posting she'll beyond Saber interviews from the locker room. We will hear Ted Nolan press conference from Florida. While we'll get a couple thoughts from pat on the game run you through all the highlights key
    wanna up pick his brain on the upcoming trade deadline hearing what Tim Murray may do again the number 803055803055488. By fifty to 550. One game of no. Not to a steel Pete's full scoreboard here
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    are our building on playing a little bit better and here comes trade deadline and could dolby. Ripped apart I mean. I mean there are you were waiting all season for this to happen it's starting capital now. When you're gonna happen to work out of control and it's part of the business and it's just it's coming home just it's easier to accountants. You mentioned and no anticipation Samie Parker game is that one of the things may be lately that guys are getting back to playing. Painting their strengths that and then now comes together. Know for sure Micah. We've been a victim of sit on our heels too much assured him hemmed in our zone and when we are making plays and you know rolling four lines and and get more chances I think god you know he's more content more confident your game and we'll take the chances and and get injured it's it's paying off so they got Reynolds good separate direction of Elizabeth went for us. Chris Stewart on the coast and Brian back to you.
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    fans' memory in that building it was a good one Torrey Mitchell Chris Stewart were two of the best tonight. Yeah you may have to stay home game it could be the last game that retreat in twenty minutes who knows I mean. I don't remember at the guard marine air ground and trade I I was called about that a quarter 1 in the morning because they had to wait for the West Coast team and and before they would announce the trade so hot. I'm really ready for anything it could happen at any time and whatever so. But you're right then it's kind of a shame for sabre fans because the last couple games that team is played better. They're starting not to you know do the third period panic. Especially
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    are too much so that's. Credits three of us skin parts. The neutral zone and they're gonna get on the offensive zone thinks. We created things and you know little profit on four track and created.

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Us greatly hurt you did it. So what can you tell us to him about -- added as far as trade deadline goes and then what are -- what what are your thoughts are going into the -- Very quiet. Quieter than time. I guess maybe was expecting I thought that. When everybody went back from Sochi that. To be a lot of calls but I guess you guys go back yesterday and maybe it is still jet -- we've got a couple playing tonight so it. Get a couple more days they just. Got I mean. Do your preparation and we've had a good. -- -- Europe. -- our own players and making sure we have them rated properly. So. You know the guys that -- -- any team that I've been -- we like our players more than other teams and I think probably with me coming and maybe like them. Not quite as much or government not not like -- in our numbers as the -- I think we've got a good numbers for them we think we have -- Lots of value here. Now we can get value for them is another question. Street. Actively in all I'm I'm listening. And mean and we know you guys know the -- -- That have interest on certain players and I've talked to those GM's before it Scioscia obviously and I've talked to a couple. A couple that have interest in different players. So I've talked to us probably seven very GM's then that would entail probably. Ten to twelve players soul. There has been quick talks today just. But we still the same page we'll talk again later in the week that the thing we error and so there has been talk but there's been no specifics. Right the most sought after. Play he didn't have brought him up. The most sought after that. That's that's hard to say I mean there're there are teams that certainly have told me they have a need farm there's no question but in saying that. There's been a lot of teams that. Expressed interest in other players. Steve -- obviously being one that has. As. Generated. A larger interests all I I don't know how you. You know quantify. Which -- Expressed the most interest in which players but. There's an interest in a lot of players. I don't like OK okay. It is. As I mean Steve -- type of player that I've. Look for for 21 years right in the head -- and that the type of person that type of player of the me. Plays again in the way conducts himself. That's that's not the type of player that I I want to trade away that's the type of players I wanna bring and unfortunately. When I got here it was. You know he's got his agent he's he's the unrestricted free agents all. He has every right to. Where -- straighter not the end of the year two. Pursue other opportunities or to see just. How much other teams when they say they want them to know that how much that. Translated -- dollars spent or whatever solvent I mean all -- That's not the type guy that I. In the past have been involved with trying to. Get rid of its type of player that we've been trying to bring into the team's argument and we're not a playoff teams that changes that dynamic obviously to. In regards in in regards your unrestricted free agents do you anticipate to wait. Until after march 5 to determine whether we don't have to see if there's still on the roster determine whether the guys. -- that and it resigning them before us open talked before them yes. And the option on him resign or is that a realistic option with a chance you think and it is not beside them. Deal. I'm not seen. I mean it's realistic but it's not it's not the route that we're -- that right now. There were lucky that is due to get value for him. To put him in a position to him to succeed as. Hard you wind described here in all the years he's been here is a good soldier whatever and I think I've said this before if you look at the teams let him but in the past -- we've done that we've. Players have. That treat your right have have. Played well and hard for you over the years you and you try to do what's best for them do as long as it fits into what you're doing and by trading -- to a contender. And a good team that maybe is lacking only his position I think that we. Certainly not done a disservice to him and and we've helped the organization. In our own rights all. Our goal right now I think I'm on both sides as to pursue. Proper treatment time. No interest I don't know if he has no interest. I know what's. I know what I think. It is. First -- would be and I I don't I don't think signing here is first twice his age where were not worth thirtieth place team. But I wouldn't say he's got no interest no. Wolf I mean ideally ideally. A perfect world if teams would give me two real good young players that are two years or so another development that would be outstanding. But I don't think teams are gonna bend over backwards to make life easier for us all. That's going to be the determination -- made done what the best deal -- offered if it's traffic's -- tonight we'll turn that men do in the process but players. But ideally young players that are a little bit along in the development would be great. Okay. Art -- here it's. All because I think he. That no trade is there's a few teams that are obvious and they're not their government pursue him anyway as far as where there is an insult. I think there's enough I think there're enough. -- really good teams. Teams that consider themselves contenders. That are that are kicking around the idea of trading for a goalie so I think that I think there's a possibility that. With more talks something concrete. It's. Doctor gee am yesterday that -- activities. That your log -- -- than a minute every second as and that pretty well describes personally involved but it's like. There's. That said there's a thousand -- -- hearts and and you're talking about disrupting. Some found in his life and we've I mean I haven't talked about it but I know every time I want to ask her. You know they've read about this -- team that's your -- jobs. And you know I am I take no pleasure knowing that I went -- -- And a wife that aspect and leave if they do but. You know that's what we all signed up for. That's just the nature of to. Close. You guys here adjectives I don't know why we weird weird weird guys that we have discussed with the whole -- long it. Coming into the playoffs it's. Ryan might be in the final yeah. You gotta be inside to know that you gotta be inside their room I know that I know that we've had more than two teams calls bottom I don't know if they're kicking tires are -- serious but. There has been interest from. For more than two teams less than ten to install. They all serious I don't know about again tonight.