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2/28 Darren Dreger on WGR

Feb 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steroids should we have we been talking sabres trade rumors forever it seems and we'll continue right up to the deadline we're joined right now by -- trader from TS and and with a new name to throw onto the trade rumor discussion piled Daryn it's Howard Jeremy first all good morning and thank you for coming -- So he gave us up and fresh today so thank you for that Tyler Myers for those that are just toning it tuning in rather Daryn is reporting that the the sabres are getting interest from Tyler Myers. I will allow you to tell the story what are you hearing about buffalo and Tyler Myers at this point. Well first of all thank you for keeping it in context because that's exactly how it needs to be present -- its not like Jim Murray. As it has put out -- -- like disclaimer that Tyler -- absolutely 100% is on the trade block that is in the case but. You'll hear breaking a whole renovation which -- know the sabres are. I think you have to consider every single option and not just the obvious ones like Ryan Miller Molson horse do you -- down the list there are -- Myers is a hot commodity. But he is equally valuable to the Buffalo Sabres again in this rebuild they're not just simply going to give this young man away. They still leaving his development and his future its future is very bright with buffalo. But in saying that when you are rebuilding you have to consider every option. And so Tim Murray would consider trading Tyler Myers I know that he's receiving economy interest. But also -- qualifying test. But it would take an absolutely mask so Popper for Tim Curry to move kind of Myers but. In in saying that I think apple look around National Hockey League and and see. Weird the needs are and and you know traditionally. You know what's the biggest. The piece that certain teams are looking for and -- top in defense and certainly fits into that category you can argue Myers is out at this stage of his career. I think many see the potential and likely willing to take that chance and I look at. And I'm looking for -- right shot -- assessment how hot Colorado definitely looking for a top to top three guy. Yet the daughters have been searching for a defenseman seemingly all season long perhaps as. Far back as the draft and that probably police are are also looking for a top four guy so yelled they're fourteen and they know that chairman anymore. Now actually a Christian prayer that doesn't mean that these teams are are willing to to pay the price that we don't -- is going to have to get to make that trade. We often ask what the price might before Ryan Miller or ST about what would you say it might be for Tyler -- mean the well the caliber of player cal is -- -- looking for a player in return and that it's not gonna be it a deadline dump off. -- all the -- not going to be a dump off you know this is going to be a collection process exist if there's a deal that it successfully we're talking about. You're young roster player you're talking about prospect involved in that deal you're probably -- go to draft pick to go along with -- -- salt. You know it is going to be prohibitive stakes. But. -- no dummy any surrounded by good people of buffalo as well and they're not blind to the potential that they see it in Tyler Myers yet. You know there have been Times Square. You know it looked like you digress door baby he's plateaued at a very young age for many of the contract is so prohibitive as well. But now it real difficult. You know cease and to acquire. Defenseman with as much potential pattern Myers has -- in the insane all. You know again. And they'll be -- -- -- so they know that happened to date and that's going to amplify. Between Colin and next Wednesday. But to get that deal done somebody's gonna pay dearly. Darren trigger -- in TSA and -- you mentioned -- names you know Edmonton Anaheim Colorado Toronto Edmonton certainly has some very good young talent. Are you know teams are not willing to give up those young players course some of those young guys the young if they move the Tyler Myers who are you guys hearing any young names that would be available to birdie of the day said if you move Miller for example he be looking for a really good young player couple kids. Like two years or so into their development. Who -- there in that ilk if they moved a guy like Myers. Yeah I -- and that's where it gets really complicated because you can look at you know each of the teams that I mentioned of their depth chart organizationally and probably come up with two or three that Tim Curry would likely get a hold of I'll put that not reality from from the team's perspective I -- -- I look at say Colorado. I'm probably looking at O'Reilly. That negotiation and all you know is is really a non negotiation. Right now he doubled while -- all O'Reilly. You don't sakic is going to have a difficult got stepped. They keep it moving forward especially if he's he's going to want six point five million but you know he's such a respected player. What is necessary it is the wonders YouTube most think he's at number two could he be part of something I suspected that would be asked. It gives the draw -- it's not and got great name is attached every day orgy -- name is attached every. You know -- yet -- -- -- here at some point pregnant got -- He's going to have to to attack his core and if he's not going to get these players. You know without. Moving that gave the ball or Jordan Everly and not going to acquire kind of Myers is simply -- expand got players like your comfortable little. So again when it comes to making a deal like -- that's where it gets difficult. Fighting the trade partner that is willing to park -- the necessary pieces -- for a player that has great potential legal Myers does. -- drinker here from TS and I'll run the other names by a real quick there but I was curious you know we're we're all wondering here what is the plan like everybody is available we know that yeah. What do you have any idea order -- people around the league anybody suggesting what they think Tim -- plan actually is going to be. Well Heidi you know I think his plan is it going to be traditional in terms of how do you rebuild. -- from the ground up and it's it's a -- cops don't get me wrong. -- to wanna do it with wood -- compatible players first NHL players and I'm not as young prospects and and and guys who were just kind of finding their legs in the NHL that the difficult challenges is managing that bland. And making sure that the prospects that your acquiring any media earlier making our players do you deny their -- into something else via trade. Or that you all are are going to be worthy of a longer term look within your own organizations so. I don't I don't think that that's gonna change and -- -- is save your old rhetoric here when it comes to this type of thing working closely with Brian hurt for so many years in an awful lot. Even the collection of prospect said he likely going to require. In the days ahead. And dealers obviously -- dropped horrible thing dropped war. You know turning those picks into something more tangible. That helped the Buffalo Sabres as early as next cease and others. There's a lot more freedom and flexibility. In the summer because managers and owners don't feel. -- -- the pressure of playing in season and all that and you know these type deals. Seem to happen more openly on the drop or -- when it comes to rebuild. You know there is no magic formula that. Gupta you like guys and you can see it every single day. Murray is faced with a massive challenge here because he's sold many pieces. That he can probably wants to move out. But the clock is ticking and end at some point. The asking price war -- players that are openly out during the market. Is going to have to drop because he can't be left with a collection of assets -- players that are able to lock -- need to get returned from all of -- standing restricted free -- What kind of out well first off are you a 100% convinced -- Ryan Miller is moved at some point and where what kind of returned to be talking about with him at this point. Well I'm not 100%. Convinced because unfortunately for buffalo led to a degree Ryan Miller. The goaltending market is soft this year process soft. As we've you've we've seen that and in recent history and you know as much as there's a blows around buffalo because he is still comfortably among the elite in NHL goaltenders. There isn't really a -- -- bios you know there's little auction that seems to be developing I'm sure there's interest. -- people connect Miller baht float to the Washington Capitals. I'm not buying not entirely I guess not I think that -- capitals are. Are comfortable -- writing what they -- at least until the end of this season and then going to a reevaluation. You know the saint Louis blues that makes a lot of sense to meet only because you're the -- are obviously Stanley Cup contender and there -- some. Maybe not Doug Armstrong -- Ken Hitchcock but there are some that are entirely convinced that what they have in Saint Louis. Is good enough to win the Stanley Cup but -- we could -- that a book or proper to the Chicago Blackhawks and properly defined job and helping a -- web. Of Minnesota is is obviously. Another contender for Ryan Miller and ensure their water to others -- may -- haven't -- the last. But because Miller kind of hold the cards with a no trade. You know it's it's it's it's not as obvious -- say let the need to goalie because. I think we're all comfortable in saying that Ryan Miller isn't likely to leave to go to the Oilers so it's a complicated one and it's it's it's it's a scenario that doesn't include. An -- number of teams I think that there are a couple and maybe that's about it. Before I am I gonna close with Molson and not -- to get to talk to them before I do. I should probably ask this you brought up Myers. Other any other names are being brought up that you know not the pending US phase of their other sabres -- hearing air hop seems to be out there right now to. The ire up is definitely out there. You know it's probably easier I think Gartner Gergen and is probably the only player. Roster player that that memory is -- the deal you know aside from not. -- has Diop and and he's making sure that. You know he's talking every general manager of the group that are at any level of interest and any number of his players and oftentimes. You know manager will call and say well. -- what would it take to get this player. And you know very quickly he's scared off like you know EE easily deflected to another player that he didn't realize was available at the place. That is being -- or you know. Maybe there's something else a package that you can make for you know water -- or three other players involved in the process so. Yeah I think that that's exactly where Jim Murray is right now again because of what he got to do. In in rebuilding the Buffalo Sabres. Yeah he can't really say no to anything when it comes to -- call English with some certain interest. So my final question then would be what kind of an -- interest are they getting on Molson and opt. Well they're they're getting considerable interest in both the way I killed at the Los Angeles Kings. Little up yet not also they would -- it in order of preference it would be Molson. It would be Marion GAAP -- that actually -- certain -- in some way shape or form. And -- like cattle Larry to -- planes if the issue is even with the rental players. Again expect greater return it is off the charts according to the buyers soul to -- that market sock them. A lot sent to look this is willing to. This stand pat and I would say the same number of Steve pot right again their Western Conference interest in Steve -- and nobody'll be surprised to hear me say that. But the acting price according to one Western Conference general manager is the first round prospects and a top prospect. People ought to character guy you know all the hockey player but that is too much today for a player who -- -- not convinced you're going to be able to resign. Well I'd be awesome they pulled off a Darren thank you very much who really appreciate taking time to demolish this morning and really enjoyed having you on the show what the information. Are -- -- thank you -- -- -- be a busy guy you can follow Darren on a wealth worst read his work -- TSN's website and you could.

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