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2/28 Jeremy Rutherford of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Feb 28, 2014|

Blues beat writer Jeremy Rutherford says STL's interest in Ryan Miller is "100% legitimate."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It might show yeah. Don't push me because I'm close to the -- on trying not to lose my head wrapped this pioneering grand master -- -- I made the change from a common -- -- close and personal with Robin -- -- this notorious guy had no bulldogs can you go blue. Ooh and awe when I jump in my car people treat me like my children the bulldogs never let me slip because if I slip then I'm -- but it's not. WGR. -- -- along for the ride for us it's been along for the ride with us live from the sabres storage site for snipers that are. Sabres and sharks coming up at 7 o'clock tonight pregame gets going at six -- GM Jim Currie coming your way in about a half an hour joining us right now. -- Saint Louis perspective on all of -- Miller trade talk is Jeremy Rutherford -- writer for the Saint Louis post dispatch as well as Saint Louis today. Dot com Jeremy good afternoon picnic at the time I'm Chris nice talk -- -- A -- -- the dark -- how on how real. It is the lose interest in Ryan Miller's you know. Yeah I think it's a 100% legitimate I think this is gone back to. Left off season they had some interest and I know with Foleo transitioning. In the buffalo front office so that probably got put on hold for a little bit and then also as we -- -- I think you don't heat up until the trade deadline until things get real. But I think as we get closer to that march 5 deadline I think the blues interest Israel they have a goaltending situation. That they're not. Not happy where -- Yugoslav Clark has put up some pretty good numbers. I just a couple years ago assured the Jennings trophy with the Brian Elliott but I just think that they feel. It's a guy like Ryan Miller is available. Why not try -- to go out terms that are gonna check on the price which they've been doing for months now. Embassy chicken polish off before the deadline. Just like. Price do you think the blues would be willing to pay industry. Well at the situation for the blues that I think is a little bit complicated because. Ryan -- price tag the six point 25 million cap hit. -- -- -- luck -- just hypothetically say that you were involved in the trade he's at three point seven fives you can't just send -- Arafat a lock. And some draft picks or prospects that don't make any money the blues are gonna have to send more salary back. To make this the steel work and get them under the cap so names like Chris Stewart and like Patrick -- and had been mentioned from the Saint Louis and Chris stirred the players scored 28 goals twice. In this league but he's been inconsistent here as a fifteen this year and -- seems to get hot and stretches and then disappear for stretches so even name. But I know has been speculated being on the market that Patrick Berger and I and over the player would probably wouldn't wanna give up. But maybe without Q if it's the right place came along for Ryan Miller so I just want to emphasize that this is an. A typical. Rental situation where they can just get -- -- sending us some great draft picks Greg props like to -- an exchange. Right that the seller part of it is a real thing. But the sabres could keep some of the salary to give them a little literally they've got room to do that with one more guided that would pop -- -- and it in my understanding uses -- -- -- opportunity to do that at any given time so maybe that could wash it out to. How about Stewart Burton like where they had in their careers out for our priority actually. And who are back from there with those guys how old player. Is Stuart and -- Yet there in their mid twenties and stir to player he's on his second team that didn't work out for him in Colorado he came to Saint Louis and really burst onto the CNET and most. Terrific but he's been here a couple of years now -- led the team in scoring last year. Which they can bolster. But this year again -- analysts say earlier is just up and down EP scored a lot of his points or not nine or ten game stretch and then. You know -- you might not to hear from again for at ten or fifteen games so I think that's been the knock on him here at Saint Louis. And -- you know there were so much hype when he got to sailors Kuester deputies the big calls Swedish. Center I think paltry envisioned 9300 points for the Patrick -- but he just not that type of player. He -- really determine who can play well defensively and and he can put up you know relatively. A good point but I just don't think you're gonna see the player that that many envisioned so he's another guy present at mid -- then he has signed a one year cannot prove it contract. -- this year so he'll be restricted after the season Stewart. By the way has one more year four point one million after this year. Talking with Jeremy Robert Byrd beat writer covering the -- the Saint Louis post dispatch as well as it was today. Dot com do you think if the blues sort of make this trade that. It would be required for -- and that they can extend Miller right away that they wanna have Bryant Miller on their team for the next you know 45 years. Yeah I think so and I think that's the other part of this equation for the blues if they know that they have Ryan Miller. -- and he can be the starter for the next however many years to -- Then I think they're willing to give up more and I know that makes sense but here's the situation you're also -- and -- -- Other contracts expire after the year and the blues have a tremendous prospects. Jake -- is going to be a big club next year. And it's a situation where they could get Ryan Miller. And they know that they have him moving forward in the -- -- to be the backup that would probably be an ideal situation. A -- of those -- so without concrete knowledge you know from the team tell me that I just think that. They would. Ten -- to give up more if they -- they can -- that situation -- moving forward. You know one of my favorite parts -- to consider about -- Jeremy and I I don't know how many markets. In in North America outside Canada -- as you say in the United States spent much time talking about hockey as we do one national. But -- her -- we've been talking about this -- trade idea for ages now. And the blues in all of this. Are are such an interesting. Actor because it if they wanted to commit to him and Miller wants to really win. Like I don't know there's a better match out there you know -- Everyone talks about wanted to -- free agency but. I don't know that the pool of teams interested in -- six or seven million dollar goal he would be much deeper than it is right now. -- July columns and the opportunity to contend for the Beckett get his career. Is just obvious sitting there atlas. Chris I think you hit the nail on the head and you know there's sometimes were you know things makes so much sense that you try to step back -- and see him and I -- at -- this incorrectly and -- just look at it this way. Buffalo went straight Ryan Miller he would obviously like to go to winners you know thirty streets. Years old the blues there have been building for the last three or four years to get to that point they have a team that's at the top of the standings and now they're gonna -- aren't and I. I and there are 12 in the NHL standings. And they have a you know quote unquote meat in goal and you know I don't wanna go on and on about. Situation to buffalo fans about the blues goalie with a -- just I don't think they trust him as. Number one playoff goal even though he really hasn't had a chance to prove himself and that capacity I think -- Doug Armstrong. Always looks to see if there's a way that he can make this team better he brought in Brenden Morrow at the beginning of the seat in the kind of waited until. -- free agency that you -- search -- rather trade deadline to try to bring in Brenden -- but he's always try to do that and the -- thanks Ryan Miller is a better fit for this club. The yacht -- Iraqis didn't do it and for Miller then. I really don't see why it would be an attractive destination. Yeah I mean you know we always thought like you know adding it up on the very surface level like -- -- and up in California but I don't know how realistic. California is -- landing spot. For him eventually so La -- been a little rumbling around here about Anaheim lately so Woolsey on that. -- you mentioned -- You mentioned there's not having faith in a -- or or Elliott Elliott played last year correct we've our -- in the playoffs against LA was a -- injured and I don't remember what happened there. Yes situation was that -- had the groin injury about a month left in the regular season and missed that the for the unity of the season but -- it was so hot that the just stuck with him in the first but I think. -- And that was that was a series of one goal losses for a row after winning the first two games how much. Are the fans. Really feel like this is the one part of that team that needs to be addressed. I think the two biggest thing it's a true and then quite amazing I think because. They won the Jennings trophy a couple of years ago -- with a torture for goalies all around coming out of the -- open and just -- straight to it. And then this year. Elliott and a lot can they actually put up pretty decent numbers to save percentage is. Probably in the middle -- leaks so you know that doesn't look -- sparkling but they've they've played pretty well you know I have to say. But it's just been missed some major question mark they are second in the league. In goal scoring a 2.2 six per game. And they have one of the league's best defense led by the team Canada do look -- -- and out -- looks the same with a locker mentioned that earlier in the choker assists. -- has had chance to prove himself in the playoffs I think from his perspective. He would like that chance with this team a couple of years ago he was in the collision with Barrett Jackman in the first round and missed the wrestler playoff. And then last year that they just didn't put a man because I know it was plants so hot so he hasn't had a chance. But I just think from what people see from him the regular season the numbers aside you know we're talking about a soft goal here lost the confidence here I think that's where that. Ryan Miller but it is an attractive option. Spending some time which -- rather per covers the -- for the Saint Louis post dispatch as well as Saint Louis today dot com how good. All move like this be received inside the room. Al Miller is a star if not a superstar in the league but the blues have been very good for. The better part of two seasons now with the tandem of -- and a lock in goal. Do you think there's a risk of kind of unsettling but grew by making a dramatic move over over the scope. We got Ryan Miller on our team giddy up. It's a -- question I think the way you finished that there we've got Ryan Miller let's move on as what would win at the end of the day. You're also have a -- I think over the years has endeared himself to the situation here in Saint -- a little more but you know just the 52 background. He was worshipped in Montreal after that play up front and then when they decided to keep Carey Price and -- Yugoslav -- I think it took a couple. Ears really -- Yugoslav -- locked turning it over situation realise he was in Saint Louis team that was -- still building and then now I find themselves in the situation where the team has. Really good and they're looking for a better options so you know. Gusts up a -- -- liked by his teammates. But I think if you can have Ryan Miller. You know the saudis US guys packets Chad -- -- pictures of you know their money right with the Miller at the Olympics I think he's a guy who they've developed a year relationship -- -- These guys always come when asked about this situation and if we can make the team better. Let's do and I think maybe some think that there Ryan Miller could be likened it helps. -- talked about. Guys on the NHL roster that could be available from a falsely promote salary motivated standpoint in Portland and Stewart. How about how about kids is. I don't see how I really don't he the second round draft pick from several years ago and he's really really put his time in an American Hockey League and he's just -- -- -- task appears troopers American League affiliate. So I don't see there's any way shape or form that they include and that deal and really to me there's really only two untouchables. Jake Allen and the -- that's here on the roster without playing a few games here Larry is that Dmitry Ashton. He indicates you a group in the -- Russian. He's really a big body in great. Puck protection skills and and I don't think so -- and that your talking about -- that the blues. Might move in terms of solid prospects are looking -- -- name like that I ready he would then scored had a pretty good clip for the Chicago Bulls in the American Hockey League it was a big time goal scorer. In the western hockey league in junior hockey some other names -- -- -- senators defenseman who's really become an -- -- American electorate rubble. Up for the -- but he's still a little bit lost so those are probably some of the top names that the blues don't give up. So at the end of all this and I thank you so much for all this time derby victory -- -- -- -- Saint Louis perspective on this and you are you're filling in the blanks here. In a tremendous fashion force. What's a realistic package that a sabres fan right Arthur curry now could expect if the blues sabres pulled the trigger on the right. Well I think it's big could that know that they had Ryan Miller moving forward and obviously that as possible. I think -- look at our. The situation where the blues are sending a lot because you don't want Ryan Miller and lockyer you know not like in action in the cap it just doesn't make sense -- -- to -- here. So I think you're looking at. -- -- I think in a perfect world. You know the blues would probably like to give up Chris Stewart buffalo would probably like Patrick -- went after looking at somebody is gonna cover rest of that salary. And then I think first round draft pick. You know and would be any different than a prospect as well. I don't know what seems like it's some point the price is gonna get pretty deep -- clearly -- -- costs prospects certainty roster players. But I guess it just all depends on what the demand is for Ryan Miller and and I know that. You know you -- Washington and Minnesota you've heard those teams you just mentioned the -- -- and -- you know how many teams actually. Anti up when it comes close to deadline I think the blues. Do have the resources that are not charged in pretty shrewd. Oh assured customers over the past cup Beers were making these deals are. If he thinks that a lot can get entered the playoffs this year in that they had a chance to star in Ryan Miller. In the off season and I think I would put it past and that's to wait on that plan as well that's -- I know that if he's available now they want them as they get -- interest playoffs. Right I guess that the final part of that lake called big hold this to roster players put it -- team. You don't like a team that wants to win the cup how important are Stewart both wonder what's going on there right now. Well yeah and obviously they wouldn't give up both of those guys would be in either -- graduation and I don't mean to -- it just it to those two there's obviously -- those are just two -- that that pop up. But yet I mean at the -- lost Chris dirt he he would create a hole for this team Dmitry western. The prospect that talk about feel that you know perhaps he's not ready to do that's so that's why I think this is all intriguing it makes. As much sense that you can imagine. For the blues to make this deal and probably buffalo to. But then how much is too much and I think that's where Doug our -- -- trying to look to draw a line because you don't want to you know create a hole by filling -- hole. Well it sure sounds from this and await him Murray has been speaking I would back your pay attention to it for -- Folks who are following you with Saint Louis and following this potential trade like millers gonna get moved I mean I've never heard. A manager in buffalo anyway speak as frankly. About a player movement as I've heard Hillary talk about -- Millar situation so at this point I'm sitting on it would be really. Almost shocking. If -- awfully well beyond Wednesday so. Bitter about what it is our honorary degree here that's where where are now well we come we've been talking about Saint Louis as a destination you mention Michael over the summer we were like last winter. Just to get teams going with that could be a fit so. -- beat it -- kind of leave it. Actually ended up coming to that Jeremy thank you so much time you thought he got a great job for us for me and our audience I appreciated. -- -- Jeremy Robert -- Saint Louis post dispatch and also Saint Louis today dot com you can. Track him down I'm. I'm Twitter. Sorry I've just received a message here. Bet there's distracting me you know billion on that in just a moment maybe Tom can tell me Jeremy says Twitter handle. India Indian or because it got distracted that you would give it lost its ads GP Rutherford -- it. Folks know about computers for him to search Jeremy Rutherford on twittering you're probably end up tracking it down. I've just gotten a message that. Tim -- is running a bit late but not sure by how much he's running late so. -- -- that it would -- all afternoon here 5353530. But it looks like he's running just a little bit late so. Not sure exactly what that means and not sure by how much so when exactly we will have. Timber here on site I'm not sure what. But the message from the sabres communications department is that team is running late. And I'm -- -- by how much so. A lot of hope to get him here in short order. And review what we've been promoting all day long -- twist emerged appearance -- a jury's gonna end up here just going to be maybe it would have been delayed. From what we originally planning so. Are there is back. How about your brother for talking about -- went in Stewart we've been focusing nine. Kids and Portland and Stewart. Our. But not all guys -- -- you know mid twenties so still pretty young players but those are established regional players. That's very interesting to consider will probably have some time. To have some action that if you're up for it. How familiar fans would be really with. -- -- And Chris Stewart prepare names in the league if you follow the blues are probably. You would know those players certainly so a lot maybe some opinions on them. Are out there but. Putting the package together there from Jeremy Rutherford Saint Louis talking about. -- a guy -- Stewart or Portland. Maybe a prospect he mentioned hi Randy someone that Mike and -- wrote about the last couple of days. A whole lot that's almost a given. So we'll what we'll see where that all takes us as we as we move forward but. Interesting. Way. Jeremy Rutherford is it was his writing like. It all adds up to -- Really wanting to get this done. Whether the price becomes prohibitive aren't really really got to think. That signing him in keeping him. Is. A big swing in all -- -- you know because a -- Elliott their deals are both up and if they wanna move forward. With Miller I think they wanna move forward Miller from more than just this year and that gets us back to something I've been talking about for a couple of days now and that is. It's perilous is this can be quiet in the Miller said in viewing it from his perspective you wanna win certainly wanna be paid but you wanna win. And how deep. Is the pool of teams likely to be in the summer which could just pick your spot. How much deeper that both teams going to be that it is right now. You know certainly a a play all season. Can change organizations perspectives in their their wants and needs maybe a team that was it picking at their goaltending all set. Besides after they play out in the playoffs or maybe they'll make the playoffs that they really did need to dress goaltending. And maybe you know maybe that's where Anaheim comes -- with a killer leaving. And none of the young guys they've got in the system really established yet so maybe that's two enticing for -- -- pass upon. But what Saint Louis for a chance to win. For the next. 34 years. Looks like a great spot. Mean I don't -- California. By. It looks like a great spot with a very nice looking young team that he said to be. Strong contender. For. The foreseeable future and if you really wanna go win. That is that's nice you know like. We could -- that just no hollered all clicks together for a guy that's in the spot Miller's you know the certainty of being traded. The feeling to be having tonight. Getting ready to babysit -- by the buffalo fans one last time playing goal here in the building where he grew up professionally. And then of course the future. Maybe idea of beating someone here at this trade deadline it is too much to take not. Right now we want -- off -- summer she's just a lot of all want to put in the pots around. We'll continue to do that as I say probably time for your calls were timber -- running a bit -- we still expect the sabres GM shortly. Here inside the -- store at the first Niagara center 8030551888. By fifty to 515. Any thoughts on the -- situation in the interview with Jeremy Rutherford they'd be under for the blues who was just done already the other trade. Speculation that's been taken around in the last 2448. Hours or so. -- at 8030551888. By 52 but -- the I'm the pulled out -- mrs. WG.

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