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3/5 Russ Brandon on The Howard Simon Show

Mar 5, 2014|

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    five straight. However pretty tough schedule and there. Losses included Denver. At Green Day at Cincinnati. At Minnesota. They've now won four in a row in those last four games they've allowed an average of nine point two game total of 39. They've gone four straight games without turning the ball over on offense. First time in franchise history. Alex Smith has set a Kansas City franchise record. 253. Passes without an interception last time Alex Smith was picked off it was week three against the Green Bay Packers. The by the way lead the NFL in scoring. Outside
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    on swing passes too often this year the giants to undermine the Miami Dolphins game. When that happened with a a couple of different times but you gotta slow play to got to make sure you break down you have to watch it develop. Not over pursue and then all of a sudden you're the only one there there's a cut back angle against you that the bills are very very aware of the screen it doesn't mean they're gonna stop it. But I can tell you this they're gonna work out a lot this week they're gonna go through everything they need to go through to be able to stop that they don't that it's on them because they're well aware of it it's not like it's gonna be surprise. I'm introspection we have for Alex Smith's Al Wynn Howard are talking about it earlier. I think I was reading Smith's overall numbers since going to Kansas city's 24 and sixteen is a starter consistently quarterback rating around nine. But when we talk about Alex Smith we always talk about him as a very beatable quarterback a guy that a good defense. Should be able to shut down at a museum and the way before you hop in let me add in his stat line this is this is the epitome of Alex Smith against the bills. Three games. 65%. Completion. For an average of 200 yards a game. With three touchdowns and no picks. 200 yards is not a big number he's you know three TD passes in three games is nothing really great. But he hasn't thrown a pick he completes I percent to patches and yet you walk away you look at those numbers go that's not that great and yet you lose the football and Alex Smith . Yeah he's doing the same thing this year and I mean you look at his numbers now he's just under 64% this
    they're getting good blockers in space they're getting downfield blocking it and Alex Smith to answer your original question Matt. I've yet to have a lot of respect for him in the way he he's very
    field by Kelsey as you word against gronkowski again. Goes back to Alex Smith so I think it's really important when you're defending Travis Kelsey to make you get a hit early if you it has

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Of course Buffalo Bills football returning here at WGR and it. We've got bills president and CEO Russ Brandon line -- the morning it's Jeremy and bulldogs in the morning because you know it's deadline day so bulldogs steered the ball double ship that they Matthew caller's tears well. Yeah Bulldog and those more in the morning out. Morning -- payable on what's going on man. How much mrs. deadline -- suit you guys I give you guys credit your role in all of that -- -- -- America -- -- -- -- -- in any -- way. Yeah I think you're probably right about that -- that question right go to -- and we've we've got what I think a lot of bills fans are gonna welcome as good news I don't know how good news it is for you guys business wise but your fans I think are gonna welcome. What is your details about. Well you have obviously you guys -- number and talk about a little bit but VO we've come to an agreement will Rogers and we're gonna postpone the -- game for the 2014. Season we're gonna play a full slid against her Ralph Wilson Stadium. So what does it mean for the agreement going for you say postponed it was of another five year agreement correct does this mean that. Kind of the agreement shifts for a year or is it just off the table. Now you know Jeremy it's very similar to what we talked about back in December. You know we're gonna go into a full valuation of everything regarding the initiative. We have great partners there was Rogers they've been outstanding to work with and we've been and then embarked in and discussions -- -- since. The last game against Atlanta. And we're gonna review everything from the game day experience in ticket pricing in all other facets of the project. And will make determinations that the series movement forward. After we go through a lengthy review and NC were at Texas that. Who's been the driving force here you were pretty open about this I know a couple of players. It's -- a necessary -- seemed like coach -- also was a big time driving force in talking about home field and maybe. You know what it was that you would lose by going up there are so where'd it all come from and how much of it was handwritten. It really -- organizational driven you know we all know a setback came in and took a look at it totality and obviously -- her own when he took this job was well aware of the of the game up there and he embraced it. You know we take the approach that you know will play -- cornfield at Syracuse and ended in if we're ready to play. It doesn't matter where we play. But you know with that being said and you know there's nothing like the experience here Ralph Wilson Stadium. We believe in regional lies in our brand you know we've talked about that many times we've had great success. With the realization process in Toronto. Because -- the biggest positive. Has been the -- -- -- significant increase in our southern Ontario fans coming back to games or Ralph Wilson Stadium. It's now our largest regional market on the fans that come here that inched past Rochester a couple of years ago so. It certainly has worked. The one in five record up there has not you know we've been very open about that. Make no excuses. And I'm not playing well but you know which is something we wanna look at in further and then we will continue to do that rusted. Did the way this year's game went off. Play a big part in this or is this just more like an evaluation of of the whole the whole plan. You know you know employed I think obviously you know this year was a setback. You know we had made some strides -- since the start of the series we've made a lot of different tweaks. In the past. But we just felt that we had a look at this in greater detail moving forward. You know obviously was so more of a neutral. Slight gain this year and and that's something that we don't want you we want to keep building fans. You know up in the southern Ontario up to QEW up to Toronto but we also have to do that by playing winning football and as I said -- back in December. When I took this president startled by a couple years ago everything needs to be about winning and focused on winning and giving coach from her own. And in our team every opportunity to play winning football and and and and that means looking at every single thing we do within this operation. So at this point Ross would you say that the rest of the series is. Up four earned negotiation. For a valuation. Horror orders this or is this the first step towards maybe severing that. Relationship as far as teams in Toronto itself I think it's -- First step in in in really going into. Complete evaluation you know we've we've gone through. Sort of high level very ration but we're gonna really stressed that and and take a look at every single aspect of it. You know fortunately. We have tremendous partners to work with -- starting with obviously Ed Rogers and Phil and and keep probably. And and our crew have worked you know parsley is -- as we work through this process and they've been great partners on the way. Being the -- president and CEO Russ -- the 2014. Bills in Toronto game postponed won't happen as a result of full on evaluation -- is also big news on your team this week regarding jurist or in the decision not to franchise tag him. I wondered if you could help by clear up something when we spoke with Doug -- he said the decision to. Franchise tag jurist -- starts and stops at his desk at the GMS then also spoke about. -- or and that the idea of the negotiations between Parker and the Eugene Parker -- the bills. Jim -- is the mouthpiece and the negotiations in the numbers kind of go through him. So how does that process exactly work you did the football game ex football decision -- type guy makes the business decision about how standard is that in not in the NFL on and how to stop the structure work within the Buffalo Bills. Well I think you know -- -- and our structure and an army be real clear about this chairman. You know Doug Whaley when he was brought in -- the general manager has sole responsibility. For the 53 man roster. And the value equation. And each player so the composition of the roster in the value. I'm players are totally his responsibility. So he directs the ceiling and each negotiation. And he has full salary cap at his disposal and he's empowered to deploy it is he sees fit. You know I was raised in this business by John Butler my beliefs simply is that the general manager position is all about personnel. It's all ball player acquisition. And yet Jim or orphans are lead negotiator on each contract he takes his direction from the GM chair. He's one of most respected individuals at his craft in this business. And you know obviously is an organization we collaborate on each scenario with coach and and in -- where alien in our Jim Morris are director of player personnel. And I will say this this organization has never been immoral lockstep so to offer any other commentary on that. Is is really nonsense and in sophomore in my opinion. So when -- went over -- is in charge of the negotiation. And I do assume then that he's. He's not making a decision on how much you can pay the guy he's negotiated out -- can be taken direction from like that the value assigned to the player come from the football. It comes from the general manager and I think there's you know every team -- has a lead negotiator. You know Jim and I and and Kevin me -- Ken and Doug -- sits in a lot of those as well but you know quite frankly I don't want don't worry about. You know which. Which. Clause which are legal clause reporter contractors more concerned that he's had a pro day today which years. So you know from that standpoint depositions -- ball player personnel. And but he's gonna make no mistake. He's the one that sets -- the ceiling on and each player and and how thick the composition of the roster looks. -- -- president and CEO Russ Brandon. Russ the other story there as you mentioned maybe saw -- suggest there were Ritson in the organization -- all locks that beat you maintain that. You know any many new faces aren't ruffling feathers -- -- anything like that. Absolutely not hear him and his legacy that I've I've been here for awhile and been in this position for two years. And the collaboration. On every scenario. Within this organization has never been clear it's a crystal clear. -- -- -- the latest on the on black outs what's the league talk about the black the black out policy. -- -- ever heard anything about blackouts -- -- polar brought up to me in November. While I was just thinking the reason the reason I'm asking I'm I'm half getting your but. What we're getting in the sports -- lately a lot of things that people want are starting to happen of people want the throttle series to go away and you know here's a step would be your evaluating and you may be looking into it blackouts have been really on the chopping block with the federal government's own needles going to. The reason I was it was all leading up to William draft Mike Evans and by request while earlier when it. I guess the black outs and like I I kind of has got to make a request so that sideways impressive like. Our role -- As thorough and draft preparation that's what three guys are -- free agency should be expected bill to be active in free agency. Yeah will be will certainly be active in free agency and we have a master plan. And everything related to our current roster and also. You know going into free agency and you know that really starts right at the conclusion of the season here from the Senior Bowl. Two to come by and and then obviously there's there's pro orders throughout the country there over the next month so. Our scouts and in dog and -- player personnel people will be you know all throughout the country doing that and but we've we have a plan going into free agency and and like a set -- master plan tied in the entire roster. Is a part of that plan right now before even Saturday or before Tuesday the opening of free agency to meet with Gerris birther Eugene Parker again or is it just a situation where he's gonna go to market Ross yeah. We know we've had ongoing communication which ABN and obviously it representation with Eugene. You know I talk to terrorists. A couple times over the past week and you know obviously we have a close relationship and -- we've been. Staying in -- -- on all this and you know we'll see how plays out you know we certainly would love to have JB back. And you know we've been in as I said. You know previously no -- we've been aggressive and extended players that we you know we've we've we've extended. Freddy Jackson multiple times of extending Kyle Williams multiple times and it appears her -- Stevie Johnson and we did -- it would last year we discuss Chandler -- for years ago. Leodis Mormon you know that that's sort of our organizational philosophy. It it is not change when it comes JB is just you know where where we are in the negotiation. Hopefully we can bridge that gap over the next few days and we also have a roster of good players that we're looking forward to extend on the road. Bill's presidency Russ Brandon. Bulldogs here in the morning cycle it should ask the Mike shall question any questions for us -- -- major army that was one dollar accuse others they can't issue. And missed it -- -- -- -- I know they can't issue. I I got your reference to calling feel maybe nobody else that I did you know I said that I senator Mario personals apartments do. I think I go way back and confessed. I think I could have got bulldogs have fanned out agenda tonight that's what happened accuse browsers I became a -- six -- -- two off Boehlert Eric jump off that right there. I takes the time -- and that's the look for free agency and threatens our parents appreciate it that's a bill's presidency you'll Russ Brandon with the breakdown on the Toronto series so.