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WGR550>Topics>>3/5 Elliotte Friedman with Brian Koziol

3/5 Elliotte Friedman with Brian Koziol

Mar 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're gonna pick why are we gonna pick for. There's a difference if you -- rocketed into the draft and you can hear that that they're tough hole. -- good young players. In black players that you all available for next. We might think well. Sabres GM Tim Murray you heard that just earlier press council after 5 o'clock right here on double BGR part of our trade deadline day coverage. We -- -- and 6 in the morning hope you've enjoyed it and the guys here today doing a great job we appreciate you being with us here today. -- deal here are hammer studios three moves well for a moves for the sabres today. That the headline of them Molson to Minnesota. You've got a -- to Washington. And McNabb to Los Angeles and then the claiming of -- moniker off waivers all that and more. And including some the biggest deal today -- Elliot Friedman you of course know his work from CBC. And Hockey Night in Canada -- it's Brian how are you thanks for coming on. My pleasure Brian happy to do it thank you know it's a busy day so we'll try to have chipotle in buffalo is that does that exist we still you see. Good because Corey -- like chipotle on game days. Well they'll have to take care -- that -- you can pick that up along the way but yes we do have them here so. He'll be happy -- why don't we start with moniker I just mentioned three trades and a waiver claim today on what should conquer bring to the sabres. At least for this final month of the year for an early a final month of the season for them. Well I think -- number one thing is obviously he'll be happy to be there media he had a long time connections it's still close first family so. You always want a player who's. Who's was happy to be there. You know he hit talented guy it didn't work for him and Ottawa. His career start with a banged it's it slowed down a bit at least offensively. Since then but the thing is he's still he's a very competitive. Person. And he'll give. -- wholesome experience. He experienced now he's not a new face in the NHL anymore he's got much more understanding about what that case. He's competitive. I saw that -- record to deal word he says he wants competition on his roster Crocker will help bring a level look back. And you know quite right either the key thing is -- you can rediscover some of its offensive touch he had the ability to do it now we just have to get back to. -- no doubt about it and a iconic are expected at least to be in the lineup tomorrow. Against the lightning on the trades themselves today I guess Molson probably the biggest trade of the three terms of name recognition. On the he's a player I thought that could've fit well as part of the sabres future not that he couldn't resigning offseason but. Probably that the biggest talent lies of the date to go. On did Minnesota give good value there are you thinking in getting him for their stretch run. Yeah and McCormick I know you guys like him you can always -- guys like him on your roster. I'm I'm a big Matt Olson fan I think I always have a lot of time for guys. Who. -- -- make the NHL the hard way and -- I certainly did. He's he's become a very good player and and Brian there are a lot of people around the league who would not be surprised. If Matt -- ended up back in buffalo I don't think it's a guarantee. You never know what's gonna happen when a player leaves. You know do you lose that you lose that attachment to him does he lose that attachment to you but I know there won't be a lot of people -- -- were surprised. If come the end of the season or whatever free agency begins Matt Olson has back in buffalo. You know the guy I'm really curious to see the most though is is no waiver. When Michael -- -- Washington went through a weird. Procession there where they had some really good goalies in the minor leagues who they were really excited for and then they seem to fall out of love what from. After they got to the NHL if it first happened with our law law they were really excited to -- him. And then I remember. And as when Barack Obama started to make hit and they still had -- -- not -- had to stay in the minors and I remember asking their organizational vote him. And they say -- to me I know we've got these guys here but we're really excitable and whatever he's ready we just have to keep America roster reasons. And then he got up there. And then you kind of fell out of favor eventually for a whole week so. I don't know why that happened with all these goaltenders in Washington. But I do know this there was once a time when they considered him the jewel of their organization. And that sometimes when you're 25 years old and you get that change you comment with an attitude saying all show that. And it didn't waiver is like that I think buffalo has a chance to get a really good good going there. And obviously with the news of a few days ago Ryan Miller leaving. That the drop regardless is going to be there whether it's the owner Sandra author with -- but. How may be you talk about -- but what do you think about Enron thing maybe is the gap in terms of what sabre fans think that drops gonna beat from Miller. On could it be smaller than we think or is it was Miller that good in the ABC your fans didn't even appreciate how great he was. No I don't think you can -- not sabre fans for not appreciating how good Miller was inside. I think because differs publicity and believed he was great and and -- this year he was excellent that. To leave behind what he was dealing with this season in terms the the way the team was playing. I thought he was magnificent as good as any goalie in the league. And and any I think it's going to be hard to fill his shoes. The one thing highlight that the sabres are dying here though is they have been handed anybody either job. I know we like Enron. I am about fan as I mentioned the liberal nor ever. They're gonna force them to compete against each other and I think when you are a growing team. -- you're finding out who you are and you're in the position at the sabres are. Unless you happen absolutes side the in net that you have to put there. I like the idea of taking a couple of younger guys putting them there and see who grounds and who floats or disabled float. And I think that's gonna be a good thing I think they'll be -- look at each other adults say here's another young guy. Who wants to spot and he's talented so -- I'm going to be at the top of my game and I think that's -- kind of thing if you're the sabres now that's what you want. Elliott Freeman from CBC joining us here on WGR on -- very busy trade deadline day. Could -- maybe compare. What you've seen so far with Tim Murray with what you saw from Darcy -- gear on I think Darcy when he made trades. For the most part I thought did a good job the difference at least in my opinion is something that I'll steal right from Tim Murray's quote today he said. You can't sometimes get polarized with failing. When you're making a trade understanding sometimes it may not work out. Murray seems to have almost the opposite mentality every year. Where sometimes Revere was a little too conservative very pretty much says hey I'll listen to anything any team any player any time. Well I think every GM does that. I think that is the difference between Kim Marines are steering gears. Like Murray. Is brash. Marie is fearless. He has waited outlook for this opportunity. He's gonna come out where it and in ten to. True. That he's ready for art and he's going to be aggressive. And he's unafraid of the states I think -- year inwardly. Had a lot I had some of those characteristics. But outwardly. Did you say he was just cautious. He wouldn't act like that that much in public like Marines emotions I mean the guys basically. He leaves himself almost bare publicly and you don't see that a lot in this business. I do think when this is all over. Brian you look where the sabres are in in a couple of years. I can't think if you look at Columbus now. Everybody Rick Scott -- was when he was there now he's gone. And they see what that he had. Maybe they had admitted to different hand two more bit. But they're realizing he didn't do that bad -- job. I think when this is over that's the way you're gonna look back -- Darcy. Now I I would agree I think it in terms of at least just trade -- I don't have much in terms of bad results from what's what Garcia Donald on the way. -- unless you about the two bigger names today and then and then we'll let you go Ellie we know to -- the day the sabres of course fans still follow Thomas manic he goes to Montreal. The -- if you take the whole set of moves of Molson to buffalo. And then manic of course doesn't. Sign long term he goes to Montreal looks like the islanders in the end their lose out on that entire package. About what about Montreal lending manic. While I do agree with you I I think it's a big loss for the founders. As you mentioned with Tim Murray every GM had their successes. Every GM has their failures. This home was a failure for New York. You know panic if you I mean you guys know panic as well as anybody does. He is a phenomenally talented guy you just wish he brought it more often. And the one thing I do know is that his value was really hurt by what happened in Sochi when that story got out that he didn't play -- the Olympics. And then when the Austrian coach who's actually from Canada can be a revealed that the players were out the night before their playoff game against Slovenia and van that was one of them. I know around the league dad really hurt his value. Because you know you do they feel that if you you're gonna do that when you're playing for your country. You know what you might not be fully trust -- and I think panic has a real chance to redeem himself here and show something for himself here. The comedians play -- fast file an up tempo style. They they'll be perfect for him because they need somebody who can carry the puck like he does so while I think this is a real chance for packaging and some opinion on. Last thing the big trade of the day Martin Saint Louis heading to the Rangers with Callahan and some picks going back. Looks like saint -- gonna play tonight they said he's guardian MS GRR. Yeah -- itself -- he's gonna be their -- -- -- on how do you break that down and is this a signal that the Rangers are saying hey we plan on going very far this year. By getting a guy that's the age of Saint Louis. Well he's he's -- maybe 38 but he's still a great player he won the scoring title last year due date this year he's got a year under contract to go. I think that is that it is. The you know he didn't -- the iPod do you vitamin -- -- could trade considering the circumstances. When you look at what the islanders got her panic. And they got hurt -- we even though is a better player what are your lap I think they can only -- on the one spot advisement and a great job. He he changes -- now. The only the Rangers are ecstatic about this and they should be. He's he's still talented he's still leads. He's he's going to have. Better scores this -- especially was stamp goes out of a lineup. In the Rangers that he had with Tampa. I mean there's going to be some getting used to each other. But the Rangers definitely you're better team with him there and now is they just have to do it on the ice. But I think they're pretty talented. M I great. Elliot Friedman from CBC with us here on WGR thank you so much -- nice to talk to you again. My pleasure Brian happy to do it. Okay great Elliot Friedman their from CBC if you just caught that at the end of Tom -- esteemed producer I'm -- we'll have that up on our on demand audio vault at WGR 550 dot com for you to listen to in its entirety. Just a little bit later on again at WGR 550 dot com -- timeout and up some final thoughts here if you're on holds up on it yet. On the other side before the John Murphy showed the top the hour -- ankle deal this is WGR.