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3/14 Doug Whaley on WGR

Mar 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

33 Howard Jerry match here on W journalist wasted time because those GM Doug Whaley is this immensely kidneys. Wait for seven Orchard Park. Hey -- it's Howard Jimmy -- -- this morning I'm going Greifeld have much sells great thanks very much for coming out the first -- no problem let's start the most recent news Scott Chandler will start their Chandler re signed by the club just talk a little bit about why you wanted to bring Scott Chandler back for another couple years. Easy decision leading receiver for us big target helps -- our quarterback. And he's got leadership ability on the offense so it was something that. We pegged as an important piece of the puzzle going forward and we're happy to have him back. Was there any doubt he was coming back Kenny could you guys had the whole you know exclusive negotiating window and then it finally gets a deal done after the market opened up. As the headlines say it's free agent frenzy so you never know you have a good feeling by the just takes one team the come in and trump. Which you think your value is on the guy. And then you lose them by we're excited to have him back does this. Ended on any thoughts about addressing the tight end position you set with the guys you have right now on the roster. Not a -- what we always do as we look and we find somebody that can help us upgrade at any position. Will look at it and it just to create competition and what it does for especially during the draft process it opens the board up which makes it a lot more exciting. Well we got Roger still don't -- things you've talked about previously is. You wanna do everything you can to help each ACC grows in the year two and that might mean adding weapons -- Odyssey is -- returning weapons or you. Still focused on finding things Fareed I mean maybe it's protection I would think weapons though are you are you thinking more weapons for Manuel still. Absolutely I mean you can never have too many weapons and we're looking for not only weapons but play makers and then that's six again that's exciting thing about. Our philosophy going into this free agency period is that. -- competition but also open and up so come draft time we're not pegged in the picked taking one position. After a year one -- with Nathaniel hackable Qaeda. I guess what kind of beckoned forth give and take is there between the two view -- -- you you know after seeing what I've got out of this group of players these receivers these tight ends. What I really need is this and then you put that -- -- your shopping list like whether it's a big receiver Rourke it's. Tight and that's a hybrid kind of cut it or it's a right tackle this does he basically give you the list or forty go to him with the evaluation of what you saw from his office. So we sit down as organization personnel along with coaching staff and say what positions will help us get better what positions will help us overtake. The New England Patriots and when AFC east so it's a collaborative affect. And we just take it and have a game planning go from there. Does that signing of Darrelle Revis change anything obviously if you're in competition directly with New England you have to. Adapt to the idea that they're gonna have an elite corner or whether. I would say to Revis has been in the division and so we're used to having him in the division and playing him. And so it's nothing that we haven't had to deal with before. But the one thing we have to do is -- better all across the board and to deal with Revis and Brady. And all those guys you talked about you know free agency not getting pigeonholed and having to do something in the draft do you believe there are still play makers you can get in free agency to help the office. Why I think there are free agents that can help our team all together offense defense and special teams and we're not gonna close the book. Or non looking and investigating everybody that's out there. But we are slowing down in this process to how are you cap room wise can Nikkei panic room you have left at this point. We have enough that it won't prohibit us if we find somebody out there that can make us better. It's getting slammed -- -- again. The affording us flexibility. To go out and get people that we think can make it's better to slowing down which are not closing the door for not done in free agency never in this business you can never be done and like how would say you never wanna sing never. And now will be open. All the way up until training camp it's someone pops up that we think make us better. We're gonna do our due diligence and if it's a good fit for both parties will make it happen do you take. Requests we're gonna ask if you could please take a wide receiver tight end with your first pick in the draft to get another playmaker and here I take all requests. That's really at bottom it's a request yeah I mean I'm like who the dad take requests than nominal plan. But the tide and wanna ask you to go back Chandler what are your thoughts on that position the kind of player you want at that position because you know it it's kind of involve little bit every would love to get the freakish athletic gronkowski Graham. You don't dynamic play making tight end -- you don't seem to have that on your roster what are your thoughts on what you think. A tight -- should bring to the football team while our car our. Our skill the skill sets that each of our tie -- -- that we have on the roster you got Lee Smith which is his primary roles of blocking tight and you got Chris Graham which is the speed aspect that he brings to the table Chandler brings the size and then Milwaukee which. You guys haven't seen but if you look in his past he's a good combination guy with receiving skills and blocking so we got the gamut covered. So we think we're pretty solid there but again that doesn't prohibit us. From getting anybody else that we think can upgrade your original Moriarty is is he at this point -- -- are you planning on him being a big factor on this team. Oh -- that's the plan again it's it's going to be competitions can be heated competition more excited. As always say competition makes everybody elevate their game. Bills GM Doug Whaley Minnesota get to the guys you signed. And get your thoughts on Chris Williams and Corey Graham and Keith Rivers. But you released Kevin Cobb as well when asked about quarterback -- are there any plans to bring in another quarterback a veteran quarterback via free agency at this point. At this time no but again we will keep all options open. You if you went into camp as it is. Are you happy at quarterback can you make it work with manual that Louis Jeff tool. Comfortable very comfortable in any -- Dennis Dixon and and what you got to understand -- you know you got. All those guys are going to be another year in the system. So if you bring someone else and that's going to be their first year in the system so we're comfortable with where we are with the quarterback position. Let's go to the guys you brought in this week let's start with Chris Williams what did you like about him part one and then I'll I'll follow up in terms -- his role on the team specifically -- off. Three of the free agents we signed this year brings size versatility in experience and if you look at that Chris Williams everybody is gonna say a first round guy and he's a plus not I would say that's wrong Abbas. Our guys that aren't in the league this guys played any started. And he's in it again you bring -- he's got the versatility which we look for specially on for coach in the 46 game their roster of being able starting guard. And if something happens to our tackle to be able to swing out there play tackle and he's played and has experience out there. So we're excited about this guy and he's been productive for awhile and sleep. Yeah I wanted to double check with -- he can play all over the line but you right now you guys are looking at him as a look at Carter left Carter left guard -- okay. Keith Rivers kind of like what she said with Chris Williams another guy first round pick kicked around a couple of teams now in his third city what appealed to you about him. He's. Again 46 man roster he's afford them iMac -- He can play the first and second downs a typical rundown he can stay in on third down and cover because he's got athletic ability and any contributes on team. So this goes back to our Armond trip getting value guys and that this incredible value pick for us for a guy. That you can get that complete fourth downs you say you anticipate him compete for a starting spot he's not just the depth guide to help out the group. No he's gonna compete for starting spot. There was talk about maybe moving Alonso outside what's going on with that. That a right now is the plan removed him outside half -- Rivers on the other outside and then we're not to. Field and in time back we got some guys on campus now that we're excited about -- ranked keep our eyes open for anybody else that's out there bulletin about Alonso scheme to make you take it the right move. Just because we think with his athletic ability his speed and his instincts why. Limit him by having to take on those big guards let's cover mop and let them run and hit. You mention well actually -- targets inside linebacker -- you brought up rivers is -- now. More of like he's not an every down player he'd be more -- you know role player guy. I think he's going to be a hybrid player he's going to be able to bring us something as outside linebacker but also come off the edge on as a defense -- and so is versatility again is going to be utilized in this system. That we think is is going to be very valuable for -- and as far as the inside linebacker if you stick with guys you have on the roster who comes to mind. I -- now -- a guy that where were excited about we brought in last year off in the New York Giants practice squad. And he played on special teams he came in and actually played on and in the defense packaged. And during the season so we're excited about him and we believe he'll take that next step coming up this season. The other guy you sign this week Corey Graham let's talk a little bit about again wide wanna bring him in and and how does he fit in because if you look at it -- you got Gilmore. -- Mckelvin had a good year Roby was unbelievable you look really good. And as far your top three cornerbacks so where is Gramm's role in all of that is. Two things it's a passing lake city can never have too many DB's. And then also if you remember the beginning here we got its ravaged with injuries at that DB position at the corner position. So we think we had to move Aaron Williams from safety to corner. And we don't -- retard Aaron Williams growth it's safe because we're really excited about that and we know he's gonna take that next step. So why not bring in another corner that has size he's got the versatility to play inside and outside. And he brings something on special team another value pick and another guy that will come in and create competition and elevate guys' games. Those GM Doug -- list before let's go -- wanna -- a couple of positions by -- com right tackle is your plan Eric peers or is that something you guys are also looking to upgrade. Well we got. Hey Erica start -- we expect him to keep growing get better but they. Like how would say. We will never closed the door on somebody that we think can come in and create competition and better RT. The tackle market a lot of guys have gone and and it was a lot of people on an Italian market do you do you think that that you know whatever that's that's the doors close to that now. Well what you're gonna get now are guys that were looking for is value pick guys and then it's such a deep tackle drafted two. Tackle class in the draft. That you can go either way. Chris Hairston what exactly is his status right now right now status quo were waiting for the -- results from the medical staff. -- when it comes when it comes the top prospects in the guys that are. May be available at number nine the the process of pulling the -- you know it's always a phrase like who pulled the tab. How those guys will you go -- personal ain't. I'll have you seen personally you know how much of it is trusting the scouting staff in the -- doubting like and just relying on your guys. I think it's a combination. I try to go see it during the year and won't in the spring in at the com mine that try to see at least the top. Four rounds. But it's a collaborative effect -- heavily on. All our scouts the scouting staff Jim monus -- Fisher. Just like in the pro side where -- roll around Tommy Gibbons and Ron pandering and and then when that would take that coaches' input so it's a collaborative fact it's just not one guy saying I want this guy must put on here and we sit down and we come up with a common grade. That rule that us as the bills feel comfortable taking this guy. But again I like to see as many guys is I want to because at heart I'm a -- so I love that's what I love to do. How much did you do this this season during the hearing -- away almost Saturday's scouting potential players for next in the back on Sundays to watch the games. Usually my schedule breaks down like this I'm here Monday and Tuesday in -- -- Tuesday night and home for home games on the -- on Wednesday. Two Thursday night I'll go to Tuesday night all the way to Thursday night. On -- -- games I'll leave Tuesday night and I'll meet the -- saucy at school Wednesday Thursday Friday the game Saturday meet the team and they come home with a team. So I I like to get out and and our business. You we caller ourselves road warriors in the and that's just saw lineup. Iraq a all the hotel points right and has every profiler mark exactly what when it comes to do with the the scouting process series there's got to heart. Is the com buying just a tool the do you value the game a lot more watching a guy played a game a lot more. Absolutely it's it's a layer. Of information we gathered helpless in the process and I thought everybody the most valuable stuff we get out of the com -- are the medical raids and rejects. And the information we get from the interview process. That the all the running jumping that that's great for TV and everything but that's a small piece of the puzzle. Jamaican each of declines in our Texas a and -- this year. I'll mud on it and and I've made a plan your trips I had about 38 schools this year and then -- we hit about fifteen pro days so we don't have time to go through our -- it always the best game you saw if who interest -- interest in. -- Asia -- Alabama Auburn -- no no no I try I try to stay away from those big games. Just because -- it's so crowded there is in the press box or go to smaller games. So I would have to say. I was at the north that you know what it and one of the exciting games was North Carolina Miami game that was pretty exciting -- So the -- after you know -- The last thing and now we have to look at how he played her body against mine the last thing on you have to look too far that -- he'll ask about -- safety. OK so Byrd is gone was the plan as his replacement are you confident with the guys are you gonna get the guy out of your current roster basically. That's the plan again like -- -- -- before we expect big things and iron wins for for what we solved this year. And I at safety even though he went back and forth and this is his first year to have four picks in the way he played. And impact he had on certain games if you look at the Jacksonville game. That's impact -- place so we're excited about that and we know he's gonna take that next step. Was another year and not have the bounce back and forth and then the young guys that we have on the roster. Duke Williams Meeks insert -- we think that competition between those three will get a guy can come out and and help us win. Just I looked up the box score that came back. Do you remember a mean of Obama talked about their. I have a pretty good guys Erick -- on eight catches 199. And a touchdown and a 71 yard touchdown reception. So probably good game again it was a good game I thought that. Thank you very much for coming -- -- appreciate had a good weekend always a pleasure guys thank you Doug -- The there's your -- you're gonna bring this up margin. Isn't that what I'm -- you are it's fun to put him on the spot -- at that game like if it.