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3/18 Corey Graham Joins the Howard Simon Show

Mar 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the other moves involve bringing a western new Yorker back to -- New York Corey Graham joining this year on W -- accords. Howard and Jeremy welcome additional first why you don't. A Belgrade guys -- -- to have me. So how many since you sign. How many family and friends have -- you asking for tickets already. Now all of a lot of bad exit ticket yet it is bad maybe but I'm pretty sure that their way out. You know it did back during introductions and let me know if they want commitment to their happy about it. To have big guesstimate on how many think how many requests you think you'll get for the -- your first home game. I can only imagine obviously epic out to actually get at least over. -- -- -- to the -- but it's nowhere wouldn't do that. I'm pretty sure he's got a couple hundred people could be extra kick someone out. Well that no matter what you do -- don't forget mom and dad you got to take care of them at least them. You have a -- got to have a pretty no they're gonna come -- -- regardless. I mean I'm gonna get -- sort of -- obligated to sum up every also but -- no way to act and do all. When you were going into free agency had you been thinking about the bills did did you you know did you think they would be looking for quarterback or did you tell your agent hey. Paul buffalo let's see if -- urged that any of that stuff for did they come DO. Not a came out to be out which I had no clue. I had no clue Abdel become about so I didn't think there will be interest -- you know when I came out of college they showed no interest in the at all. So that was like that was not the worst shot ever from me because I want it stops because the ball well. With a shovel it's it Beckham who like gave up more hopeful that our outcome of the box I think it was part spoke so it was a -- reality right it was kind of -- Becoming a -- with interest you know they talk a little bit about -- big bucks under -- code -- got serious development while you're -- -- -- -- well. So. Yeah at at any point Chicago to Baltimore. At any point over your career -- youth how much have you thought about the idea of some day. When I hit the market hopefully ending up playing for the bills. -- that was always in the back of my assessment first subject to Chicago always felt -- hope hopefully one day -- -- go back. Right by you know I declared a war and you see how things go. Kinda think you gonna stay where you there I knew about it when it came to Baltimore and I'll. Another interest in resigning me you know are kind of let's say gearbox. I really didn't really think about you even have much up about bought out lesbian books -- this is Laura always going to be we'll stay here. But when I actually think ridiculous in buffalo -- so aggressive and a lot of people actually interest in the -- -- -- of the good chance I might believe it now so that prevented buckled down some leverage. So when your grown up here or did you get to many games. Yep Dallack -- and be honest with you. My uncles my uncle says student -- -- go to get volatile month for other. And so I went to -- -- I'm like obviously I would say that. Probably don't like war home games this season but look again sometime in the larger watching the game and didn't like our you know our -- getting away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is like you don't look back on the cake to have opted complete but. Do you have a most memorable game that you're at. That comes to mind. There are common they're both very real game I mean I went to a lot of -- about the -- that is during what became a book. I mean obviously I went ahead to Super Bowl game or anything like that. But I you know I'm -- remembered Super -- promote. -- -- while these last few remarks and he grabbed the real okay the most because those outs -- you'll remember government. They end up harmful for the book -- -- I would say and that was actually act. But I remember -- about some of the vocal bloc beat them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now listen did you middleweight -- maybe you forgot sometimes this franchise has. A propensity for playing some games that say break the hearts of their fan base. Because there was -- 10 with a one of those games you went through that you elect. I -- had gone. But him. The -- -- they have been great for our services on its football I think. Bulk of the group that sometimes that. You know ten to fifteen years you know -- -- nuclear -- pretty good today I felt fortunate election let's say you know. You saw tiger -- -- -- -- is decent players and you know we -- and applaud you would think come together and everybody on the same page. Yeah up and be back soon and that didn't believe it may become again everybody the same page excellent. A few minutes -- Corey Graham here on WGR aren't quite what your role at -- when you were signed. I obviously got it going and afraid Jack hadn't thought a lot about quarterback because. Why sure you can always said quarterbacks you should always be deep their -- Gilmore good. Mckelvin had a good year last year -- Roby. Had a really big here as our undrafted free agent -- -- you can't end what are sure all what the bills tell you when they were talking Q and recruiting view as larger role for this didn't. I'm I'm I'm gonna play a military rules and gore appeared complete. With a hooker completing you know the best. There's got to gonna play him and that is attacking me. I'm in Libya and recorded a pretty much will be a small -- Politico about the little on the it's going to be pretty guys want to. The best hope is best we've got the going to be out there competing implants and eclectic do expect to go out there and play. I'm pretty sure those guys that -- -- to -- a little -- compete in the veterans in place. I -- they're expecting you John special teams too right. -- -- -- -- When you play defense you're gonna be tested though. I mean people about to embark more on outside of the the past it was allowed to. At least two treatment -- to sit up and I'm always in the -- in the view expressed in some way it would help that it will cost because. You know I'm good at street for -- electorate that a -- but that there. Couldn't let you go without asking you to just talk a little bit about what the whole experience was like I was gonna bring up the Denver game that I figured let me go to the end of the playoff run first and then I'll backtrack. What was that whole experience like winning a super bull. Probably got it it was about to experience later I mean you really don't know. What a lot what it's like and to your experiences. -- -- like I can really explain me everything about it was stretch of -- has to be there at that moment and they realize that you can be stopped mango which is women to vote. They have repaired and certainly got their clinical excellence both. So to have that opportunity and they would never really any doubt Obama and they're Butler dilute the launch of the ball it just is everything would go right and and we knew that there it was we destined to win the game and the moment when everything works out of the like that to a -- which -- -- and that it would go compared to come about some stretches. How much do you think back about the Denver game I mean -- it's -- game. And in your part of a team that wins the Super Bowl that's the big story I get that -- but obviously. You made such huge plays in the Denver game how how often you reflect on that if at all. I'm gonna go. I don't mean feel it was a great game it was a great game left me wondering game when no one really expected that 200. I'm I'm very fortunate that we doubt that make it to help help my team win. But I really don't think about that must be out which -- -- I think about the game we have against him last year or this year. Get -- -- that would treatment without their district that's more than I think what delegates I mean. He's a good quarterback probably I had made some plays meg gave an -- will Walt but I you know when it comes out about still. For the sort of awaken the last time we played them. I mean he he got the better of us to be so. Something about a market and think about the last that we played more than I advocate that Beckett. Value you guys in Baltimore it's a pretty good success against the other. One of the other good quarterbacks Tom Brady you got some secrets you're gonna share -- -- he got some ideas that you can give to the -- coaching staff since Baltimore. You know kind of did -- which of course it didn't hurt to have an Italian guys out of Baltimore obvious. I mean and Butler did a great job to scout and into the great double. In normal opponent so there's really paying any way to act upon that you can share all of my teammates I mean I don't know how will we -- compare notes if you -- with the on the other periods without -- Arab culture -- under the across. Well good luck with the ticket requests were looking forward to seeing -- at training camp OTAs and all that Korean congratulations again on signing with the bills. Thank you got that got to have you have a --