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3/19 Sabres Prospect JT Compher on Hockey Hotline

Mar 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

JT comfort joins us now the freshman of the year in the Big Ten has an awesome ring to it doesn't JT. Are yet it's great honor not. Talk I get your first one. That's pretenders in the -- here so electronic. That's right you are the first ever freshman of the year in Big Ten hockey -- could ever take -- -- -- the current regulations on that we -- is it something that. You thought was a possibility or through this is -- great surprise. Almost as nice surprise there and really thought about it. -- big -- being -- -- know what they do all kind of stuff so artist played hockey in yeah and they're they're domestic partners under. Let's not talk about the sabres organization if you will and oh -- Andrews just mentioning you know what you bring the organization do you feel. There's more pressure to prove yourself with the new general manager not that not the guy drafted you. It. All I think it's that's when they're -- or not others amendment change and I haven't been able to me mystery -- are some of the new staff put off for me it's it's going to be about playing the same game I know it's. I'm David from our union are all -- this summer development camp just. So we remarked on the first of Russian parliament I think that firefighters play out like imminent -- summer so that our pitchers. I hope Billick Blair play him or can bring that yeah. You know you're you're just a freshman you had a successful season high draft pick obviously can't play college forever so. What are your thoughts about pro I mean you must have the dream of playing pro playing in the NHL and realistically. Where do you see yourself in how many years you know playing pro or play getting your opportunity in the NHL. Debt and obviously Roger play in their childhood and apartment working after a long time and -- I think is the possibility now that are being drafted. And play well here and I think that -- compound. The management in the -- that's -- one when nick -- I'll be ready to to go on. I'm here mission and our albeit or they they want it to be I'm excited. Our next couple years try to -- a national championship the regular on this year so. Right now I'm focused on the arm plane at Michigan and one day are they -- -- that -- -- -- I'm -- Always open at its -- and put in the Mitchell. All right so here obviously watching the league and you see the trend it's a bigger game you're not an overly imposing figure. Is there player in the NHL you -- your game after seeing that you're not a bigger guy that maybe. You're going to need to model that style player to be successful honestly. I think someone that I kind of compare myself to go over that draft process and recently is Brian Carroll and I think that. We we are similar stature it's not -- a lot and and our keepers are pretty spark -- game on blocked shots look so I always do my thing is for his team and not something that. I conduct or struck accused UN security and. Will will will take that gas that works for us JT had a you know had a lot of success at Michigan so far. It -- was surprised at how quickly if you were able to adjust the game particularly of the times. To have to acknowledge play. Article look better I think that dispute that we up from poignancy Joba. -- last year part of the national forgot how terrible quake and former college teams so I had no idea of this speed and strength that would -- player that this global. And coach -- opportunities coach Berenson. To comment and play again and players some good players so that only helped my transition. How or how strong are those players in college because. You're playing against some I mean you're eighteen your soldier trying to get some guys that are 2122. And they're they're grown man and they and working out hit the -- over. You know a lot longer than that you have how do you compete against that it what's the mentality going into games knowing that your meeting not. The biggest guy out there. I don't -- advocate or -- thing known I think that. The way actor you don't like our goal against anyone and what a battle so for me it's whether it's five sixer. 66 -- -- record -- same -- trying to win a battle it. Arms sometimes is a big guy is a little older or stronger may get up -- -- -- the keep. They cannot come and try to dispel that a partner changed my mind that very much where -- that attitude from. Are. Likely to him that way -- There are my coach when I was younger. All the always are about like competing in and hard work and are think like senate are not -- I am not most still got not strapped to start so I got to compete really hard we're not a battle -- are. Felt like -- and to be noticed. -- mentioned you know your your development in the US program. How difficult was -- in this the the world juniors this year. Yeah obviously. That's another one country as a player that term and and what -- enough for me and -- -- have -- chance mic you know secured by it. On the outcome and I have been working towards the first half of the year. Com and to go out and injury at X stinks well it at its half life Pataki it happened here. I got over it I got to come -- action put my team. Arming our holiday term and then. How he got -- -- are arbitrary excerpt to get an opportunity to make that you know. -- count for joining us here freshman of the year University of Michigan Buffalo Sabres draft picks second round. Last year get a chance to see him -- development camp this summer one that comes back around. Curious what it's like playing for red Berenson legendary college coach to see the reason why you went to Michigan and what is he like to play for. -- pretty -- in -- Michigan not. Forward -- tradition and the program so ought to start the play it play for him and and patent that supported huge. You can tell although it's great knowledge and he wants. She almost wants you out there on the ice with your arm and you can human practice seems to still moves really well. You to tell your players that you may connect situation there was baseball player or not. What he would do in situations so it's on to feel like hitter hasn't Altman and in the -- how much is so while it's. Yeah our whole lot -- a lot of folks. You know Michigan in the football almonds iconic it's the same helmet knocked -- do it's it's awesome what communities will be put -- -- -- -- -- This is what the great uniforms in college sports and dissent is the same color scheme as the team. That drafted you in the primary -- do. Yeah it's an -- what I'm an Arabic in obvious that's one of the great -- -- programs on the College Hockey. So our I was honored the -- come here play and trying to take advantage of that every day and there was a nice coincidence. Have the political sabres -- it will -- A I wanna ask you about school now how hard is it. To stay focused as a freshman you're having tremendous success and and on huge. Hockey team. I mean I played junior know how hard it is to go to class when your. You know you kind of not me personally but the hockey players guys -- the big guys campus so you know what. How hard is that to stay focused and and state keep keep -- the books and and and work on the educational law while you're. You know chasing this NHL dream and trying to produce as a hockey player for schools let you know giving you a scholarship. I think. It's it's something you have to do in with coach -- great they're really important. -- you want so go find out you're not in the class so. -- teachers than perhaps start lyzard eat these really really date on -- Korean going to class. Purchase goes along with some parents are kind of brought me out in the pocket it and -- -- day weather beat Austria so now or twenty years not so. -- have to make it out there I guess the real world. On -- get a job so a real body that. That's something that I it's kind of been brought up on and struck -- about schools at all arms how. How important is the degree for you amazed it is you know way when you look at the future -- you want to see where it goes here. Marty you. Taking extra classes in the suburbs like what's the plan for you to accomplish that degree. Yeah we we are we're here in spring to work out -- -- -- -- I was quite epic class this summer and Altria. It's I can finish ready period almost four years and should five. Spyware early lead and it takes longer I need to come back with summer on them and try and didn't matter what so. -- my degree is important to me it would turn our -- Also pretty important -- are there. Down by -- every up but they -- B thumb is now the hurricane was here he was. Work in the offseason and in takes a class here that would keep fit -- to try to accomplish his degrees so it it can't be got it can't be done whether if you go to pro early. Or feast day for the four year. JT picked tenth term kicks off tomorrow against Penn State for you guys tomorrow afternoon. What's been the success for you guys as a team so far more began what -- guys have to try and do to want to advance and try to win that tournament. Or heard the term -- -- to quit all team sports aren't the Soviet we know are what each team brings -- I would into that -- output -- actually generally -- out to one against. Minnesota normal Q country is playing hard and play and corporate systems so we're excited and we think that media. That we can instruct lead into -- computer. What's it been like for you as a freshman -- stepping in in such a big part of that team. RA I think. It's been on. -- -- for what he met but he figured the law and -- investment. Overall. Because you agree it's all been structural and the coach and great give proper check and so it's been -- here. I JT and final thing how much do you follow of buffalo. You know and talk about that UGC yeah there may -- earlier opportunity. With this team. Aren't right now it's not too much mind I think about a little bit but overall just. I'm here at Michigan and right now that focuses and appeared on the road I'm sure vocal they're -- up. Our focus right now what's at your initial. Sounds like you use your mind right where it needs to be JT in. Has a lot about you your performance as a lot about two and we wish you the best of luck. In the Big Ten tournament. -- -- --

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