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3/19 Hockey Hotline HR 2

Mar 19, 2014|

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    If you're gonna take on money when you when you're looking at Patrick Eaves scored 21 goals this year 37 points he's having very very good season and there's going to be a lot of teams

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One hockey talk. Not exceed his fans. Live from first Niagara center -- here's sabres hockey hotline -- -- Kevin Sylvester aren't you wanna talk I. You wanna talk receivers caught -- between Kevin right now 716. Vetoed three. -- -- had to -- your Sports Radio 550 given so restaurant leaders Chris ridiculous it was dot com. We are trying to connect twelve -- so -- you apologized. What is your. It becomes celebrating. Could be a one I would be gold medal a gold medal absolutely. Richard pictures David Beckham JT comparable joining us freshman of the year in the Big Ten University of Michigan. And speaking of Michigan yours is the practice schedule. At least from early on here. For the instantly -- these are free and open the public to come down catch some of the March Madness here at first Niagara center. Dayton will practice at noon today western Michigan 1245 Ohio State will be 1:30 PM Syracuse at 215. Sold to fifteenth for as you you wanna see the orange. Perhaps you better seat after the games amount you know -- tickets for the game where our capacity to fifteen. Those -- the practice schedules that I know so far. But it the other ones. Appeared here -- took it UConn four point five so there's a break that between 215. -- Syracuse wool about 45 minutes. On the floor and there's a break and UConn is four point five Villanova at five and saint Joe's at 555. And Milwaukee. Or you'll K. Is it six which I believe his native for the good land yes that's right here from my golf but he told your girl but he. Did you what you saw -- -- whereas the learn -- learn the. The allied to bring it -- -- law case I did it mention. And I don't think he's ever heard them or nobody talked about -- movie which is other great stories where efforts of the Alice Cooper might might late great -- mark pacer and I get to play around golf and Alice Cooper and it was just absolutely phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. And it was -- ever forget. So anyway. JT -- gonna join us for a quick Chris reject just tell us about he sees -- he's gonna talk to some modicum appeared few minutes but. University Michigan's second round draft pick last year in freshman of the year freshman of the year. Blowing -- let me turn my -- that worked too Big Ten freshman of the year. Leads all freshman in the Big Ten points. All it's about that and second team as well. And then one of the seniors on the team into that. Sabres traffic defenseman but. You know proper you start off really really good in the season and suffered injury mr. -- -- If I read summaries it was a month. For that injuries off -- a simple. Because deputies scoring goals for Michigan they don't want -- -- -- -- story -- Picturesque for now it happened there. It's like it's enough for awhile and that's always points. And now Gordon the -- it tomorrow it's that state Chris breakers watches a ton of prospects. And falls ball just of huge praises for this -- and not just from Chris I mean hockey. What every one call -- prospect reports and experts and what not just they've. Rave about this always that we had a -- in Percy he's not a whole scene. Figure but is also you know eighteen years old. It is now like you know mature and open. The comparisons. Chris -- account what is Steve lot luckiest guy that. The guy people placed in me again yes I feisty yes -- that's that's great because. You gotta have that little legend. And in your game if you're that size like you said he's not an imposing figure so. To go out there. Look at -- Gallagher and Montreal what team doesn't want a Brendan Gallagher. Every team -- -- so. Hopefully I'm not trying to set a standard for this guy you were saying that he's going to replace him but is that realistic Chris I mean. Sure I mean he seems for reputation wise guys you know took notes a little bit bigger. Resistor rile people up then you know. It's good that you book that had left out the first part of that phrase is usually it's you know what and vinegar. Com -- category together with -- but. Yes. -- -- the bitterness to two -- game if any that match about -- moniker. That this year effort that he had that tool so. Elements it's up to -- the with that -- Com. Where it at all. Outcomes but his game -- feels about it game and in what has long range plans a meeting is it has its successor Leon. I was with a GT go -- play he play all four here we have a here's the. Question ultimately need to ask. With the direction that this team is going out of draft pick of of memories is is he I understand that with the season he's having. But maybe he's used as. Trade in the draft. May be going forward maybe he's not maybe he's not in timber he's plans. Maybe he has maybe I mean maybe guimaraes. Really high and this kid and would love to have Adam. In -- lot but maybe just didn't get to that point when he was. Drafting what -- the sabres moved up. To get him awesome back so that's thank you for stepping in on that that's great point knows that trade weighted Caroline was that -- it -- up. Picks that they go up it moved up several. Groups have run that also kept the -- To pick slippery -- -- -- daughter early in Raleigh and maybe Carolina but -- -- Buffalo state soul please -- -- -- -- -- could be off by what -- either way I mean but either way so -- government you never know what his job. You know he alive his own notes on JT call for pressure so. Now. What does he add to this team. When he becomes -- we ask. Yeah Alex SE is ready for bucks a year ago JT comfort joints is now the freshman of the year in the Big Ten as an awesome ring to it doesn't GAT. Are yet it's great honor not. Talk I get your first one. Let's pretend there's an interest you're absolutely right under. That's right you are the first ever freshman of the year in Big Ten hockey -- could ever take data always joke that. Current regulations on that made it is it something that. You follows a possibility or through this is a great surprise. Almost a nice surprise there and -- thought about it. Would become interior and know what they do all the kind of stuff -- -- played hockey -- -- and -- -- there the rest departments under. Let's not talk about the sabres organization if you will and -- -- Andrews just mentioning you know what you bring the organization do you feel. There's more pressure to prove yourself with a new general manager -- that not the guy drafted -- timber. -- I think it's that's when they're -- others amendment change and -- I haven't been able to me mystery and on some of the new steps put off for me it's it's going to be about playing in game I know it's. I'm David come out -- me and I'll chant this summer development camp just. We remarked on the first of Russian parliament I think that. Firefighters playoff like -- -- -- -- summer so that our pitchers Michael Chertoff Billick Blair play him what I can bring that you know. You know you're you're just a freshman you had a successful season high draft pick obviously can't play college forever so. What are your thoughts of -- pro I mean you must have the dream of playing pro playing in the NHL and realistically. Where do you see yourself in how many years you know playing pro or play getting your opportunity in the NHL. Debt and obviously Roger -- -- -- -- -- and apartment working after a long time and my I think is the possibility now that are being drafted. Com and play well here and I think that compound it's the management -- -- -- -- when nick thank I'll be ready to to go on. I'm here mission -- Our albeit or they they want it to be I'm excited. Our next we -- trying to win a national championship the regular on this -- so. Right now I'm focused on the arm plane at Michigan and when they are they -- bought that accurate. I'm -- Always open at its lecture and put in the Mitchell. All right so here obviously watching the league and you see the trend it's a bigger game you're not an overly imposing figure. Is there clearly NHL you -- your game after seeing that you're not a bigger guy that maybe. You're going to need to model that style player to be successful honestly. I think someone that I. Kind of prepared myself to go over that draft process and recently it's all right cal and I think that we we are similar stature he talks aren't a lot and and are you keep plays it pretty hard nosed game on blocked shots look so I always do my thing is to first team and that's something that. But conduct or struck accused UN security and. Will will will take that gas that it works for us GT had a you know had a lot of success at Michigan so far. All it deck was surprised at how quickly if -- were able to adjust the game particular -- times. To have to acknowledge play. -- took a little bit I think that dispute that we up from previous HL but. -- last year part of the national forgot about triple play consumer college teams so I had no idea of this speed and strength that would -- player that this global. And coach chimera get opportunities coach Berenson. To comment and play and then. Players some good players so that only help -- transitions. How or how strong are those players in college because. You're playing against some I mean you're eighteen your soldier trying to get some guys that are 2122. And they're grown man and they and working out hit the -- over. You know a lot longer than than you have how do you compete against that it what's the mentality going into games knowing that your meeting not. The biggest guy out there. I don't aren't looking at politicized thing -- I think that. The way actor you don't like our goal against anyone who won a battle so for me it's whether it's five sixer. 66 -- recorders anyway try to win the battle it. Arms sometimes is a big guy is a little older -- stronger may get -- battle but from the keep. They cannot comment and try to win most doubt that a partner changed my mind that very much -- had that attitude from. Are. Likely to him that way. There are my coach when I was younger. All the -- are about like competing in and artwork in the ot think like -- I'm not a huge guy I am not most still got not chat to start so I got to compete really hard we're not a battle -- Felt like -- and to be noticed. JT mentioned you know your your development in the US program. How -- was -- in this the world juniors this year. Yeah obviously. That's another one election it was quite a term and then what -- enough for me up and -- -- -- chance Mickey Knox they're well it. Almost some men have been working toward the first half of the year. Com and to go out and injury at X stinks well it it. It's -- boy Pataki it happened here. I got over it I got to come back action put my team. Arming our holiday a term and then on the -- -- -- -- but I'm excited excerpt to get an opportunity to make that you know. -- the count for joining us here freshman of the year University of Michigan Buffalo Sabres draft picks second round. Last year get a chance to see him -- development camp this summer one that comes back around. Curious what it's like playing for red Berenson legendary college coach to see the reason why you went to Michigan and what is he like to play for. You thought they were written in English cannot. Forward to tradition and the program so ought to start the play it play for him and our patent that supported -- You can tell although it's great knowledge and he wants. She almost wants you out there on the -- with your arm and you can human practice seems to still moves really well. You keep how to play that you may connect situation there was baseball player or not. What he would do in the situations so it's on to feel like there hasn't Altman an image on how much is still out there. Yeah our whole lot of -- a lot of folks. You know Michigan in the football -- iconic it's the same helmet knocked -- to it's it's awesome what the music will be put -- -- obviously. This is what the great uniforms in college sports and dissent is the same color scheme as the team. -- drafted you in the primary -- do. Yeah it's an auditor that -- -- -- -- -- -- artists that's one of the great ought to programs on the College Hockey. So our I was honored to the -- come into play and trying to take advantage of that every day and there was a nice coincidence. Have the political papers maps it will mission. A I wanna ask you about school now how hard is it. To stay focused as a freshman you're having tremendous success and and on huge. Hockey team. I mean I played junior know how hard it is to go to class when your. You know you're kind of not me personally but the hockey players guys -- the big guys campus so you know what. How hard is that to stay focused and and state keep keep -- the books and and and work on the educational law and while you're. You know chasing this NHL dream and trying to produce as a hockey player for schools that you -- given you a scholarship. Think. It's it's something you have to do in -- coach -- great they're really important. Aren't you you want -- go find out you're not going to class so. I have to teachers than perhaps start lyzard. He's really really date on -- Korean going to class. That just goes along with some parents are kind of brought me out in the pocket one day weather beat Austria's -- forty years not so. You're not that make it out there and I guess the real world. On the -- get a job so -- real bloody. That is something that I it's kind of been brought up on and try to do my best schools at all arms how. How important is the degree for you amaze it is you know way when you look at the future -- you want to see where it goes here. Marty you. Taking extra classes in the summer like cool what's the plan for you to accomplish that degree. Yeah we we are -- spring to work out sort taking classes aren't I was quite epic class this summer and Altria. It's I can finish ready period almost four years and should side. I were to leave it there it takes longer I need to come back with summer on them and try and didn't matter what so. A might create important to me put spurred our Iraqis also pretty important -- are there. Death by -- that rate up but they -- be. Now the hurricane was here he was. Work in the offseason and in takes a class here they would keep fit in to try to accomplish his degrees so it it can't be done. It can't be done whether if you go to pro early or feast day for the four year. JT picked tenth term kicks off tomorrow against Penn State for you guys tomorrow afternoon. What's been the success for you guys as a team so far will again and what you guys have to try and do to want to advance and try to win that tournament. Or heard that term -- -- -- -- -- all -- sports -- anti Soviet we know law what each team brings and are we just seemed play output by actually generally are got to one against Minnesota normal Q country who's playing hard and play in corporate systems are. We're excited and we think that a -- that we can instruct lenient than it terror. What's it been like for you as a freshman Taylor stepped in in such a big part of that team. Are there. I think. It's been on. -- I -- or what he met -- -- -- at the law and out of embarrassment. -- overall. We got in Madrid fault -- structure and the coach and great give proper -- and so it's been good here. I JT and final thing how much do you follow of buffalo. You know we talk about that UGC yeah there may -- earlier opportunity. With this team. Aren't right now it's not too much mind I think about a little bit but overall just. I'm here -- and in right now that focuses. Appear on the road I'm sure vocal they're -- Our focus right now it's at your initial. Sounds like you use your mind right where it needs to be JT in says a lot about you your performance is a lot about two and we wish you the best of luck. Big Ten tournament. They are much. Thank you for nine GT comfort this year freshman of the year in the Big Ten so very grounded young men Agnes yet and I've never made it two recent -- apparently -- -- Brandon. So it's -- personality to have to I mean that's tough over the phone. Get that -- -- guys but. I'm rabbits bar with a when he was here. On the shows he's -- be an additional locker rooms while it's got to manage. If the beauty if he plays that they've won in my models give it to Brian Kelly and all of sports. Correct Ali you know major won't do any -- it's a character game. It's it is definitely a team first mentality and that is probably the probably explains the success because. He's willing to buy into it to a team. Environment and what it takes to win in. It sounds so cliche and it is but I mean you really you gotta be able to. To sellout and do whatever it takes to win a hockey game in and there's no joy in blocking shots there's there's none except for when Egyptian pads and it's over but. Going down for them they are. They can hurt and it's that's that's an area where you're doing that regularly you watch Ryan Callahan you see what he goes through and he just does it night in and night out face first whether it's -- burned bodies there. It is just one of those small elements that you need to that makes so makes him such a big element. Oh by the way hope by the where old by the way since Ryan Callahan was mentioned you know it he said he want to stay with the Rangers team owner James Dolan. -- ESPN radio. That Callahan and here's a quote I think Ryan essentially was asking too much for services and was going to hamstring that team. Would that I think -- at the right thing and quote so basically saying he asked for too much money so we traded him. Captain -- -- your great guy you know what though. Okay that's easy for -- Tuesday. -- -- citizens who order okay are absurd if you are older Rangers the owner of the range okay so so let me just go back it's it's that's easy. That's that's just an easy I'm gonna put a stamp on -- this is how it happened he said she's. That's it I mean -- what -- always telling and tell us how much he asked for was somewhat sits in the range of six million. For your captain -- any point 50 goal guy does anything for yeah. I don't think that's that's too much money for him he asked for. What the market is likely likely history. Let's not forget what they gave Mike Richards. I'd LT -- and over -- any day. Need any day now right. Mr. Mike Richards don't know that there's a time Brad Richards Bradley and Brad recital so my idol dogma. There was times where Brad Richards. Was the guy at that time is passed. Even when well yes but even when the contract was that contract and he was just that he was the biggest free agent in this and that's like Tim Connolly got so much money in Toronto. One -- Leino got money here so. Don't hate you here where hate that game. I mean here here. Your -- of -- it just broke out all your what your -- right -- -- part of the -- near the older it's only seven. That I didn't deserve it but you'll throw six or captain. It to me. It's not balanced it it's not balance I don't think Mike Richards makes that team as Stanley Cup team -- secrets sorry Brad Richards Brad Richards. Mike Richards now. That guy's -- I would he's a good OK we'll take a break we'll come back I think we might have. Paul shales is accurate sabres not yet when it -- -- -- -- -- talking 32 against. Right there right. Chris that's a sample version tough yeah or club who cares -- right now Talking Heads man this -- I'd just sort of oh well. This is. Yeah. Movies is probably go this is we don't rush hour. I think when the girl was singing in the back of the Mercedes consulates daughter. We know it's not the celebratory song they played in the dressing room for the USA sled hockey team and elemental muddled Sochi. And to confirm that we have a member of that -- two members from Western New York. At Rampage in Paul's job she joins us right now all good morning and welcome to the Chicago. Warrior forever your your your tough got to get a hold of are your serve our the only do apologize man noting Udall congratulations. On. Winning the gold medal awarded it just tells about the experience will it feel like two to accomplish that. -- -- I answered -- sort of represented you know home crowd and your experience in destroy it somewhere in the over there. Not just a great time through. What was the atmosphere like I mean was Sochi there is all this hype about it in and did you get to experience. Sochi at all and and get out around and see everything. Our area you'd probably that are immediate area -- on the Olympic village and social. And -- yeah we have agreed -- American civil rights forums. Really gets close enough all the cylinders -- groups so no complaints here. As your first time going to the Olympics not your first time partisan team USA the sled hockey team. And Adam page who is also fellow teammate of -- from Lancaster he'd -- 2000 and to the Olympics that he give you any it says to what the competition would be like if it would differ from the other world championship competitions USA competition that you participated. Failure has from most familiar with the -- for you know the cops are substantial up verbally. You know again steps up a little mustard mourners and it's little more in terms little looser ready and to be ready for crowd. All the media's and execute here and this. Clearly there and you know we should mention and we will mention you're not just a gold medal athlete now. From the USA sled hockey team -- purple heart recipient. And other. In the Marines for our country you're still operate what's a marine always a marine. You talk about that experience I mean obviously a life changing experience. From what I understand -- IA ED. Led to the by the knee amputee. Irrigation for for you view if you wanna share with -- that experience in. Outrage noise. Our laws -- about the in my experience and record as a whole not just felt Carlos was served our country is on dollars and I'm doomed -- You know just a -- terrorism in you know anything less -- spokeswoman -- There is -- -- where -- serve my country is agreement but it served our country the market clearly there is little. While I personally I don't -- listening wants to thank you for your service. And for your sacrifice. All right you may be given and it seems like you've turned this into. As positive as it can be for you and this avenue who who first. Talking about. Point sled hockey and join the team and in working at it. Are here and -- are in a thousand or do you see it won't treat. Medical forever. And knows a program called you assume warriors still goes on down there and we also are warriors veteran warrior who appear on both four miles long. And yes sir what -- a couple -- Heard there where parity growing up the mayor conventionally good out there and there's some sort of clear up their souls Slovakian. Is something that can sooners since. Well it's it's inspiring. To see you're story in and hear your story. What you're able to turn this around do you speak with other. Military veterans who are hurt in the field of battle. And have life changing events like you had a cute cute talked to them be reach out to them now in the buffalo area but. You know through Walter Reed medical center in talked about it a you know there are. Other options your life wife is not over because of these things. Yeah I mean actually you know as Garrett on the search and incurable will premiere here on. Every wants all in all it's cute together and Burma. Will be gone dawned on of these future actual post up perhaps you'll rarely. Go through this Kirkuk there's a return to Jerusalem. That's all around this. Get a couple veteran -- Lama. Development and Europe will be your memo bigger cougars are on the who would mean also -- you -- they're among national and also. Talk about error the feeling it was like when you beat Canada. Is there a little bit of a rivalry there are still I mean even with the men's hockey in the women's hockey that you guys playing. Team Canada just that cross border rival is that still there is that you have other countries that you might. You know butt heads with -- You're always been and they you mr. Aoki in Canada -- over in all the games you play against some. So I guess barrack and there are player and Kozyrev server earlier users so much and how can users so it's. Probably president has also those -- you're doing. What about beating Russia in the gold medal game on an -- in Russia in Russia I mean. You know there's there's got to be a lot of pressure deserved to win a gold medal no matter what when you're in the gold medal game but to beat the host country. I mean now was or was or a little bit -- added to I guess incentive to win that game because you're playing rusher was just the gold medal. Well you know -- straight whatever games and face every. Opponent the same and just play your game. Make sure you don't occur in your hand up like. Well Paul congratulations. Once again to view your teammates and thank you again for your service to our country. And I keep at -- -- great story and that we're thrilled for. -- -- All right go to you're welcome thanks for coming on balls just paid by the way. Speaking of our veterans to Washington DC. You -- were call and many -- did. By the raffle ticket to win that ugly Christmas sweater Jersey that we had from automatic royals they're ready royals. And we donated that money and Patrick -- as its foundation match today -- -- -- The donations so we donated a great chunk of money to honor flight buffalo. And they have decided on their two flights where they're gonna take veterans of the or the history of our football for 342 World War II veterans. Have. Instant on the trip this of the flight fourteen and fifteen. May third. In June 7 will be the upcoming spring trips for honor flight buffalo. And what more details but. They were they goal. It come back the same day and on the return trip they do it. You know a great while -- house -- about this because saw on the -- Naipaul and Adam. Returning from Sochi it is the paralympics in with a gold medals and the reception they received at the airport. They do this also for -- points -- may third. -- Saturday he mean. You'll ask for people come out and help honor our veterans who made 30 June 7 article states coming up and we will be there. Absolutely I believe I mean we will be -- but. It's -- that's going for a how many how many how many worse. Did did we end up 375. Dollars to let people I think -- veterans so yeah we were just under eleven. People that it through -- it's found they're ready royals and its foundation are able loose and this brakes oh. I'm proud of our audience stepping up in doing that Roger I think our -- as the great they had. -- ugly Jersey and a yeah I just it looked. Not to be you know. But I don't think anybody should be surprised by the support that Western New York offers for its veterans or. Are any kind of charity whether it's a golf tournament of bullying. Charity basketball and alumni basketball game -- to support the Western New York you guys notice that -- It's incredible every it never. It always actually it always takes me -- how how you look at the blue for -- Retouched and yes -- quick and we need to do something in this needs to work stories I mean it's just it just. They make it happen and anybody here wants to wants to be part of it. The Alex rice foundation I mean you look at something justice. Lost former teammate of -- pressure on. After new years ago and and you know had to a couple of charity golf tournaments and the amounted that they are asking for a as the wife -- India to take golf tournament and racist and a little bit shell out for that and and it's just -- It blows my mind -- that's one of the reason why I -- Right here Western New York because. It's the people it's the people that bring you back here all they want is just a good hard effort return you know April 9 Purdue in the -- brave. Think the bandits right coming up yes thing that's -- yeah that worry is only there for. You know. It's well I just -- at this conversation my kids but tool ones yesterday were to while -- prevent as are schools doing something coming up. Four man. It it we're talking about donated money and now they wanna save some money for so that is all we could do data we can do this and you know you'll feel feel the other feeling you get. From donating net and it's just bought raffle ticket Genesis was to win. In the sabres Jersey that John departures yet we sweater Jersey but really the motivation once it let's -- one of these. Heroes. American heroes doubted it is that Mott and do it monument the memorial in Washington DC so make an honor those that. They battle along with a loss of lives and I am thinking about Paul. We just talked to and you know read his bio and you could tell. You know he just wanna -- beat -- Which he has and this is someone who went over there to serve our country Afghanistan. And it improvised explosive device goes off. And he had at both legs amputated above the knee life changing moment. And I can't even imagine -- and even be talking about is doing this or I can't imagine what that's like and fury is. And he's an inspiration to all of us and that you know what I'm gonna get involved with sled hockey egos and political editor -- And you know what great senator and a gold medal you know won't take back his physical no one. Issues but you know what it does it's Mikey said he -- it provides hope. Sit and and and a sense of accomplishment for sure mean. You gotta -- gold medal around your neck in a well deserved I mean that's let's -- is not easy I don't care what anybody thinks if you haven't tried it don't talk. Because it is not easy. Well if you can look and see what somebody like Paul couldn't do. With limitations said he has its then you look at yourself and Zabel won the second item it treadmill that you know right make myself better. -- we'll take a break. We'll come back go look at what happened last night NHL and a big game tonight coming up with a National Hockey League. That to close at the show here and of the year Sports Radio 550. Fire -- back. The sabres IBO light units left here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- paper colder I'll be on the show will talk about the Niagara purple Eagles heading to the Atlantic hockey. Frozen four Atlantic argue that. Starks Friday night. It -- just a couple also going yes sorry Hubble Turkey's team overcoming all the adversity the travel. Altitude I mean all that stuff factors in especially going tomorrow show. The tomorrow show prep and everybody for the pocono -- -- I heard it was a nightmare trouble at home -- Yeah but it. -- Now. Just trying to pump and -- it but he hated it that's. When stuff gets sort of robot blocks thrown authority means you can make excuses or you can overcome -- and Dave Burke or on this show even said. Before they left up making excuses for this. Still the game to two games to win. -- Good for them good for them because. That that will be definite team builder to overcome all that stuff -- you have to -- You have to know that that stuff is going to be a wrinkle. In the for sure all right let's not go around the NHL -- -- Yes we are of course classic Calgary beat buffalo three to one. Boston won ten straight games. 42 over the -- by the way you -- Devil's advocate -- these are turning to here. Yeah I don't care did you see their jerseys. They went with the red to green for saint -- -- once a year the retro. Only thing that was wrong with that in where whites have home but I'll tell you what. While those duties as the best -- and outdoor. Equipment out those chrome detectors there -- went straight classic. -- -- Like -- Minnesota's sixth knocked -- out as Matt Olson returned a long -- he scored a couple of machines are things we want Molson. It there so that Molson day on coming into the trying to sway him to -- there and getting reunited with Johnny T. -- -- -- -- -- But explain why he looks like -- dream about it we don't we real reality of it. That Arafat is playing this isn't. -- More than twice once. -- plant coming up and Pittsburgh over Dallas five to one. It was Carolina beating Columbus 31 tough loss for Columbus they're quite work out but there needs to Kirby scored a -- Time Obama 46. Saves lives there's a guy this team -- news. -- victory is not big. What I was I was Hoover wasn't wasn't a huge fan just because of the effort that he brings. And then you look at. A look at what how we we does when he gets there he has success I'd always playing with good players. -- carry on Montreal's victory over Colorado Patrick Wallace returned to Montreal. Thomas and it spoils it with a hat trick can I make one point about -- his second goal he is. Comes from behind the net gets thrown right into his feet and this is what he does it makes him so good. Hits him in the feet two players autumn he knows exactly where the park is he looks down he blasted the far side. I mean he's we said it before he's one of the best colors of the NHL five feet from the net and proved it last night and any of them that deflection. Get in a forum. Well get this contract in the year ending -- which Jason Spezza called piracy Ottawa got doubled up by the Rangers. To four in that -- as Detroit 32 over Toronto's in the may police who lost realized for. And he -- no lock in a playoff. Word that Toronto maple excellence in -- watched on the stretch Philadelphia in overtime 32 over Chicago larger rule of the game winning goal for the Philadelphia Flyers. Edmonton next opponent for buffalo 851 win over Nashville. Toward Natalie -- three points toward the oil ultimately -- ten for two of their last sixteen games. That boy okay anyway he's not Washington beat Anaheim in and I am against former coach Bruce Boudreau. Raided two movements gain with a goal that won in Florida. Beat San Jose 32. Refer to -- -- 52. Saves. -- contests before -- enters the may trade for -- long ago. To try to build it there will see -- August 8 order by the way gives -- -- rather ask as treaty illegal were on yours was -- Councils Conway analysts. Opening shared revenue sharing we don't like so eighty million for the team. What eighty million in incentives to help the team out over the period we just got to get mr. -- tells how to get a million that fleet bank out of Boston were good we -- team captain -- the radio. NFL away. All right that's new for today show -- odd jobs for more information of course we are back to morrow. At 10 am and it'll be of course beat basketball they hear -- We don't -- about these neighbors orders matchup the paper and I will join us right here that each year Sports Radio fight if.

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