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Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

733 Howard cheer me -- here on WG -- we continue our coverage on the passing of bills owner Ralph Wilson junior at the age of 95 and of red numbers special guests on yesterday with Mike and Chris if you missed any of it. Joseph. WGR 550 dot com if you miss anything today Phil's coming up just a moment. Wobbly be at a nine Bill Polian and a 45 Jeremy just gave the full line -- if you miss any of it makes you go to our website WH ER 550 dot com. We'll have all the interviews and on demand audio will tweak the links -- I'm sure we'll put him at FaceBook page alive. Whatever social media platform for you covered with our coverage of the passing of Ralph Wilson but what end and we're taking your calls at 8030550. You can share your thoughts your stories your memories about that the owner of the bills were also bringing in some very special guest today were German -- by one of Famer Phil Hanson. Until this year Phyllis Howard Jeremy welcome to the show first of all good morning thanks for coming up with -- us. -- -- -- what. What was your first meeting with Ralph Wilson I'm gonna asset to everybody Murphy resist drivers talking Murphy about at all. Asked Marvin and bill would you limit the first time you met the owner of the bills. Aria I don't like our current Letterman over that -- better about -- drop for them. For the maybe April of 1991 on the next week your American opera mini camp. And we actually I -- at the time I think we fluid on the same flight from Detroit. And I would doubt the biggest area figured -- my legs were three day mini camp. Am one of the guys -- matter. -- -- the player and interview all that is sitting out there on the eventually include I -- -- -- got to figure out. And it would be your oracle or not they're pretty sure they're not outright. But it should not about it and always hear about your well you'd go out there I don't. And I certainly hope I guess you're out of that particular road course they're well I can do out. That shot back for a couple -- that I could -- -- I should be without. All are either got enough -- up but I -- -- to pinch hitters went so well well well well well them. -- -- -- without supper adopt the player in the first dramatic and well below our Dubai happened stamps are. Doubt that we've talked about a year on the road through chemical. It's funny you bring that up because -- steed Jeffs was on yesterday -- was thought they asked him about the first time he met Ralph need. Have been picked up I think on waivers from Houston and he was in New England -- Sullivan stadium in the visiting locker room and he said this guy in a suit and a trench coat came up and introduced -- and I am Ralph Wilson good lucked in and Steve simple thanks very much and he walked away went to -- -- -- mouse skin said. Who's that guy said. If you -- the team is and they it's it's almost like you know you wouldn't even realize that was the owner of the team and if someone told you that the owner of the team. Yeah you know I would have expected. You know -- applaud them on the -- Japanese who went away and the -- being. Whoever it was time outs are about reverend haggard look. The agreement outside. You know are they throw -- support -- -- -- to -- kicked up by somebody. Do you have about the stories are you know once she heard the word yesterday that Ralph Ralph Wilson had passed away. Did you have any stories -- other favorite memories that they came to mind involving the owner. I expect everybody who outpost -- even have a community of western yards but -- -- Well -- laugh well well for 95 years. And I'm an -- that's pretty good life so. Our -- members. You know while orchestrating a pepper imports double my -- about a rebellion out. Are all remember Ralph are going to openly Bobo well. The sale or what can return to the cherry -- video yeah code -- practice. -- -- without group argued that approach but look door quietly you know -- sixty seats in minute film actors from up where. The order a book written guerrilla group the video I mean I'm. -- what are material like -- underrated -- looked -- what mattered all but. About kind of collapsed at a lot of vivid memories -- -- I don't agree older we're all gonna look like but. -- we wanna become a member. In August after every game win -- lose. Well -- first half a marker for sure and also below the pretty pretty pretty cool but. You know outcome crowd in Hamburg. Personally. After the game and you know -- -- regatta in my -- legal way here so we agree that the lookup real plot to -- your locker you know. By the deputy try to make it can actually. You know you know what play you're -- -- regain all our place courier or -- throughout the country. Until here a common theme from all the players of people who do well. -- -- fairly well and I and epic that's family here with regard. I can sort of almost cannot decide. Oh I try to make -- political director at just one of the Apollo eight bit -- -- -- -- -- -- particular -- -- brings -- but. I don't know are Baltic. I don't collect on the part of the -- by -- -- because -- what a -- book blow it out. You know just go to vote. I don't know that but -- -- -- away yeah. Dollar a family. I was gonna ask you about that -- because it a number of people have talked about that. What the players meant to him. And it sounds silly you brought up sure the handshakes and -- going to be many times we'd be gathered interviewing you or whoever in the semi circle around the locker. And -- were mister Wilson combined it'll pop pop through in mid interview and we all like yup -- okay the owners series tickner and we got a lately -- But it can you talk a little bit more about that you -- you know the media wouldn't understand that the fans would understand that because we didn't have that. That closeness that proximity to the owner. But it seems like a lot of people talked about Thurman -- -- talks about him like he's another father. A lot of people talked about how much the players meant to Ralph Wilson no matter what -- they played it. That I don't like it something registered shadow over it meant a lot of something that he showed but it took action. And has deep spot about. -- -- -- we Joker are open about the game two especially when warm. Part but you know all out figure or an army that would that relationship what develop. Much urged jurors that are you need YouTube clip and coached period. All on. -- you'd give them an intra -- which I'm -- a bit of information. You remember that a couple years later it say -- or at Bagram Barbara -- collar. I heard something about bad area or -- but so well it just welcome how I can't shake their job you all -- where I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- our cal bit back any -- personally -- need to -- their best regards to our absorption. George -- she. You start like that your church. This next door -- guy and you just on the likes what support joke about black guy wedding and to that GM. Or so lot -- in -- have returned. -- and there. About every guy out there and achieve that I'll remember and it meant a march when you went up and -- clout and -- huge huge -- -- appearing by. How important that we can tell you wanted to do that she wanted to make your special that special but element. But special all the people who read the Super Bowl up. Those hall of Famer Phil Hanson -- in the last -- -- when asked about his with is the wall of fame we've been told many times over the years. That you know that's pretty much of Ralph -- -- doesn't want -- on the wall of fame that will definitely impact whether you're on the wall of fame when you finally made it. I don't know it was -- the got caught her and told you're did you have any kind phone call call from Ralph congratulating you on that honor and if so what did he tell you. General on each story true I don't know -- literature also a lot of on the -- -- April or may when I got to all of I look at our caller -- -- solid -- -- -- -- surge quote I know what some are from all by apple are beset. Roll or hike. Aren't going -- I don't know what the government gunfire so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Due out and -- -- -- -- secretary who argue our. -- about some remote site in the locker room. But -- chuckle and allow them. And finally after and other -- -- my guru our. Definitely. You know totally like pajama Waltham much got a lot of yeah it would it would have a great conversation. And now I'm actually doing I think that was a lot conversation apple a -- Are all our. Develop a lot of actual top job. But you know but the fact that she took a trial. Called me and I'm sure that the previous -- -- I true but you either. Happy to put recalled from the old Bell's column a and M and state yet to -- tells. Worked -- about what do you call them so well and I Arnold earlier about a lot to me it. -- -- let you go I'm sure the feds are listening would love to know what you're up to these days what what is what is going on in your life these days. All good -- Well. I don't know what -- of I took -- out. -- -- lot of charitable communities -- your -- -- struck -- -- special. Small and gave him that most and I just actually it started. -- bit about where we had a -- and -- -- football program at -- And Rihanna told an upsurge of the contraption and we're going on the try to make the game lots paper that -- -- global. And I'm really want their concert and on other trainers brought straight -- coaches. About you know how -- track all -- -- chimp attack equipment and stepped. Assault occurred -- in our a -- dramatic turn that spurred -- well look look what bill. Well listen -- we appreciate you coming -- great -- thank you very much for sharing him with us -- this morning and best of luck with all -- endeavors going down the road. They tell them it's one of Famer with this year on WGR and and shared some stories and oh great to hear a lot of.

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