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Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But to back Howard Jeremy Matthew as we remember Ralph Wilson junior today hearing WGR and we're gonna it's more of your calls. But we're gonna -- got -- little bit and we're gonna bring in former bills GM. Bill Polian joining us now on WGR and as we continue to get more stories and talk to the folks you can share some great memories and great moments. With Ralph Wilson will take your calls to -- come up at nine bill it's Howard Jeremy thanks for coming on first of all you're you always take time out force we appreciate doing it again this morning. Well I'm glad to do it it's sort of been you know not under the best of circumstances but. That's like unfortunately. You you -- geared down in the meetings in the the national public meetings in Orlando where the news broken everybody down their found out what was going on. When you first heard the word or some of the thoughts that -- your mind. Well -- you know you you you you knew this day was coming. -- used to joke that -- was in the last lap. And you know we -- it'll last we hope that the race would -- last a little longer. Everybody you know kidded him most recently that we'd hoped he'd get 200 good but didn't. You know today is coming but it's but it's still sad nonetheless send. You know you're you're good man and and he will be missed. I know I don't know the back story of when you first got here I know you're here and obviously elevated to the job of general manager. How did you get here and and do you remember your the first time you met Ralph Wilson way back when. Yeah I got here. Because of a case even singled and con war and -- remain on the coaching staff -- not. And norm parliament who is then director of player personnel and they they had. A gentleman who was working in pro personnel will be came in -- it suffer very serious back injury it was -- unable to work. And and so. -- days. -- and search for somebody and I was recommended in and they hired me. But I'm not sure that it Ralph -- I I had been hired and how we did it scalp so I was out every week. On and it wasn't until. Right around Thanksgiving time that I got a chance. -- -- -- And and -- -- it -- Camilo you're going to guided broke personality yes sir. And it says I didn't hear you were fired a about a month ago. We all laughed. I was -- of many walks up is that this guy are you all you work. At a so all that well when you got promoted when Ralph came -- and said hey you're the general manager what -- he -- -- what do you remember at that time. Our beat you say it does specifically and he was so he. He he was interest sitting in giving good young people. A chance to succeed. That experience didn't matter that much to him so long -- -- keep up the person was. Head to head the right makeup and and that he was gonna give me chancellor Mumbai will be forever grateful to attempt for that. They'll -- with a here on WGR what bill can you tell us I think we get. Guys like you and -- we had Phil Hanson on earlier. Steve tasker resigned yesterday. It's great for us to -- inside about Ralph Wilson that. You know the media and the fans just would never know because we didn't deal them on a day to day basis. What are there any things you any stories or anything about Ralph Wilson's personality you can tell us. That we wouldn't necessarily know because it's not in the media guide where it's not online somewhere. -- wanting news extremely extremely generous. And he was -- extremely. Extremely concerned that that. But that -- that kind of personal charity and the stories are those that are are legion. Many of which well I guess will become public now. On. The people became public he he would be he would warn people consistently you know they -- that this is not to be made public. So he was a very generous and kind man I don't consider that. You know if anything -- ever happened to me. You know what I would no longer employed by the bills so long but longer employed by the built the first person my family would hear from would be well also. Bomb and and -- approach worked Zetterberg -- would be is there anything I can do. He's never failed to inquire about my children. And he always sent an anniversary card and he always sent a very funny Christmas card with personal note -- And it and it and I got my my last one. This past Christmas and along with a those specialized Christmas gift which sent out -- every member of the bill Chandler is actually a large chocolate football which respect our kids. You know couldn't relate it to get -- now the grandchildren. Couldn't wait for the com and end. It would always at a personalized note wood which is always very funny you had a great sense of humor. And you know -- the best he was very thoughtful very kind and and -- focus on tram. You mentioned that they'll probably be some things that'll get out that it may -- one -- while he was alive. In the you can share. -- side I'd rather not do it. You know it. There are some things that I know about that I think are more are appropriate for the people who club. Who benefited from them to make public if they choose but but I can -- suffice it to say he was a very kind and generous grant. -- I would just -- in a moment ago bill one of the things when we're talk about some of our favorite moments in Ralph's long -- you know tenure as owner the bills. From. How much that mean to you because obviously you know things didn't end very well how much did it mean to you. That you guys were able to it to reconcile and and and kind of rekindle everything with bill with that Ralph Wilson and the franchise. Well -- you know we never. We we we never had an argument really are a you know he explained to me why is making the change I understood it on. We we mutually arrived at a way to do that that was for the -- and so wouldn't hurt the team on the field. I knew that my time was comic books with the bills and it is intended. I am more dynamic. And and we remain friends and friendship grew over time sort of were never risk. I would start to leave obviously but there was there were never ripped never any problem and he was always. Kind and generous to me with references and and and you know publicly and privately. Throughout the rest of my career so. They -- still right there is some thought that there was a -- they're never watch that he's ever for one minute. The but in in terms of the -- saying. I got a call I was traveling and got a call from from Scotty. And then NEC you need to call mister Wilson right away and and Bo -- something's wrong here so. I called them right away indicate that a phone in and his Portugal that we can obviously two years ago little less than two years ago I guess. And -- and he said I just wanna be the first one to tell you that you're going on all things and that was. Moved. You know beyond words I couldn't find the words at that time and and really so so adamant that so. The greatest honor in my career in and edit it put. Just a wonderful explanation. Exclamation point to lump all of that -- the great times that we haven't -- Do you can you are -- for the folks -- listening bill can you put into words. Lot the French ice the team the players everybody in the organization from the head the GM and head coach to the janitor is. What that team man to Ralph Wilson. Well that is apparently it was so it was the focal point took his life. It was strong for him it was excitement there was. AA because he was devoted to the national football and and was among. While small group of people nicknamed. And a more combative I'm old guard. I'm willing to narrowly on enhance our -- bill. The McCaskey family the other room -- on who who really. Decided that we served as the constant so beliefs. On and he was really really very involved than he was the one encouraged me and and dominated need to do to become involved on the competition committee and later on the management council had. And -- he the National Football League kicked him. Was. Overriding cause and of course she found no. That he loan money to Al Davis to keep the Oakland Raiders going in the early days of the AFL. I'm not sure he needed to do this in the latter days of the NFL but by the time I was in it but. I know he words they teach you really really thought was very concerned about the future of the league concerned about. How things would progress concerned about how to -- would grow. And and well beyond what that what what the bills that he obviously he cared deeply about what the -- bit and was very emotional about that. But. He was really devoted to the National Football League and that's a part of his career that is -- has been under reported. That's what -- and I'll close with that bill bill pulling this year and a -- what he's Ralph Wilson's legacy in your mind whether it's. About what happened here in buffalo or bigger picture NFL. I think it's very simple. And it's why in the hall of fame. He represents. A big greatest generation. Who who kept the world free not only this country but the world tree. -- He represents. Integrity. Of the highest order. And the Buffalo Bills are in buffalo. To this state because he kept his work. I know for a fact that he could take and that -- too much more lucrative and much more -- fashionable. Location. But he gave his word that the team would stay in buffalo until day he died. And it has. And that's all you need to know about Ralph Wilson when he gave his word. That was as good as as a contracts. Written an indelible. You know what that remind me real quick if you could tell one strike heard you tell the story yesterday -- I think our listeners would love it. I don't remember I don't think you mentioned that does the specific player but you're talking about a contract negotiation once -- -- the GM and he went over budget. And and mutilated in Europe sending the Wimbledon tennis tournament in. I couldn't get in touch -- and and -- -- back in and I talked with him and told about the contract and he was very upset about it. And I said look it's my fault I apologize -- shouldn't shouldn't about it. Certainly shouldn't have done it without your approval slot call your agent -- called iron and will make it right straighten it out and it sitting on how well now. We keep our word we made -- you know we keep our war. That's the way we do business just don't do it again. Did you do it again. No I'll -- guys wanted to make sure -- tomorrow at the bullet this is that is gives greater oil rich people work. Bill thank you very much thanks to come and -- thanks for sharing your memories. Okay what they'll pull him former bills yet. Now working with -- SP and joining us here on double feature front holding -- to get more calls eagle 30550. Billy Shaw's and join us is well hall of fame offensive -- We're gonna take like a two minute breaks an -- where a Marv Levy coming up at the top of the hour. On WGR.