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Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- continued taking your calls. And having special guests for yet as well of course such palpable -- back. From three to seven we'll get to -- calls eagle 3055888550. To 515 we mentioned earlier when will go Paula was on. Certainly for a lot of people the glory days of it like like me you were here for the mid sixties glory days. For the bills under Ralph Wilson was what the the Super Bowl years that there early ninety's and their two -- forever be linked. To that non players and that would be Bill Polian and Marv Levy bill was -- just moments ago work but delighted to have -- be joining us right now here on WGR markets Howard and Jeremy good morning how are you today sir. I'm fine thank you and our. Good to hear your voice again not for the reasons that saying that -- your colleagues however. And no lion -- in it is it's it's a sad day obviously Marv for for bills players and everybody who was touched by Ralph Wilson and obviously you. We're very dear friend of Ralph Wilson so what what was your reaction or what were some of the things that kind of flashed through your mind yesterday when he heard the news that mr. Wilson passed. Well actually you know I I was very saddened to hear it. Right after the -- Exercising in the park here and I got a call media com that you do here's the news and I don't know what those and they told me in media away with -- despite the fact that -- 95 result was still shocking to Romania and we deeply saddening you -- -- it right he wasn't just quote my boss he was like brand. And had great respect for her firm Ralph let them. And we enjoyed talking every month or so we'd still people speaking on the phone with -- each other. Right up to the end. Marble of the many attributes that. Ralph Wilson had what what were -- your favor would you would you like about a the most. Well suited to nail down once saying it would be impossible powered but. It is the man who believed in in talk organization winning he had respect of the people that works for him and he engendered by as attitude great respect back from both about who did work for him. He was -- to be way up. I enjoyed conversations. With Ralph wasn't just the labored at all over with the owner whether it happened last Sunday. He had a great sense of humor. He. -- -- and our ideals that he have these very charitable person he cared about the community. He cared about the players on the team and and they know it. He wasn't just some distant owner -- -- just does not do those attributes that I always noticed that it. Can you talk a little bit more about that I hear stories from some of the players who have been on the station going back to yesterday afternoon Marvin -- talk about. How intense a competitor. Ralph Wilson was did it did you see that side of him. Yeah airport there. But but it was well it was well directed. It wasn't -- -- go into -- fury if things didn't go. Right necessarily instead blaming the world yet we -- competitive -- was constantly seeking to. Find ways to improve what we did in it and -- help without. I think what makes suggestions sometimes but it always listen in -- even if threw for some reason you disagreed with the point. He was making. Is they -- has. The ENT. Involve all of us in the organization to everybody in that building had respect for Ralph Wilson is just the players in the coaches. So -- -- -- that football relation like I know you mentioned that one of the things you liked about your friendship with with Ralph Wilson was that you know you guys -- talk about stuff beyond football. But what -- was on the show this morning and and John made the point that you know Ralph. Was heavily involved not to the point where he was nettlesome. But obviously wanted to know on a daily basis what was going on this football team so from your standpoint as the coach what those daily football conversations are given take like. Yet what they would say I can't say they were daily. But that I do recall actor I had been hired. But by the -- got a call the next state from Ralph Wilson's wife and she said Barbara. I don't know -- with that let's go look at that crowd appeal but I have one bit of advice and do than talk to Ralph but I also work well wouldn't talk to -- Courses I've talked to you'd be surprised now. How sometimes the coaches are too busy does so every. And -- spoke with well frequently. And every year Monday after the game. I have to would review the film has been called we talked back and forth and he gets on crutches how come you didn't do this or did do that. And that he would answer some and -- conversations yes that was we got ready for the draft. And eat on draft day he'd have opinions but he should listen closely that. Bill -- John Butler in the end those draft days decisions. EG it is and how but he wasn't. And it he had -- dependent when they were strong -- -- from strongly but he wasn't close minded that was very obvious. Marv Levy was this year for another moment or two on WGR I wanted to ask you about. Ralph Wilson's hall of fame induction. Because I've read. Comments from a few players who were there Marvin they talked about how. Maybe there was a tent set up in some party going on and they talked about how. Mr. Wilson just sat there just kind of with a this unbelievable smile on his face like soaking it all up wolf if you can call any any details from that. That weekend or maybe even just talking to mr. Wilson about the hall of fame induction and seeing all of this -- four players back there. What was that like for him what does that mean to him do you think that whole weekend. I think it meant the world overall well loved the game of football the -- he's certainly is one of the root of the great people -- helped. Build -- National Football League over the years. Is contributions to the game -- on bounded. And yes. I can recall that even -- all of his deep involvement in the game and everything he had this glow on his face it was sort of saying. I really hear it seems out on the faces of so many of its sentiment I felt. It and win Iowa then I'm sure that it is the of the other our players the same. But typically the below wanted to -- it wasn't one of those well it's about time to look not at all. Ali do you -- with you know the final question that it had for a lot of people I think you just touched on a moment ago when. The Bill Polian was certainly eloquent about it as well what do you think Ralph Wilson's legacy is what did he leave behind. Well. He's really left a permanent. A permanent impression on the game. But there doesn't he wanted to study of the history of the game they're gonna find at Ralph walk on his. This is an integral part of that used to be American history and you're done gonna Benjamin Franklin part of that they always will be same thing with Ralph Wilson relatively. National Football League but it goes beyond football again as -- Very charitable minded Mandy cared about the people that worked in the organization and I mean everybody. Not just is high executives. Everybody in the security people into the -- several lol he acquired about them. What a great. -- thanks very much for coming -- appreciate taken some time today. Implied by -- -- the talk about this Fineman thank you our. Thank you mark got a good day. What league for bills that coach joining us here on WHR we're taking your calls to got storage -- you know memories moments to share were talking about. You know as a as a tribute to Ralph Wilson junior as a thank you what would be your favorite moment. As the bills and lo these many years that you could share as well Jeff and a few banks holding on Iran WGR go right ahead.

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