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3/26 Pete Metzelaars on WGR

Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This will be wondering going forward 8030550. -- calls coming up. We're also. Most -- time talking to four players and coaches and GM's. And we're now joined by a former player who's who's now coach these days out with San Diego -- -- -- former bills' tight end. Joins us here on WG repeated soured Jeremy good morning Dexter criminologist first. More power Germany are eager to what we're doing well appreciate you coming on an insurance and -- -- today. Well the problem and and let -- bit -- all awful oh yeah. You have little -- favored Ralph Wilson story what comes to mind when someone asked if KP what was that like to play for the bills was Ralph Wilson junior line. Well. I think they're the greatest testament to real close. You know I got traded so awful and they tee and Jeter got a practical -- but 1985. The bill -- just finished two to fourteen season. We went to a fourteen that my first year there have is not -- -- well. The general feeling. -- trouble awful wasn't the only was chief Peter and wanna spend any money that was the that was but he. Goodies that general fought properly -- and when I got there and he saw Ralph law for the awful bill first off the false hope for the game of football. And then its commitment to. Bring in the people in the awful what Jim Kelly in the next year -- And Bruce was there robbery was already -- they'll tell it was there you know the the pieces that -- replaced. In his commitment to. They can achieve a successful. You realize that those rumors in the remote locals in what goes well. Worked with the wrong that he was what fought very very -- for all but one of the possible schools be successful. However. Whatever needed to get government to make a successful. How much -- he wanted you know you guys to win. How much of an interest we're hearing so many different stories -- about how much in interest he -- in you guys as people not just football players are not just guys on his payroll. -- -- evoked the as you've got gorged. It Kamal -- -- trouble for a -- trouble you know you have Friday morning in -- war. You know Thursday night from Detroit. And he is out of Friday's practice every every Friday at boosting the rubble players that talk could -- and watch a practice and down on the field. You know -- or -- Brought cooperate every time than and so whether it was thirty degrees or whether it was eighty degrees you -- as -- or Rashad. But he enjoyed being around the players and interact it would and it was there was hardly interact with it now. And you're really you've given addressed every year training camp and general and amid ability address your golf club compared to tell the story of bubble type of 1950s who did this serve better. You know back in the sixties that's what happened that's so long and so forth that they need your rambling story about -- of the history of the game. I'm not introduced appreciated. More more. What role he had in history as -- -- the game of the NFL. When you guys started winning. Playoff games into the super ball I mean all that time. How -- -- what was that like for the owner and and and how special was that time for him and meanwhile back at 88 overseas when it really when it started but then kicked into gear. It's it's straight rights freedom. I think it it it. Verified it justified you know he did a lot of Wear and he did what you look forward to do whatever took that helped this team we have. What fortunately didn't quite get to go up. The ultimate goal which would have been unbelievable -- for mr. -- -- win the Super Bowl chips chips and for the people awful but. We didn't quite get over all that well but. For him to get back on the stage capture. Tickets so much grief about your used to -- he doesn't wanna spend the -- -- -- -- -- so. To move the bills winning and all -- wants to do list. You know -- the money out of here and take it back to Detroit with a government. That was -- that was all completely false he wanted to -- and and -- in the biggest symbols greatest -- and so for -- figured out that -- -- when old games and put the pieces of in place that you know he was he was involved and it energy notes most foreigners have been put all the pieces complacent so. There was go to any -- he's maturity of Jordan if you wanted to get back that was there's -- Kind of his lifelong dream about her kind of you know we've we've sputtered out it was to get the bill packed for the same level. Porsche has worked else. He admits -- were this year do you remember anything in particular when you guys beat the raiders and you you clinch that berth in the first Super Bowl. Was there anything in particular with with rock Ralph Wilson either after the game that day are no it was a hectic week he went right down to Florida you have the prairie had to play. Do you remember anything about that particular week or those moments because Odyssey. That was his first Super Bowl -- Yet not I really don't you know other than in the locker room after the game -- Patrol people would have AFC championship for this piece there it is so excited he was good and happy it was that you know pilgrim reports were all war. Google's involvement Super Bowl event. You know that that -- to well all week was it was a whirlwind. You know flight down already have one week for the Super Bowl or about camp Burnham all logistics all that's also about that well console model Laura. -- -- And so fast seemed like it took about a half power play level game but but see him mister wolf in the locker room after the game except for -- street. And just how problem maturity was certain -- the speeches he gave him. You know apology about that was the -- destruction -- operative may have. Oh well before -- let you go Pete do you is there a particular moment or is there. And you talked about mr. Wilson then and the reputation and how things change is there any lasting memory or moment that you will keep with you about Ralph Wilson. But this is how does this help personable he was just. You know -- -- chicken and even even over the last you know. For five years you know what see him a different offense back and awful. When he came back with a lump iron into everybody's name and they are -- or -- go about your perspective this. This CDs your own fault it was in the -- and how much I think he felt. -- a bit like the players were disarmed a little bit -- Betemit took an interest to him. Each and every player knew your name and what was going and and so well you eat. He loves football these lovable fulfilled in the in the city boat floated in his orbit -- -- one -- the -- -- to console so. He -- flies -- -- -- W -- Pete thanks for coming on and thanks for sharing your memories of those that. It. You to thank you Pete with San Diego these days on the charges coaching staff we appreciate him taking the -- joining us 803055.

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