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Mar 26, 2014|

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Right there ruffles and -- the age of 95 is the only owner the buffalo. By 930 six. Howard cheer me and which David and Matthew yes here on WGR. A term racist. 51 year old dude moment thing nine you pointed out to be the idea at stake rocky is direct ties to Los Angeles. And before bills and Africa but the bills and Los Angeles his sixty acres of land now. That maybe there could be for a stadium yeah. And the rams have a huge amount -- and and they have I believe they're out of their lease after this season in Saint Louis. So at LA ordered off the board other other cities to worry about because Ryan writes in is a lot more -- finale I don't think there really is all -- -- there's. There's one that oversees. Yeah there's -- London. And that's that's a very short list right now. But if there's if there's one London contender it's Jacksonville might they have and everybody played a number of there and they're playing regular games one game a year in. A well we'll get back to that the second -- your calls too. 80305 you don't get Murphy coming up at ten with a special tribute to Ralph Wilson junior morph me up from ten to noon today felt -- -- you go from noon to three. Will preempt the hockey Allen -- Jim rum show as we continue our coverage on the path of Ralph Wilson junior and as you mentioned. We're getting a number of former players among others on the show to share their stories and memories and I think as I said earlier it's not just the eighty's or ninety's than the modern -- guys it's I'm sure he won't mind me calling him mold it's some of the older guys. And we had Billy -- early this morning now Booker Anderson while favored joining us. I meant that as a sign of respect that the city year old workers -- though that. The other eighty. Thank you first off coming on the show -- to help. As a so when when Billy Shaw was on -- I thought you know we've heard from tasker and -- a large and tally and Fred Jackson and modern guys. I really think it's instinct to get the perspective of what Ralph Wilson was like in his forties and fifties when he was owning the bills and that's one of the reasons why I wanted to hear from you. What would you share -- loss since you saw mr. Wilson at an earlier point in his ownership of the bills. Well to me -- me what I can to Baltimore in 1962. You know it was -- -- French had basically in. And -- -- as a businessman and by the team looked. It was something. As a fact Ryan that that. And prestige. And his major business was trucking and insurance business and they also have horse racing and stuff like that. So Eddie played tennis alive he was very very as a tennis player so. It is possible. Was -- is -- major effectively says that the way I saw but he gave Novo grow quite a bit doing that time. And as the years went on. Especially when we won the championship in 1960 or sixty. Which we are only champions it to -- -- put that Libya and. That's a -- I believe me Bucher I don't think anybody forgets that. And it hit the. But terrible. Once we won those championships that explores the fact it became. More. Involved with the team and the players. Got to know because. Guys did not know him at that particular attack. Because these are strictly business and I think that's the way they thought would do not make. You know business with the pleasure of the game and given which -- employees in a way. That there would that be appropriate. And but as as time -- he became more involved with the game and a -- involved with. How they operation was run and and with the draft and and any socialize with the players not better those they have players in the eighty's and ninety's right now. They are doing is very very very good job doing that thing they had to do. Yeah I think attempting to bring that up -- register while a favor with -- CRW Gerard I think it's -- book that you mention that. Because we talked to the modern era guys and they talked about how Ralph treated them almost like sons you know like he was like a family atmosphere and as you said. That didn't really see that wasn't the case necessarily when you first got there but it change over the course of. It changed because that is you know the atmosphere and nature of the games and and football became the major piece of his life. A neat. That same media enjoy it before but he really enjoyed it eight years plus. He enjoyed being around. That that the current players that he was dealing with but. The former players. That to -- and -- These best owner in the lead. Dealing with their -- that players. The Buffalo -- is the only team that I know. That actually partners with. -- -- -- And that we had such a great. Relationship. And respect not only the mr. Wilson but the multiple built in general. And the communities they have benefited her too because. We do a lot of things got in the community it helped out organizations that need help and and we are there this helps support. -- it until they gonna ask you about. That relationship that you have book that you played for the man. But now as since you are heavily involved in the alumni activities and you lived here in Western New York you maintain that relationship with Ralph Wilson. Well beyond your playing career how much does that mean to you and what was it like having that relationship as it -- not just a player under his employ. Why it was it was really rewarding in a way because. I get to know the man you know I know I got to know him as the individual. And the person who was compassionate care about. Other things and then just business and himself and his family but also he he he embraced. The players he embraced picked buffalo community. I just saw a different persons of 19626364. That saw in the late nineties. And early 2000. It was a tremendous change because -- -- more of report wit him we was able to sit and talk about different things. And I mean -- Prior to that. It was just say hello mr. Wilson I -- doing and that's what's it. But later -- it was just sit down conversations. We talked about family we talked about you know a lot of things in fact there was -- there was a bit -- Correlation -- And my mother Ralph Wilson was born on October 17 and my mother was born on October 17. And she was three years over the and and I would tell him I'd say well you know you get the -- to my mother adhesive layer of that. Look at the last thing when asked about is that comment you made yesterday. An alarming number of former players throughout the stadium and I I saw earlier comments about. Mr. Wilson's involvement in charity and contributions to the community they -- if you could talk a little bit more about that because I believe Jesus on the about how. No one knows how much he had done that may maybe now it'll all come to life. Absolutely you know the fact we'll start -- now because they'll. Really sat out that this individual. And the older the book Littlefield who a lot of folks -- really didn't -- -- -- entity they will find out the things he did. -- -- it was very activated in and then is still appropriate person. -- local colleges city QB couldn't issues. He was with women and children out there though he did hospice. He had a lot of sports program where his wife very. So that a lot of things that there is a lot more than I know. But they'll all come out and -- as time goes along. Plus they also basically get a lot of teams don't -- He. Chipped in with the Oakland Raiders kept him. From going bankrupt. He chipped it with the Miami Dolphins and I believe he chipped in either with the Detroit Lions are the Baltimore Ravens to keep them from going. Down to two silly he did a lot of pain and you never heard about this. I don't think today people -- backhand. Supporting the arts in in the an education. What's new York and I'm quite sure he did quite a bit insecurities will. Welcome thanks very much for coming dollars in net and share your memories and your thoughts this morning with a particular. Thank you Booker. Booker a decent bills wall of fame was here until reaching. For the break in the -- on couple notes NFL.

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