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3/26 CJ Spiller

Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right as promised we're gonna have AS special guest straight now CJ Spiller running back for the Buffalo Bills joins me on the line to talk about the passing Ralph Wilson. CJ I appreciate -- join me on short notice -- a man I wish it was under better circumstances obviously. -- Our producers I mean he's beat her surrogate bill sent me. -- fortunately this situation happened in. -- -- is that still a sad day -- -- build community in the cross the hole and have. Communities so. No over the deal with the -- livable for a very good. There's a move some of the legacy that looks a little adults. Tell me about the first time you madam CJ. -- -- -- to meet mr. Wilson was there a good -- of what twelve applause also. When did which doesn't it to the media. Well guess what and the dolphins. In -- that in this running rebels put up a lot of ports. So you know what you don't let them. But I mean that he yeah yeah bounced back hopefully this is something a moment. In the war. That Clinton collagen. And that a lot of some that iShares. Sort of. CJ you came along later and Ralph Ralph -- we talked a lot but -- to a lot of players who played in the eighties and the nineties were around when. You know he was younger obviously and more vibrant and a lot of games later on in his life obviously last for years he has a bad. At many games but were you surprised that you really a guy in his nineties and how often that he be around and how how energetic he still was at times when you some. Not one of the good on the EU's doors are also -- but about it'd. You know those -- millions in losses in the local auto one. Noted I think the ultimate offense it is also that little four. First -- -- -- you know so. It was going to sort of -- the -- in the forward W Walden. Couldn't nude. That it would've been individual. So you know all of -- at all. -- guys talked about the feeling atmosphere in the locker room and a CJ you talked about that. Your your -- buffalo and now you just criminally here four years ago. And I know you feel it's a family atmosphere do you attribute a lot of that Ralph Wilson when he made that locker room and that team into. It doesn't know about that he knows in the morning good news is the blue collar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- not don't want to visit -- vicious. This scene so Rockefeller on the that is one of the -- -- it's about them as well. So. No investor and children about this in the book. Then -- -- well. Yeah in Kabul much at all it's not an outside of confidence are what's so sad subplot. And you know on that note I wanna ask you about -- -- buffalo because we just talked about so many guys who stayed here their careers and they they set their roots down here part of the reason is CJ. That can't allow you to breathe a little bit this isn't New York this is in Chicago. When you go out to dinner when you have your lovely daughter in town you guys can go out you can go to the galleria mall CJ and sure people know who you are but. Isn't it nice to be able to walk around and not be. Surrounded by all the cameras in the media. Didn't know -- was you know and looked at. That's the good on this -- -- No known cause of the territories saw that in the Augusta. But all know -- let us investors saying did you double double double figures which is -- -- -- mobile plus you know that you sent a lesson to me. It's just one ago. That won't go blue collar that is not to insult the vote. Bills running back CJ Spiller joining me here talking about the passing of Ralph Wilson and CJ what we'll talk I'm sure in the future about. -- your future in buffalo it with your contract and things like that but would you like to stay here -- make your roots here -- -- which so many other bills have done and spend your whole career here. I would love to. No that that that is my goal when you know we. We sold off from the right now I haven't even given default but no Bob Margolis no. -- Buffalo -- -- -- all of the Buffalo Bills let -- by the way. No mr. Wilson that all of this -- and what do you won't -- most of it doesn't. Our hope. Mark. There's a book what. Well that was the what. Nobody on this on them to know he would. It is -- you did you know this is it is horrible little -- Well said and also it's been a tough week because of the situation the Jim Kelly's going through. I know you don't jam and I know you know what he means that this community this franchise as well give any thoughts on that situation. Good could not hurt you know blown up -- the -- -- them out. You know who blasted. -- and they -- so not so good in the fellow. Not not city yesterday you know without -- No that's not the -- community develop make up for a unique. -- Compton. We know always yes each other than that and that's what we can do right now for the government. All right CJ good to talk to -- I guess that was short notice and we got a touch of the year always been a really good sport to be able to do that I know that. Your bills family and Ralph Wilson means a lot we are healthy a -- area are you enjoying your offseason sane healthy. 00 yeah out there are great amounts. I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I Goldman's London. Sort of well. It's called the that was cut so I definitely that it goes on the wasn't what well. Why again are you still do in the sand beach running and are you still in the yoga are you -- -- yoga. Some definitely don't know that we don't. That he didn't. Always. Those videos were crazy if you ever -- work out video don't go by the Tony Horton or the Sean teaches what CJ Spiller Buffalo Bills dot com or exceed those things are crazy man. Hey -- always love talking to him a man and I know you're gonna enjoy your time out in California gonna work out more car for the offseason. And I know you have now mr. Wilson in your and your thoughts today so thank you very much.

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