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WGR550>Topics>>3/28 Miller Lite Moment of the Week: Ralph Wilson Tribute

3/28 Miller Lite Moment of the Week: Ralph Wilson Tribute

Mar 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our Miller -- moment of the weekend. Brought by Miller Lite is not just a good time it's Miller time and typically we know we. Replay what happened the previous weeks of the key moments to keep games the key stories and come up with -- -- -- moment of the week little bit a bit of a different -- let them that we by the gets what attribute Knight moment that we might be a moment of the year the last. Ten years you know it doesn't it is one of the biggest stories ever in Buffalo's sports leagues. Questions on the that was a shock and expected as well and you gun owners 95 years old my grandmother's a 102. And she's a 102 I can tell you living. As someone who as someone your family that's battled for so long -- Every phone call on the note are not the god bless her you know right now let's every single phone while -- in the service. -- shock sets in even with the age so full rundown everyone that we had on the course of the couple days of course the news the Ralph Wilson passed away. -- -- Stuff. -- very tough. I'm working for eighteen years and tough talk from almost every day for eighteen years sometimes sometimes multiple times that car. And you know what he's meant to us. Didn't -- organization he's our leader our mentor friend. What he's. How he loved his players. And I loved our community. Special guy. They don't make -- microproze. They just don't. Speaking of those players we heard from so many including Pete -- dollars. When you came back with a lump iron into everybody's name and hey -- need -- -- -- about is -- the CEO our fault it was the team. How much I think he felt. A little bit like the players for his -- a little bit and they took an interest -- in each and every player knew your name and what was going Bob McGee -- football. Local hopeful bill put -- in the city of both quoted in news all of these trucks or they want the calls orders in terms of. You refer to as players as his sons. Must be told all of them this is Thurman Thomas said he was his favorite I'm gonna missing. Without a doubt. You know he used to call me this -- -- He's always laugh and joke about. And when you have that type of relationship. It hits home. And my guess I was very close in the solution. Ruben Brown tells the story about the way that he treated his players Nikita Jim Kelly I can remember sitting at sitting on the bench at practice in the old stadium. When Jim Kelly says to -- right Kate -- know what you need to do you need to build that airplane hangar. That you could just put everything and we can practice as hard. Boom within a year we have. That's what are these. Steve tasker also join us to talk about ruffles and aside in the navy. Not every fan knew about around. You know you might Ralph anything he was trying to hide from any. He. You know we knew that there were certain parameters these tenants and to it an owner of the players understood and respected him for and we liked the fact. And some twisted kind of way -- Ralph had a reputation for being hot and of course for caring about the game -- never told you went. It could be wearing no sleep -- why -- open up truck. You -- if you would have thought like on the field to be up there and check there he talked before second. It is our right back when -- always watching our. On the bills for their entire existence of -- a lot of stories lot of different areas Marv Levy here of course for one of the better times with team for Super Bowls and talk about -- role with the team. What they're looking for a moment is sort of speech he was just. Common man and let the guy that direct to on the back of and smile as he would just share that the -- that was that was about it you could see it. In him it would just I expected this attitude he was it was a goal. The alumni that we reached out to we're all very quick -- -- -- story but granderson. It to -- and -- the best -- in the lead dealing with their little -- players. The Buffalo Bills is the only team that I know all of that actually partners with whom back. And that we had such a great. Relationship. And respect for -- at all they've been mr. Wilson but the Buffalo -- in general. And the communities they have benefited her too because we do a lot of things -- -- the community did he helped out organizations that need help and and we are there this helps support. And the alumni of course. Many of them staying close we've talked about Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas just this week Phil Hanson says there's a reason for that. -- collect part of our bill spam or not because well -- what I did a book -- I'll bet it'll just look vote. I opened. -- -- a lot away large. Electric -- Some of the family members over the course of time more ushered out Bill Polian. Who said there were no hard feelings -- not big huge rift talked about the integrity that mr. Wilson had. I think it's very simple. And it's why in the hall of -- He represents. A big greatest generation. Who who kept the world free not only this country but the world tree. He represents. Integrity. Of the highest order and the Buffalo Bills are in buffalo. To this state because he kept his work. Heard from a lot of old timers current players of course expressing. Their appreciation for Ralph Wilson CJ Spiller. Mop -- some of the meanest -- would prevail but it got what twelve players are such a little bit which does and it's an immediate upside. Well yes we've gotten involved in. That in this but rebels put up a lot of so you know what you don't let them -- But I mean that he here yeah -- there. Oh yeah this is something a moment. So you know what. That Clinton colleges and it's is that a lot of that out pictures. Sort of. And Brian mormons they -- and shame and you didn't feel like you're just a player you felt like. Somebody really cared about and column you know -- I can say just a good man he's BA get big heart. It's a great person arm and -- I've got so much respect for him in and out in a really having him around and obviously like you said he hadn't been around a lot and in the last couple years but. Arm his presence was always there everybody you know such a deep respect for him. -- actually -- entirely in the end especially in not in our locker room. And of course this year there'll likely be a rallying cry. For the buffalo bills' Fred Jackson he made a point to it to be here you know even though he wasn't here physically you know we. We did hear from -- it just wasn't directly from him. You know and you know Robin in the locker room you know when he'd come through on. You know pregame you know and you know talk to us give us no speeches that training camp when you've had a chance to make it out there are many can't. And you always got that you know we're all motivated you know especially. You know with the with -- with his passing them we wanna continue to cement his legacy you know hornets -- -- he's an -- or something that a lot of guys all the guys here. You know focus on this. You know we want and honor him and you know what a great way to honor him is going on when a lot of organization. So many shared so many stories memories we have callers we -- bills legends. People around the football world as well including. Chris Berman. Big Ralph Wilson has gone through life not expecting anything. Trying to make good things happen but not about himself this. Charitable beyond belief yet he doesn't really want you to know all about it. He served in both oceans in the -- don't want to. By doing good things for people I would put that to have a list. As the pilot of what Chris Berman had to say about. The Pacific and the Atlantic theater in the -- thing that really kind of jumped out -- mean in team. Post script is like the you know as effectively he'll be the obituaries. Our rob Miller Lite moment of the weaker whenever our our tribute to Ralph Wilson -- we kind of put the segment aside for. A tribute to Ralph Wilson the only owner the Buffalo Bills have ever had passes away at the age of 95 -- Have a passion for the game. That's the most important this is not a money making thing. No one no one infusion of 7000. Fans. She's that -- -- through -- money for its eco on the TV contract and his teammate and a portion. There's not that. Performing important really active in football you have to do so now. -- -- And I'm not you know if anyone knows.

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