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4/24 NFL Network's Charley Casserly on WGR

Apr 24, 2014|

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-- they play their first home game the following. -- Good morning -- five Jeremy lights up the -- yelled as summertime is off this morning that the collar producing. Bill schedules out you can find it at our website WGR 550 dot com. The website in give us a call what you think they'll do what you like what you don't like about the schedule. I like that there's 1 December game because I'm. Of the opinion and it's pretty much backed up by bills ticket sales history that December himself morally in this market could use a couple of salads may -- eight of them. And I like the schedules front loaded with home dates and with the easier opponents December looks miserable but I'm good with that because that's late in the season. And hopefully we can get a team it's. 667685. Whatever is keep it interesting as long as possible let's not -- standards where we are. I will talk to Charley casserly former Texans and Redskins GM here on WT are Charlie good morning it's Jeremy and Celtics for taking the time to join us this morning. Remorse or you don't. All right we wanted to talk fuel about the draft of the bills of course but. You had a peace and a felt dot com where he suggested that EJ Manuel if you were in this year's draft. Would not be thought of all that well wonderfully there are number quarterbacks you might put ahead of him yet. What Charlie do you is this because you would have EJ let me ask you this way is because of -- is because of the class that you would rank -- -- in this draft. We have -- both don't -- me just -- -- guys coming out this year I just think they're better prospects than. AJ was a year ago. A lot of a better than -- Smith to so. These things happen. There's classes are different for example top two offensive linemen last year. Erik Fisher -- to local 12 in the draft the country tackles this year -- better than those two guys. This is a pretty deep draft obviously for a lot of positions. Quarterback not necessarily one of them especially early on but maybe later there's some value where do you find the quarterback value in this draft is it too early to take guys like. Bridgewater and portals a man's cell early on in the direction they should teams wait -- -- where's the value for the quarterbacks in this draft. Yeah I think there's better players in the top ten of those quarterbacks I don't think there's really a true top ten quarterback and he's quarterback somewhere late first. And I think that's where -- that the real value is. I and I think there's just a lot of them clump together there's no sure fire thing to me in this year's quarterback class. You have just a lot of guys you mentioned those reader Eric Carr and their. Is another name that. Wolf you'll actually good prospects but all have questions about. David Charley casserly here. On WGR about the upcoming NFL draft when you have when you look at EJ Manuel bills fans you know your peace resonated big time around here and there are many people that are. Really convinced on manual and I think that's justifiable I would they be played ten games he did some good things heated. Some bad things what did you see in year one from EJ Manuel that may beast I don't know -- scared yeah immediately again we're talking -- would have come out last in the draft. When you see Manuel what do you CDC got it still has a high ceiling or. And argue that you would you kind of tossed it in the old Seattle think this one's gonna happen kind of category. While helping you make any decision right now it's much too early yet there's not a body work here. To -- UC athletic ability our strength -- flashes. Big play ability of both running and throwing. In college to the news it was an inconsistency about him. -- accuracy and his decision making. And also his ability to perform in big games so. Committee when a player who's in the league you -- -- slate clean start over again. And you go from there I think over the next two years. This is when you don't know find out you know what you have in order back so. I don't think you can make your decision at all I was no ears are solvent college there's a sort of this year would have had a home. All of them and then you go from there. Charlie the bills have the number nine overall pick in the draft this year a couple of mocks a lot of -- in fact have them taking offensive tackle some have been taking a tight and -- he brought so. On both of those positions has the game changed enough. -- topic to tackle at number nine. Is a good value or would you not take one of the top ten and also tight -- in that regard where would you value those two positions or is it really strictly about the player. I think this is about the player. About who the best players are a very -- bills. In the top ten. One at somebody with a top ten player. Take the best player available there's enough options open to -- wouldn't dismiss wide receiver in the area here. As a potential. And hopefully they can get one of those. Tackles are you broader. You know Evans and -- NM as a wide receiver and no bill wolf equality pixel I just think these three tackles. Our top ten. And and not so -- surprised that one of the missiles that they would -- strict. Using all three could be gone by the time the -- -- He I think they could be I think -- back. History shows that one of them should be there but to. To me either they're better than an ice pick in the draft all three of them based on the other players in this Shuster. Charley -- here on W jar -- as as a former GM making picks I I fully understand that you probably you know you're out in the grocery story here from fans -- to do this like you that. When you take a tackle to -- -- just. Across the board say like. Why did you do that if -- that it's position and obviously a general manager values quite a bit but it's obviously not the sexiest pick in the draft and -- -- sitting -- talk about it this morning and every morning I want Mike Evans I want -- -- I wanna leave the offense is going to be dynamic this year because it's been so bad for so long. What it what does that tackled do what is right tackle do for the team beyond just. Well you know he'll help you run game and up your passing game how how much can offense change based on a top ten caliber right tackle. Well I think good things to do just that don't dismiss those two points from it helps run you know passing game OK but some quarterback. That he's solidified -- pages of the offensive line. All of a sudden -- you pass protection comes a lot simpler. And you're running game Leo would go both sides -- knocks people off the ball. It creates some -- space where everybody it makes it a lot simpler. Now. In this draft Thursday after a wide receivers so I think the bills get a quality receiver atop the second round. That they'll try to be a better receiver they -- will be offensive tackle that's one of the considerations. That you go through and making a decision. Right now there's been some rumors about the bills possibly looking up in the draft to maybe trade. Even for the number one pick that report came from. Came from god -- Pompeii recently so first of all let me ask you have you heard anything from your contact and he is you know people down there that may suggest the bills may be interested in that pick could be -- -- and -- -- Picked by -- -- swap them with buffalo or another team and also Charlie as a former GM who's been in this position. What would it take for the bills to move up from nine into the top five and even the number one overall pick. Well reply I don't I I don't have any knowledge they'll try to trade up and I haven't asked them what they haven't tried the anatomy and -- Certainly it's gonna take out. The shooters too and probably another pick to be able to do that. It's all accused and wants to do. Then there's a chart and I have a with me right now what I always said about the charge or does it mean anything it's what's the price of the day. Okay and -- many other people wanna do it and there's used to wanna go back to ten. If you go back content you're now looking at a totally different player I can't imagine Houston would -- all that content. Yeah that's a long way to fall and obviously the bills will be moving up if they want to go all the way to one it would cost them more than if they want to go. To 45 there's been rumors that -- -- -- GG -- -- colony. Would be on their board right there W. It builds on account but at the switch with a built up to four under the back. That's right obviously aren't so -- Our guys like -- -- -- Sammy Watkins however would you consider them the types of talent that would be worth it for a team that drafted to trade all that to get. Are the answer is yes but I'm not sure sure. If buffalo wanna do that we're you'd have to see what the prices and Buffalo's team it's building draft picks are important. This is indeed draft. You should be able to -- pretty good player nine and then. Certainly in the second round I think you can get another sort of there where their cricket. Might be able ritual of at this point to to do period to give that up. Certainly a clown a pairing him with burial Williams would change O -- -- the so I like I get back. Actually you know what it is it is a pro ball player. I'm not sure that that would be years side -- at its peak in the six. In case you ever heard Charlie there's a lot of uncertainty about our organization here in buffalo obviously. Going forward the team is up for sale now upon Ralph Wilson's -- passing recently. Donald Trump making some news what what do you think about his prospects as an owner everything that happened with the USFL in the lawsuit and things like that. If Donald Trump was actually serious and it -- -- -- in for the Buffalo Bills do you think you get approved by NFL owners to be an owner in this league. Well again yeah how many of the older owners to have any kind of feeling negative talk about the US so well. Donald -- more about the man he knows you have to mend those fences if they have to -- -- but as having been around sales in the NFL is there's two fundamental Clinton's. And you've got to get on -- I want them. The owners have the right to accept. And not to accept anybody that comes in -- they tend to accept. If the caches there at the money's there and that that's crucial because all these owners. Knew that they had to to put up the money. Had a pretty serious money couldn't be paper money. So that's going to be a noble one thing in and I don't know you know I mean with Donald -- -- are I do notice. Bureaus will be very critical about somebody coming in the by the team their ability to pay for. It's a very exclusive club it would seem like a guy with his sort of larger than life atmosphere that would -- or whatever persona they wouldn't exactly want through their club maybe. Yeah I don't know about and that's I think if there's some people would hold large. Upper back then yeah I mean he's gonna have to find a way to have those -- is no question about it. But I would say this. And in boot the money part of it. That that's that there's going to be no question about that I've seen smaller is command and publicly. And I don't I don't know it much of sciences publicly. It was perceived to have that money. But it was paper money and there was no cash. It could that was enough to get in and and they got rejected and they had big Inkster. Real quickly for let you go Charlie back to the draft we have as your your quarterback your top but a couple of quarterbacks where would you rank these guys coming in this year. Yacht -- what are the record I don't know there is a tough quarterback sort that the answer your question. Portals and and sell to me would be -- to most interest -- guys. To work with. The portals athletic ability good arm. I've seen him make some big time throws. As has -- -- -- -- is it stretching cause he's the best athlete he has the quickest release. He's got in some ways the best in stinks. But he still lost the wall okay. And at times the most on discipline sorties the biggest while art. An inanimate realistic about the bills you have a great coach up there does moral. I hope whatever new ownership comes in his -- them. I think this guy's a winner and that is they would have -- -- -- Play -- patient and obviously other bills and made some moves where they believe Charlie. They are good enough to contend right now they brought him Brandon Spikes obviously. There was rumors about them being interested in DeSean Jackson even a guy like Chris. Chris Johnson so they feel they're ready to contend do you feel -- etiquette to contend -- for a playoff spot. I -- depends on and the maturation development war. It's -- he plays at the level at buffalo felt they were getting -- -- -- for the in the first round. That and got a chance to. To compete. -- wildcard position. They're they're not ready to be when. But they also have to come true and you know I think they need some weapons and if you wide receiver either. It can help the tight end. Offensive tackle. So so are some other things there's a lot of its. But it quarterback comes through ethnic going to be exciting season for it and those December it will mean soccer. Charley -- here on the -- Charley thanks for the time thanks for getting up early and joining us this morning and enjoy the -- -- breaker and I thank you very much Charlie -- or Texans -- in Charley -- here on. WTO. 8030550. 185.

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