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WGR550>Topics>>4/25 Bills GM Doug Whaley on WGR

4/25 Bills GM Doug Whaley on WGR

Apr 25, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 744 let's get right to it we're joined by the year GM of the Buffalo Bills Doug -- he is stepped out of draft meetings for a few moments and a kind enough to give us some time from at a stadium. -- it's Howard Jeremy good morning I don't know I'm going Greifeld how about you guys great thanks so. You wanna just tweet us a picture of the board now is. -- -- Graham in to -- that be great if you don't mind of the awesome. So. Or is your board set is everything also be ready to go are you still putting where you in the process now with still couple weeks left. We're starting today. We -- medical means today with our medical staff and then the scouts commend this weekend and we will be hunkered down. On Monday starting at 9 AM we do have a preliminary boards set that we put together right before the calm -- and these sets meetings -- get input from the coaches and think tinker with that a little bit. At what point Doug in this process leading up to the draft do you guys. Is there a point where you're -- go OK this is the guy like at one moment you realized okay this the guy we'd like to take. You always have strong feelings about it a player but the way -- -- too much you're number one you really don't know if he's going to be there's you have to prepare for any situation. And all situations that may come on four come on out. In this draft process. They're vet a couple of reports that you guys might be -- -- moving up in other players do you say on the board might fall certain way to could. Make the Buffalo Bills jumped at an idea of moving up. Well the way we set up our board there's certain -- players that will look at that we won't trade away from -- -- certain amount of players that if the opportunity presents themselves. Now we would trade up to go get and then there's mark where we will trade down -- so there's all different situations and that's why we say. We don't know how it's gonna fall. But if you prepare for every event you you should be ready and and there should be no panic. Doug did you see that draft dame movie. I have not yet I know Russ and Russ is and it's I thought he might have made you see if it does. But hasn't even seen its allow things don't go together after the crash -- three I was gonna ask because. And that will be am told that a lot of the stuff comes out afterwards and there's there's there's talk on draft day. How active our phones today two weeks out about the idea of trying to trade -- trying to see what another team's board is like when you talk to a team we have an open discussion about like. Hey I'm trying to get sell and -- and you know we can make something work if he falls to you what you -- you go that far and can be open about a player you might specifically want with a GM -- you can trust. You wouldn't say specified certain player what you do as you make contact and say what do you think. Are you guys in the in the mode of moving up or moving down. And then you just discuss generalities. And then when he gets close to the draft usually the day before the draft then you say if our players there and usually don't name the player because it might be -- player they're looking at. And you say what would it take for us to either move out war. What I'll I'll ask them what are you willing to give up to move up to our spots and you get more specific the closer gets to draft day. And you'd say maybe the guys that are turning the eight -- and -- there are some GMs that. When you asked them what they think in their -- the idea of moving down. I've right now there RC a few teams that are open and we're always open one thing I don't want to do was box us in our corner and say this is exactly what we're gonna do because again. You never know how this thing's gonna break. So philosophically you don't have any problem I was gonna ask you fill philosophically what you think when it comes to moving up moving down moving up giving up stuff. Not a problem with that. Not a problem as long as it's not a detrimental aspect to our team down the road it's going to be a calculated the risk. But what if it's if we think this guy's gonna get us over the hump and get us in the playoffs which is our stated goal why not make the deal. Other guys in this draft worth moving up from nine in your opinion. There are few there are few but again you just have to see how restrictive it is for you in the future with your team if you hearing and be given up a lot of draft choices. Maybe that's not the way to go might be better to move back and collect draft choices so it's a case by case basis. If you you know one of the positions hooked in with you guys -- all these mock -- his offensive tackle. -- Charlie can actually was on our station yesterday said it's possible the top three tackles -- all begun. Before you even pick at nine how confident are you one of those guys would be there or do you think that's possible that all be gone. Anything is possible these days and that and that's what makes a draft so fun entertaining I think its ultimate reality TV now exports but this draft process. But what will will be we are confident no matter how address the draft unfolds we will be ready to pick a good player. You have a short list of of players' positions is that what you think three guys five guys should you got to be prepared for any scenario and what kind of up short list losing your scenarios. Here's how we do we set it up as every name is on the board and myself. Jim owns Calvin Fisher coach and -- will sit down and say if all the players on the board who would retake first. So we pulled that name putting him first and then we'll go all the way down no let's say twenty picks so when it's draft day. Everybody thinks of frantic rate of just activity. Were calm cool collected 'cause we put the work in a more prepared and the names peel off and then the next name that's on the board when we time time for us to pick that's the guy we've already deemed worthy of the pick. A lot of times you making picture gonna get 678 guys. And some might come in contribute right away you say you know because finally got it could make -- -- class why wouldn't you take him which are also planning long term. You brought in six -- running backs in for visits. And basis based on the -- situation the age of Fred Jackson the Contra situation for CJ Spiller are you are you basically in this draft attempting to to plan for the running back positions future. What -- in this travel plan for every position on the way we could orchestrated this roster with offseason knows we can go and any direction. And you can only read into The Who we bring in a draft process but it's more fact gathering information so we have to do our due diligence to be ready for. Are if we deem him help. I'm running back help us will take a guy and then and it's one of those things where it is a delicate balance of getting ready for today making playoffs today and also get ready for the future. When you bring a guy in for a visit. What's his itinerary how many hours spent at the facility would easy meet with who does he talked with. He'll start today with taking a physical mean with our medical staff. Then you'll get a -- the facility then will meet with myself and Jim monus and meet with the position coaches. He'll have lunch he would meet with the head coach. And then do some more position coach meetings and get those guys watching film and on the board and then at night we'll take in the dinner and then usually leave the next morning you're doing today. We do we have -- -- from Alabama he will be in later on the day. With Doug Whaley bill yet here on WGR. When asked about receivers Doug. Watkins and Evans -- -- compare contrast to give us any kind information on both of those guys in their respective games. Watkins is he's a playmaker I mean he is a guy that plays bigger than his measurable. He's got speed he's got run after catch and he he's got great ball skills. Evans is indeed different creature he's he's the size guy 65. -- got 35 inch arms and jumps 37 inches so it's one of those guys that can just dominate just -- physical traits alone. But another thing that he brings to the table that's very good is his ability to go up and attacked the ball in the air and and that's of nice quality. As you can have some guys that are 65 but if they don't attack the bombing -- the plan like the six foot. But he plays more like he's 6567. You mentioned you've talked about big wins let me circle back to lock and she's not 65 but do you think he plays big enough. Yes he does and it and one of the things as when you watch him catch the ball he is always plucking them on the air with his arms extended. So he's not let me get into his body so that's why -- we we feel he plays plays bigger than that 601 asked to measurement yes. When it comes to walk ins and Evans about their ability to get off of press covered pretty or to get open you know they each have. They're a little -- that aren't necessarily -- for Evans -- he's so big he might not have to get open the same way that some guys who were per watt in his a lot of his passes were screens and they lined him up in different situations are you confident that each guy has the ability and -- maybe who's better at getting open the NFL level in your opinion. I think he's. At a bid that they had on the male it's one of those things where each has a different skill set. Sam he's going to be more explosive -- more dynamic -- cut. And Evans is going to be a guy that's gonna use his size and position and it's -- it to be successful honestly so two different styles but I think both have a chance to be successful honestly. -- to -- the topic of guys -- catch passes what do you think of Eric you brought and you think the bills needed that and that athletic downfield presence at tight end. I think. -- bronze guy and that. The tight end position is trending toward in the NFL athletic guy and they can make plays in space. We're excited with the guys we have on the roster now tight end. And we think what Tony more -- we might have a guy that is has the ability get down and stretch the field down the field because. If you look at what he did against us when he was healthy Kansas City. He put up some impressive numbers but it. That would not preclude us from looking at a guy like air -- -- And more open to anybody that we think can help us get it to them to our stated goal of the playoffs. When asked about to Debian clowning. There's been talk about Houston may be moving down your team has been rumored as maybe a team that might be looking to move up is Clooney. I mean is this guy like eight cornerstone. Defense of peace that if you have a chance to get you do. You talk about not being doing moves that would restrict the team is this guy worth that kind of move. All indications say that he would be I mean if if you're going amiss. I'd rather take a chance on a guy that's 6527. Runs a 45. And then if you if -- now think about this you have Mario Williams Kyle Williams Marcel Darius I mean that's gonna strike fear and a lot of offenses. And they go Max protect him I mean you can't double everybody if you do you put eight in the box and then -- that helps our DBs and helps everybody involved so. Is he going to be a cornerstone you never wanna say absolutely because. They're in there have been big misses before but if I'm gonna -- anonymous on a guy like that. You would you take a quarterback or you plan to take a quarterback at any point in the draft the three day at the draft. Again it's one of those things were happy with the the situation have a quarterback on our roster. But that does not clued us from if we see a guy we think is gonna help us we will go laughter and take that guy. No matter regardless of the position. One last question I'm Heidi -- the extra two weeks long lesson for me at least -- left do we have now you're ready today or not very good to have more two more weeks. Honestly I'd rather have a two today I wish you wish for your -- -- to already. It's just for me it's I'm a firm believer study long study wrong. In this business of I think the most successful time is when you go with your first reaction in your gut feeling with these actually two weeks she got a lot of time to second guess yourself. So what we did is we took a vacation. Now over Easter week I gave all our scouting our personnel staff and said let -- let's get away let's clear our brains let's -- Ready to come back in and more but let's not try to over think this -- when I think you make you make mistakes when you over think things you think the league might move it back into April. I have I have no clue and that's -- us things where you just. When you get the edict from the league you just go with and make sure everybody is always there -- doing the same thing have no problem with that but that by my druthers would be in April to cut then my vacation. And you gotta go see the movie draft they were not absolutely so I don't have time to do all these other things I need some time make sure at least he treats you to some popcorn -- -- -- absolutely some Junior -- all right listen deadlocked with the draft and thank you for stepping out of the meeting and given us some time this morning appreciate if -- you guys have a good day YouTube -- thank you. Does Jim -- -- analysts -- that violent what's the best the last thing he says he's right he's right it's there's over analysis in the national football. You get too much time these guys over think.

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