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WGR550>Topics>>5/8 Bills GM Doug Whaley's Pre-Draft 1-On-1 with Sal Capaccio

5/8 Bills GM Doug Whaley's Pre-Draft 1-On-1 with Sal Capaccio

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

South of -- she'll back here at 1 bills drive I am alive with the general manager of the Buffalo Bills -- we Tyson having the general manager of the bills. On a radio show that day of the draft is like having Santa Claus on the radio I'm Christmas Eve -- -- -- -- -- me today thank you very much for joining me. All them little slimmer than ten by yeah that's right and here's the trick that we don't really know what's in it leaves us so that's a trick to trying to figure that out what's in those boxes and I planning to bring all buffalo nation some actually. That's great to hear that greatly open this segment so. -- today a daily today. It's kind of like to be the Christmas you walked -- -- -- you see everything is that like what does for you when you walk and you wake up early. He walked downstairs to get ready you're just so jacked your -- that is that they couldn't be better what's the they like. For you I hate to throw -- and that's the theory of that but it's actually a really boring day until. You get closer to draft because it's such a prolonged day and we are so prepared so a ritual on wake up every day in. Take the family for a walk a coming hearing in a work out in and then -- -- 1:2 o'clock then things start ramping up. The phone starts ringing and you start talking to some people throughout the league in the -- as he gets closer and and that's when the intensity intensity and it just ramps up. I can imagine that all the work's been done right it's just it's just a matter of kind of getting there it's like it's -- got cooking the -- you just -- now just got warm -- OK so let me ask -- couple questions about the -- obviously some things haven't talked about that a lot of talk still today about you guys looking to move up into the top ten maybe I'm -- the top 45 maybe even the number one overall -- so. -- I can tell you you're looking to do that necessarily make you want to know what that process is like -- what do you away. When you think about that do you wages the player solely or the state of your roster how do you go through that process internally it's. It's a combination everything you -- the player. You -- the compensation that you're giving up your way how he can affect your team not only this year but in years to come compared to what you're giving up. So there's a lot of different dynamics that go into that does it matter where you are with the bills' roster right now how how close you feel you might be 21 player. That deftly plays roll into the decision. Okay and then what about trading down the same factors that would think happened is anything different you go into that. Are trading down a little different OK you gonna trade -- do you feel -- comfortable enough. To trade away from someone you can get at X. That you can't get it Z. So is that talent level equal to the compensation you could pick up such a definite fine line it's a juggling act and it's not an exact science. So so what you're saying is you have to way it'll play you like will not be there you go too far now correct annual list of guys that -- your board. So while we go to sixteen. We might miss out on the -- he's probably gonna go around twelve is that how it works. And just like I said in the press conference our draft board is set up we have them a line where. There's guys that we would trade up for there's a line of guys we wouldn't trade away from -- -- line if this is how far we would go. So those are played into. Our thinking and and our conversations with other teams and that's why everybody says all -- draft a crazy and exciting said. No it's actually pretty calm. -- rather hear you say what you just did because. Now mentally prepared and that's -- that's the whole point of it right okay so. Let's just play little role play here sorry for this but let's pretend I'm Rick Smith the general manager of the Texans or -- farmer of the Cleveland Browns okay. All of -- -- balls and -- and it gets very thank you very much I appreciate that what you call me on the phone -- whether it's last week or today or whatever. I pick up bring rain hi this is -- farmer hi I'm Rick Smith what do you say to me. To say. How's it going hope everything's well bomb what do you think in come draft. Are you having feelings get now do you pick or what you think are you have anybody that you offer and trade and it's just as friendly banter of getting a feel. For what people are thinking so when he gets closer you can start stop talking general and get specific what at what point do those. Conversations turned to parameters of a deal. Today. OK so -- really up until now you probably weren't even talking necessarily compensation. Just generalities that's very interesting okay because there's been a lot of talk this is what the team wants you don't know that until maybe it comes really close and it's almost like an eleventh hour negotiation correct. Okay let me ask the other way now I'm Jerry Jones and he's not ball needs a lot older than me -- plastic surgery I have not. -- he calls you -- hi I'm Doug Willie what does Jerry Jones say to you what use he says it's Jerry Jones has the same thing Healy says. I'm looking to know what you think about your pick what you say back -- you say you know Ontario on right now ought to discuss it look at our board. Will maybe be interest it once we get closer why don't you come up with some compensation that she'd be thinking and then we'll talk further. Okay and and then the onus is -- -- on him then the tell you where he's thinking right so that you can kind two draw the parameters from there and get it out one going right and and and it's never the first thing they say it's always now moving closer right and sometimes you run in the people when you're talking to on the there they are. A little more advanced in their thought process of when they wanna do it so they'll come and say. I mean they're thinking of coming up and it would take generalities of such and such OK so just to let them know I'm a little more serious the edges. Calling around and getting information there's been a lot of talk what the jets may be looking to move up -- -- juniors a guy they might be targeting they would have to maybe get around your spot which you. Consider trading within the division and if you do does it cost more. I wouldn't say cost more and I would considered trading in division if that makes sense for us not -- again I'm never said I would not. Explore every opportunity to make this matter and if it's. Trading with the jets so be it because we feel if we go down in the jets -- it's gonna. Won't get a player that helps us and pick up more. Picks that -- -- OK now let's fast forward to tonight I think my -- really like how this process works I appreciate you working with me on this. Let's say the Minnesota Vikings are done with their pick they selected a bills are on the clock give ten minutes tell me exactly what happens starting right now. I'd say right now. We look around we had them one name up on the board because again we've said it and that's how -- as the board pulls off. That guy that stick him right up there will pull the tag. Will probably wait a minute or two. To see if anybody calls them have one of our scouts them suggest he -- the player. And make sure we -- contact with them we normally not like to drafting guys we haven't actually talked and physically -- to make sure everything's his victory last night that tonight -- -- -- -- -- injuries ride that I draining. So -- come over and I'll talk to him coach we'll talk to -- and then long reported to the fellas and at the New York have them right in the endowments in the cart and what. Start getting some phone calls -- you he'll take all your time if you have to obviously but. It doesn't matter if the players like hey we got the sky so high we're running what people use that phrase -- type -- run to the podium bold agenda that that that's where you look at where he's in aborted he was the guy we are trading up -- okay run to it if his -- not true we wouldn't trade away from. What will take our time but we're not on fielding catcher we wanna stay there now for -- point where world we'd like to trade down and still get the same value we've slow play. Bills general manager Doug Willie join me here on WG -- couple more minutes I appreciate your time here what you you talked about knowing the guy was injured. I read that the Jacksonville Jaguars have basically -- thirty guys off their board who knows it's true because of character concerns. How much does that matter to you what where do you weigh character talent how do you evaluate in would you actually cross guys off your board because of things like that it's an important part of our business today especially with the personal conduct code so it it weighs heavily. And so our valuation. Process so. I guess we would cross some guys offer care to but you also cross guys -- medical. Mean 'cause you don't want them by damaged goods that have the most important medical because we don't have an exit you do it in people. That the fans the media they say the -- this -- you know about an injury at the human stuff is big -- -- is -- you know about right or oil or something that's going to be chronic or degenerative or something that may be not gonna have him be able to fulfill contract. So though almost at. -- pieces of the puzzle that we really have to do your due diligence and find out about -- that is that your doctors who see these guys on the committee for visits how do you go through that medical almost of it's done at the com -- OK mobile to start the process. College council talked to the trainers at the schools and get a little background the rest is done at the com mind or when we bring those guys and for the thirty visits. What would be surprised tonight -- I think it surprise you or does the draft ever surprise you when you're prepared their business there are no surprises are a lot talk about the quarterbacks obviously. Tell me a little -- about what you feel like your quarterback situation you've said from the from the start you used to say I'll say a month ago he would say. We could go any directions what direction the quarterback I say hey. You know anything's on the table of course but but tell me. Where you are with your quarterback position especially EJ in his injuries from last year and then the depth behind him as well we're excited. I tell everybody. The biggest jump players make is between the first year in -- second here. And with injuries that happened the DJ his first year were -- expecting tremendous amount of gain not only on the field but off the field. What mental capabilities and knowing what how people are trying to attack him and the studying he's done the people we talked to one offseason. Just to get. That whole aura of being NFL QB in planet in his brain so we're excited about that. Thad Lewis were excited about he came in last year and and again our philosophy may want to back up to keep his 500. He went to went three -- -- were very excited about that and the morass and competition between Jeff torn Dennis Dixon for the third spot. So we like our depth we like where we are and were excited about things that -- Is the media making too much about getting a big receiver doesn't matter to you how you've set big wins so I think people take that from you. Are we making too much of what I hear names like O'Dell Beckham junior and how much -- might like them I look and say 511. He doesn't fit what I think doesn't really might -- am I making too much of that. I wouldn't say you're making too much of it I think it's just because it's such a rarity. That people -- -- jump on that because there's not too many 65 receive that's right and when you find one that can play. He's going to be one commodity so you know making too much but that doesn't discount -- welcome junior or branding cooks. Those guys are good players as well -- so you don't way. Solely signs right have to put the football billion but it he has full mobility and size everybody knows how I feel about that Melissa finally got a lot to get to today appreciate your time so listen there's no one listening can you tell me what you're gonna do what number not pocket comfortably right now ready yes. College known about by the attack -- iPad thanks very much good luck tonight and good luck and it's very exciting for you thank you -- as general manager. -- really of the Buffalo Bills all right 8030550. 888 by 52 by fifty give me a phone call we'll talk about what the general manager of the bills had to say what is your reaction buffalo -- that it is. Draft day 2014 here under the GR.

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