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May 12, 2014|

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    stunned by the kings nine to two Anaheim beat Philadelphia for one New Jersey appropriately wins total one that. They beat Edmonton on the same night that Marty broad durst jerseys retired also Dallas beating Minnesota for three in OT Calgary with a 43 win over Toronto in football there were reports that an arrest warrant could be issued for bills running back LeSean McCoy at some point this week after he was involved in a bar fight. Philadelphia police have reportedly completed their investigation into the alleged nightclub assault. Of two of the city's off duty police officers and in college basketball UB falls to Toledo. For updates at the top and bottom of every hour or right I'm Matthew Collin WGR Sports Radio
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    that certainly earned it 803055188. By 52 bucket you wanna get back. Trent dilfer's comments on cam Newton's post game. Are interesting and new and quoted Vince Lombardi. Fatigue with the wrong way to that next and a beach here.
    I applaud him for not panic you go back to 2005 when Peyton Manning lawlessness and it was a divisional playoff game. Made one comment decree criticized protection of his team he's still regrets those comments. Trent Dilfer speaking audience in radio he goes on to say after that. He's still regrets those comments to this day and talks about regretting saying that after the 05 divisional game he said. Let's just say we had some protection issues and try to be good team it puts it waited report. And Dilfer says that it was that. Comment sticking with Peyton Manning's speaking to him a little bit. That let Manning to be. He said he he changed he wanted to then beat the best teammate he put that. It was until 2005. That loss that post game comment. The Manning decided. I can't do that anymore I've got to be the best possible teammate and I'm gonna pride myself on being that best team so. You know for anyone saying that Cam Newton might have to mature. Maybe you are right. And Peyton Manning went through very similar process that in 2005. Learn a lesson and changed the way he approached him losses in post game press. I do think you can learn a lot from post game press conferences about a player about a person. I'm not sure you can really take much away from a Super Bowl loss when a guy's facing that after what he had just gone through in the level of frustration. I do give him credit like Trent Dilfer for not making excuses and not trashing teammates. Because if he had gone into a full analysis of everything that went wrong
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All right 33 let's get right to it because Doug -- general manager the Buffalo Bills is joining us from one bills drive -- it's Howard in Jeremy good morning. I'm doing great -- about yourself what you don't you don't get a day off you worked all weekend and he -- take Monday I'll feel no not at all I gotta come and talk to -- that well and and I'm guessing that would be the highlight of your. Bar and that's the so. This was your first draft as general manager of the Buffalo Bills there's a lot to get to a breakdown specifics but in the the big picture was experience like for you with you know the title of GM this time around. It was exciting it was something that -- work for all my life and to finally get that chance. It was something that will always remember and it's a feeling that. Just make -- Really believe in that. That's saying that hard work pays off. Did you going in. And the draft -- the positions of the guys you got trading Stevie trading for Bryce Brown. Was this all part of a plan that you had going into you have all this activity on paper going in. Not all not all. Every step and every trade we didn't have it on paper but we were prepared to do whatever it took two make this team better and -- opportunities present itself. As long as you're prepared and have a value that you -- place on each person or each player. And that value was met by another team then you don't be afraid to make the deal -- they -- Do you in terms of the Stevie trade. Can you just talk a little bit about how that went down that's something -- that you guys were considering. Earlier in the offseason did it all go down after you did you think about it after got Mike Williams did you wait you got it gets -- -- down the -- trade got. How did that all shake out. Our philosophy is we have a value on every player and I -- same Russ probably has a value on me that someone comes and ask us to. Make a deal in the value. Is good for us and it's good for them and it's gone and because it's gonna go down in I wanna thank Stevie for a all he's done for our organization on and in the community off the field. And it was one of those things San Francisco contacted us and it was a deal I think that worked out best for every party involved you were not. Looking to move him you weren't making calls they called you and that's where it went yes. Was it a cold call just out of the blue army had had conversations about they are needs your needs or anything like that. And it three. Pre draft we contacted every team in are pro personnel department discuss needs. Where there have -- where their life where they may be looking mad so we had some primary conversations but not specifically about Stevie. Two teams sort of had reasonably you were looking to. Change things door wide receiver that might have been loosely set terms like that. I think once we drafted Sammy some teams started calling because they saw that we were heavy at that position. And then from there the talks intensified and again we've. Decided that the value that we keep it from Stevie. Was in the realm of what we thought we had on him and again it was mutually beneficial for all parties involved because you -- Steve he's a good receiver he'll be able to go home. And play in front of his I mean everybody wants to play in front of their hometown crowd so I think he's excited. The San Francisco 49ers are excited and we're excited about what we have not only in the draft would -- going forward. When the call comes from getting certain terms ever just go and you you guys talk about and house are up as a quick conversation or -- lengthy conversation was was it made in part because of culture I mean it is is. Is the idea that's TDs on the move in part due to production is in production based culture based financially. -- the -- long term and when you think about the reason to move Stevie Johnson other than. The return. What is it and that makes him only worth that value TO third -- -- -- We just looked at this way eight. What we can get for Stevie for what we think. Market is for trading in commodities like Stevie. Was commentary across the league and we looked at past trades for guys with his production and it position. And it and it fit right in there so that's why we've -- said the deal made sense. Doug you have a pretty young group of receivers now with Stevie out. Are you concerned at all about you know you don't have a lot of veterans and I guess I think. Mike Williams I guess to be the senior member. In terms of time here at buffalo that BTJ Grammy Award. Up out of all not sort of not a bombing on their young but they're talented so I'll take talent over it. Inexperience anytime. -- with a guy like Sammy Watkins do you draft him and and have been in your mind that he's that good that he he will be expected to be a leader right away as a rookie. On the field we expect some production. Leadership I think guys aren't especially in any group. He's walking and then he's the type of person that he wants earn its stripes first before he tries to takeover. And be a leader and it's a natural maturation process. So we're just we're not gonna force anything and because and he's not the type of person. To comment and try to be someone he's not because the guys will see through so I think that's just come in natural progression for him. Bills GM Doug -- minister from one bills drive you guys have talked a lot about helping out EJ Manuel going all in -- You certainly bring -- some offensive line up maybe a starter it near the top of the draft. When you guys talk about being all in with EJ. All in for 20141. Year prove it to me he's got two years is there a time framing your mind. Terms of how long you can go with EJ Manuel. We'll get is what we're concentrating on this year coming up after that then there's a saying in this business don't give me problems I don't have while we're worried about right now. -- 2014. And then we'll assess everything after that. What do you think would be a good year for each -- what what what would you like to what would constitute progress in your mind for their quarterback in year two. He just looked at his overall game and his overall maturation from last year to this year. And just getting better in Guinness w.s I mean world that's the results based business. And -- recognizing the fact that we have made the playoffs in fourteen years so. Our goal is to make the playoffs so that's successful season now you can break it down and that and look at other aspects of a person's game to see if he is getting better but I think it's going to be obvious to everybody involved as he took a step forward. And you expect that to happen he will let you will take a step for the share. That's our plan. That's why we're surrounded them with the weapons were surround them with -- again there's always that step between the first year it. And the second year because. Think of the mentos anxiety and stress. Someone coming out of college not knowing warn their career is gonna go where their life's going to be and what's expected of them at their new job. So this year he's had a chance to. Decompress. Soak it all and relax. And then come back with. The idea of knowing hey this is what is expected of me. This is what I'm walking into another year being comfortable with offensive coordinator. Though playbook is -- teammates so it accountability factor. Helps somebody especially -- quarterback position excel. -- bills general manager Doug Whaley the the draft has kind of led people to go back. In the offseason and take a look at what you've done up to this point whether it's through free agency or losing guys you lost -- bird free agency and if you're going to go forward and believe that this team is close enough to make the playoffs where you know you can make a big gamble our Letterman a big move I don't pro am on the silly but a big move. I'm Sammy Watkins why wasn't there a decision does the franchise tag Gerris -- could Adam for one season at this team is all that close really close. It would seem that a move to keep -- for at least one you -- more one more year could be the difference between a playoff team and -- just misses. -- on everybody says a whirlwind for a year I kind of just disregard that because. -- as a result space business so every year and anybody that's played organized sports every year and every game you're all in the win. So while with -- we would place again a value on the on the player and that value that he'd gotten the franchise tag and and and the contract that he got was exceeded our value would put on the guy I mean he's a tremendous player. And another factor you we we took into account is we have one I know would be great for you guys 'cause from that if we pushed him. Franchise tag on him. For now until he reported you guys would have something to talk about every day put. We have one that atmosphere around what we are trying to build so we thought again that's it was the best move for every party involved. In his book that his agent Eugene Parker basically say if if it was a franchise that should be the same -- -- -- -- plan on missing camp where we will -- in negotiations and the media. Do you your quarterback situation are you are you locked -- those four guys or you're still looking do you think you would add anybody else. I'd like I shall never say never but right now we are very comfortable. With the guys we have on the roster anything can happen injury lines and going through OTA's and mini camps so. I won't say that we won't but were always keep an eye out to improve the roster but right now. Will -- I will say we are comfortable right now there's there's no veteran on the -- about like an undrafted free agent there's nobody no veteran out did you have any interest at this point. Not at this time. And can you talk a little bit about Syron are yes a -- -- and and he is he's unique. What's wrong with it it's okay it's not okay and all the stuff that's going well this health concerns. Our medical staff. Did extensive work up what his -- and we're very comfortable with his -- and then. He just look at his resume he didn't miss any time so I know -- out there in the media about his knee but. He that he didn't miss any games doesn't miss practice so is availability we are very comfortable. Do you anticipate. I know you're you'll probably tell me that every job is open for competition but you think he's the kind of guy could -- to play right away -- CA BCA plug in and play right tackle. Well we'll see coming were hoping to get some contribution out of him monsoon. It would be great. Quicker than later but. Again that's it's not one of those things where coaches and the belief that you're drafted a certain position you get handed the job I think he's he. Makes people work for him and proof is with -- last year he came in and he was the second team and he worked his way -- that he should deserve the starting spot and -- I can't talk for coach but I am assuming he's done is use the same philosophy with -- from what you saw. Him at Alabama do you believe he has that ability or is advanced enough to play right away absolutely. The on the kick from Miami -- can talk really you know -- -- the stories out obvious he had a suspension he's had some issues apparently with. Marijuana use in some drug tests and everything that he failed. When you guys. What is the discussion there how do you determine if a player is worth taking a chance when there are off field issues in their -- Kiko Alonso you've gone through this with some other players before. You -- -- -- martial artist what are you discuss when it comes to. Is this player worth it now. That's accommodation thing but it it boils down to talk and to the person. And finding out where he is mentally. Every situation is unique and different. But with century row we've talked about the -- at the -- mine and we talked to him before we drafted him and he. Expressed to us he understands this is his last shot and to fulfill his dream that he's had since -- a kid. So we thought again the value of taking him in the seventh round. With the talent he has we thought it was a it was a good. Pick for us and knowing that he. Is all and then he knows that. We hit there will be no tolerating him any type of misconduct or misstep so we felt comfortable with the. A lack of the last thing I was curious about is now undrafted free agents how many guys do you think you're going to be bringing in and when you think that'll be all said and done. This year to it's a unique year world with the war roster the way it is structured we only needed eight. Undrafted free agents so while we signed a lot of them on Saturday night. They will be traveling in today. And doing physical paperwork on Sunday. You got an intriguing name Richard the fans should don't wanna hear about. Let's wait until they all get here and and passer physicals because I don't wanna -- name and something happened. And then then the public way to what happened and that guy but. Were excited and now we hope. Like last year we get one to make the team were one or two to be on practice squad that's that successful so -- signing a free agent. -- you pretty much put your feet up on the desk and just kind of hang out now right and listen you guys. You don't have the -- as good -- it's a good thing the -- renovations and yet the same officer you moving in this us of -- on the our last time I checked I got the same office. Short Russ once expanding -- -- get his office bigger and then I have to move maybe a knock down along just kind of take over bid to take over they. All I need is definitely paying my code that's on -- I'm on the road too much to worry about office. My double thank you very much for coming knowledge appreciate your time is always our fellows thanks there's -- undergrad from one bills drive joining us here talking about the draft and Stevie if -- -- conversation our good buddy Matthew collar. -- evident on demand audio WGR 550 dot com we'll talk more.