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5/12 Bills Dir. of College Scouting Kelvin Fisher on John Murphy Show

May 12, 2014|

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We're back with more of that John Murphy show on Buffalo Bills radio. Seven new draft picks for the Buffalo Bills he NFL draft over the weekend and joining us in the studio now the Dell's director of college scouting Calvin -- -- Kelvin thank you very much combined. I can't believe you're you're still alert and awake after a long long weekend a couple of names off the board this who was the -- weakness will work with the how did it feel your first draft is the college scouting guys. Saw there was a great fill in. You know just happy would all the pay and you know just done that first guy did Sammy Watkins just set the whole weekend off you know you just knew it was going to be a great draft. Can you take us inside the wrapper for a second Calvin just that the process how it will work I know Doug Whaley was there yet at the center of the I think -- Maroney is there. Obviously some mothers but what was your role in the draft -- that you have to go and we just. We we came together. To talk about the picks and we wanted you know than and you try to stay you don't expect your board and you look at the board you look at the players who. You want you're interested and so we're all we all together in the draft room and we were seen together at the table we discuss them like our next -- Was most of your work done prior to a Thursday that would -- started are stacking import everything was done to gore was ready we -- and we have our top. Guys. That we wanted to take in the first round -- top guys. Wanna take in the second round of their room in. That -- Now you just have to wait and see who gets drafted that you look at to board and you look at how you don't stack and you take the best players. And you don't have to tell us which picks would its teams may picks were there any eye openers for you're the Buffalo Bills really. Well we didn't have a great like I mean because you degrade the players. Your team not the other 31 teams so that if a team. You know Houston takes -- Hey that's that's their pick you know obviously you're ready for the next one we want -- ready for Europe's big and you don't worry about -- other teams to buy out their gorgeous that. And one more question about the process. What goes on C Friday or Thursday night Friday morning before rounds two or three or Friday and Saturday morning do you really sector boarded the -- You go in and you look at what's left in. And they need huge back aboard again as far as. Your first second third or fourth through it you know 672 whatever you guys. And bash -- for the second and third round. And they won their rounds doing that happened when I was left from the backing. You basically is you know way that's just come up again little first second third fourth whatever. And that's the approach that you have. We're in studio with Calvin fish in the -- director of college scouting Calvin net. Maybe the biggest splash in the draft certainly the biggest move by the bills was the move up to number four overall on Thursday -- first round. Tell me about that move and did you have I mean that's obviously Doug -- -- but how much input did you have on that what kind of discussion was going on. And they Leo it's good to be honest what's his problem much discussion for Sammy Watkins the mean everyone knew he was. You know if not the best player in the draft. You know the second best player draft so. It's as oil moves that the beyond what you like while we had a chance in this is -- -- made is so exciting because. You're sitting there you're thinking man we would love to have -- -- You know the chance forced again moment when we got home it was you know it's it's electrifying to note that we got the best player address. And did you think get a chance when Jacksonville chose portals at number three is that when you thought OK we have move. Yeah and then you always -- the trade was made by a at that point and you'll be felt good because you know everyone thought that he was gonna go to Jacksonville. You view echoed a minute ago exactly what Nathaniel Hackett said to me in here on Friday or Saturday camera -- we didn't just get the best receiver. We got the best player in -- -- you have them number one and -- board. You know yeah I mean you in this funny sometimes when you do to board you know you see that guy -- thin man this is the best player. In this whole draft. And for us to get home I mean that's exciting. Those -- Sammy Watkins is twenty years old tell me how bad managers and your evaluation of him. Both his upside and maybe what growth there is still in comfort him. A bigger dubbed the really need the -- minutes it's playing play. You know they need when you say -- you know he's young he's still got some years down you know it's not much -- -- terror. -- and then he's a very mature twenty Euro you know. You know so you know he's gonna pick things up he knows how to and it was business as far as his game what do you think we'll get better as he matures in the united 21 years old. A -- his -- he'll probably get stronger obviously because he's gonna get old is gonna do something I'm sure he'll do some different types of train and now that he's an NFL they did in college. So that's gonna help he's the powerful guy already so he's -- how much more. Powerful and explosive. Let you know he'll polish up his route running you know. It is getting killed and understand the game a lot better if he gets older as well. You know there was a lot of talk about how the bills would it might be an interest in in a tall wide receiver Sammy Watkins a six -- one bit when I watch him on tape. He plays like a tall receiver he just goes and gets. He's the inning he gets the contestant balls and -- -- -- -- you know you can six father and I get to contest the ball this -- 61 in six foot to six foot 61 or whatever but. He definitely plays bigger penis size and that's that's that's one thing you'd you'd love Obama when he really runs the ball he runs the ball. Almost like a run him back from. -- you know when I want to imitate the thought occurred to me I want to belittle before the draft a lot out there tonight he's dirty he's hard to bring down you know. -- the either strong and destroy all runner. But he's a smooth. -- -- you know -- the strong. -- after the -- you know and strong hands and very competitive. Where in studio with Calvin fish in the bill director talent scouting going through the draft. Let's talk about Friday cyber squad -- you viewing your team believes that's a first round talent that you got there in the second round also. Question -- -- big strong athletic tackle. Did in this into the interview after the draft he's ready to go he wants to prove that rule and so that's true. That's a ploy that you know you look at -- -- they've -- governor principally to the table that didn't think. He had ordered you don't stand because he's fired up now. Seems like he's fired up about the the medical issue that came up. Really at the combine and I was thinking. That's a function all -- media to come by needing something to talk about squad Joseph has I guess red flag by some teams -- is knees but there's a way to point out there hasn't missed a game -- a missed. Practiced it and that's what's amazing about it is that he has in this league hasn't missed the game hasn't missed practice and is you know if the car money didn't work out well. His pro day to get better every -- with the media to proteges and every Prodi -- better you know. And I tell you something about the kid you know he went to come I didn't didn't work out well so he went and worked on everything he had to to get better go to its pro day. Have a group -- Goes back worked out get everything better for the second quarter and have another step Prodi is he he's better so we US those -- -- wasn't that aware that the second whether the second quarter but is there. Big guy big guy is a worker. In you know he's a professional. And that's what I think is gonna help you know Greg -- transferred into this this leak. You think he was upset that he didn't get drafted into the second thought he was I think he was fired up yeah and I think he's frontrunner proven to everyone every side -- it. -- we didn't know much about Preston brown linebacker from Louisville came in the third round what can you tell about him and what do you like about -- -- big guy. You know athletic he can run. They -- you played you know the multiple positions for in peril special changing brings a lot for the tables -- Smart where. You know has some toughness so I mean he. You know he's gonna bring a lot to the table -- as well does he look like an inside -- met Michael Palin -- -- -- serious size and you see him you know he looks like inside but when you watch him play. You know that criticism of speed -- you know -- He can also play play L silent while. And that we get this Saturday in the fourth round you got the quarterback from -- -- cockroach who just from listening to him on the phone on Saturday you can tell this guy's got a great -- all yes. Very Smart player. Cook good cornered they're probably complete can be sold Smart comprised play safety so we can possibly be -- the dual position guy like Preston brown. And then you know he'll be the plate change for you again. What I like about a -- watched. Day and then game and he did a great job against my -- film you know. You just you know you're excited about that he's described as long term value would days because he has good land you know four quarter you can run. You know obviously he's Smart. Let's get to the next pick in the fifth round as Sarah Richardson the offensive lineman from Baylor. It on the three offensive -- you chose this guy I think -- One of the most intriguing prospects. If I'm not mistaken he grew up in Orleans and is failing to relocate because of Katrina. Read it correctly and he's he's a big smaller guy that's that. Strong and physical and they don't know if you noticed like all these line and we brought in and his big guy -- -- if you're taught me but he you know. We felt like. We got to still in the fifth round went on because he does -- some -- you know you know -- round talent you know these -- big guys smaller. You didn't didn't do well. At the Senior Bowl but he added. Really good game that she believes in practices was what I think happens -- I don't know I don't know if he was there is -- -- was just. Trying to get used to everything that was going on -- You know meeting midnight to about I don't know but -- -- in the game he played a lot better and if you watch them on tape. His college games. That's what you saw the game the single is he looked like a guard or tackle it and he's a guard all the way and the way to guard and is that a foot speed thing aren't likely without him knowledge just that's what he played in college and -- million I don't. The -- never planned tackle. So he'll be he'll come in -- guard. In the -- seventh round two picks linebacker from Florida Atlantic Randall Johnson small school get what you tell us about him. On the Florida Atlantic all of us a small school that me someone else -- system for the buck than in his division one and four balls so. Different a different conference and everything plays that he's a powerful guy. I didn't I didn't feel much a little on tape by do you want to work. Explosive powerful guy -- you know pretty athletic you know I think he'll bring a lot to the table on special teams and give -- some depth at linebacker outside guy six war. Our -- thing I would think he may even be a tool guys won't -- it also will actually. And the final picked an intriguing guy. Oh -- in the offensive lineman from Miami new. You and many people -- got a world of talent but he just had trouble staying out it was a waste some time. I mean you know we saw the talent and I'm sure everyone else saw the talent as well. -- just some things didn't work out for me felt it was for the seventh pick -- mean take a chance on the guy like this. You know they get second second round talent second -- around talent. And you get them in the senate so. You know we just got to hold everything -- work -- form you know and -- -- I guess yes I spoke well before a spokeswoman the Senior Bowl and the conflict what you think of I finally you know he was. Ready to go we're not talked. Well he's definitely you know he knew what he had to do to make everything right. And and that the Senior Bowl he had in Vienna -- from week -- practice and then you know he worked you know. He worked OK. I'm a passing the ball one you know he understands. We have to do to stand asleep so. Ellen how how how hard is it as part of your job to project not only how these guys will develop as players but is. As people I mean I think if Andersen knew and obviously the kids have some issues during his career in Miami and how is how -- is it that to kind of look into the crystal ball and say. Anderson we think has a chance to straighten out and maybe be a pretty good player a. I mean you know it. I think is very hard. I mean you know you can sit down with -- you can talk to whom he can tell him indeed we are doing the blueprint on how to be successful in this sleek as we have the talent to do it. You know what did day it's gonna be up to him you know it's gonna be up to him in in the either you grow up. And you make it or you don't and you fail. How excited you about the rookies who will be filtering into the building this week going to be on the field on a Saturday here for the -- In many arm and I'm excited about these guys coming men in in. Is that it's going to be fun and refunds to these guys come in and -- -- gone so. One more question it's about the draft overall I think are a hundred or so underclassmen who declared. And approximately 35 of them were not drafted. -- what happens yeah I guess it inside is you know undrafted free agents but what do what does that say about the process and how do you think pebble. Move forward into next year if you were underclassmen declaring may well I. I think that the process. It's been is it is so is right I think with you know would be great these guys are giving. Coming now some of these guys are giving grades would probably shouldn't come out right but it's their choice to come on and take that chance. You know and if you don't get drafted in you don't get. What picked up with a free agent it's going to be hard for you but I faint. The underclassmen. They need to look at themselves and evaluate their situation. And then make -- make the decision if it's right or wrong just -- just do what the right way that some of these underclassmen they -- not doing the right way. Their hair from outside. Again good advice I think some home I think from a woman getting. Good advice thinks a moment you know. It's it's easy for someone to tell you great and you listen to that and you believe you're great but it's hard for someone from the from the someone say hey you're not ready yet. So now you wanna leave because they told you not ready and I think that's where the younger younger. Plays underclass and need to look at the mayor. And save themselves. MR ready. Someone just told me I'm not ready MR Arabia maybe go look at -- Video and evaluate yourself and then maybe look at a guy that you know. That you know is going in the first round look at his video and determine. What is he doing different than me part for all of us to look at on the result is no question I'm able to have the immediate Jamaican. A lifelong. Career move sure I mean if you don't get drafted and you'll get to the but the freeagent. You info wanna be done for you and you haven't prepared that compared to show for full ball being done with the -- type guy. Go figure last year college. And -- you can prepare yourself if I don't get drafted prone to pick the with a free to prepare yourself for. Life after college football you know nothing -- my. My best my biggest fear with the underclassmen -- they're still young you know they're still young and if it doesn't work now. You know some element is hard to adjust. To four blog been horrendous amount that some of these guys that two years of college to play yet. You know so I mean if that's that's the only thing that I. I just waste. So what can give them better advice if this if this the college head coach or position coach or family member. And have these guys. Stay bags the ones that you know in the in -- you know which one as they Kamal do you know which ones are way. Is sending a -- issued a statement school. But there's nothing you can do. Calvin thanks regulation on your first draft for the bills thanks very much for it thank you -- Fisher the Buffalo Bills director of college scouting. Is that John Murphy -- presented by no go from one bills drive our Buffalo Bills radio.

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