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WGR550>Topics>>5/15 John Tavares on Hockey Hotline

5/15 John Tavares on Hockey Hotline

May 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are gonna talk some bandits lacrosse or talk with Johnny -- but not the Johnny ET. That you're perhaps they can it's the other Johnny T John Tavares the nephew of bandits lawyer John Tavares and of course. That tremendous hockey player for the New York -- join us here this morning John good morning our -- Good morning guys that extra government a bit. Well we appreciate you coming on now before you talk about -- how journey houses the rehab going. Everything's pretty much our normal -- Was cleared last week to resume full activities so. I skated. Oh with a lot of -- as their current memorial cup for three days and -- criticism. They're really good so. Excited to. It -- take -- couple weeks off here after you know good two and a half months so -- you have them and strengthening and getting back to -- Being able playing -- so -- and I don't see the U my full summer training is a really important -- all of them I'm excited about Seoul's Olympic summer for me you. Does have been able to put this behind -- and move forward and -- toward taxis. Why would actually ask you put your scouting had on for a cent per second how to Nikita Isidore off look to you when you were out there skating. I looked pretty good you obviously trim tremendous -- choir. I'm not talking with some Mark Connor. So once he. You don't even realize it more -- potential just a much better he's going to be understanding now of -- Camby especially besides this all the new book. Move as well as she doesn't make plays like he can -- should that size. Easily get better. -- gets older and and -- -- was really good season or in the develop -- -- Being an offensive player yourself does he seem like the kind of guy that might be hard for guys like yourself to play against in the future in the NHL. He could be I -- I was startled at all how much very well the destruct soon for a few days but. You don't -- those -- guys -- can make a lot of -- -- skills but. You know be regard being knives that kind of size and you know you're looking at all the little little bit of sort of America that -- makes -- -- When you're going to be that big much wrong -- be part -- mover and space so what did you try and matter in the corners along the walls so. Certainly he's. An -- up petroleum and you know he's able to the ball that sort of his game because you become -- area. Dynamic threats both clubs -- yards. Appreciate the incident that and we're glad to hear that you're the is back to a 100%. For this offseason for the -- we want to have gotten -- talk about your uncle. John Tavares here's the a great buffalo bandits player here and I know you're at the game the other night that goal he scored the second period. That's an amazing goal for 25 girl but for your uncle at 45 to score -- goal that was pretty pretty amazing. Yet he's still amazes mute what he's able to do. You know I think a lot you know three or four years is probably. Obviously physically present but require that he wants flaws but -- also -- also plucked out of this so how pretty remarkable so. You know you yet a tremendous -- It's great to see your mom -- wall and I know from my salt and I think the rest of our family. You know we never known as -- schemes going to be -- always trying to make sure were are. Wall Street you know wherever we can whether it's you know come down -- -- or I watched complain throttle -- weeks ago. Or watching. On TV so. Great to see of them then it's a good run here in -- Leo did you move on. And what that would keep him coming -- this coming week and Rochester. The other and that goal was great second but perhaps. Even better wasn't as spectacular but. To me it was a goal sparked the rarely there in the fourth quarter when you know he -- it there I'm not -- -- short side. And that really sparked the comeback to mediate did you see at the same way. Yeah I mean. There's no person I think in the league you'd still rather have with the ball -- -- time and space and -- it kind of in his area there on. On the right side attack in the nets. I was a grown -- all parties to work on this -- could make ensure all law. You know it was thrown -- they separate ways that you that the -- -- want it to him you don't yet with the corner there so. You know -- tremendous or fourth quarter and and you know it still amazes me like -- sort of -- able to do at his age of problem he's played in the league and put abandons -- do. Really remarkable and I have some of respect for him he's been a big battlin' beavers tells -- so well. Sure it's was a big point in the Cayman and you know he's done it's many times and for. -- -- -- -- Yeah I was you actually kinda answered my question there was I was going to say. How has he inspired you in with a great message out how great he has been in the sport of lacrosse in the respect that he gets. What you take from that -- translate that in to your hockey career and however long you go -- to play in in the long islander in the national hockey. Yeah I you know it was pretty vigorously to realize now that maybe don't realize when you're younger. Can kind of -- offers things that you learn. You know what I was being a ball boy -- to three years there with the bandits I was in the walk from a lot -- Good to see how we handle being now with his teammates and I'll speak or that he was some of the best -- career. He was really turns on its it is. So what's on in and -- ball close -- it makes no matter the role in the humor. Public attention they received. Boats. What they're brought to the table. You know I really realized what a great team meeting was how hard work he wasn't published on he had -- -- and you know you put pressure on yourself when and a lot of expectation so. You always on nature always count on them and you know what are you played and you'll apply. And the around that I think yeah I really realized especially now would be. Captain with the islanders. Blows things really learn from him and Ron -- and oust him Meyer is still -- work ethic. You know what that city just always about the floor and hand always worked extremely hard and -- -- and try to get the ball so well. He was trying to accomplish out there are so. You know he knows he's been such a big role model. -- so many ways and and you know covering up an uncle it's percussion on it and I don't just repression -- the best that so. And what he doesn't that's across our. Really for -- Was such a big benefits and I've learned so much problems well you know I know he probably should get a lot more recognition that he deserters. -- the crosses into. The biggest sports. In North America but which. -- -- really popular and and what it would be on the Butte one -- on our accomplishments he has used is truly remarked oil we series. What do -- Top athletes. In history really with the whose career and accolades so you know he's been huge for me are sure. Falwell said there John Tavares the nephew of John Tarvaris from the buffalo bandits you know the other thing to me that is remarkable. Not just his longevity but the fact that he has a career. And this is his other career or perhaps -- the other career to balance those two to. You know the demands of teaching our our one thing and and the demands of staying in shape to perform at the level he does and as for so many years. -- -- -- Yeah that is you know what these people don't know all -- so structural cost callers today. They do deployed most because below deployed on Syria financially doesn't support them and their families salute. You know on a daily life and that's. You know most major professional. Return to a much hope for. Football lawyers hostile orders baseball lawyers hope. You'll be able to be a teacher -- -- you know Ivan two young children now on -- family. You know my two little cousins -- They're definitely and also. You know he's got a lot to balance on display -- I think that's what makes a crosscourt so great in awhile looked like across celebs. These guys will deploy and its structural. It's a special community who cross community and he certainly is such a big part of that so long for sure is is his ability to. Keeping such a great player at his -- -- being productive. To be able to come so far. Together physically and and policy these. Such -- Smart lawyer and those instincts and -- -- -- -- and be able be -- dad and husband and then teachers along as well itself. I don't full credit for about them that those are the things that I've been so fortunate to bureau. John well a lot of great hockey players have played across growing up and you just mentioned that you did as well. Are their skill sets that across taught you that you can attribute to -- on ice play or maybe it's. I guess. Similarity in in the stick can't -- in things like that. The you know a lot of people always ask you -- especially now I think the development of our reporters. How important it is for kids to Pyongyang all the time and there's so much out there in terms of teaching coaching and being able to get better it seems like -- deploying twelve -- here but. You know when I grew up. Which -- -- -- about long ago what so you know -- -- seemed. At times take 23 months off the operations and have some kind of bothers portrait or are we that he really to a flying him. Well there was across other sports and I think it's extremely important -- other skills and and played -- and bring different sports not only. Two ten. You know keep her passion for the game of -- but also you do all a lot more tools such as an athlete that contribute to them in and across. Of people all -- -- hand eye coordination and that certainly was so it was a big -- -- bickering that's you're able to develop when I was talking book that the physical nature. It's that physically to costs -- I always felt like it was. Critically it was a much. More. Talked further and hockey probably because. A lot more with the rules and -- like go on what's allowed. We called cluster running which is a lot more harder and bought their fuel and skating so. But. The one thing I really -- is being able to move. Through traffic. And be able to put off track and protect. Protect the Parker of the ball. And those things they really realized. You know probably when I was playing in junior that I was able to do really well. That at all implying you know across just the spin off trucks and protect protect the -- him to be able to move -- right here is a physical game crosses and are you more control the ball and you do dual talks so agreeable to your body of certain ways we -- protected it and move through a lot of traffic and particular physical -- so. Those things are certainly very helpful. At that point -- -- and and of course like you said being able to cradle stick in and be able to make a lot of friction control ball you can certainly group. You stick handling in your hand coordination and and they're playing out to make an impact at all hours. Final think for adjunct of our style hockey player we're really appreciate coming on talk about is unclear when asked what more hockey question but I don't wanna put in the spot to make -- pick but. Just what you expect out of the Eastern Conference final of Montreal and the New York Rangers. And that matchup. Are you it's two teams and obviously you know there for a reason it's not easy to get sir you play at this time here and to -- to teachings -- be true. You know a lot of people obviously were the chemists figuratively so. You know I think Montreal. You know the -- guilty response team and they certainly got some players. Are some game breakers and and I think football teams all you are critical and and so. You know this time of year the heart he's so good in the global soul alive -- current cultural and expect -- series and unity in the -- a lot of credit to put a lot of guys step -- -- as much as I don't like those guys he's got to do little to credit them. You know the earned being here -- point two years old should media should be interest thing and church -- Arctic. Of the honestly I don't like the raiders and how could you -- and I. Islander right you can't so that gives up a job thanks so much for the time they were really appreciate coming on and obviously were all rooting for your uncle this weekend. With the buffalo man it's and to move on to the championship round. General thanks -- Really enjoyed it so -- think government on. Okay all right John Tarvaris from the New York Islanders and his uncle is John Tarvaris. Of course of the buffalo bandits great and you know as is he said Nellis and within that they don't know lol if it's going to be you know they don't know what his last games and he's 45 years old he's still.

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