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WGR550>Topics>>5/19 Bills undrafted FA Jimmy Gaines

5/19 Bills undrafted FA Jimmy Gaines

May 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's about GM's how much credit to GM's debt forgetting the quarterback. And who would you give the most credit you right now GMs and national public for their quarterback situation. 8030550. To join us as a rookie minicamp continuing. And a couple dozen guys are in town working out including. Jimmy -- the former conditions high school player one of the undrafted free agent signed by the Buffalo Bills in town and going through rookie mini camp. He joins us here on WGR Jimmy it's Howard Jeremy good morning welcome to the shell. Thanks for coming -- and you got a busy day ahead is that we appreciate you giving us some time this morning. What -- how are things gone through the first couple of days what would you say. They live pretty pretty good you know distraught or and a lot a lot of from everybody from the coaches and everything is trying to understand the playbook and understand look. This scheme they're they're being -- here. How much. Of your first couple days -- are. Holy crap -- NFL can't or you -- business right now I mean kick he's still like a little giddy at all. Yeah Hamlin beauty you know that -- to to realize the work. You know. The ability to meet with little blood money is estimated to have recovered to -- just kind of feel blessed to have the opportunity. What any of the fact that your back home obviously that's got to be a -- special feeling for you. He would definitely. -- become a little while ago received well you know what people heard the outcome -- back home so. Is receiving citing conflict -- I'm just excited developers. What dumb it's only been a couple of days and obviously it's not the full team it's rookie minicamp but I don't Sammy Watkins was saying he's already learning things. Even -- assist Iraqis are you learning stuff even though just the rookies are in town right now. Oh yeah definitely. References to you learning different techniques that code book has. As has been teaching them you know stood there. To implement in my game so severely -- will be a lot you know already know where else. What was the process like -- anyway you know the draft gets is completed. You're not selected I assume then you know you're agent starting to get phone calls what was that whole process like waiting to see which teams are calling and then deciding on which team to go to -- Honolulu kind of stressful battled severe -- -- -- cardinals one of them being to do. And it does a -- later the better situation I'll put me. Now on -- early doesn't figure that out. And I would bet that this was the rat hole for me -- if he happens to be back call. Yeah a lot of tourists curious about was that the main reason like if you're back home -- -- there football decisions that you used to make that choice. Either -- people bought decision. -- know -- -- -- they'll eventually you know but I'll I'll just say -- you didn't how it is new Camaro everything battle for what I have. My bag going on there. And the -- brother or -- perpetrated. Was there any doubt in your mind that you know that you're gonna get in NFL invitation a contract somewhere. It is ordered them them -- about them and keep your mind but I'll. For the most part about street confident they'll be able to. There -- political culture. So you've come to buffalo after your career at kinesis and and the University of Miami before we get to that your your time at the U. What are -- about what what stood out what stands out as you go back and think about may be reflect on your career conditions high school what what do what do you remember from those dates. -- degree a program you know you're out there their whole lot -- -- when I was bit. But down just -- share with those little guys my teammates. I mean there's certain you know that didn't really brilliant and the there's a family atmosphere earlier completion and with the within a mile or how about -- -- To be -- borrow -- Brandon Harrison -- rabbit is that the -- their mouse. You don't -- -- and it taught -- all the football that I have no clue well I thought I'd do pretty much -- game worked in this. The united luck blah -- up process yet turn -- now. You mentioned coach Robbins he's talked about you know he at least reflected back in your career finish is talking about your work ethic your toughness your leadership. What do you think are some of your best assets that you bring to the football field. Well I'll have to me it is being a student of the game it is our understanding understanding all -- -- -- -- much up in the pews. That helped -- you get the ball faster than they are are relentless -- suitable to get there. Ali -- argument after -- -- the ball go to the best of my abilities so. Do those two things you know there's just no money down almost on the -- where the ball is going to be in there have been getting to getting to that -- I would say that I like Herbert Tuesday's. To an eagle on to the University of Miami. And -- don't maybe they'll -- where was years ago but it it seems to be on its way back in terms of its football program what was that experience like for you. It was an eight they'll remain. What. Be coached by how great library Cotto Micheal -- You know and not what I learned so much rumored. In -- developed related to our candidate that. The other guys that that came as well that come back because there's -- -- -- you know everybody comes that works out there is some so. I may have made you about my conditioning was right next to Jonathan billable work -- be doing it. So the opportunity to talk to those guys in it is really different is this. Glad that the biggest Stanley I've ever been a part of Newton let the -- it was a may be that opportunity to. It is learnt from everybody there are problems from not only my coaches put or or or players that of their current players former players look. Now you while you're at Miami you would have played is it central Henderson by the way I wanna make sure -- get his first name right. Dontrelle -- Sean trial okay I'm going with your you're you're the definitive guy for pronouncing his first name thank you. So usually you play you played with them for the bills fans that are listening Jimmy the bills get him in the seventh round what would you tell the folks about his game. He is and athletic specimen either agree I mean to compare him to be able to move that would. Make. Those very strong very of bay could be very dominant in the just -- what she -- handling his trust and destructive not welcome such a big guy. And he's a great guy and a great athletes to detail as collateral Iowa are one of my teammates all equity from -- back to bottle. He had some off field issues is -- he you know he obviously he's talented. But I'm assuming his stock dropped because those off field issues. Are you concerned about the men and have you ever talked to him about that anything that might go to help -- -- A marker looks a little concerned about that you understand -- now what's at stake. So he he's really need your Leo taken note that series that's too. To get that behind and that in and make as they career for Mexico -- a great purple so. We'll Jimmy appreciate you coming on ninety got more work to do today at rookie minicamp thanks very much and congratulations on signing with the bills. -- have a good day. There was a whole bunch articles if you wanna find out what's been going on over the last couple workouts Paul Hamilton and Joseph the -- have stories for -- At WGR 550 dot com will continue to cover minicamp this network Orchard Park.

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