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May 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- Howard Jerry Matthew and will get right to it we are joined by the CEO of the Buffalo Bills Russ Brandon. Who is a busy -- these days in his given us a few minutes of his time Russ Howard Jeremy thanks for coming on first of all how -- good morning guys -- -- good good appreciated and well I guess -- the first thing I'd like to ask you about is just -- Are you optimistic rats everywhere -- on an emotional roller coaster Jerry Jones is talking about Jon Bon Jovi is the greatest dad and father and husband in the world. And Toronto and all the stuff in the next day. Owners are talking about how buffalo deserves to have a place in the National Football League so for the folks shortlist and we -- wanna know. Whether the team is -- going are you optimistic based on what you hear from from the owners. I'm always optimistic -- you know I think from our standpoint. You know we've talked about this many times it's our responsibility in my responsibility to make sure that this team is. I'm solid footing him in western new York and viable moving into the future of western new York and the last fifteen years off the field we've had a lot of achievements and I think that is certainly. Has certainly advanced spotlighted over the last few months. -- at any point. Did you envision. How this would go I mean obviously this this was -- conversation that with owners that you eventually would have to have. And owners' meetings to -- dissipate getting this much support -- these relationships that. You have with other owners and other things that they are saying. What you expected to be -- They actually Jeremy we being in their room for last seventeen years where is these gentlemen has proved to be invaluable. They obviously know our business well as we know the the businesses. You know of you know of of other franchises and how we go about our business so. You know we try to be good stewards of our brand into the National Football League I think they appreciate that. The relationship. They Edward. Obviously the that was -- more of the focus and and you know talking about -- legacy of what he's meant to the National Football League by. You know from our standpoint. You know were were very mindful of how we run our business and and for more our brand moving forward. Since you mentioned mr. Wilson I'm curious does emotion play any factor in this at all I mean if you do you Q do you think truly. There are owners in the room -- would say were friends of Ralph Wilson or you know feel that you know. Buffalo's been loyal to to the league and they deserve to be -- or does is basically wanted to percent. You know comes down to a business decision. Well obviously there's sort of been a tremendous -- when it comes to. Mr. Wilson but you know at the end of today -- be -- businesses business decision. And will put our best foot forward and. In the process. You -- talk a little bit about the timeline can you give our listeners an update exactly on what the timeline is like right now for the whole process. Well as we've stated previously transaction counsel and an investment bank will be retained. And once that is secured. Then the sales process will. Will move forward. And it's tough to put a time I said this yesterday it's up to put a timeline on it. But that will really began the vetting process. Of the sale you expected vetting process to be more scrutiny -- I guess more scrutinizing them before because of what happening in -- on the events are -- to Gramm and noted that. I know that we will grow about our business in the very methodical manner and keep the league this statement counting. Updated on a consistent basis. I'm I'm very I'm very focused. I think our organizations -- focuses that we've provided deliverables that are needed to the national football. Are you at the point where the number of interested parties like if somebody wants the team that party what you don't know is gonna -- -- you know what. I'm in on this thing if there are ten other ten in the two when he in. And we passed the point where people are calling with -- interest and you have basically the list of parties but then you tell me you're gonna call him and I'm thinking about it but -- Yeah I think interest is high and you know will. And and obviously the bank who goes through all the interest parties and that when we get -- Marc -- on I don't couple weeks ago trying to explain the least to me. Any mention I think like eight to ten parties have called. Is there a number you know how many people have expressed interest. Yeah I would just I would characterize it artists it is interest is -- and not get in the numbers do you is there any. Was there. And out of town group or have there been any out of town groups -- that have backed out because. The least the forty million dollars any restrictions or. The notion that you know what it might be really difficult for me to move this team so I'm just not gonna get interest it. -- enough and I'm aware of Howard you know obviously. When the lease was constructed. We provided mr. Wilson gave us an opportunity to provide. I -- runway to have a long term solution and obviously there are some. Different levers and within the least that really focus on tried them and to making it work. And here in western new York and you know I eight. Our focus over warm bills driver and -- 130 million dollar renovation that we have going on that. I think you're going to be surprised it's gonna significantly. Impact the fan experience in a positive work. Actually you know RC that's on our list to the new stadium discussion I wanted to get that one other thing I'm curious about I know yesterday imagine you really you can't give details about the trust. But it can you tell me -- in terms of the the responsibility of the trust. Are they supposed to just get the highest offer make the most money or does the trust have. Believe way to say. We'd like to find the best bid to keep the team in western new Yorker group that really wants to keep team here. It's a good question armored norm at those and I hate you to be -- I thought about the thing. We can negotiate and know that I -- I. Yeah of course I can't talk about it a lot but it is good talking. It was a pleasure having. Now you mentioned the new stadium and the renovations and yet the commissioner of the NFL twice now the last month. That's pretty much said you need a new stadium for a long term solutions and what are your thoughts about that well. I think that a larger Paris a stadium long term is obviously. Something that needs to be looked -- but that's really what the function of the new stadium working group it is. That also is a function of police were members of the bills organization economy in the state. Are together and methodically going through a process to see if the new stadium makes cents. And are eventually. That very well may be the case but. You know we have an opportunity -- this renovation and two again ever runway where we can go through and go through the studies in the demographics. And they have an understanding. As a group as a community. What the best solution has moved. Or is the sale and try to go with the timeline here -- the sale would happen correct me if I'm wrong the sale would happen before any definitive. Word on whether or not a new stadium would be built right. Hours from insurers so this can't be contingent on it I mean there's no way the league could attach that could and say all right. Rick you know we're gonna approve the sale of the team but it's contingent upon a new stadium being built. I think their parallel past -- from the standpoint of you know the sales process will go through. You know that -- is that different in layers each and every -- a month as we go through with our transaction -- on our investment bank. And then the new stadium working group will continue to work on that path to see what. What the future holds for new stadium more retrofitted stadium or whatever whatever comes up. Started what what is the next step -- the stadium working group from -- those. Weekly biweekly meetings how often the property guys get together and what's the what's discussed at the next one. Are we haven't met since our first name. Germany but I'm I'm sure will be -- meaning you get together soon over the summer probably trend. Russ Brandon Willis -- CEO at which point New York's it would it completed its study with a com which is I think due 1 July 11 -- training camp is after that will -- That's that's something that state is put together so that's not. Part of the working group until the state brings it to you that's outside the scope of understanding -- With retrofit -- the league talked about revenue streams and maximizing revenue and all that we we middle thing I know I think you know new stadium increased ticket prices all that stuff if you stayed with a retrofit going forward could you. Get the support in the league could you maximize the revenue streams and do what you need to do to stay competitive with a retrofit. Well I think that's part of the deliverables -- of going through the studies. Obviously you know you can look at different markets you look at Kansas City in -- they want to remain director of -- You look at Green Bay and Lambeau they went through a major retrofit. And then you look at new buildings like Minnesota and Atlanta and some of the new. Since I've come on stream over the last few years -- I think that's our responsibility to deliver to league what we think makes sense and what we can deliver from a revenue standpoint it seems like -- league would need a lot of convincing on a retrofit -- I think that you know aren't our resort to assess our response voted -- to work and then have people weighing in on the decision process on the decision process. Russ I'm sure you're you've done studies and are very. You know well versed on price points and what this market could support. If they got to the point where new stadium was approved report people thought OK we have to build a new stadium. How confident are you the market could handle what might come along -- it increased ticket prices. That that Howard again you know not sound like a broken record here but that that all goes. Hadn't and -- is what we're talking about right there you know what does that come with the visit comes with. Obviously new ticket prices it comes with PS cells potentially come to market bear that. It comes with luxury suites set -- you know higher price points and we currently. As you know we've discussed many times -- on the show. We are a volume business we have so over 7000 seats in the building. Over under in twenty suites and in the building is sixty or 8800 club seats. Those are that's a lot of inventory to move. But we also are very mindful of the price. Moving forward our new stadium would bring obviously different levels of inventories and that's hard our realization. My favorite overused word but it is it is a part of it Rochester. Off to the GT is very important to us move for. -- you introduce -- realization. Are your regional -- region allies nation out is there any more you could do. I think we have a very robust market you know within the triangle and from -- Richard Serrano. Obviously we've we know what the GTA in in southern answer or what they've meant to us over the last five years back here at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Rochester market is very good to us. Also in the corporate. Landscape. So you know we need just in to keep cultivate and that triangle because when you look at it. I demographically. Than you become a rather large market. Do you. I want one thing just cleared up for me rush you guys have club seats you don't have. You don't have PS cells right at the stadium what you -- is there a feed the people pay to get into the club seats in the restaurant earning your rear and going around it's your product -- the license -- and its attention to approach. Right India so there is a license fee and no that's not considered a PS -- that's different idea PS cells different it's a different way at no additional layer. Of the -- -- -- -- Or let you go maybe the most important question do you also respect Bon Jovi is a father. More than anybody else maybe more than anyone you know you know I I I missed that one so. I'm I respect Howard is boundaries of music. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would you know -- I would lower my ticket prices they about price the market at Citi Field I know you love John meant to do I I receiver Kozyrev met like there's -- starting to bring back the needs -- in the -- and take that you're not that old Ross I'm impressed I gotta tell you. We have talked about. Yeah actually I know that we talk about that term in our retirement issues so that's it that's when I got to step out answer it by Russ thanks for coming -- -- -- okay guys have a great day YouTube. Russ Brandon -- CEO this year on WGR with.

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