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5/27 Nic Deslauriers on WGR

May 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They can't admit the glory column Greg -- that gets the glory days of the Buffalo Sabres. A resigned days two year deal with buffalo and joins us right now appearance sabres hockey outline on good morning congratulations. Thank you very -- -- you. Well hostile -- -- Tell us I mean obviously feels good to sign an extension -- you wouldn't sign it however to go from a team. -- Wear them in the minors to play a significant role towards the end of the season and Tim Murray liked so much that he says you know we're gonna keep your round out as it feels a player to be validated that. Still thought government agents see that there may be. That they -- it differently of LA elected -- organization. That is outing I would have my chance and that they at all plan. But it got that chance prove myself seventeen games then. They offered me something pretty good. I think every every person my age -- had my situation and accept that net. It's good to me. What's the next step for you every what is so you signed your contract. What is the next. I guess. Priority of the check off your list is it you know you gotta get to working get get in shape for the season. -- -- -- Marty. Trying to set up that date maybe in two weeks in buffalo or all summer -- -- work out there and -- get get in the atmosphere. Being -- all the guys that are there and just get in shape and to prove myself that I can play that 82 games and to stay up here and Buffett's net. Just do it for two years and navies and again and do it again. -- Hillary joining us here two year deal remain with the Buffalo Sabres now. Nick is this when -- Tim Murray talked to your agent and you know is to say. A year -- buffalo or you know -- got to prove to be up period helmet is a two way deal one way deal where we yet. The kind of weird -- it is probably an. Talking about maybe an extension and then just. Maybe adding a one way deal and that for a year and a -- Didn't hear from my agent for a -- they didn't call me and said I think we have something good Gregory and two year deal one way. I was. Morton Morton now -- entry just. So it is just to be on the one way but now at the job's not done it just. He radiated like it did anything happen you can still get up and down and it -- wanna I think his -- I guess that seventeen games there and just that span and and there was. Thirtieth place team in are still hold out and managers that -- was amazing so. And I feel like I want it that for a couple years and -- on the team for full year. What style of play are you going to be looking to bring I mean you talk about the fancy talk about the city. You know a kind of hockey daylight here. You displayed a lot of minutes down the stretch and I think that's probably why you were. Are rewarded with their contract and what is it what is a style played it Nicklaus story is going to bring to the Buffalo Sabres for the next two years. -- that is due in theaters look at my last game but I think that that's pretty much they kinda. Player I'm gonna be just finishing my hit it and just trying to give momentum that it team take a lot of shots then. It continued that trap or something and learn. To take discovery team and -- I guess it just give momentum they came. And now maybe not that tough guy in the whole league. And all of them are created so I need to work hard there. To do you get a chicken. And no bigger got it in me but I had that agreement that the judges finishing it pretty momentum and -- chancellor Gordon scored -- -- well. You're you're you're making it you make me look Smart the other guys around me the press box when you. Delivered. The heavy in net gain in the final game I said he has got himself a contract extension here at buffalo Eddie did a two year deal which is great for your value mention. -- beat around the summer getting -- what in your game in your mind -- -- what it's -- perhaps one thing you're gonna focus on this summer to become a better hockey. Just getting pretty quickly that their main point epic about. A mad at a guy on. And all of that we're -- ability could be a little bit Eric could be currently are going to be -- that -- be more dangerous. And yet again that it is that's -- -- longer. In August. Well signing a contract if something were making the team and staying there -- improving so that you can -- I don't on all year. So that that's the thing I'm going there. When will you want that in my mind getting shape in net. Guess I get it be around everybody that the organization that there at a training that and just prove them that I want to be there and want to. Peter failure. Good stuff finals think predict a -- here nick tells the baby. Do it today getting their meeting area. She may hear a lot of progress two months that. Almost sleeping all night -- that that -- get back. Good for you and and and it's been a good to hear from -- all on this with everything and then. Having an. You challenged until the -- and now. About fighting may be applied and I'll quote -- In a manner congratulations go buy a Ferrari. A brand new 250000. Dollar Ferrari should go to treat yourself. Not quite enough. -- days ago he later by dresses and everything what you gonna get old. There ego well well said -- but a little aside for the future on that because the future is bright for you. And your family congratulations and meg glad to hear she and mom are doing well and it -- Fortis he won near buffalo. OK nick thank you thanks for joining us -- -- eight.

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