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WGR550>Topics>>6/2 Phil Hansen at the Jim Kelly Classic

6/2 Phil Hansen at the Jim Kelly Classic

Jun 2, 2014|

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-- -- -- -- -- -- You ought to mean it's it's that there -- -- -- union gas. So your teammates and former teammates and the new bills players or. I like come on. That's. All I didn't know about it because figured he viewed pro America. Appearance I normally would have because I don't know. And now. Some a few. Emails and stuff and -- mostly through FaceBook through spam Leah ward and and that's a few shots you're prepared comes across there. But more so with what it to about what's in the papers and stuff. Well he supports its -- Yes I guess. I would expect you'll so yes -- great -- and -- lot for the community all western new York and now it's kind of been returned him know every once and no one else they can do them. It's important things like listen in northern and reducing that you even today. Those things are all things. -- Large got to have kids. I just heard about it. I don't -- so I don't know that they're well I don't know -- that they're talking. Speculation that -- -- stadium. -- loosely very loosely. You know. Offered Batavia my idea -- point down downtown in the water and I think that is great place just. From an objective point of view just. Not known in the specific expertise to build up the water from a bilaterally. Make awful. You know group really at the dollar and all of the -- it goes I don't know how it is now. Look cooled down there and that's that's only. The -- personal failings that I I don't know artifacts or all the numbers out. Stick them so he's what is it about 48 permanently. But -- -- and it. She -- rule on the nineteenth. You know I'm gonna listen here to there that I I've I've come the most problems. So. Especially -- differently should say is this news obviously Jim but also on entry hall of fame. Especially this. You don't to me I mean I'm happy for -- but you know it's just really he's having him do his doggone voicemail box -- it's always boy he never get through to him -- BI to congratulate him my head from all the way out here to congratulate him and not just Ford GM and what he's going through -- everybody's lives are. You know moving on and every little bit older so you know this becomes what Jim created here becomes more important every yours so your old team it's it's it's funny at all. Played at most these guys through ten years or so on. This -- like you you go way back to the last vacant locker room before you retired allowed them you know it's it's it's like copilot back on ours. What he's giving it. A long ways to complete. I guess that. If -- -- is all over the -- that good things come to those who it made me. But yeah I think it's it's well deserved and yeah. You know numbers certainly speak for themselves. Happier for him happy for buffalo.

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