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WGR550>Topics>>6/2 Dan Marino at the Jim Kelly Classic

6/2 Dan Marino at the Jim Kelly Classic

Jun 2, 2014|

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Him armored. You know that you know ambitions -- life you know you'll -- What -- you are going through and just he can do was break Foreman and in which the best you know everybody loved him. -- two minutes carefully from the get better and in and get back -- us. -- -- or was it for you to see him yesterday it's a lot of what I want to see the New York you know we increased our girls -- -- -- would be able to come out and armaments seen him. Little bit. You know news to me since it was great just didn't see him you know and he's been through a lot so hopefully you know -- -- -- -- away you know -- The -- -- a positive attitude Ahmanson's presents -- We'll look at 128 years doing this I mean this is mixed on the commodities like and I've missed an X twenty years. And this is his deal and it's the best tournaments that he did we hear -- we go to. Because because to him what he's done here with the people we're both. -- -- That's been well while I mean we were both in Pittsburgh you know and we played against each other. You know we knew excellent call it and then played against you tiller. All those years. Robbery and just that and the competitiveness of the situations remind -- buffalo and ultimate. Respect for guys -- as you know he he knows browser won't -- on these little quarter. Department and today.