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WGR550>Topics>>6/2 Steve Tasker at the Jim Kelly Classic

6/2 Steve Tasker at the Jim Kelly Classic

Jun 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes you're on one shot just -- with him through blogger. I just spent -- -- visit with them a little more than a week ghosts and a couple of hours with them and was right before last radiation treatment. You know he's. Was about the time to kind of bottomed out after that it was -- just at the end of his treatments and it. And then now he's on the upswing in eastern external authority getting better team. In off the poison. Yourself. He was upbeat and he still and I they SA still himself having these. It's far from an invalid he's doing good so and is spears still there is still very positive. Jewels there and and you can't go in there one of his Brothers isn't there either so and he's got huge support group and it was great to see him he's lost some weight room and but he you know he's he's still doing really well I'm really happy formerly encouraged by -- talked to -- and you know I'm looking forward the next few months and get better. -- this. Some years. Since it started -- it's -- delivers over the years away. Kyle -- is its work today it's here is that it goes through. The support for a. Well. Yet we miss him being here. But by the same token -- you know heat because it Jim's presence and because it equality this event known in what has been means I mean so more than just some. -- guys get together for another baby and this is a lot of it's like a reunion. Not just -- -- reunion that -- greens a lot of guys who know each other for a couple of decades and the turn him as being offered at 28 years. These guys are lifelong friends and the fact that you can't be here today. I won't change. Everything's been going around on things with the bills you know they -- something else you know -- have been stadium. Do you have any thoughts on new stadiums are getting it done. Well I think. When and whether they need one or not. Kind of beside the point. None of the questions all of us have can be answered until we know who's gonna purchase the team. None of the none of the questions about where this new stadium is going to be whether the team we'll stay here whether. You know it's gonna continue as we've all known and loved it for the last -- cities and use us fifty years. Nobody knows that and now. A lot of uncertainty and but I do know that. There's a great foundation laid. What they're doing to the stadium this offseason and a lot of people haven't had a chance to see what's going on over to -- them. It's phenomenal it's it's really really transform and it was a devastating and it'll what they've done -- that the fans -- middle of the needs to you know again they're not gonna feel like they needed new stadium I think it's going to be an issue going forward. With what's happened into the stadium right now the people who goes there week in week out which you know as you say 275. Grand a week ago there. They're not gonna think they need -- state. Now that may change and certainly in new stadium is any stadium is all nice bright China have all the bells analysts thought they would things they're doing the senior now. Are gonna change a lot of people's view about what they need wonder. Give a sense you know -- confidence and oh man. -- mean there's enough people in your political clout that. It ultimately. I think it will I have faith that it it'll come together and you'll be able to keep the team is certainly there's a lot of momentum do that and although we've seen it happen. You know -- against Cleveland moved Baltimore colts moved. LA moved twice. It's still not that easy to get done. And so I might take some solace in that. And then today you know like you say that the big question is it because they're in their questions because there are no guarantees. And until it settles its -- settled and that we're not gonna no so. Certainly is not going to be easy to get that came out here. But. They're looking for a team to move certainly at this point in history the team this time -- me. -- -- --

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