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WGR550>Topics>>6/2 Bill Polian at the Jim Kelly Classic

6/2 Bill Polian at the Jim Kelly Classic

Jun 2, 2014|

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    pass protect but he's not threatening anybody when he standing next to Kyle Orton in the backfield so you know he's only in there to pass protect where is Fred Jackson. He can pass protect or

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But this -- what we're about looking aliens and the bad dad. How much. Here it. Well I think to some degree it's it's it's miss but -- -- here in spirit. Everybody knows. Exactly how he feels about this event and now he feels about. All of this wonderful charity work he's done throughout his career here in Western New York. So he's he's here in spirit and everybody is here. Two. Not -- not only aid is. Charity endeavors -- two to show their support for him. And our affection for him and and all we can do now is it is his hope that. The treatment difficult as it has been on him and his family. -- Works in that you know six straight weeks from now we'll we'll have some good news. -- -- Looking at the bill of sale. Future of the bills from a prior a little bit it's like your world connected I mean now what are you. How would you characterize. You're outlook and the bills. Spain. Well you know my my fervent hope is that they do. I don't think there's any of this news is predictable and anyway because. A lot of what we. We experience. Is either unfounded or. In in many ways. Above the surface and the real work is going on blogs -- So. You know as a member of the bill's family and and and and a proud. Member of the -- family. I was certainly on. Very very sad to see Ralph go. As was said last night we owe me and Mary and his family great debt of gratitude for all of them for all of us. All. Of the people in Western New York that they affected. So positively. And and we all know. What place to build holes in the in the social fabric of Western New York. I hope dad yeah. That is being positive. Home for everything from England and then whoever emerges is that it. It's it's you know when you talked about purchasing an accident like bills and it can be like those. There there is something called good Bill Clinton -- in -- And and there is no more good will toward the team no more devotion toward team anywhere in any sport. So. I would think that excellent track. Not at the track. Do you have a sense I don't know you know that there is a certain amount of political. Cloudy and play that blew it should be helpful -- the governor. Romer and other people who were involved. -- that it's potentially. Well -- you know what from what I've read the governor's order -- and then congressional delegation is supportive of senator Schumer has been. Vocal about it and that's. I think it's good. On and obviously it's very home. And and we'll just have to let it play out these things and I'll have a life and I'm able of their own I've seen. Any number of sales. I'll take place in the National Football League -- -- name and almost never goes. And that people speculate that it will. And they they take time. So we'll just wait and see but I. You know my my thoughts are that this is a great franchise with a great history. Within an absolutely incredible fan base and an absolutely incredible. Please. In this in social fabric of Western New York. That's that's about it. It this. -- and it. Thank goodness it's. It would -- easier for yet it was it was I in -- that I we talked about it last night and I told -- about it earlier. -- I was in New York obviously work and Prius in that we -- suitable and and I decided to go back on Saturday because I just could not face. In fact it. He would that make it this I wanna sit there and in in May use the musical nine years name -- so. Eyes went back in. And a couple of prayers on the way you. That it would happen and and we got home -- He's been elected and it was a it was a marvelous it's just been such a long time coming in. And I understand. Have friends now who are voters and I understand. The mechanics of all that -- The problem you run into is that as voters. Cycle on and off. You have more more voters who didn't see him play. And don't recognize what tremendous asset. He was driving force -- didn't mean there was no better receiver. In football -- Andre -- when he played and and only Jerry Rice in my humble opinion -- in in the same breath. So. But but that that tends to fade -- memories. And and so my worry was that. He would get passed over again and and and we each time it went on. Fewer and fewer people recognize what it would drive towards -- was what. What. You know outstanding player he was so. Thankfully took place then and now we'll have another. Family reunion in Camden and and hopefully Jim will be. What made in those -- -- rated him. Well he personally had incredible hands. Incredible -- Mean think about all he was a slot receiver. Long before there was such a position. And and so he -- A lot about it it's across the middle and in those days. Big ballroom with -- -- that it it wasn't until the Washington's bull and I can remember where you really had nickel back on them. And so -- going Internet traffic and do. On very heavy work is you view is exceptional catching the ball exceptional running -- Exceptional. Running routes. And I don't think he had a -- running. With all due respect it Jerry. Well let's put them in the same -- I can't separate them but they there was nobody better. At running after the catch and knows. And and so. And every big would bills game there was including the greatest comeback ever where Jim was not -- quarterback. Andre reed. Was it was Central Park and -- it and it's just. It's a different issue and and that's different issue in terms elected view that position but. The Andre -- not being in all the pain left out one of the people the driving force behind desperate. --

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