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6/3 Sabres' assistant GM Kevin Devine talks draft on WGR

Jun 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

For sustainable that we're gonna talk hockey I'll 803055888550. Cubic feet. We are gonna talk hockey because that Kevin -- is with -- sabres assistant general manager. Of course all teams in the NHL been in the finals of starting tonight everyone's preference for the draft. June 27 will be the first night. At. One of the hall in Philadelphia put -- in the building is. What is it first union know what it was Wachovia. Core of states why don't -- -- -- that's all right what Colby 1 June. Kevin what's the name of the building in Philly. I don't know you. I don't know either you know it's in Philly I got the city right right. Wells Fargo's -- Fargo Wells Fargo and they just sent me. A letter about getting college on this that you got remember that -- Hey Kevin I do and satellites are you good good good thanks for coming all of us. I -- you pick and I thought I'd get the question out of the way I did I ask you every year so if there was muddled up the top. -- -- -- -- this year are you rethinking the basketball player a football player at some point it at. Hope it will not play the you guys just came back we wanted to impart to John because the the NHL just held its Columbine. Everything you do there the interview. The watching the guys puke right the bikes. Combo line and what you hear and see the affect if that all your actual board your rankings of the players. Not a lot. Not -- -- the top they'll be. You know because you had a better view. Below average view of all that really -- back. Gets a little bit more educated the public definitely out of the mid -- guys because it is a bit more effective but. You know you -- to get a lot of these it is only 1718 years old. Let -- know they'll tell me that that. Don't do prototype that -- Who was interviewed you didn't do portraits though that's got to watch what this particular posting. So yeah you do you like blocked -- Players on the show and we'll get double the segment of what a guy just wasn't very good interview but you would not turn -- say give them offer border drop -- around one. Now no less real it like -- occasion those who pop up. Is that we did that because it's your -- Before five guys that are -- red flags that a little bit more but for the most you know you just get that. At the top of the kids get a feel for personality maturity level. And might get the vote late in the board. We've had a chance talked -- act led San Ranariddh and Sam and I think all three came across. Very very well -- you know -- it Kevin is it tough to see sometimes because the guys that are projected to -- the top. They coached or is it is -- often the guys that are at the top really are the most emotionally or whatever. The book -- the most mature and most ready for the spot. The latter definitely you know the interviews. Tend to go away with a way to play. And these kids that at the top this year how does that. Developers did interviews always -- pluses. And you know -- you can -- coached. But they're just prepared a mean they used to be before they were little that they thought it was go into the complexities. And the other seemed to be. Prepared and also relaxed so it's good. You know what you mentioned a moment ago that you know red flagging a guy what -- What would cause a red flag out of an interview. Well just it's. I guess it's -- religion. Attitude or something do you really wonder though whether they have the passion. For the game so. Just different things you know. They also this but it doesn't give you wanna -- player how much how much he wanted to put it in the it was. He didn't six seeded takes embedded after -- because of the -- pull up. Would you think that story. Well it was kind of funny because -- -- news story but we don't read all well he's just doing his testing. And -- he couldn't do pull up he raised his -- -- is that it is that is exciting last missiles. -- to shed a little bit about it yet. That's funny that's very. Well speaking of of Bennett -- act glad dries noodles while those tend to be the guys that are that are talked about it as as the top four hockey news put those four guys. On its and it's cover would you agree that it's it's where's the cut off as an -- threes and after -- four on your board. Well we know we really haven't got to -- drop off point -- thought that those guys are definitely involved. Those poor guys maybe if that's what we -- we'll meet next week. Myself -- and -- coach -- glory. And -- over the drop off point that strategies developed it over -- Should -- pizza. And assignment by everybody myself. But I actually do and ask about if you do. Drafts I think we can do this hypothetically without giving anything away and I've I'm ready to ask you certainly if it is. Reinhart and ultimately admit is that -- what is it about him that that you like that you like so much that makes him very worthy of that spot. Well the target of that because I don't know what -- That it could make plays like Sam -- The last you know. And fifteen years. His play making ability to let things until -- -- in the world. No a lot of all the public the past it would be cute. Just uncanny hockey sense that -- things and so now. It's really that. Far ahead 1015 years I haven't heard anybody say it is it quite that strongly. Well I think you know I mean that's my opinion I. I haven't seen -- guys. That make plays that they have over the puck. But making. That. Over the last -- Okay how about Sam Bennett what's the thing about his game that would make him worthy of the number two -- What they have you know he has only -- -- skill level but he also -- Got the emotional fire. -- -- goes back. And you know I think that's the other thing that it was in between between him and them the other guys the. Just good to drive and the will. Well he's got the fire. Certain emotional violence. To have to live a more quiet guy but he's definitely know -- guys the top. A potential that's. What when you talk about the emotional fire. You know as as a guide building a team do you look at the team that you have when you decide whether or not you need. Emotional fire in a prospect that in theory is gonna mean ideally this guy plays his entire career with the team that -- -- picking -- easier for. Fifteen years everything goes great so is that something that you factory and how your team. Stacks up in that department. -- sure I think that it is you know -- can get around that. You've got the team that you got and the -- in the lead that's something we'll probably -- -- next -- also. That kind of thing where where football with -- achievement. But you know it's. It ultimately came elect to have it and I think almost looked at some some of the stuff that -- -- players over the top. About air and act -- at what about him makes him more the of number two. Welcome back but he's up. Of course basket that extreme to go to man. Political -- the pocket. And it gets to the publicly played 25 minute -- -- every night -- in. Did exactly -- in the playoffs so. Do you think. And -- -- those three guys think a lot of people bring up Kevin if if you wanna join anybody out dries Adolor don't know let's get blood -- it'll and there are. At that I want to circle back to it to the overall top group so what about drugs and. Well let let let let him he's the guy that. You have to foresee. Leo's like 62 to -- so he's got that. Big body. You know gave some people say. Well because some people say. That if something goes well that -- you know -- picked -- force down -- they couldn't open golf. And they did little work on the defensive -- again. But basically when he gets the net and could is that the play at all levels that. Anybody else in the group are we did you think -- belongs there. I don't think that what. And that is that. -- -- -- -- Do you believe. In your opinion is there a clear number one or those guys all pretty close. -- -- -- -- -- And open -- -- -- clear cut number one -- And because that it could be surprises us political. Four. We -- -- -- so. You when you guys approached his draft with Kevin divide sabres assistant GM and appreciate you joining us is always get when you look at this draft you. Do you as an organization approaching as. Just focusing on the Tony fourteen draft or are you taking into account. Next year because of the elite level talent because you have. What 31 round picks are you would you make a move this year to get another pick next year would you move when the next year's -- help -- this year is it a one year thing or is it to your thing how how do you guys approach. Well I mean you'd be looked at peace. These notes and a little bit of a rebuild here so far please and just let things -- great next year. We have a better people at the -- Just don't know right now but I think you know optic knowing him. He's not afraid to makes -- -- and those -- so those that. This year -- went before. The connection that would. Where you kind of bummed that you thought maybe get three firsts this year and and ends up being just one. No not really know -- that it could kind of hear myself they're not thinking that way policy we have to prepare that way but. So the disappointment was. What does that. And -- haven't said that we have so many misses so we. Could still get it back now with the second and you know people who are now part of those that. For those conversations already started a second stuff later -- close of the draft. Well I think you know I think. But there last week instead -- -- and also I think that with those little road and the problem. In the capital that we. You guys are getting calls about the second -- correct. Our -- You wouldn't move that that they regret having it's it's it Tim makes the decision by you know you eat you know you as the directors -- -- like you wants I don't know what what. How how realistic can it be that you could move out of that spot. Well I think we you know we have looked at. You know the deal what -- help us short term and and long term and you know and it has felt very you have to move back -- -- I think it was just something we'll definitely discuss. And it flopped over a little bit but we haven't done it -- definitely that's. Assistant GM I should say he's still the title director of scouting there's really not okay to go down well okay fewer. Would. Is there any reason to try and move up to one -- that not make sense and you're sitting right at two and there is you know may be no big separation and top guys. Yeah I'm not sure there's a lot of stuff. You know what what would -- want -- -- the others scenarios that we could we do that but I think got. You know that too late now is no clear cut guy so. Supported it happened I just don't think it's a -- as well. -- so what are the chances of our dream scenario where you stay at two and still manager way to get Florida's number one and have the top two picks. -- -- an area that's about it and everybody else. We'll -- make a few phone call -- what can happen. They admitted that an ominous synthetic gear up over the next week -- A citizen rather low load up over the sought to vote so you know. So once the draft. Hints is it all on 2015 -- are -- how much of that when he fifteen draft -- has already. Or how boards kind of loosely been slotted in and you watch obviously BC juniors you see guys that aren't eligible to point fifteen. That would. Those guys obviously you have. If certain guys organization -- geared to that got through watching the leaders of the underage kids. So you know there -- those guys. And -- of the grapple with some analysts depth. Put that next year's open for the if something does called -- -- have a -- scenario -- results. I've read that. -- David and Jack Michael bowl could be considered in likely would be the top two picks this year if they were available through tech producer that's accurate. I think that that -- it. I'm nobody alive but I I definitely thought the guys who did the. Having seen it David I've seen a few times and Michael is it is still planning on going Boston university -- that have been. Checking their schedule is he a different kind of watch I plan. To get out to -- -- I'm hoping last year do you -- Michigan some open talks sabres fans and going up to Ann Arbor and seeing JT comfort play against Jack cycle at the -- you know great little futures watch. Is Michael a different kind of watches the -- slowly -- the price of admission to go block to the at the lower level. He certainly is yes this little bit different player than Connor. The more powerful bigger. Or maybe. A little bit in the department -- what you want to pick it up physically with Connors is blazing speed and skill and talent. And -- goes to be just a little bit. He's got a little bit more depth of at this point it is the more powerful player. The vote will teach the lot. What do you compare meek David to that that the next Crosby is the thing that said because of the high levels governor is there and when you think style of play -- he's he's such. He's such a transition player seems right now ice -- power play in and as a distributor is amazing but when he gets going up there you know with speed he's. Incredible so I don't know what do you think that would translate how all that translate does he need more about. More of offensive zone game what's the next step for for both of these guys in their development. Well 'cause I was that -- stronger about -- -- and -- council. Of the city's he lies he can. They could make moves on the -- execute it and he's dead they'll vote you were paired so. It is respect he's just got to get he's got a good. Given that I was the sabres this is the GM -- director of scouting. Kevin thanks very much for joining us and it's -- -- let us know the -- run Twitter you know we we you can email whatever you wanted to. Beautiful it's -- that's what -- can't get thanks Kevin. Kevin I would this year on WGR.

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