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6/5 Brandon Spikes on WGR

Jun 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Why does he -- -- -- three we have Brandon Spikes on the line and he's got a meeting to get you so we will hold them off powered Jeremy Matthew here on WGR the bills continuing -- -- Middle linebacker Brandon Spikes kind enough to join us here this morning -- it's Howard in -- welcome the show first the ball. Oracle Mortimer thanks let -- as a beautiful billionaire after a few Beers. Well thank you very much for coming -- you know let's that there are you -- you know you're you're very active on Twitter at night I thought when you first sign reading -- really endeared herself to bill's fans right away. Embracing siding with the bills embracing. The fans who were tweeting -- you just talk a little bit about. How much that meant to you that you are welcomed in so much from the very first day. Well it is it was a big you know our -- -- clear from the -- -- told me how to fan bases as all of you know orders great. The great and I have a back from the floor there's -- Other soldiers numbers that matter who lived through a live studio overcome here they're supportive and you got to appreciate there's an electric. Nor -- -- on industrial maintenance got you to your friend so I loved thankful putter. Do you love you like the interaction you get with fans on Twitter I'm -- and sometimes. You know other there might be the occasion. Not on Twitter when an occurrence. Whether -- they're running out of paying above me here our workers you know -- entertainer and not go out and shoot out like so. You know view. In it would you know so -- not a lot -- -- a lot of people. Just in general and you know it is -- -- spiritual values is cool you know because they're all stratosphere you know bad looking you know optical illusion so great and I like this -- get a -- -- -- here is someone you -- Get it got a little you know throw operator of the world today so there's Nadal out there volatile and there's also resulted. Now you're on the field these days -- -- gone through the OTAs just can you talk a little bit about the transition you're going through your used the NFL but it's a new team. New teammates new surroundings and how is that process has -- been challenging at all for you. Well. Oh record as an artist in our like that's come out of -- -- fortunate to be here. There's the break and you know you go out and incoherence. You know be careers -- more latitude -- under her wing and others work. You know as a guy who wanted to go under OJ is like you know you you know. Did not used to the system in a scheme so Blackberry you you would play -- and you know answering all small affair that can do multitude of their children. When mr. under the order -- you know we -- being archived news -- this. All of -- progression you know you -- -- -- ineligible by the small presents. You know just look and look and rhetorical in Arctic your parents of the people there -- -- coaching. -- you mentioned leadership helped out that role coming in again as an era veteran in the NFL so maybe it's a little bit different. Not Iraqi -- on coming into a new team and you know right away being told. Hate this you know you're making the calls on defense you've got to be the guy that speaks up when you've got to take charge. Of that group even though there are guys on this team that have been around here longer than you have. Well look at position you know it just comes with him and Clinton -- 100 -- court of record he. You're not totally and go vote scientific control Mary when -- as you go away. You know when you look when he's Serbian Maryland resident that's what two others all of you please go you gotta. Embrace the moment and it gets the job done an article deepest corner they'll pick you could -- by -- round of your right corner. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some go alone you know you're the reporter -- soldiers. Uranium braves -- there -- the roll with the punches and hopefully you know not other jail if you let him. That's LJ just as well as holding -- to get all the all the things. And how's that come up -- that Brandon. -- ordered a basket could you touch on a moment ago the smaller things and all this stuff in the knowledge of the scheme how is all of that coming along since you are in charge of getting guys in the right spot. -- -- battle oil we next poster network you know overall. Physical great holy period or -- it's great. You know -- Katherine. Thought -- got room -- Newton doesn't go a lot of got a lot of calendars in northern corner around make plays and you know -- -- you know losers are you know you can go play football and must thanking. Really make plays go you know reward being aggressive as -- whole -- you know me personally -- on -- -- -- -- a loaded -- on -- player -- -- Just Cuba and certainly ways brokered. Through cancer and so there's lies matters Wilder's some magnetic Upton player. Oh well that's inspections on strawberries quote so to gluten. Bills middle linebacker Brandon Spikes this here NW Europe where guys in front of you talk a little bit about the group of defensive lineman. Mario Williams Collins Marcel -- is Jerry Hughes and and how all that and I hope makes life easier for linebackers when you have those guys in front of you. -- -- mental and certain there's just great guys like small -- -- -- she's Bloomberg. Just making plays registry in this book is called matter. I can't wait -- There right now Leo let me oh book. Upwards to a bigger dominate all throughout the game and they have -- you know letter and -- -- last year and I remember. Yes you know going into the game daughter goes that could be released in throughout the real results. No we had to get those guys riveted you know -- -- -- please oh. And builders play -- -- silent resist. It is great personal fortunate you know we just got right now and even younger guys are common and you know make an initial graphic gentleman the gentleman or not. You know call me and whatever their number is called into -- -- -- this group be viewed externally at all that the players are there. Before lets you know. Larry Bird -- keep cutting authors -- if there's -- spectators who you know you've got the calendar and back here so. Under age shouldn't be as you know -- -- -- -- -- blew out her I would derby. Rude shock the world so -- are under certain verses out of this moment you know his policies at all. You mentioned the younger guys and I wanted to ask about Kiko Alonso and I mean last year when you're getting ready play the bills -- look at their offensive front I'll look at that their defense much and are we to glean from OTAs but can it -- it into what it does -- so far from Kiko Alonso because obviously. He came in here last year's rookie and had a phenomenal season. Oh yeah absolutely he believes are tolerant entry into -- Current program reader apparently actually click -- notably slower -- and his culinary -- -- career. He's definitely compared to -- so hopefully you know trying to you know play alongside each other and just get the job done -- Well worn out and cult rather rare art experience he's ever done what occurred here and -- could you know you better skin. Let. What I've seen wholesale you know he's just a great player and as well he's just it's just all -- starters because he's going to be. W Ralph -- the locking. Brando alleged to work and you got a meeting to get you thanks very much for -- -- good luck and we'll look forward to seeing it training camp. Our great thanks for your time credits like the -- middle linebacker off to a meeting as they continue their OT. Out of Orchard Park in our. -- this guy you'll.

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