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6/30 Ron Jaworski on WGR

Jun 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

For the fourth straight year I'll be hosting the father bakers nurses all -- got -- the beautiful Easter were country club and for the fourth straight year it sold out and we expect the -- 50000 dollars or other baker -- yes it's Wednesday. Yeah I wanted to ask you about that -- obviously but I want to hear you talk about EJ Manuel in the bills' offense. Just talk a little bit about you know what's been raised over the years and and and where does the money go to what do they do with that at father baker services. Well a lot of -- services does it's much -- communities and what could possibly imagine. It would it did I grew up and walked along some very familiar what. The services do and how they help that people broader community. The 5000 people -- week are our health by a father baker services. You name it they do it they help people. I'm proud to come back to -- help them. This small wave very being involved -- culture and degrees when they'll -- that are less fortunate our community. Well around obviously. You know with your your your job -- and football a lot of people and being a quarterback a lot of people I'm sure will be anxious to hear. Your thoughts on EJ Manuel. Who had net. First year and certainly had some issues with -- injuries issues and injuries so let's assess your number one round and then I wanna talked about EJ Manuel going forward. What can you take from him. In 810 game rookie season. -- -- that you take a lot and I think the key word that you mentioned was rookie. It took about what I expected from EJ Manuel. In preparation for my quarterback -- -- -- given to start airing in about ten days. I broke down all 308. -- throws last season went through all the state that you when you watched throw it to where to throw you develop the -- template. Of a player's skill set. There were times. -- -- look like a solid -- quarterback and there are many parents look like rookie. It's about what you'd expect from a young quarterback. A very on -- season. Probably put from a negative standpoint would. What kind of jumped -- he was good but the inconsistent accuracy. There and to me that's always scored the most overlooked -- quarterback -- the accuracy part of it in -- area that I know he's worked diligently. In the Aussie. And to improve park. Is that a mechanics thing was it was it beyond that -- in terms of the inconsistent with -- inconsistencies in his accuracy. Yeah that it did it it it certainly arms -- in are probable but -- jobless rate down quarterback be consistent. In their throwing motion and that slot has to be correct. You know when you have the clean pocket their bodies flying around you and you have to change your arm angle that's another thing but we have lean pockets. You have to be consistent and it -- that he has to improve. I thought it they're real good job play action game. People actually part is very good they got the school's place. But when you're young quarterback but -- -- -- -- in -- you just put a -- would give workers did well treated poorly and you have to be objective about. Your rookie season because you have to prove no matter how good or how they are you happy you'd better have your rookie season. -- the entire offseason. The study and -- the study -- -- deeper as I mean it'll be quark to. The difference a year ago the way he approached your training camp spirit took. Academic side I'm going to be out -- built -- -- straight here at the -- O'Neal were particular set. Opt out to trading here and -- has spent all -- -- ESPN that the vocal local train here. You guys going around that every camp this year or is that a special visit to buffalo. That it's special -- herself and I put -- ESPN -- will be -- cover. A number of training camps. What that would -- gone through all those 308 throws you mentioned the inconsistency were there any. Was there anything in terms of like a fatal flaw a red flag something that really got you worried about him going forward beyond all it's his first year he's a rookie. None none whatsoever no fatal flaws to your community being. Strong arm quarterback. And it kicked our superpower throwers. To develop touch and sit next it just a learning curve that every young quarterback goes through and certainly the injury factor didn't help them. You know when you're missing practice your machine it's hard develop. That type of continuity. You know it into -- -- so I think clearly he he's got to stay healthy number one that that is you know actually critical national football. You have got the on the field. You cannot be available your teammates week in week out so you know the -- -- -- that bothered me and they're certainly let the inconsistency. Ron Jaworski for me ESPN with -- us this morning in town for his annual father baker services golf classic. Ron how the timeframe on young quarterbacks has obviously changed since you played in the league use to get drafted he'd wait a few years and eventually get into the lineup and then. That lets you play a few years beyond that. It has sped up considerably. How long. Do you stay with the young -- what kind of evaluation period the use right now for EJ Manuel two years three years what is it now. But I think you still have to wait years to get it clear because you know. A picture of what the quarterback is about I'm I'm a big believer. These guys should stay in school for their entire career that you -- Johnnie -- and they'll come out there two years. I think you need that college I'm not -- it to crawl walk into. Ordered back to become more mature but -- grew up as a person and become more mature. Well I think it's time in college apartment campus apartment social activities very very important. Very young person not only quarterback to develop I think these guys in my opinion -- wait too quick. Because the money certainly is is what in tight system become the national football. But you know when you look at the complex. Sophisticated deeper into that are now seen in the Arab -- when you see these. Oh they're all high speed all into high volume that a quarterback must learn it at particular rookie in a short period aren't. He can't come looking at those -- -- actually graduated so it certainly does that impact on the current brand -- you're ready. For that rookie season. So I think clearly you know you know we evaluate its currency would put the microscope every play but I it to be they're young or actually got to give them three years. Where you really drilled out and they're put it this order at that. The bills made a number moves in the off season coaching staff and players than in in hopes to help EJ Manuel. What did you think of the drafting of Sammy Watkins what do you think he can do as a rookie in the NFL. Well I can tell at Qualcomm Olympics and the walk and stand that this guy is a sensational football player. You know from my perspective I'll take you back yours all played West Virginia three years ago I covered that in -- -- -- spent our. At the Clemson practiced I believe this was. That the freshman year for Sammy I think it was like seventeen years old a lot of practice watching I run routes. And at this point I didn't quite know who he won yet yet it was college cheaper I'm watching art work -- -- -- -- It looks like -- -- I mean this guy has -- that -- that this savvy of the a professional. Halt same -- broader. Just a little wiggle to his move come out of preached -- league snag the ball -- -- -- athleticism through the -- from going. This got to freshmen you know see you do see that the -- got you could tell it was their. He went a little bit sideways this all year I don't admission he started as. This is white together want to get the army skills that. This guy is unbelievable down the army game anywhere I am smiling dirty here -- every great quarterback this -- Past the -- -- wide receiver so I think bill's fans out there are certainly pursue exciting big plays -- you know. Rob for let you go I got to ask you for favor okay. Sure your 400 Jon Bon Jovi can tell on the back off this whole Toronto thing. Wait -- -- -- -- I don't know where this -- -- thing got started. I have no idea jargon has never stated he's taken the team to Toronto. I don't know why people would presume he's going to take the team to Toronto. I can. To -- which are on a regular basis. John would be incredible passer. As the owner of the vocal bill. And the and a man of my business partner in the ownership of the year that the -- -- whole Arena Football League. The guy is an absolutely brilliant businessman. He commit all its resources all efforts to winning there and acted out. -- I'm a little bit surprised that it all these creatures that trouble to the grip of right bank. And the right thing it's the -- bills the stake in Western New York probably Jarvis ever beat Peter that he doesn't let anything that's why I that I can understand. Why all these rumors get started. Well that there. I just say they're and they're been a lot of reports out of Toronto aligning him with the group one of the two groups in Toronto. It's OK your -- -- yogurt -- people presume things he Whittle the and there are reports out of Toronto. If you're if you're Smart businessman which -- -- You you've taught everywhere you find out what's going out there -- a lot of behind the scenes. Things that are taking place and none of us know anything about this -- billion dollar. Business transaction everyone has been incredible all work. What is going on you know John is doing that John has never. I repeat as John. Personally has never said he would move the ball or pills. From west New York to people are presuming that because you spoke of the people with -- and speaking to a lot of people. And he will do the right thing and that would be keep the Buffalo Bills in Western New York. And I assume you know of any anything about says that in regards to his meeting with Goodell recently there's a report. He had lunch with Roger Goodell and do you have an idea of what was passed along. Yeah a lot I'm sure that was that was their discussion John John John has been. You know looking at it NFL team for a number Beers out fact. You know we do with the Philadelphia soul we won the Arena Football League champs 2008. 2009. From that point on John looking to buy into an NFL team very well aren't and it's popular out in -- players locked -- of years ago. The job that job always made me Arena Football League this is my warm up legality get the Vienna belt. And he's been clearly working hard to do that and he would be tremendous asset for the national. All week there as well is that that the focal -- lucky enough depth chart until -- owner he'd be a tremendous asset to this community. Ron Jaworski joining us here Ron thank you very much for coming on us and good luck with the golf tournament today. You've got my pleasure guys know bill. Thanks Ron Ron Jaworski ESPN. On Jon -- Joseph. So Jon Bon Jovi wants to keep the bills in buffalo. -- The -- listened to his music again. The water line coming up at a moment at 815 samurai -- -- join us the number one draft pick of the Buffalo Sabres. Christian -- -- bought out by the sabres over the weekend. What did you think of that move by the hockey team 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550 RW GR.

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