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Jun 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's 888550. To 515. Am ally that's Jeremy I'm Howard we're introducing herself to samurai in orders just popped into our studio. Join and us here on W -- welcome the out dollars round thanks for coming in is congratulates the being drafted by the Buffalo Sabres ranks very exciting times was the last few days been like for you since Friday night. Create pretty busy to be honest Tom come from buffalo last night for the first time -- and wake him this morning first time seeing daylight so I'm looking forward to tool for a long future here. What do you think about Saddam and of the organization what you think about the idea of just. Coming to a place where it almost seems like your starting from you know from zero disorganization did -- go for premier. It's a great spot to be in offer for me coming into young lineup that that's that's really star in the girl. You know he's going to into successful on itself. I'm looking for for an opportunity -- and -- excited for the future -- and be here this year. I am you off of -- you -- it's it's finally nice to you know really -- softening uniform now. And -- knowing where that where that potentially may be it is very exciting and motivating. I'd guess that. No one's gonna tell you're gonna be here simmers things they're gonna get a -- guarantee a spot but he talked about the idea of you being hero of what it what it will take out of you this summer and in development camp and in training camp. -- -- You know -- put too much it's it's -- pretty busy so far but. You know for a long time off in you know I've been working out at them and he'll come from a saturation so. I'm also very motivated now. You were I read a comment from the other day that that you mention that you -- envisioning yourself or picturing yourself at some point start picturing yourself in the sabres roster. Did you get a field did you think you were going to go number two to buffalo. -- the after he Ky get a gut feeling and and -- they no one knows. Nobody you'll ever know liquid you know teams really thinking by. I'm my news there is you know very good chance and -- is Liz you are rethinking -- I'm coming here and that opposition so -- throw the way it went down and and you -- nothing there now and about it -- And you had a chance against that -- with thought Tyler Myers and -- hots and when you were practicing with team Canada at the world championships right yeah you know cut off from their comfort currently is so what -- isn't what you learned I mean did you did you ask them about the organization the city today tell you anything. I got talked to vote it clever for that for that. You knew there's a chance of that happening and he or saying a lot of good stuff vote and vote the state moved the team so. I'm policy he makes Thomas. Tim -- with -- -- studio what we'll kind of pressure is their -- mentioned you know it do you think you're gonna be here next season in and I would think anybody would be confident they can play right away in the National Hockey League but he commit to a team that's rebuilding was at the bottom of the league. High pick you know a team that's clearly banking on finding young leaders and bring them in right now what kind of pressure do you feel from that if anything. You know right now to -- really excited and motivated to get in here I mean you know been comfortable in. In that kind of pressure role before and an uncomfortable Hillary now and he's young and keep working on it. And learn laugh from the guys that are here already and I just take everything in stride. Have you heard from your opponent and Asia for your Brothers about this process that what's what's it been like since drafting now than they know where -- going unity get an idea. Who is in what organization it often you might see each other on the ice and if you thought about what that might be on the road play against the yeah yeah I have. Being ingenious played with my three year and against care Houston in the seeing divisions so -- -- -- -- as well and and it's and it's nothing new policy on. On out of the bigger states would be something more cool and then there enjoyable you can trash talk of no we we do talk on the ice but from me you know just vote. -- dumb things it's it's you know nothing serious and trying to -- that did you at least trash talk and that you were picked higher than they were. Are really I mean talk to a that tiny bit but not there throw for just the catalyst for them much to that. We talked -- month or so ago over the following -- on the show and I'm curious that. Follow up on a little bit about the the bloodlines and how much at the time you talked about. You know talking your -- lot about hockey and Jeremy brought up your Brothers and in their first round draft picks how much in your development. As a hockey player did the bloodlines just the dead or the Brothers to how much it all of that contribute if. There was it was huge for me had a young it's Scioscia having that that knowledge and experience. You brought team Byron -- and and has taught me a lot. I'm everything I've I've been doing and trying to go through now you know -- in regards to the demon and the whole process of getting there. I've I've been you know fortune off those two lost Brothers go through and do that both ups and downs so that to -- from out them firsthand and and to be surrounded by them. -- -- -- for years when they're trying to break into league professionally. It's been huge benefit and it only makes it easier for me. Trying to get time and when did your -- playing in -- reserve about a dozen years nineteen yeah niners drafted so he was up by obviously he would have been done -- For you -- were you born yet when he recently now there is why they were talking about. A lot of the players some of the players drafted. Grew up around locker rooms like they were exposed and it's a locker rooms has very little kids because they're after playing in the thought. You know that contributed that it it in this whole development thing too but obviously you know you what is seen data on tape basically -- Triage AMR moral Moscow over the years -- on the holiest in -- came so it's pretty neat to see how much is he breaking down the break on your game. Me he's never yell and scream I mean. You Ian never forced into the game blow it which is really good -- him and you know everything I've learned is is from Hammond. Even to stay. You talking her in communication before and after games and he does provide some healthy Chris hasn't quite a bit and -- Tells us that anchors us encourages. Meehan and all my brother used to. To keep working on things then and -- Showing us stuff over radio as well. The sabres interview you know we are a lot of the sabres interview was a little bit tougher than the rest that try to challenge you know -- -- blast was put up at -- -- -- common. Double that for guys this -- that did you did you find the same experience it was a little bit more. I don't know trying to challenger than the others. Yeah I think so. Comment area really capture your attention I think -- is a lot to the to the organization and having guys that are running at -- so it's -- and you know troops in part of that now. The verdict was and a question that was. I don't know totally caught off guard like things that they would ask you about the you wouldn't maybe expect potential to -- I don't. Think -- was. Off guard by any means you know I think -- you know really to manage your focus for the most part and -- handled well but. What I said it shows a lot for the -- guys in and you know when we would have another way. There right now are -- in studio here on WGR. That's got leadership. Again kind of going back to a first round pick a -- expected to the first round pick and I'm sure you played a key leadership role with the -- guys. What do you think if you're here next season -- terms of the leader how do you handle that. A rookie now credits it's a young team it's not filled with a bunch of veterans but how would you handle. Coming in as a rookie and trying to establish yourself as a leader of locally on the ice off the ice whatever it would -- I think RAI is a leader in this league. Human needs you know take every piece of -- that -- from from all the guys that have experience and you know you know been an opposition for. I'm -- different stage and then. You only in the National League arm but I'm excited if that opportunity I'm complements its ration them and where to. Have you learned a lot from not just your family but. Whether their teammates include -- or you've played for team Canada. And you were in the world juniors have you learned a lot from those experiences as well. Yeah you diary experiences intakes of -- from and you -- analogue the -- last -- years and then taken all of them and they'll learn to laugh from. So you're here for how many -- name is in for a few days there are down my prospects Yamauchi leaving tonight but we'll be -- for -- account of course so when you get to a new town. What are the first things you wanna learn the fine the pizza joint chicken wings. -- last night was was taken and and strong and anchors should try to wings -- You know happy -- they did pretty much forced an album but. On the it was a good thing to -- I -- ask one more thing more hockey question about the hockey IQ and hockey smarts because. That the number one. Report on you was about the public that the leafs hockey IQ and it's like these buzz terms -- -- where a lot of the draft issues he's got a hockey smarts got hockey IQ. When you hear that. When we ask you this we talked on the phone a few months back but what does that really mean to you. Do you do you know you have it the kind of just -- -- -- people tell you that you have -- -- when you hear that you have elite hockey IQ what does that really mean you. -- in my -- learned how to. And I need bodies -- strengths as much as you can and really stick with those but. Panorama on the I saw eye to I don't really remember when I don't know it all and I'm thinking -- and I think that's a good thing. And to -- you know it's it's something that kind of comes naturally to me. And it's good thing you have to you can't really were comment or you know it's it's just kind of comes out here so it's it's a good. It's a tough I mean you don't know what's -- now when -- on the earth you know thinking about it because I -- -- -- -- hockey sense when they talk about like this was -- about you specifically on the the -- and coverage of the night right here drafted and they're talking about your your game. -- -- And he said not only do you understand the game as it's occurring rituals or two to three steps ahead we'll hear that from time to time like this players so good. He's anticipating. Two or three passes ahead what's going to happen on that shift. And yet you know you think -- guys about guys on nothing but it. It's hard to explain hi I know a couple months ago when the season then that. Stalked my dad both the in little bit and and he he kinda asked me. First time probably ever groused. And he said you know what are you thinking on the race when an appraisal to happen. And my -- -- I have no idea at the honest. It's just kinda comes in and easily -- is pretty much the same way from me and don't ever recall. Saying all I needed do this consider this it's this kind of comes naturally in and I think that. You know for him to feel the same wave of the game access has a lot will learn from them. How much do you think you grew as a player it income and now at 33 played three full seasons there right -- out of a fourth maybe. Yup so had a lot of experience there learned a lot of -- -- in the -- pretty young. -- so it's it's fingered for me improved a lot of Alaska for years and and you know only motivated to get better. About hobbies other sports. Op play a lot of -- huge soccer fan but a lot of scanner or play a lot of soccer. A little bit our golf response last couple years but I'm trying to get back into its Baywatch in the World Cup I am -- clear for -- -- candidacy got a team the year throughout the -- around Barcelona Massey fan so close Argentina. And united -- way in a little bit on Germany just because my name's frank -- so. You know like a missile. But she's gonna say US you know I it's and pet and what about -- them as the number two overall pick to pick his number sometimes guys criminologist you know throw sweater on I don't know if you cannot. You know walk and say hey yeah right can you request and two overall I think it like this one. It's certainly -- are crossing on Tom will love me if if that's possible. Like anything if not available but I couldn't let up. -- the is that. You've always -- twice during. Tie up my god alert you know I don't amount -- hours ago in the emirate where but if it's been available and in the past them -- You want you know if you want if you if you should -- -- -- -- dot com they -- -- selling point -- -- -- already so that might -- -- tip -- to see what -- current policy. Sam thanks for coming -- we appreciate it congratulations and obviously the best the success with the sabres new Yorker to thanks Romulus report too by the way. We don't call you Sampson that is your full name is it yeah I had -- -- like Sampson don't okay what they do that we thought it's you know obviously it's a strong names now. I like about. It's you know if you're sightseeing thing you'll recall my Samsonite -- -- -- -- politics Texas right hard you get in this house right now that was not mom would call you and yeah yes and no -- yes. I can I don't let that negative content a guy that's gonna get yelled at my mom guys -- -- if you calling Sampson all taken you waste it. All right. Did you come in and out of what you and Tim -- joining us here on WGR and other first round pick of the Buffalo Sabres if you join a -- that late. We'll have the entire conversation available on demand audio NHL --

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